Best Affiliate Marketing Niches For Teachers

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches For Teachers

How do you feel about getting paid for helping others find educational solutions? I want to help you find the best affiliate marketing niches for teachers to build your own online business. If you are an educational expert in a specific field, great!

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Follow Up Posts

This post is a follow-up to one I just wrote called, “Are Teachers A Good Fit For Affiliate Marketing?” If you haven’t read this article, I suggest you read that first. It may answer some questions that you may have as you read this article. It won’t take very long, so I highly suggest clicking that link now and reading that article.

If you need to know more about niches in general, here is an article I wrote you may find helpful: How To Chose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing That Shows Your Passion.

Do Teachers Think Differently?

I think so. What about you? Don’t you think that teachers have a unique way of thinking when solving problems? It makes sense to explore niches where you can help others solve problems while enjoying the process. I am going to have fun writing this and hope you will like what you read.

Let’s get into finding the niche that is right for you. The best pathway to do that is to first explore your passions in the field of education. This is such a broad field we will need to narrow it down. I cannot do that for you, but I can help you do that yourself.

What Niche Is Right For You

It is so important to get this right. If you find out well into your online business journey that you have picked the wrong niche, changing directions then will cost you time as well as money.

Once you decide that affiliate marketing is going to be your pathway to making money online, then it is critical to choose a niche that you like. And that is the purpose of this article.

Let us dive in to help you get an edge by picking the right niche for you.

What Are Your Passions?

When you choose a niche in an area you are passionate about, you will connect better with those you are trying to help. They in turn could become your future customers.

Although this article will be focusing on education-related niches, you don’t have to go this route. In affiliate marketing, you can pick a niche in any field you like. And that is the purpose of this article.

The Process Of Discovering Your Niche

I am going to focus on niches related to the education field. And then break this field down into much smaller niches where one or more may appeal to you. And if neither do, you will learn how to go about researching this field to find a niche you will love.

Firstly, think about your mission. Pause for a moment. Think hard about a group of individuals who want to master a specific field of education. It will be your mission to help them achieve their goals, by helping them find relevant courses and training.

You will be more effective by choosing an area of learning you are passionate about. Secondly, visualize this group of individuals who want to acquire that knowledge.

Narrowing Down Your Niche

Now let’s narrow down who you want to help and in what field of education.

What age group would you be most at ease communicating with? Are they grade school kids? Young adults in college? Or older people, including those who are retired, who want to expand their knowledge in topics they enjoy.

Can you see one or two narrow areas that you have a passion for? And if you have expertise in that area, so much the better. Since you will be connecting your readers to the source of knowledge they will need. you do not have to be an expert in these areas.

Get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Sit back on your favorite chair with a notepad or mobile device in your hand and conduct a brainstorming session. Write down everything that comes to mind related to people you want to help and the topics you would enjoy helping them in.

This may take a while. Carve out a couple of hours to go through this routine and enjoy this process.

When you feel you are done, stop. There is another step I would like you to take.

What Are You Most Knowledgeable About

Now write down everything you are most knowledgeable about. The ideal niche is a combination of your passion and expertise. This is a powerful combination because you can use this to help people more effectively and efficiently.

Remember though, this is a bonus and not a prerequisite. If you are passionate about something and don’t know too much about that, don’t worry. You can always learn.

If you are extremely knowledgeable about something but have no passion for it, that could be a problem in affiliate marketing, Unless you can develop a passion for that field too. Re-read this statement again and let that sink in.

Short List Of Educational Areas

  1. Grade School
  2. College and University Level
  3. Career Education
  4. Home Economics
  5. Practical Problem Solving

I think you get the idea and can build on this.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing NIches For Teachers

  1. Math
  2. Languages
  3. Science
  4. Computers
  5. Biology
  6. Humanities
  7. Fine Arts
  8. Music
  9. Creative Writing
  10. Theatre

This list is in no particular order. Are you a trained teacher in any one of these? Or a subject that is not listed above? Each one of these can be applied to any age group and gender. However, you may decide to target a specific age group and demographics. You have a clean slate.

How To Find Companies With Affiliate Programs In These Niches

It’s as simple as entering Companies That Offer Affiliate Education Courses into the search engines of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Here is a list that popped up:

Click any of the above sources to learn more about these companies. Each of them offers affiliate programs that you can find on their websites. Some may offer affiliate programs directly while others may use affiliate networks like ShareASale. Udemy for example uses the affiliate network Rakuten.

