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How To Find Sales Leads Online Automatically With WebFire 3.0

Do you want to find sales leads online? How easy has it been for you to use your current process? What if this process could be automated so you can focus on providing more value to your customers?

Quite simply, that is exactly what WebFire 3.0 allows you to do.

In this article, I will show you how Webfire can either automate or make it very easy to do the multitude of tasks necessary to find the customers you need.

Tasks You Need To Do To Find Customers Online

Here are 5 things you should be doing to find your customer and generate sales.

  1. Perform Keyword Research To Rank High On Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  2. Write Content To Help Your Website Visitors Make Buying Decisions
  3. Use Search Engine Optimization So Your Website Gets Seen
  4. Engage With Potential Customers On Social Media
  5. Develop the Knowledge And Skills To Do All The Above Effectively

If you are already doing these things, that’s awesome. How well is this working for you? Is it taking you more time than you expected?

What if there were online tools to automate this process? Wouldn’t this drastically reduce the time to get paying leads?

Webfire 3.0 does indeed provide you with the tools to do precisely that.

Introducing WebFire 3.0 – An Overview

First, let me give you an overview of Webfire 3.0 Then I will go into detail about how this all works.

At the end of this article, you can watch a video that ties this all together and provides a link to get Webfire 3.0 today at a deep discount.

With a 30 day, trial period and no questions asked full refund.

When you go through everything I will be sharing, you will kick yourself that you didn’t come across Webfire 3.0 sooner, considering it was launched in 2015.

You can be sure Webfire 3.0 has been proven to work. It has thousands of customers using it to get an edge on their competition.

Two highly successful entrepreneurs, Shawn Casey and Brian Koz helped to develop Webfire to fill a pressing need in online marketing. Namely, to introduce automation in an easy-to-use system.

Introducing Shawn and Brian

Find Sales Leads Online
Find Sales Leads Online

Find Sales Leads Online At Your Fingertips!

Find Sales Leads Online

It’s All About Your Results

Find Sales Leads Online

Skills You Will Learn To Explode Your Business!

Read the following LOUD starting with, “I’ll be able to….”. It was written just for you. Think of these as affirmations to get you into a winning frame of mind.

Find Sales Leads Online

What Others Have To Say About WebFire 3.0

Find Sales Leads Online
Find Sales Leads Online
Find Sales Leads Online

Find Sales Leads Online

Find Sales Leads Online

More Feedback

Find Sales Leads Online

After all these glowing remarks, it’s time to dig deeper into WebFire 3.0. Shall we?

WebFire 3.0 – A Look Under The Hood

Your Dashboard

Your access to WebFire Magic begins on your Dashboard

Find Sales Leads Online

What strikes you the most looking at this Dashboard? Isn’t it the simplicity of the layout?

Hidden under the hood is more power than you realize. You will learn more about this power and how you can use it to find sales leads online to make a huge dent in your business.

There are other superb online marketing systems.

But make no mistake, what distinguishes WebFire 3.0 from all the others is how well it uses automation to serve your needs to find leads, traffic, and customers for your business.

I’d like to show how you can access these functions and tools through the menu bars on the dashboard.

Summary Of Top Navigation Menu Bar

Quick Start Menu At The Top Left

Quick Start is an easy way to get started using WebFire. From here on I will drop the 3.0 for simplicity. When you click this button the following pull-down menu shown on the left will appear:

Find Sales Leads Online

Here you have shortcuts to a few of the major automated WebFire tools.

Such as the tool to analyze your website. Not only will Webfire tell you what your website does well, but it will also point out shortcomings and fixes you can implement immediately.

WebFire also has an automation tool where you can make videos. How cool is that?

Automation Software

Software needs to be installed on your computer to make all this automation work. On the top right, you have the option of downloading this software for the PC or the Mac, depending on which computer you are using.

Whenever you start up WebFire you should ensure that your computer is connected. There is a green indicator on the left menu bar that will say you are connected.

If there is no connection, you will see a message in red. In case you cannot fix it with a reboot, get in touch with WebFire support and they will help you fix it.


WebFire LLC provides prompt and very helpful support for any issues you may have using this software. When you click the Support button a form will appear where you can fill out your query and submit it.

Pop-ups will appear offering assistance if you need it. Once you make contact, you will have access to a real person to whom you can reach out with direct Email.

Whenever I asked a question, I got a response within a day. And the solutions provided were very detailed and complete.

If I still had outstanding issues I followed up with more questions until they were resolved.

Having responsive support makes all the difference in the world.

Summary Of Left Navigation Menu Bar

On the left greyed-out vertical navigation bar you will see the 5 Pillars of WebFire:

  1. SEO and Keywords
  2. Content
  3. Leads
  4. Social
  5. Training

When you click menus 1 to 4, drop-down menus will appear with a selection of automation tools. Menu 5 provides access to a wealth of training.

Central Window

Here is where all the tutorials, to guide you to set up your automation tools take place.

