How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online And Get The Results You Want

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online in 2022 – And Get The Results You Want!

Did you come across this page when you were searching Google? Do you wish to use affiliate marketing to make some money? Even a lot of money. Right? To achieve that, it is crucial to find out HOW to learn about affiliate marketing online so that you can get the results you want.

Did your research tell you that Affiliate Marketing was THE BEST and SIMPLEST way to do that with very little or no prior experience? And with a relatively small budget?

How would you like the lifestyle freedom having a lot of money can get you? Just imagine, what an extra $1000 a month will do for you. What about $1000 a week? Or even $1000 a day?

Write these numbers down and think about what you can spend each of these amounts on. It’s OK to dream. Now it’s time to make your dreams a reality.

Basic Concept Of Affiliate Marketing

If you are unsure how affiliate marketing works, this is the basic 4-step process. It’s pure genius! Learn how to do this effectively and you will achieve your dreams.

How to learn about affiliate marketing onine

Instead Of Working For Money, Let Money Work For You

How To Learn Aboiut Affiliate Marketing

Even if you already have a comfortable income, it takes you away from your family. If you commute to work, you can spend upwards of 50 hours per week away from home.

Your goal should be to make money work for you, instead of you working for money. What if you could make money work for you through your very own website? How would it feel if that website makes you money 24/7?

You are at the right place at the right time to get started and create an online business that will pay you passive income. The best part is you have complete control over the size of this income. It could become massive in time!

The decision is yours. Let’s see how this can happen for you.

Successful Individuals Who Prove It Works

You may have come across individuals who have become extremely successful through affiliate marketing.

People like Neil Patel. Pat Flynn. Missy Ward. Shawn Collins. Finch Sells. And many more.

If any of these names are not familiar to you, just Google them and you will see what I mean.

They and many others all prove that affiliate marketing works! Why don’t you follow them and learn from their stories?

Now it is YOUR turn! And why not?

What Can You Do About It?

That is all good and dandy. So what now? What are your options? Can you make affiliate marketing work for you? A critical question is this. If you had everything you needed to create a money-making website, do YOU believe you can follow in the footsteps of these individuals?

Think about this fact. At one time, they were in the position you are in now. What makes them any different to you?

The purpose of this article is to show you how you can do what they did. Starting with baby steps and creating your amazing website step by step.

You will not be alone. There will be an army of people who are ready and willing to help you. I’ll tell you more about that further below.

Keep A Clear Head As You Proceed

If you are new to the concept of making money online, you could get confused by new terminology such as Niche, Keywords, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, etc.

I worry that you could get overwhelmed and give up before you even begin. There is no need to. These kinds of feelings are normal. They occur whenever you want to learn something new.

If I can clarify some terms for you, will you read on? There is something special for you at the end.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

This post is about you. Why should you listen to me, a stranger called Edwin Bernard?

I feel it will be helpful if you get to know a little about me to feel comfortable that I am a real person.

My career had nothing to do with the Internet, online marketing, or any form of being an entrepreneur. I was that person mentioned above who was away from home for 50 hours a week, working at a job.

Sure, it paid me well. But I had no control over my earnings. If creating a business online seems like a mystery to you, it was a mystery to me too!

A Little Bit About My Career

I designed flat panel displays for aircraft cockpits, both commercial and military. It was a great job. I traveled the world. Had a great time visiting countries I had not visited before like Israel, Japan, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. As well as countries I had previously lived in like England and Canada.

The stark fact was this was still a JOB. I got paid for my time. Even though I was the sole inventor of two patents, the company benefitted from its use. Not me. You can click the following link to find one of my patents:

Edwin Bernard and LCD Patents.

You may not know that when you work for any corporation, part of being accepted for employment is to sign off any rights of your inventions that are based on your job.

While employed, I promised myself to become a part-time entrepreneur.

My Journey To Affiliate Marketing

Hot To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Have you been involved with Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing as it is also called? Seeing how widespread this industry is, the chances are you know a friend or two who are into MLM or even tried it yourself.

I happened to have bought a book called Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen. In it one of the streams of income he described was MLM.