Scroll down to the bottom of their website and click the link that has the word affiliate in it. There you will find all the details on how to sign up as an affiliate.

Finding Affiliate Programs In A Specific Field

You can be more specific by entering the exact affiliate program you are interested in. Let’s take music as an example. I entered Affiliate Programs In Music. This is what I got:

This is the goldmine for making money online. Now that you know how to find these money-making educational affiliate programs, you may be wondering how can you use this information to build your online business. You must do your research on these programs and write a review for each of them on your website. You can also do a comparison post and used a grading system to show how they rate. Save your readers time by helping them to make an informed decision on what to purchase to meet their needs.

Don’t worry about how to do any of this right now. I have given you a glimpse into how to find affiliate programs in whatever niche you select.

Since you are a teacher, I am certain you can appreciate that to learn how to build your online business you must become a student all over again. Do you wish to know a bit more about how this business works? Let’s get to it.

How To Create An Online System To Attract Customers

The following graphic explains this very clearly. We’ll talk after you digest this key information.

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches For Teachers

In this article so far I have discussed how to choose a niche. That is essentially about choosing an interest which is Step 1. Once you have completed this task, the next step is to build a website Step 2.

What is the next logical step? You attract visitors to your website and you convert them into customers. How? By writing helpful content about the educational products you are promoting. When people want to purchase something they often have concerns or questions.

Your job is to find out what these are through online research and respond to their concerns and questions in your article on that product.

When you do a good job at this, Google will like you and will start to rank your posts. This takes time. Not as long as you may be thinking. As you demonstrate your knowledge and helpfulness through your content and follow specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules, potential customers will find your articles.

This is the all-important Step 3. Without traffic, there will be no sales.

After they read your article and find their concerns and questions addressed, they are ready to buy. You give them a call to action (CTA) to click your affiliate link to get to the vendor who is selling that product.

They make the purchase and the vendor will send you a commission. This is how you earn revenue in Step 4.

Why Should They Buy Through You

I am glad you asked. If you can find educational courses online so easily, couldn’t your potential customers do the same? Surely they can.

However, did you see the humongous number of options that Google displayed? It takes a lot of time to evaluate all these courses in order to make a buying decision. Consider the following scenario.

When you are interested in a product to meet a need or solve a particular problem, what do you most likely do?

You probably enter a question into the search engines. And then look through the search engine results that Google presents to you. Among this list, you will see posts that offer reviews of specific products or discuss the best of a set number of products that you are looking for.

How Do You Decide Which Link To Click?

How do you decide what article to click on? You probably read the snippet of information that follows the title of the article and pick the one you feel will help you the most.

In other words, you make your decision based on the article title and the snippet of information attached to it. When you click that link and get to the article, you are hoping that the author will have done a decent job to answer your concerns and questions.

If they do that well, the chances are you will click an affiliate link that will take you directly to the website of the vendor selling that course. Once you make a purchase, the author of the article will make a commission for that sale. And rightly so for providing you, the customer, with a valuable service that saves you a great deal of time.

The opposite also holds true. If you conclude the help you got was poor, the chances are you will click out and select another article from, your search results, until you find an article that does help you to your satisfaction. Right?

Miss This Step And You Could Tank Your Business

New affiliate marketers are so excited about earning money they jump to sharing their affiliate links to sign up customers as soon as possible. The problem is new affiliate marketers have yet to demonstrate that they are serious about their online business to Google as well as create a growing stream of traffic.

Without this traffic, how will you sell? The missing step is to initially focus more on developing a dialog with your potential customers to build relationships. Google will like this. Followed by building a growing stream of traffic.

First, try to understand what problems your readers have and then share solutions without providing any affiliate links. Of course, you may include the type of products that could be used to solve these problems. Approach this in general terms in the early phases of your online business.

Why do that you may ask. And that is a good question. Google is watching you and looking to see if you write and publish articles on your website regularly. Like two to three times a week. Then, they analyze your content to see how helpful you are to your target market.

Authority Website & Google


It takes time for Google to recognize you as an authority in your niche. This can take several months. I recommend using affiliate links sparingly.

In other words, focus on solution-based articles more than product reviews where affiliate links are more commonly placed.

Right now, don’t worry about that. Until you have about 50 articles published there is no point in checking your stats.

Google provides free tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help you monitor your traffic. As it grows, you will be able to see it in graphical form.

When you are ready to start focusing on promoting products, go ahead. But even then, mix up your articles so that you are not being aggressive. Even when you write product reviews, your approach should be from the perspective of helping people. Does that make sense?