Within this window, WebFire provides a series of quick start training and tips to get you started quickly. When you scroll down within this window, you will see this access menu.

Find Sales Leads Online

WebFire enables you to upload one or more of your websites for site analysis. If it finds a problem it will tell you and show you how to fix them.

I’d like to show you how this training works supported with real examples of how you can implement the automation tools. Since this site is focused on affiliate marketing I will select a few most relevant to this business genre.

SEO & Keyword Tools Menu

Find Sales Leads Online

When you click the SEO and Keyword Menu, a list of 12 tools appears. You can read what they are in the screenshot on the left. I will provide a brief description of these below:

  • Analysys: Analyze your site and competitors by Keyword
  • Backlinks: Compare competitors site backlinks by Keyword
  • Buyer Keywords: Generate Keywords that target online buyers
  • Google Tool: Integrate WebFire with Google Search Consiole and Analytics
  • Keyword Density: Analyze Keyword density
  • Keyword Domains: Find high ranking domains related to your keyword
  • Keyword Tool: Search online by Keyword and analyze the comopetition
  • Local Keywords: Generate Keywords that target regional searches
  • Rank: Track Search Engine rankings
  • SEO Configuration: Confiture SEO settings on your site
  • Schema Markup: Create Schema Markup ti customize search engine results
  • Sitemap: Create and upload a Sitemap to your website
  • Submit Your Site: Tool to submit your site into WebFire for analyaia

These are written in short form to give you an idea of where to start. More in-depth webinar videos are available in the Training area designed to go into much more detail.

Each one of these tools has a video tutorial that explains in detail how to use it.

Content Tools Menu

Find Sales Leads Online

When you click the Content menu, 5 sub-menus open to you. I’ll provide a brief summary of each.

  • Content Submitter: This tool allows you to create content and upload to blogs.
  • Video Firestorm: This automatically create vidfeos and upload to YouTube.
  • Marketing Articles: Tips on finding a niche, creating content and headlines
  • Article Spinner: A tool to take one article and spin it into several different ones
  • Article Vault: A resource to find content material for a wide range of niches.

Like the SEO and Keyword Tools set, each one of these content tools has a tutorial to help explain how to use them effectively.

Leads Tools Menu

Find Sales Leads Online

In my opinion, this is the most powerful section of WebFire. This is where you can use automation to find the lifeblood of your business. LEADS! Let’s review briefly each of these lead sources:

  • Government Leads: Syndicate your content on Government sites for eposure
  • Guest Blogging: Find Buest Blogging opportunities related to your niche
  • Q&A Lead Firestorm: Being updated
  • Ranked Lead Finder: Find high ranking sites in your niche to leace comments
  • Real Time Lead Finder:Find Forums and Blogs related to your niche for backlinks

Have you tried to use Google or other search engines to find sites that allow guest blogging? Or sites similar to your niche that rank on the 1st Page of the search engines? Or for that matter any website that is in your niche that has decent traffic?

This can be an extremely time-consuming task. The Leads tools do this for you automatically. With one click, you will have a huge list of relevant sites presented to you. Plus, all your data searches can be downloaded and saved.

Social Media Tool

Does it take you a lot of time to post on all your social media sites? The Social Media Tool enables you to write content and post it on your social media sites at the click of a button.

You can also schedule when these posts will be sent. This is an excellent way to set up a drip system. The Social Media companies supported are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Within this area, there is a tool to connect WebFire to your social media sites to make this possible. Once these links are created, the process is very simple.


The last Menu 5 provides you access to recorded training webinars on all aspects of creating and running a variety of online businesses, such as affiliate marketing, eCommerce stores, dropshipping, selling your own products, and a lot more.

Beginners will find the webinars on getting started and the basics, particularly helpful. These are also helpful as refresher courses for more experienced online entrepreneurs.

You will learn tricks of the trade that can save you loads of time in developing your online business and make money sooner rather than later.

The beauty of all this training is, most are available in video webinar format where you can stop and start to learn at your own pace.

Here are some of the online business-building topics that are covered:

  1. How To Discover A Profitabe Niche
  2. Choosing The Best Keywords For Your Business
  3. Headlines That Click
  4. Writing Good Content
  5. 5 Successful Keys To Forum Marketing
  6. Techniques To Cash In With Mobile Marketing
  7. How To Create A Webinar
  8. Stay Out Of The SPAM Folder
  9. Email Marketing Basics
  10. Affiliate Marketing In A Nutshell


In this section, I will show you how the Keyword Tool and the Real-Time Leads Finder Tool, works.

Keyword Tool

When you click the Keyword Tool, the following window will appear.

Find Sales Leads Online

All Keyword search results can be saved, as well as downloaded as a PDF file.

If you need assistance on how to use the Keyword tool, click the Tutorial button on the top left. The following video will appear that will explain very clearly how to use this tool.

Find Sales Leads Online

You have the option to pause and start this tutorial at any time so that you can learn to use the Keyword tool at your own pace.

