How To Pay Off A Student Loan Faster


This is the time of the year when a major rite of passage takes place throughout the world. Yes, It’s GRADUATION TIME for universities and colleges. For grade schools too. But I want to talk to University Graduates.

How are you feeling? Euphoric that all those years of hard work have finally paid off! Looking forward to launching your career?

Do you have a job lined up? Enjoy that moment. Celebrate! At least for a week.

Then reality sets in. How much debt are you carrying over from those student loans?

A Message To Graduating Students

Please listen carefully to what I am going to tell you. Does your student debt make you feel like you have a millstone around your neck? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your debt creates stress that is not good for your health. This is a double whammy. When you need medical attention your health plan will not pay for everything. In fact, you may end up going deeper into dept to pay for the shortfall.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reading what follows. Clear the next 30 minutes of your time. Remove all distractions. And give your fullest attention to this very important message.

You know that the chances of using your job earnings to pay off your debt is going to take a long time. I am going to present to you an opportunity of a lifetime. An option of how to pay your student loan off faster.

You Are At The Right Place At The Right Time

A Crisis – Bigger Than Financial Gurus Can Imagine!

FORBES reported in February 2019 that student debt today is a $1.5 Trillion Crisis and is the worst ever! The AVERAGE debt graduating students carry over into their fledgling working careers is $37,172! Yikes!

Let’s put that into perspective in the following graphic.

Courtesy of Comet

U.S.News reported in 2014 that students with Bachelor’s Degrees take about 20 years to pay off their loans. Usually the lenders work out a 10-year repayment plan. Can you imagine the burden of the monthly payments over 10 years? According to this report, it takes twice that time. After 20 years, the balance owed is often forgiven.

In April 2019 Motley Fool gave an in-depth perspective on how to pay off a student loan faster. If a student has several loans, consolidating them would help.

Sometimes it is best to pay the interest only. This frees up money to pay for apartment set up and purchasing work clothes. Many students may have loans that are subsidized, and some with favorable terms. In those situations it makes sense to pay off the loans over a longer period.

No matter how you cut it, most students will have to carry those loans for a very long time. Definitely more than 10 years. The repercussions in qualifying for mortgages, car loans becomes very difficult.

I truly feel for our graduates. By law, student loans cannot be forgiven through bankruptcy. So isn’t it time students had a way to pay off a student loan faster? Definitely faster than 20 years!

But HOW?

A Paradigm Shift

I have noticed that all those financial gurus think the students earnings from a job as the ONLY source of income. That has to change!

Further into this report I will introduce you to a formula that when followed, can earn you more that you ever imagined.

You will be able to wipe out your student debts FAST!

Our society has created a huge problem by fostering a system of codependency between employees and employers. Kids are taught that they need to work hard in school to get good grades. To qualify them for good universities. Then pay for the tuition and living expenses with student loans, if that is their only option. So that they could qualify for well paying jobs.

In other words, perpetuating the employee, employer codependency.

Sounds good in theory, right? That model has been the foundation of our society for over 150 years.

But there was a time when it wasn’t quite like that. People developed skills that allowed them to earn a living as entrepreneurs. Sure, jobs were still necessary. But back then, working for yourself was a viable way to make a living for most individuals with a university education.

What changed?

It was the industrial revolution that turned society on its head. Don’t misunderstand me. A lot of good emerged too. But the job mentality took root, and is thriving today.

But at what human cost?

Consider if a student was taught skills to become entrepreneurs instead. With the technological revolution in full swing, this trend is accelerating.

Taken to its logical conclusion, a student could learn valuable skills on building assets. Assets that make money work for them, instead of them working for money! Think about that for a minute and let it sink in!

Students should be taught how to make money work for them, rather than them working for money!

This is exactly what the wealthy do. They don’t have jobs. They create assets that pay them instead. Why is this concept not taught in schools and universities? Almost every skill taught can be adapted for this concept. .

But there is a missing link in the curriculum. And it is, how to think and act as an entrepreneur to take control of your own life and destiny.

Also, parents want to play it safe. They think a job is a sure thing and more secure. But is that really true? We are in a state today where unemployment is at an all time low. But, the vast number of jobs filled are part-time low pay jobs. Of the economic conditions goes south, remember 2008, guess what these companies will do?

Employers have figured out if they employ part-time employees they are not obligated to provide the benefits that full time employees receive.

This state of affairs makes it even more compelling to create your own income generating machine!

But for students saddled with debt it is too late now. Or is it? Read on!