His secretary found an MLM company who developed and manufactured health and beauty products. She became a distributor. Within months she was earning thousands of dollars in residual income.

That got my attention. I found out what the name of this company was through one of its associates online and signed up.

I bought the hype and truly believed that within a year or two, I would be earning a fortune.


How To Learn Abut Affiliate Marketing

Boy was I wrong! The way you earned the big bucks was by leveraging the efforts of others. These were people you recruited to join your team. That was the problem.

I found it tough to build a team. And when I succeeded, the next challenge was to motivate them to recruit and repeat the process.

It wasn’t very long before my income fizzled out as my team stopped working. I felt I was doing all the work and getting nothing for it.

There had to be a better way. And there is! Through Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Found Me

I was an entrepreneur wannabe. My job paid me a comfortable income some of which I invested in the stock market. For guidance, I subscribed to several newsletters.

In addition to their affordable subscriptions, they all had more expensive research reports where they promised to share the good stuff. I was tempted so many times to fill in my credit card info and pay for this stuff.

Part of my checks and balances was to perform due diligence before clicking the BUY button. I wanted to check out what others who had purchased these reports thought of them.

Stock Gumshoe To The Rescue

Stock Gumshoe is a forum I could find the information I needed. I left questions in this forum on these research reports to get answers from others.

A kind person responded to my queries. His name was Tim, and he advised me that these reports were too expensive for the promises made. He had a suggestion.

What if there were alternatives to making money instead of paying for information on hot stocks?

Of course, I was interested. He told me he used to be a construction worker in Australia and didn’t want to do that for the rest of his life. Even though it paid well, the work was backbreaking.

Then someone introduced Tim to Affiliate Marketing. That was back in 2015. He had no experience making money online. Tim had to start from scratch and learn new things.

Within three years he was able to earn a six-figure passive income through affiliate marketing.

The Company With The Solutions

Tim was introduced to a company called Wealthy Affiliate which taught him everything he needed to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

I was skeptical and Tim sensed that. After being scammed so much online I was concerned that he was just another scam artist.

This is what he told me to allay my fears. What do scammers usually do? They trick you into giving them your credit card information. It’s only after you part with your money you find out that you were scammed.

The Wealthy Affiliate Way

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate was fully aware that potential members had fears about scams. Hence, they created a way to help overcome that fear.

Tim told me I could sign up for free for a week’s trial membership. And no credit card was necessary! I instantly felt comfortable about taking him up on this offer.

If I was serious, a week was more than enough to get a feel if this was right for me.

What if it wasn’t? I didn’t have to become a paid member. Here’s what blew my mind. I could stay on as a free member for as long as I liked, but I would have very limited access to the platform. Also, I would have no way to communicate with any of its members, until I upgraded to a paid membership.

My Decision

At any time I could decide to become a Premium Member, with all the benefits that would come with it. For me, it was a no-brainer.

Before the week was up, I upgraded my membership.

And now I am following in his footsteps, earning passive income too!

Would you like to find out how to learn about affiliate marketing online in the same way?

In this article, I am going to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate and how it teaches its members to become online entrepreneurs through affiliate marketing. Is this OK with you?

Here are more details about how Affiliate Marketing works. Since my first experience as an entrepreneur was through Network Marketing, I will explain how the two are different.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Learn Aboit Affiliate Marketing

Like Network Marketing, you do need to make sales to earn commissions. With several critical differences.

You are not tied to one company and its products, like in MLM. There are thousands of companies that are looking for affiliates to market their products. When you sign an agreement with a company like Walmart or Amazon, they give you an affiliate link.

When customers buy products or services using your unique affiliate link, you get paid a commission. The company takes care of the sales and shipping process.

How cool is that?

If you want to see a video on affiliate marketing for beginners, click the picture below.

Your Website Is The Money Making Asset You Create

The best approach to do this is to create a website. Write content that helps solve problems or meet the needs of real people. Then share this with your potential customers online.

Invite them to click your affiliate link after they read your article if they wish to buy. They will go directly to the vendor’s website to make their purchase.

The cost to them will be the same if they went to the company’s website instead of clicking your affiliate link.

Listen carefully because this is most important. Just having a website won’t find customers. You have to use specific processes to drive traffic to the content on your website.