Leads Tool – Real Time Leads Finder

When you click this many, you will see the following window. Note that like all the tools on WebFire, there is a TUTORIAL tab that opens up a video that explains in detail how to use this tool to find valuable leads automatically.

I decided to select the weight loss niche to demonstrate how this works. I typed “weight loss” in the keyword window. You can select the age of your leads, 1 week, 1 month, or unlimited. I selected 1 week. Then I clicked the blue Search button below.

There is a wait of a few minutes. Once the search is complete, the results appear in an extension of this window below.

Find Sales Leads Online

WebFire finds a wealth of blogs and forums where you can find leads related to Weight Loss.

The dollar value of the leads available to you at each of these sites is shown in the second column on the right. $575.400 is the total value of ALL the leads available.

You can click each site and decide which leads you would like to pursue using comments, leaving relevant links to your site as well as setting up backlinks. WebFire has a webinar on how to do this.

Finding these manually would have taken you several hours of your time. WebFire does this for you in masse automatically in a few minutes.

You can save your search results and even download it as a PDF file.

Find Sales Leads Online

Pros & Cons

As superb as WebFire 3.0 is in providing you with a comprehensive online business-building service that automates a great deal of the functions you need, it is not perfect. Let me share with you my conclusions.


  1. The automation works really well
  2. WebFire saves you time using an easy to use interface and tools
  3. Every tool is supported with an on the spot how to tutorial
  4. The online business building training is comprehensive. You chose what you need
  5. You can offer Internet Marketing services to others for top Dollar using WebFire
  6. Customer support is excellent.
  7. WebFire offers an affiliate program


  1. Self motivating effort is needed to learn to use the tools
  2. No live webinars to ask real time questions – You have to use Site Support for that
  3. Does not provide website hosting – You must take care of this yourself

My Recomendation

When I compare all the advantages of subscribing to WebFire 3.0, the disadvantages are minor. Even if you already subscribe to other affiliate marketing training programs, this adds value

For example, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus, and find WebFire a great help. If you prefer a platform that also has a community to help you, why not check out Wealthy Affiliate too. It is free to join. If you do, please fill in your profile page to make yourself known and show you are open for others to assist you.

Find Sales Leads Online Using Automation With WebFire 3.0

Click the banner below to see a video that ties everything together and provides information on how to subscribe. Note that there is a 30 Day, unconditional money back guarantee.

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  1. Hi there Edwin. Your review of Webfire 3.0 is quite detailed and informative. I am considering buying into it so that I can take my business to the next level. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can say the experience with it is great in terms of their training and website and domain hosting. I am going to consider a few things in my business and then make a decision on Webfire. Thanks.

    1. Hello Dave,

      Thanks for sharing your insights. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I thought I would not need any other tools. Until I stumbled upon WebFire. The purpose of my review was to just touch the surface. Since you are considering this option, why don’t you check out the video at the end? 

      You will learn far more that way with more examples I provided. Just know that if you subscribe, I will earn an affiliate commission. This is another factor that attracted me to WebFire. You will be presented with an offer in the video towards the end. 

      I’d love to hear your impression of the video. 



  2. This is a great article on the benefits of WebFire 3.0 for an online business. It certainly seems to tick all the boxes necessary for finding leads for your business. It seems to me that there would be quite a few technical issues to understand before you could actually implement this software to generate leads. It is good to read that there are video tutorials of every aspect of the software, which would help with the technology. Thanks for sharing this really interesting article.

    1. Hi Jenni,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my post. I hope you take the opportunity to learn more details from the video at the end. 

      All the best to you.



  3. Thank you for sharing this great information. As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I’m looking for ways to drive traffic and get more sales leads. After seeing the leads tool, I’m really interested to learn more about this product. And by the way, can you explain more how do they calculate the total value?

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. I followed up on your question and have a response for you. The dollar value is based on each lead providing $100 in income. So if a site is valued at $5000, it means there is a potential of 50 leads from that site. Hope this helps.



  4. Hi. Thanks for your Webfire 3.0 review.  I like that the interface and tools are easy to use and saves me time. Also, when I don’t understand something, I have an on the spot tutorial. Also, it’s very helpful that they have online business building training as I really need help with building my business. I can pick which tools I need and leave the others. When I buy a product I like to know that the customer support is available. This has good customer support. 

    1. Hi Shalisa, 

      Thanks so much for your comments. If you have the time, I’d appreciate if you watched the video at the end and gave me feedback on that too. It explains how to use the software in more detail. 

      I wish you all the best. 


  5. Thank you for this post, this looks like a really useful tool that really helps build your business.
    I really like that every tool has a tutorial and that it has a very good support, however I think website hosting would be a really good thing to add and make it really complete. Anyway the real time leads finder is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Johnny,

      Thanks for your comments. Since I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, not having website hosting on WebFire is fine with me. For those who are not WA members, there are many options for website hosting. 

      If you get the chance t watch the video at the end that explains how everything works in more detail I’d like that. There is a promotion at the end and I’d love your opinion on that. 

      All the best to you.


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