How To Adapt This Thinking To Paying Off Student Loans


There’s one universal fact today that wasn’t the case 40 years ago. As a footnote I bought my first computer 40 years ago. That’s

Can anyone remember the Radio Shack TRS 80? It cost me $2000 including two floppy disc drives. Remember those? At that time Apple introduced its Apple II. It was the pioneering days of the home computer.

Computers, technology and communications have evolved enormously since then. From desktop models, to mobile devices like our phones, that are really pocket computers. Most kids today spend more time on their phones than desktop computers. When they are on their desktop computers, it is to play video games.
All students, in fact most kids too, are very adept in using technology for all kinds of creative endeavors.

Do you realize people spend so much time on activities that actually take money away from them?

Money flows out of the hands of technology users and into the hands of big corporations. Google’s largest revenue source are from advertisers. Why is so much money spent on advertising? To get each one of us to part with our hard-earned money of course. And money that we haven’t earned yet in the form of credit card debt.

There is a way to leverage this very same technology to reverse that process. How would you like behemoths like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Microsoft and Apple, to pay you instead?

Read on to see where this is heading!

My Challenge To Students With Debt

How would you like to create your very own magical website that will get you paid instead?

What is the secret? I won’t be surprised if you have already figured it out from my URL.

The vehicle that will pay you is none other than


If you already know how it works are you using this concept to earn you money? If not, I urge you to read on as I will share the missing link that you need to make it work.

If you have no idea what Affiliate Marketing is all about, it is in your best interest to get to know what it is and how much power this concept has to reward you, if used correctly. For the academically inclined, Wikipedia provides you with what looks like a thesis on the subject. Useful but dry reading.

Wikipedia defines Affiliate Marketing as follows:

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”

Just imagine, harnessing the Internet to attract and drive customers to online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and countless other businesses through your website, and get a commission from resulting sales!

How would you like to be trained to do this online? In fact, I’m extending this challenge to anyone. Not just students. Debt is debt, regardless. And the quicker debt is paid off, you can put more money in your pocket.

If you have debt, you have it in your power to give yourself a pay raise. After it is paid, those monthly loan payments, are now yours to spend in other more enjoyable pursuits. The challenge is how to pay off student loans faster.

The most effective way is by earning the money you need through Affiliate Marketing. The cost of entry is one of the lowest compared to any other business model.

Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Most businesses these days have online store fronts where customers can make purchases. Walmart for example, has a huge network of brick and mortar stores. Yet they have set up a corresponding online store. This provides their customers with shopping options. To shop in person, or online. Or do both.

Amazon in contrast, started out and still is, an exclusively online store. Sure, they recently purchased Whole Foods. But this is dedicated to foods. Who knows how Amazon will evolve Whole Foods in the future. But for now, Amazon is exclusively an online store.

Here are the steps necessary to play in this amazing space!

  1. Find a niche that you are passionate about that has a product or service that a business offers online
  2. Make sure that your niche can solve a problem or meet a need of a large segment of the population
  3. Seek out such businesses that have an Affiliate Marketing Program in Place
  4. Fill in and submit an affiliate application on their affiliate website
  5. Assume your application will be accepted and they will provide you with an affiliate link
  6. Create your own business website and use this link strategically to encourage click throughs
  7. Provide your visitors with an excellent user experience with valuable information through Blogs
  8. Do whatever it takes to attract a growing army of visitors, called traffic, who crave what you offer
  9. Reinvest some of your commissions to scale up your business
  10. If you like, pay it forward by coaching others, now that you have loads of free time!

Well the last item has nothing to do with Affiliate Marketing but I thought that was a good idea!

Once you have accomplished all the steps above, can you see which one is the most important? You’re right, It is #8.

This step actually encompasses several other steps, such as #2, #6 and #7. I’d like to briefly review the essential processes behind these steps, which forms the foundation of Affiliate Marketing, This also applies to any kind of online business.

How To Attract Quality Visitors

Sorry, but there is no magic bullet to get customers. But I can share the next best thing.

There is a formula that has been perfected over time. And if applied correctly, will not only give you consistent profitable results, but once proven, can be scaled up to magnify your earnings.

The closest analogy is baking a cake. When you use the right ingredients and follow the instructions exactly, you get a delicious cake. If you don’t follow the instructions, the cake will be a bust.

As a graduate you know that until you acquired the knowledge and skills of your major, you were not ready to start your career. It took time to go from a freshman to a senior. Followed by graduation. And finally a career position in a company you applied for a job.

