How Powerful Is The Brain

How Powerful Is The Brain? – It’s More Powerful Than You Think

We use our brains non-stop without even thinking abut it. Can we consciously program our brains for creating wealth? We can ask the same question and replace the word “wealth” with any other goal you have. How powerful is the brain to do this? It’s more powerful than you think.

What if two brains worked together. Would the results be greater than the sum of two brains working separately?

Napoleon Hill in Chapter XIII titled The Brain, summarizes the brain as a broadcasting and receiving station for thought. Creative Imagination discussed in Chapter VI, is like the Receiving Station of the brain. The Subscomscious Mind as discussed in Chapter XIII is like the Broadcasting Station of the mind.

It is when humans interchange ideas that breakthroughs in thought occur. When two or more minds collaborate, when the brains are functioning at a high rate of energy vibration, amazing developments can occur. Something like the Master Mind discussed in Chapter X.

Hence, our brains are more powerful than we realize. Especially when we collaborate with others.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow RichNapoleon Hill wrote 13 steps to create wealth. These steps are listed in my first article of Think and Grow Rich:

What Is The Think and Grow Rich Secret – Can It Work For You?

If you are just came across this article as a result of a search, may I suggest that to get the full benefit of this book study of Think and Grow Rich, you start here. I have placed links to all the articles related to each chapter of this book, in this first introductory article.

My main purpose of creating this series of articles based on the chapters of Think and Grow Rich is to help you change your habits to those that will maximize the probability of success in your online marketing business.

Sorry for writing such a long sentence. I prefer short ones. But in this case, I had to do that in order to make my point. We all have developed habits based on the pattern our lives have taken. It is our existing habits that create barriers to success.

Our Habits

Bad Habits

Changing habits is not easy. Just ask anyone who decides to go on a dist to loose weight. Or decides to exercise regularly. Until we make those actions into habits, it is an uphill, battle to succeed.

In the same way, we can get all the training in the universe that we need to create a thriving affiliate marketing business and still fail. The reason is we need to take action doing things that we haven’t done before. Hence, it is so easy to lapse into our previous habits.

Let’s look at some of the activities we need to do to fill our websites designed for affiliate marketing. They are:

  1. Write compelling articles, at least 1500 words, and often more like 2500 plus.
  2. Publish these on our websites at least three a week.
  3. Conduct research on the material that we plan to write these articles on.
  4. In parallel, continue to learn and get better at doing the things we have to do,
  5. Do this over and over again, till we have hundreds of compelling articles on our websites.

These are probably not the things we used to do every day before we started our affiliate marketing journey. But now we have to do them every day.

Where do we find the time? And when we do, how do we train our brains to maintain a regular schedule for these new tasks?

This is where the lessons taught in Think and Grow Rich come to play. Since this book was written, many others have evolved by iconic authors. Some of them are shown below:

A Short List of Motivational Authors and Speakers

Motivational Speakers

They are all motivational authors, speakers and trainers. With one thing in common. To help us figure out what we need to do to change our habits in order to become successful at whatever it is we want to do in life. In most cases this is to create wealth.

Here’s the thing. Each of these authors as well as all the hundreds of others, learned from Napoleon Hill. The principles they teach mirror what Think and Grow Rich teaches, but with their own individual perspectives. And they are here today to share their wisdom, unlike Napoleon Hill who died at the ripe old age of 87 in 1970.

You need three things to create wealth;

  1. A proven method to do so
  2. A system that creates new habits to implement the skills taught in the proven method
  3. An attitude where you will never quit

Since my website has the title Affiliate Marketing For Leaders, what is the proven method that I am advising to use?

Affiliate Marketing

You got that right. Yes? You can get an overview on Affiliate Marketing from my Home Page When there you will find links to an article on this website that provides an in depth analysis on what Affiliate Marketing is.

Personal Development

In all pursuits in life, the limiting factor that either delays or hinders us from achieving success is our bad habits. The only way we can change this is to find a way to instill good habits.

I created a Think and Grow Rich Book Study Blog Post on the affiliate marketing training platform where I am a member. My goal was to help other members learn how to change their habits using the lessons from this book. The name of this Affiliate Training Platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

There are 15 posts proceeded by an introductory post for a total of 16. I have written 16 teaser articles on this website with links to the posts on Wealthy Affiliate

The link to the post on The Brain can be reached by clicking the picture below:

A Winning Attitude

Nobody can give you a winning attitude. This is an attribute you have to develop from within. A winning attitude will be composed of several factors such as:

  1. Willingness to learn as much as you need to know to create an online business
  2. To work hard and smart on your efforts to create an online business
  3. A resolve to learn from failures
  4. A strong conviction to never quit
  5. Humility to ask for help when you need it

There are many more factors that make up a winning attitude, but these five are the main ones.

When you click the picture above you will be taken to my blog post on Wealthy Affiliate where you can read my article there. While you are there I want to give you a free gift to thank you for your efforts.

A pop up will appear where you can apply to become a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate at no cost to you. Here you can learn all the tricks of the trade to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

It is your decision to accept this gift or not. You can remain a starter member for as long as you wish. And there is no credit card required to join.

In this way you can see the power of this platform and decide later if you wish to become a Premium Member. We’ll talk about that only after you have a chance to explore the amazing training, tools and support that is available on Wealthy Affiliate,

Before I leave I want to give you a free copy of the Think and Grow Rich free eBook that you can download by clicking this link.

It is time to say bye for now. I look forward to your comments on this article, And what do you think of the free offer?

I wish you much success in your efforts to create a better life for yourself and your family.



4 thoughts on “How Powerful Is The Brain? – It’s More Powerful Than You Think”

  1. That’s awesome!!! I’ve literally been considering getting the Think and Grow Rich book for a while now! It looks to be one of the more interesting, compelling and unique self-help books out there, it really drew to me.

    Looks like you’re giving it away, so I’ll definitely take it! Do you personally think reading motivational books or self-help content can transfer into online marketing, for us affiliate grinders? 

    1. Hi Julius,

      Sure. For example at Wealthy Affiliate we are given training that has produced extremely successful entrepreneurs. Why do some succeed and other do not when they are all exposed to the same training?

      The only difference is how we are applying what we are taught. In other words, we need to change our work habits to what works. Motivational books and in particular, Think and Grow Rich has all the ingredients to coach us to success. 

      We have the choice to follow the instructions given strictly, or not. If we do not, we are going to make it more difficult to succeed. 

      When you talk to those who have succeeded, they have implemented the lessons in this book on their own if they have not read it. Because the laws of success are universal. 

      I hope I have explained how this works. 

      Much success to you. And thanks for your comments.


  2. Nozipho Sibanda

    The brain is the most powerful tool that we have as it controls everything else that goes on around us, including even the will to live at times. We are a product of our thoughts and keeping that in mind at all times opens so many doors in our lives. Thank you for the free copy of the book, I will be sure to give feedback once I go through it. Great article on Wealthy Affiliate, a very solid community and training programme. 

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I always enjoy reading your review of Napoleon’s book. Most times I prefer reading those of your reviews I saved before reading “think and grow rich” as it seems like a totally breakdown of the book. GREAT JOB BERNARD!

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