When you do this well, your website will work for you 24/7 thereby earning you passive income. Your website IS your brand.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to develop your website and your brand. I will explain how below.

Affiliate Marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Sorry to give you the bad news! You have to do some work. About two hours a day works just fine. While you are in the creation phase. Isn’t that fair? Invest your time in tasks that will grow your traffic. With more traffic, comes more sales.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson were pioneers in this field. They founded Wealthy Affiliate over 15 years ago. They became friends in college and discovered both were developing affiliate marketing businesses.

It made sense to collaborate and build an online business. Their first offering was a paid subscription service where they gave subscribers well-researched keywords to use in their content. When their customers experienced success in sales by ranking high on the search engines, word spread. Although they charged $359 a year for this service, it became wildly popular.

This was the start of creating a full-featured platform to train members to succeed in affiliate marketing as it is today. What was offered back then was a mere fraction of what Wealthy Affiliate is today.

Wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 2,500,000 members!

When you join us, you will become part of a community of over two million entrepreneurs in countries all over the world.

No matter what time it is for you, members are active on the platform. Writing blogs, participating in live chat, creating training, giving feedback, and most importantly, helping other members.

Remember I told you earlier on there is an army of members eager to help other members? Kyle and Carson have promoted a culture of paying it forward. And it WORKS!

Here is what my dashboard looks like. You will get one of your own when you sign up.

I shall be using this screenshot for reference as I review Wealthy Affiliate.

As I stated above that there are over two million members, that number is extremely conservative. New members are joining all the time.

Assistance Is A Few Keystrokes Away

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate there are many ways to get help. The following window appears when you click the Help Button in the Top Navigation Bar:

Experts are always available to provide you with solutions to any problem you may have. Even Kyle and Carson are available to assist you.

It is your responsibility to reach out when you need help. There is no other training platform like Wealthy Affiliate where you can get almost immediate answers.

The Process

Just like MLM. there is a process that is used to generate sales. Unlike MLM, instead of building a sales force through recruiting, you harness the Internet and technology to do this work for you.

People in MLM can use this process to find customers. However, unless they diversify, they will be limited to just the company they represent.

There is know-how and skills you will need. The Internet offers you many options to get this information. As well ad many options to go astray.

You will find people who are more than willing to teach you what you need to know. But only after you pay them a lot of money for their course. And I mean in the thousands of dollars. Often using upsell tactics. In Wealthy Affiliate, there are no upsells.

Your Decision

It is up to you to decide the “How To Learn” part that will influence the level of success you achieve. You can either fall for these high-priced courses or, join Wealthy Affiliate.

It is my opinion you have found the best resource to learn from.

At the end of this review, you will see why Wealthy Affiliate is a One-Stop-Shop. Everything you need is here, which will save you time and money.

Kyle and Carson are not standing still either. Last year they expanded the features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate significantly. That is another reason why you have found the right time to join this platform.

What Knowledge And Skills Will You Need?

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Can I ask you what is the lifeblood of any business? If you answered a large amount of paying customers you would be correct.

Conventional stores have a physical presence, usually where there is a lot of foot traffic. In addition, many advertise in local newspapers. as well as on the Internet.

The forward-thinking ones even have websites to promote their businesses. Frankly, most of them do a bad job, which leaves opportunities for those who learn Internet skills. Just like you will at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketers have to rely on the Internet to find their customers. How is that done?

Using specific knowledge and skills that are taught superbly well by Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty into the knowledge and skills you will need and how Wealthy Affiliate teaches these to you.

Choosing Your Niche

This is a term you will be hearing a great deal. All Affiliate Marketers have to choose a niche before they can even start.

Say you have a passion for fashion. (I love that ring ha!) But this is an extremely broad category. You do not want to compete with the big guys. Hence, you will need to narrow your niche down.

How about fashion for teenage girls? This is a very popular topic and will provide a lot of opportunities. You can narrow this down further.

What about formal wear? Or shoes? Maybe even sports shoes for girls?

I hope you get an idea of what a niche is and how to narrow it down.

Whatever you end up with, must be an area that you either are passionate about, have a great deal of knowledge of, or better yet, both. You can also boost your knowledge through online research.