The same applies to Affiliate Marketing. Since this has the potential of earning you some serious money, it needs to be taken seriously. To be good at it, you need to get trained.

In order to attract quality visitors, you must create a quality website, with quality content, using the knowledge and skills you will learn through university like training.

The bad news is you have to devote time and hard work to achieve success. No surprise here.

The good news is that it will not take you as much time, or cost you anywhere as much, to achieve success. The main difference is, in Affiliate Marketing, you control what you earn.

Instead of working in a job, you are creating an asset, your money making website. I want to show you how you can get the training to do this given by experts in this field. They have been training entrepreneurs since 2005 and have helped thousands create thriving businesses online.

You will be taught the secrets of how search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, rank websites. And how, knowing those secrets, you can construct your website with the algorithms that will get it ranked high. This leads to more traffic. And more traffic leads to click through’s to your affiliated company. At that point a purchase is most likely. The company credits your account. Then you get paid!

There are a series of well orchestrated steps that occur as a direct result of your training and implementing what you are taught.

You do have a choice. Go it alone and hope for the best. Or apply to be trained online by my highly recommended training platform, Wealthy Affiliate. You can find out more details by clicking the banner  below. I lift up the curtains so you can see all the details on how Wealthy Affiliate works.

How does it feel to be closer to paying off your student debt?

I wish you all the best in paying down your student loan.




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8 thoughts on “How To Pay Off A Student Loan Faster”

  1. Hi Edwin,

    I have been in this situation before when l borrowed $20,000 study loan at a local bank to do my Master Degree. It took me almost 10 years to pay off the debts and luckily l landed a job in a bank just before my graduation. 

    However, it was reported in my country that billions of student loan has not been payoff due to high unemployment rate and low pay. This cause a lot concern for the government as they are not able to grant any loan to new university students and forced to taken stringent action against those defaulters.

    The proliferation of the internet has simplified the process of starting up an online business with little costs. Thus, give a new hope to those students whose carrying substantial study loan to add another source of income through Affiliate Marketing or Online Business. This will accelerate their repayment process towards their debt.

    Thank you very much for this great article and l will share it to my friends.


    1. Edwin Bernard

      Zayn, it appears like my article is on the right track. You were fortunate to be able to pay back your loans. I hope that any student who comes across my post will take it seriously as Affiliate Marketing can truly help them.

      Thanks for passing on my message to other students struggling with student loan debt. 



  2. My daughter will be graduating from college with a Masters in Psychology in December. She is already working two jobs and has been making payments toward her loans since sophomore year of her Bachelor’s degree.

    I don’t want her to have to go through what I have when it comes to student loans. Paying off my debt is one of the reasons I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate. Being a working mother, I had no choice if I wanted to continue my education. The saddest part is, I never could make enough to make a real dent in those loans, especially with the compounding interest.

    I have not spoken to her about WA yet, but after seeing this post, I think I will.

    Thank you for this information.

    Gwendolyn J

  3. My daughter will be graduating from college with a Masters in Psychology in December. She is already working two jobs and has been making payments toward her loans since sophomore year of her Bachelor’s degree.

    I don’t want her to have to go through what I have when it comes to student loans. Paying off my debt is one of the reasons I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate. Being a working mother, I had no choice if I wanted to continue my education. The saddest part is, I never could make enough to make a real dent in those loans, especially with the compounding interest.

    I have not spoken to her about WA yet, but after seeing this post, I think I will.

    Thank you for this information.

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Edwin Bernard

      It’s serendipitous that you are doing WA specifically to help your daughter with her student loan. So I was on the right track. I hope she takes it favorably and does it. You both can work as a team! 

      Thanks for your comments.



  4. Hi Edwin,

    First of all, I think this article is very thorough even if I wasn’t the target audience.

    For your article “How To Pay Off A Student Loan Faster”, I would like to suggest to put the conclusion(promoting WA) in the first few paragraphs then putting in the last since people tend to be impatient these days. For me, I was lucky to have my parents to pay for all my school fees when I was studying, so I don’t think people like me will continue to read to the end to know Affiliate Program.



    1. Edwin Bernard

      Matt, thanks for your great suggestion. I will think about it before I take action. Since I was directing this blog to students with a debt problem, and I stated at the beginning that I will be presenting a solution, I feel they would continue reading. I felt that the build up, emphasizing the pain was crucial. If I told them the solution at the start I am not sure how that would work. 

      So you have any suggestions how I could mention WA at the start and still build the suspense?



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