How To Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life – It’s Easier Than You Realize!

Do you ever wonder how important your thoughts are? Napoleon Hill launched his iconic book Think and Grow Rich in Chapter 1 by stating Thoughts Are Things. Everything that exists started with a thought. Both good things and bad things. Let’s explore how to change your thoughts to change your life.

Any Product Or Service Begins With A Thought

Look around you. You may be sitting on a chair. Looking at a computer screen set on your desk. Writing an article, Drinking a cup of coffee. Let’s look at each of the following items:

  1. Chair
  2. Computer
  3. Desk
  4. Coffee mug
  5. Coffee

Do you realize that each of these items originated as a thought from one individual? Apart from the coffee, they all needed to be designed. Some items like the chair, desk, and coffee mug could all be designed by one person.

Vision And The Team

But the computer was most likely designed by a team. Even in this situation, there had to be a team or project leader. Like the architect for a building, the overall vision would be conceived by that person. Who had to think about it. For that vision to become a reality, they would have to share it with their team. To make that vision a reality they would beet to collaborate with the specialists in their team.

Make no mistake. It all starts with a THOUGHT. That thought can also be described as a VISION.

What about the coffee? In essence, the coffee goes back in history to someone who discovered the coffee bean and thought about grinding it and brewing a drink, because they liked the flavor From that original act, a whole culture of coffee drinkers, cafes and coffee making equipment was born. And for each of these, there was one individual who conceptualized the item that became commonplace.

Making Money

Would you say that the thoughts of these individuals resulted in things of value? And that these things were sold or utilized to make money?

Not only for the one who had the original thought but for others who participated in the conversion of that thought to a thing, and the utilization of that thing?

Napoleon Hill discovered that the business tycoons he interviewed had the ability to turn thoughts into things in a big way.

An Invitation

I invite you to participate in a book study to help you understand the concept of Thoughts Are Things. Would you like to learn the process of how to change your thoughts to positively impact your life?

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How To Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life

Please let me know if you have read Think and Grow Rich. Regardless if you have or have not, I recommend that you read it now, chapter by chapter as you progress through this blog post series.

Use your thoughts to attract success into your life. Be it wealth or anything else that you desire.

When you accumulate wealth, look at all the good you can do. Not only in your life. But also in the lives of your family and friends. You can also leave a legacy for future generations.

I wish you all the success in the world.



2 thoughts on “How To Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life – It’s Easier Than You Realize!”

  1. Hi Edwin

    I’m a true believer of everything you want to achieve begins with a thought, as you well describe on your article. No matter what you want to have in life, it starts with a simple thought..

    I’ve been working on changing the way of thinking and produce in my mind the thoughts I only want to have there, it’s working and today I have a life I like. 

    The next step is to think about what type of business I want to have and I want to start working from home.

    After reading you article, I’m glad I found your website, I bookmarked and I’ll be back to read part 2

    1. Hi Alejandra,

      So glad that you found this article. Although this is based on Chapter I of Think and Grow Rich, I wrote an Intro article you can access here: What Is The Think and Grow Rich Secret – Can It Work For You? 

      I have also written an article on Chapter II:What Is A Burning Desire – 6 Steps To Make It Real! The remaining 13 will be available within the next two weeks.

      Thank you so much for bookmarking my site. You mentioned that you have used adjusting your thoughts to improve the quality of your life. That is fantastic! You followed that by saying you are now looking for a business. May I suggest looking into a business based on Affiliate Marketing? 

      You can get all the training and tools to do so in a cost effective way through an amazing platform that I use. Everything you need to create a vibrant and successful business is available here!

      You can also read a comprehensive review I wrote on this same website called: 

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      Thanks for bringing up the question about a business. 

      I wish you much success in whatever you do in life. 



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