Wealthy Affiliate has tutorials to guide you through this process. Click the following banner to see what I mean. When you are checking this over, a pop-up will appear inviting you to sign up as a free member. If you are ready to join, go ahead.

You can click the X at the top right to get rid of the pop-up to carry on reading this lesson from Kyle. This is one of the lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online

How Do You Find Affiliate Programs?

Besides Walmart and Amazon which I mentioned, nearly every major retail company has affiliate programs. They either have a homegrown affiliate department, or they use the services of affiliate networks like Share-A-Sale, Awin, CJ Affiliates, Rakuten, and many more.

When you look at the top black navigation bar in your Dashboard, you will see a menu button called Promote. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a valuable tool to find companies that offer affiliate programs in your niche. Clicking this button will reveal the following tool:

You can either click a category on the left, one of the blue buttons in the middle, or one of the items on the right. You can also enter the name of your niche in the search window at the top.

After you do this, a large list of companies with affiliate programs will appear at the bottom. Here you will find the commissions they pay and a link to their affiliate program for further details.

This tool will save you a great deal of time compared to searching using search engines.

Selecting Your Domain Name For Your Brand

Once you have chosen your niche, the next step is to find a domain name that you want to build your brand around.

This is an activity usually done through a website hosting company like Go Daddy, Host Gator, or Wix. They are all great places.

Guess what, once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you have a tool to help you find an available domain name. And you can also purchase it directly within the Wealthy Affiliate platform through a section called Site Domains. The cost is competitive at about $14 a year.

Your Domain Name has to be renewed annually. Otherwise, you will lose ownership and someone else could purchase it. Wealthy Affiliate lets you set up automatic renewal to not let that happen to you.

Click the following screenshot to find a tutorial by Kyle on this very topic:

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online

Website Hosting And Site Support

Most website hosting companies charge you from $30 annually to as much as $300. Some companies may even offer free hosting. But there always is a catch.

Think this through carefully. Your website will in time become your most valuable asset. You need a fast and reliable hosting company that has automatic backup.

Guess what. Wealthy Affiliate also provides web hosting that is part of your Premium Membership. You can have up to 10 websites hosted for no additional cost.

They have a contract with Amazon for this purpose. Hence, you can be assured, you will have the fastest service available plus automatic backup using Amazon servers.

Wealthy Affiliate creates a duplicate website for you on a parallel server that is regularly updated, ready, and waiting to take over if a failure occurs.

Paid members have access to website support 24/7. Whenever I managed to muck things up, I contacted Site Support and they saved my bacon by solving whatever mess I made.

Website Creation

To have a website, you need the software to create one. Wealthy Affiliate directly connects its members with the WordPress web creation platform. This is awesome since over 30% of every website in the world uses WordPress.

Part of your training in Wealthy Affiliate is how to use WordPress. There are so many great themes to choose from. And helpful plugins too.

Here you will learn how to build a beautiful website. Click the banner below to check out how the Wealthy Affiliate website Site Builder tool works:

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online

The editing features of WordPress empower you to create amazing-looking content.

Content Creation

Creating content does not come easily to everyone. Wealthy Affiliate helps you to learn this skill through classes. If you need help with templates for your content, Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with a range of turnkey content templates you can use right away. You can also create your own content templates. Templates can save you a lot of time by not having to think of the outlines each time you write.

Members also have access to millions of pictures and graphics, all Royalty-free.

World Class Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

A crucial part of writing content is the Keyword you use.

The Keyword is commonly used for the search phrase someone enters into Google to find what they are looking for. Often, this keyword is embedded into a compelling title.

Click the following banner to see a class on this topic given by Kyle.

How to learn about affiliate marketing online

The above lesson will introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy. You can try it out through this link:

A World-Class Keyword Research Tool For Affiliate Marketers!

The following is a screenshot that includes the keyword of this post at the top. Note the ideal parameters for this Keyword. You will learn more about this topic in Wealthy Affiliate to help you rank on Page 1 of the Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may wonder how someone’s content gets ranked on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Part of the reason is how the Keyword is chosen. This is taught in the previous class above.