How Do You Acquire The Knowledge And Skills

You can go it alone and search the Internet for tips and strategies to help you. There are tons of stuff on YouTube that show you all kinds of things.

The problem with going it alone is confusion. There are so many ways to build your business so who do you follow? There is more to this business than knowledge and skills. For example:

  • Website building
  • Selecting your domain name
  • Finding a platform to create your website, and then having it hosted
  • Since this is your business, you will need to meet minimum standards

When you buy your domain name, it will expire in a year. If not renewed, you could lose ownership of that domain name. Hence, you must make provisions that will never happen.

When things go wrong, who will you go to for help? If there is a crash, and your website gets disabled, who will back up your website and make sure it is still published?

Another critical skill you will have to learn is how to make sure your article will rank on page 1 of the search engines. Preferable in the #1 slot. Successful online entrepreneurs can achieve page 1 ranking more often than everyone else.

The Solution I Chose

May I share the solution I chose? Instead of doing all the above at different locations, I was able to find one place where I could do the following:

  • Have access to top-notch core training
  • Live classes from Super Affiliates including live Q&A sessions
  • Archives of all these classes
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Access to website creation software
  • Free website themes and plugins
  • Website hosting included for several websites
  • Content creation editor with ready-made templates
  • Fast, reliable website hosting with daily backup
  • 24/7 site support
  • Peer member support
  • Members can ask questions and receive answers from the owners
  • The platform has been serving entrepreneurs since 2005

Does this solution sound appealing to you too? I wrote about how to learn about affiliate marketing online and get the results you want. Check it out. If this interests you, I provide a link to sign up with the company that trained me to check it out for free. You can even go through the core training for the first 5 lessons for free.

We never stop learning. I continue to add to my knowledge and skills, and I recommend you do that too.

If you don’t like what you see, don’t bother doing anything more. Since the company doesn’t take any payment information until you decide to proceed further, you have no risk. The above article will tell you more so I will leave it at that here.

May We Communicate?

I feel this is a one-sided conversation. It would be fantastic if we can communicate one on one and make it two-sided. We can do that in two ways.

  1. Comment or ask a question below and I will answer within a couple of days at the most.
  2. Click on my Home Page scroll to the bottom and fill out a form for a gift in exchange for your email address. That will create a channel where we can communicate as necessary.

My objective in writing this post was to connect with teachers who are interested in affiliate marketing and help them select a suitable niche. I’d love to know if I achieved this objective with you. If not, where could I correct that shortcoming?

I am not afraid to ask for advice from my readers so that I can improve. I would love for you to become one of my readers.

You can click any of the menus in the website header to access a wealth of helpful information connected to affiliate marketing.

I have enjoyed introducing you to the world of affiliate marketing, and I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, I wish you wonderful things in your life ahead.


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  1. Great article about affiliate marketing. All the tips you provided can help a beginner like me a lot. Choosing the right niche is really stressful, but I’m fine with my niche. I want to tell you that your suggestion for learning and teaching about marketing is excellent.I will read the text again.I like it.I will bookmark it.Pos.

    1. Hi Mimi,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad you found this helpful and are going to bookmark this post. I wish you much success in building your online business.



  2. I teach at the university and run a YouTube channel where I teach mathematics and sciences. Thank you for coming up with these companies with affiliate marketing that can help me monetize my channels. Udemy and Coursera look like two good websites I can promote as an affiliate. I will also look at creating courses on these websites.

  3. Hi, Edwin, this was a great read!! You have touched one of the most sensitive groups of us teachers. I have all along known my job as a teacher is to provide up-to-date and true information to my students. I examine them and evaluate how I have delivered my content to them and how better to do it. When they perform badly, I am partly responsible! It took me time to understand that I can actually monetize my expertise! You have provided good guidance on how to go through the process. Building an authority site that can be trusted by search engines, is the trick. Patience is required. It is important that you did not portray that Affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme, yet if done well it will provide lasting revenue. Thank you once again for this post.

    1. So glad to hear you take your teaching profession as seriously as you do. I consider your students fortunate to have a teacher like you. 

      Teachers are very busy, Hence, I strongly recommend promoting stand-alone courses as well as those that are subscription based. In this way, you will be able to build a foundation that earns you residual income. 

      It makes sense to follow a program that can train you to build such a business with a firm foundation. Wealthy Affiliate has proven it can do that with all the successful “graduates” so keep at it and you will succeed too. 



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