Search Engine Optimization is a process used in addition to the Keyword to help you rank well.

When your website is new, don’t expect Google to rank you high. Their algorithms look for websites that have authority. You earn this privilege by writing quality content, regularly, that keeps visitors reading your articles. And your website has a lot of content.

This process takes time and patience. Every successful Affiliate Marketer went through this same process and will tell you it is well worth the time and effort.

Consider if you were training to be an engineer, doctor, or architect. Or any other profession you can think about. It takes them 4 years of hard work or more before they can cash in on their skills.

Fortunately to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, if you follow the process and advice Wealthy Affiliate gives, you could be earning commissions in six months to a year. There are members here who are now earning six-figure passive income. And I am on my way. Yay!

So can you. The question I have for you is how badly do you want this to work. Tell me in the comments section below.

What Next?

After you do all the above, what are the next steps toward driving traffic to your website? Here are two more.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Email Marketing

The traffic you get from everything above is known as Organic Traffic. Before you learn how to use social media and email to drive traffic, your website should already be getting visitors and traffic through keywords and SEO.

At this point, you should be getting sales and earning commissions.

Scaling Up Using Paid Ads

You have several options to scale up your business. One of these is by using paid ads and Pay Per Click (PPC). This is an approach Wealthy Affiliate also teaches. However, it strongly recommends that new members first focus on growing their business organically, which doesn’t cost money.

Once you have a regular stream of income rolling in, that is the time to invest in paid ads. When you conduct a search on Google, the chances are you will see a few posts at the top and side that have the word Ad or Promoted Content attached to them. The owners of these websites paid for that privilege.

In these situations, keywords and SEO are not used to get ranked. It is your hard-earned money that does that. Please note, that paying to be ranked high may not get readers to click on your article if your title and content are not relevant. There is no way to compensate for poor and unhelpful content. The reader will click out after a few seconds.


Underpinning everything is the easy-to-understand training available to you on Wealthy Affiliate. Training is provided in several forms. Included are lessons on the selection of skills I introduced you to above as part of line items 1 and 2 below.

  1. Recorded set of 50 lessons on affiliate marketing
  2. Recorded set of 70 lessons on affiliate Bootcamp
  3. Live weekly webinars with live Q & A sessions
  4. Member-created training (experienced members can create training)
  5. A system to get comments and feedback on your website posts to help you improve
  6. Your Wealthy Affiliate Blog where you can practice writing content
  7. 15 years of training archives

Whatever you need to help create your money-making website is available here. If you have any questions on the training, or anything else related to your business, you can leave your questions in the discussion section and you will receive one or more answers promptly.

Would you agree there is only one more question left? If you have more, please ask them in the comments section below. Now I’d like to answer the following question.

How Do You Subscribe To Wealthy Affiliate?

After reading my review and checking out the excerpts from the platform, can you see that Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the best way how to learn about affiliate marketing?

If you do, then your decision should be easy. Become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Membership Options

Wealthy Affiliate offers three membership options. Free. Premium. Premium Plus.

    Even if you wish to join at the Premium or Premium Plus level, you cannot do that from the outset. You must join as a free starter member where no credit card information is required before you can up upgrade your membership. It is only after you decide to upgrade you need to pay. In the US there is the option of paying using your PayPal account or a credit card.

    Click this link to access the membership-level comparison chart.

    As I mentioned earlier, you can sign up for free to check out everything the platform offers to see if this is right for you. There is ZERO risk for you.

    If you are ready to sign up for free, click HERE and proceed.

    To get the best value starting for free, I recommend after you sign up please do the following. Complete your profile and financial goals. Check out your welcome messages and respond to them. Your initial messages will be from the co-founders, Kyle and Carson. As well as your me. Then complete your free first 5 lessons.

    I will be communicating with you on your profile page so please check this every day.

    If you feel this is not for you, that is OK. Just let me know. Nobody is going to pressure you into becoming a paid member. You can remain a free member for as long as you wish. After the first week, you will not be able to communicate with anyone until you upgrade. Please make sure you get all your questions answered if you decide to delay upgrading beyond your first week.

      You can remain a free member for as long as you wish. However, after the first week, you will not be able to communicate with anyone, until you upgrade. Make sure you get all your questions answered if you decide to delay upgrading beyond the first week.

      Is that fair? You will still have access to a great deal of value. What other company offers this kind of deal? If you do, please let me know.

      Learn From Super Affiliates

      Reach Your Goals Faster By Learning How To Avoid Others Mistakes

      Do you think since Wealthy Affiliate was founded there would be a boatload of graduates who are killing it in affiliate marketing? If you did, you’d be right!

      In March 2021 Kyle and Carson invited these Super Affiliates to give regular classes on how they went about creating hugely successful affiliate marketing businesses using the training they received here.

      Can I share a secret with you? These Super Affiliates offered to include in their classes lessons on what NOT to do to speed up the process, in addition to what they did do.

      Here are pictures of just a few. When you see them, think about one thing.

      Nathaniell, Vitaliy, Eric, Roope, Chris, and Tim were once beginners at Wealthy Affiliate. And now they are all earning six figures plus after using what they learned. They are truly humble individuals and never flaunt their earnings.

      Vitaliy, right, with Co-Founders Carson and Kyle, left.

      Mistakes To Avoid

      Everyone makes mistakes. Including these Super Affiliates when they started their affiliate marketing journey. I find it truly amazing that they all share the mistakes they made by teaching you what NOT to do to help speed up your progress.

      I have another question for you. Do you feel that we all have a unique style of learning? Indeed we do.

      Learn From A Super Affiliate You Can Relate To

      The chances are you will prefer the teaching style of one or two Super Affiliates over the others. Now you can choose to learn advanced strategies from a Super Affiliate you can relate to more easily.

      A Powerful Combination

      Don’t you think that avoiding the mistakes of the experts and learning from one who relates to you can have a huge impact on your business?

      Of course, it would! Kyle and Carson decided to offer these extra classes given by the Super Affiliates plus additional tools and more websites hosted for free in a Premium Plus package.

      However, just in case you have a smaller budget, the original Premium package is still available.

      When these Super Affiliates were building their businesses, Premium Plus was not available. Every one of them was able to achieve success with the Premium membership. And you can too.

      Isn’t it great that you have the option of going either way? You cannot go wrong in either case.

      After you sign up as a free starter member, you can review your subscription options to pick the best one to match the pace you wish to learn at.

      Keep in mind, once you select the subscription of your choice, there are NO upsells. The membership subscription price stays the same as long as you remain a paid member.

        Isn’t this a refreshing thought?

        Closing Thoughts

        How to learn about affiliate marketing online

        No matter how good Wealthy Affiliate is, it is not perfect. The co-founders’ Kyle and Carson will also agree. They are constantly updating the platform and adding even more value for its members to provide you with more leverage.

        I have enthusiastically shared all the “Pros” of Wealthy Affiliate. What are the “Cons”? Let me list three that are based solely on my opinion.

        1. There is so much information to absorb it can sometimes get overwhelming.
        2. Some may not appreciate the value they are getting because of the ridiculously low cost and don’t take it seriously.
        3. You can get busy communicating with others and building business relationships, thereby not devoting that time towards building your own business.

        None of these are show-stoppers. You can build relationships with members who can help you when you get stuck. I’d much rather have too much of a good thing rather than not enough.

        So What Do You Think?

        You have the decision to make. Are you going to give yourself the best chance of creating an online business that can change your life for the better? Then join Wealthy Affiliate today.

        Or go it alone. Worse yet, get taken by con artists who promise you can start earning thousands almost immediately if only you purchased their costly shiny object right away.

        I hope you make the right decision and would love to see you on the other side. Ready and willing to help you get started, and guide you toward your amazing goals.


        Start Dreaming!

        I have truly enjoyed sharing the information in this long and informative article with you.

        To thank you for staying with me till the end, I want to give you something special that can also change your life for the better. The iconic self-development book called Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill in electronic form.

        Even if you have the physical copy, it is of value to own the electronic version. There is free software you can find online to download that will read the book for you, so you will have the option of listening if that works best for you.

        Enter your name and email address below to go to a page where you can download the eBook for free.

        Please share any ideas you may have about what you learned here in the comments section below. And if you liked what you learned here, please share this article with your friends who may also be looking for new opportunities to add more income to enhance their lives.

        Whatever path you take toward achieving your dreams, I wish you all the best.


        Edwin Bernard

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        1. Very analytical article I can say. It really gives a good idea about what WA is and how it can work on your behalf. 

          Anyone willing to go the online route should know that takes a lot of time to be a successful affiliate marketeer and success does not come overnight. 

          Most people believe many fakes and scams that they can become rich in a couple of weeks and this gives affiliate marketing a bad name for even good programs like WA.

          1. Edwin Bernard

            I felt really good reading your comment. You have hit the nail on the head that most people think affiliate marketing will make you rich overnight if you pay someone a lot of money who claims they have the answer. When the person scammed finds out, they do exactly what you said. Give this business model a bad name. 

            Thanks for commenting and sharing your perspective. 



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          Thanks so much for this post. This is very important. affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money today. I started affiliate marketing in 2018. But I worked hard to learn exactly that. But I got Wealthy Affiliate in 2020. Actually um I learned exactly about affiliate marketing from there. Wealthy affiliate is a great program that connects everyone.

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Thanks so much for your response. 

            Kudos to you for realizing affiliate marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. Work hard and consistently in building your skills, adding content to your website, and keeping track of what works and what doesn’t. Then tweak your activities based on what you learn.

            I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.



        3. I was deeply moved by your story! I liked how you came to affiliate marketing when you had your own career. 

          As for me, I started affiliate marketing, but I was discouraged by the imminent lack of results So I didn’t persevere – yes this is employee mindset. Also, I wasn’t consistent enough. 

          But this time everything will change. I really want to make money with affiliate marketing and your article was a huge step to go in that direction. Thank you!

          1. Edwin Bernard

            I found your story so moving because of your honesty. It is hard to make the transition from an employee mindset to that of how an entrepreneur thinks. Delayed gratification is what children have. As newbie entrepreneurs, we are in a way like children all over again. Want the results NOW. 

            Here’s the secret. At Wealthy Affiliate, we have many successful members who at one time were in the position you are now. They followed the same training as you are going through. The key difference between success and not succeeding is they have faith in the system and go all out to learn and do the work. Results are very slow at the start. When success starts to happen, things move fast. 

            Sadly, if you are not willing to put in the work, your progress will be slow. There is a reason why I didn’t use the word failure earlier. You can’t fail if you never give up. The moral is this. Learn the skills and how to use them well. You will have trials. But press on. Work hard. And success will be yours. 

            I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.



        4. This is exactly why I’m getting into affiliate marketing. Working full-time for others means I can only make a certain dollar amount. What attracts me to affiliate marketing is that there is no limit to what I can earn. I’m just getting started so I found this article extremely helpful. 

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Hi Alicia,

            Congratulations on your choice of affiliate marketing to create your own home-based business. Work hard at it and be patient. As long as you post your articles consistently, use keyword research and SEO as taught by Wealthy Affiliate, you will succeed.

            Success comes in phases. At first, you will see your rankings on the search engines improve. Initially on Bing and Yahoo, followed by Google. As you use SEO more effectively, your traffic will increase. 

            Make no mistake, it is the quality of your content that at the end of the day, influences sales and income. Whatever your niche is, create your content to help your readers solve a problem, or satisfy a need exceedingly well. If you do this they will buy using your affiliate link. 

            I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing journey.


        5. I have never been a fan of MLM.  Pyramid schemes are so hard to build and maintain.  The Wealthy Affiliate platform looks like a great place to get started with Affiliated Marketing.
          I am hoping to build my affiliate platform into a source of income to supplement my income for now.  I am still new to affiliate marketing so I appreciate your review.  You have provided some great information to consider.   Thank you.

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Hello Michelle,

            You have the right idea about affiliate marketing. Thanks so much for your comments and validation of what I wrote about. I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey. 



        6. Miriam Mechelli

          I think breaking away from the time x money equation is the main drive that brings people into affiliate marketing, and I find it really worth spending two or three years of your life building a business that can pay dividends forever. Also, once launched, a site that monetizes with affiliate marketing needs much less maintenance than a classic brick-and-mortar business and much less cost!
          On top of that, the Wealthy Affiliate school is truly excellent and teaches everything there is to know about affiliate marketing!

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Hello Miriam,

            Thanks for your comments. I think you got it. This is not a get-rich-quick business. It is a marathon and not a sprint. It does take a few years to build something solid that generates a regular income. The time spent to do that is well worth it. Plus, the cost is ridiculously low. 

            I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.



        7. Hi there Edwin. Your story into affiliate marketing together with the detailed way of beginning the same journey for other people who are interested in affiliate marketing is really clear. I wish I found your website when I was making my entry into this world a few years ago. I also settled for Wealthy Affiliate for their quality training and their commitment to helping people genuinely set up affiliate marketing businesses online with relative ease. Before I that, I had been scammed a number of times. Now I make a living online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, so I highly recommend it too.

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Hello Dave,

            Thanks for your insights into affiliate marketing. When I was involved with a previous company, I had to pay extra for courses on directing traffic to one’s website. They made it seem like such a great mystery. And the only way to unlock those secrets was to buy their course on traffic for about $1999. I came across several places like that. 

            After I started the training at Wealthy Affiliate, it became clear that this is not that complicated. They were using fear of the unknown directed to people like me to extract money. Now they did have some good stuff, so I can’t slam them too much.

            There was a decision I had to make because I couldn’t afford the subscription fees for both, Wealthy Affiliate and this other company. I decided to go with WA. No regrets about that. 

            Happy to hear that WA has helped you to create an online business that pays you a decent income. I wish you even greater success. 



        8. Hi Edwin. I am glad I landed on your post. It has been thorough! I was hesitant, deciding if affiliate marketing was a good model to invest my time in. Thank you for sharing part of your journey. I found myself portrayed in m=some of the things you said. Overall, your post has been very encouraging!

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Hello Ann,

            So happy you landed on my Wealthy Affiliate review. I see you also had some hesitancy before getting into affiliate marketing. I was pretty naive at first because I didn’t really know how affiliate marketing worked. All I knew was that people were able to earn money on Amazon but had no idea how that happened. 

            When I found Wealthy Affiliate, the lightbulb clicked! Ha, I thought, this was the elusive secret! I am glad I persisted because it took a while before I started to earn money through affiliate marketing. 

            I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey. 



        9. You nailed it on the fact that it won’t exactly take you just one or two years to achieve comfortable income through affiliate marketing.

          I was a perfect example of such a way of thinking when I started out. It seemed like things were truly going wrong when I was barely earning anything a year into my website & business.

          But it’s really just a cumulative, steady road you’ve got to take to turn your website into a business for the long-term. I had to invest a lot of time before I could actually start feeling like “truly living off this thing, more or less”

          How long did it take for you to reach some form of desired success on your first successful affiliate marketing project?

          1. Hello Julius, 

            You made some important points in your comments. I must confess I thought like you did. When I started, I felt I would be earning income after writing 30 posts. This I completed in four months. When nothing happened, I felt I was doing something wrong. 

            It was an eye-opener when I truly understood how this all works. There are so many variables, one being how many articles you write each week. The minimum Wealthy Affiliate recommends is 2 to 3. In fact, if you do what the lessons suggest, 12 a month is the minimum. Since I was really slow in writing my articles, I didn’t earn my first commission till a year later. 

            Once I started writing more, the referrals started flowing in. My niche is the Make Money Online one which also happens to be the most difficult. Members who were promoting products people need were able to get results faster. Keep that in mind when figuring out the results you get. 

            I’m only working on one website. I will not start another until I meet my earning goals for this one. 

            I hope this helps. 


        10. Hey Edwin, 

          Thanks for sharing your journey into affiliate marketing, I think many people will relate to the apparent false promises that MLM often promotes. With the affiliate marketing structure and the Wealthy Affiliate platform in particular we can all build a sustainable, residual income by following the correct processes.

          Best of luck on your continued journey.

          1. Edwin Bernard

            Hello Danny,

            Thanks for your insightful comments. I appreciate your good wishes. Back to you too. 


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