3 Steps On How To Sell Avon From Home

3 Steps On How To Sell Avon From Home

Avon is the second largest direct selling company in the world after Amway. One of the characteristics that impresses me the most about Avon is out of all MLM companies they focus most on selling their premium products more than recruiting other sales representatives. A paradigm shift is taking place in the aura of COVID-19 where it becomes more and more important to sell Avon products remotely rather than in person face to face. It has become critical to learn everything necessary on how to sell Avon from home.

I’m going to cover the following details in this article:

  • The Company
  • The Products
  • How Are The Products Sold
  • How the Representatives Earn Money
  • 3 Steps To Selling Exclusively Online
  • Pros & Cons
  • Is This Right For You?

Avon has been around for so long but do we really know what kind of company Avon really is? Let’s look at the details:

Avon The Company

  • Founded by David H. McConnell in 1896
  • Initially sold books door to door, later changed to perfumes, beauty and toiletries
  • Brazil became the largest market for Avon products in 2010
  • In March 2020, Avon was bought out by the Brazilian company Natura & Co. who also owns the Body Shop chain
  • This new entity is the 4th largest company in the world in the beauty industry
  • Sales in 2019 were $4.7 Billion worldwide
  • Avon products are sold in over 100 countries including China
  • Business Model is Direct Selling through Network Marketing

The Products

Avon provides premium quality products primary in

  • Makeup
  • Skin Care
  • Fragrance
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Fashion
  • Home Products

How Are The Products Sold

Avon products are sold through an army of 6.4 million full and part-time independent representatives all over the world. The structure used in Multi Level Marketing that also is the basis for the company’s compensation plan.

Over the years when I lived in England, Canada and now in the US, Avon to me exemplified the direct selling model. I have seen their representatives selling the products to the female members in my family as well as my female friends. The only representatives I have seen were women.

Until I read about it I truly didn’t know that Avon was an MLM company. I had never seen an Avon representative try to recruit the women I knew into being independent representatives themselves.

Unlike other MLM companies where the products are purchased mainly from the companies own independent representatives, Avon appeared to generate most of its sales by word and mouth personal touch selling.

This sent the message that the products were of high quality and sold at reasonable prices to elicit repeat customers, I know, because the women in my life kept ordering them over and over again from their local rep.

Avon has recently, April 2020, introduced an all new interactive Digital Catalog to help its reps as well as their customers check out products online before making a purchase. Here they will find helpful tools and tips to help find products that work best for them. The following brief video will help explain how this works:

This Avon Digital Catalog will work very well to boost your business using the online marketing system presented below.

How Do You Earn Money In Avon?

  • Pretty high commissions from their direct sales to family and friends and their networks
  • An override from the representatives they recruit and train to help generate more sales
  • Every Independent has an Avon storefront called eStore, that they can use to sell Avon online

The compensation plan is very lucrative. You not only earn commissions from sales, but also significant bonuses when you make the assigned sales targets.

Anyone can sign up as an Avon Independent Representative for free under another rep who is building out her sales team.

When you make sales personally, you collect the catalog amount from your customers, keep your commission and send the balance to Avon. Avon will either ship the products directly to your customer or ship them to you so that you can deliver them yourself.

When a customer visits your eStore and makes a purchase there, they will pay Avon directly and Avon will send you your commission, either through direct deposit to your bank account, or via a prepaid Visa card.

There is sales tax required in these transactions. I left them our for simplicity. If you join Avon they will train you on all aspects of sales, including how to collect sales tax and keep accurate records.

Let’s review the various levels of an Avon Representative.


As a beginner you will be designated by the title Contender.

For every $40 in sales a Contender makes, they will earn 25% in commissions. Any customer who places a minimum $40 order on the Contenders eStore, gets free shipping.

Premier Avon Representative

When a Contender achieves sales of $5,000 a year, they are promoted to a Premier Avon Representative, In this position their commissions increase to 30%, no matter what amount the order is.

President’s Club

When an Avon Representative achieves $10,000 in sales a year, they are elevated to the Presidents Club. At this level, the commissions are 40%, no matter what the sales amount is.

Higher Levels

There are a range of higher levels based in increased annual sales, Each of these levels provides higher percentage in commissions up to a maximum of 50%.

Avon’s Suggestion For Increased Sales

Avon provides a reason why representatives do not achieve their earnings goals using the quote below:How To Sell Avon From Home

This sounds eerily familiar from a message Napoeon Hills tells us from the Book, Think and Grow Rich. I am doing a book study on this that you may find helpful. Check it out below:

Think and Grow Rich – Could Be Worth A Million Dollars To You!

Building Teams

When you add other sales representatives to your team, you can earn a small percentage of override commissions on their sales. These commissions are called Leadership Commissions.

You can view and download a PDF chart below that will provide you with the details on how commissions on team sales are paid.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell enough Avon products by yourself to earn a significant income? This is hard to do using the traditional methods without building a team to work with.

However, with the Internet at your fingertips, you can build a large Avon business online. Let me show you how.

3 Steps To Selling Avon Online

Avon provides each Independent Representative a great eStore where you can direct customers to so that they can make purchases directly with Avon. You don’t have to get involved with the transaction. Avon will ship the products directly to the customer and you will get paid.

What are you doing to find customers and direct them to your Avon eStore website? I’d like to know. Please comment below this article.

The main purpose of this article is to share with you a tried and true method that is working very successfully for so many entrepreneurs in MLM as well as in other fields.

The strategy is related to Affiliate Marketing. Let me summarize what affiliate marketing is just in case you are not sure, before I go into the 3 Steps process.

Affiliate Marketing – A Primer

The premise behind affiliate marketing is to sell products you do not own through your personal website. This is accomplished by signing an agreement with a company who is willing to pay you a commission for each sale that occurs on their website that you send customers to.

The best way for this to work is to write a lot of content to show a visitor how a product or service you are promoting will meet a need they have. It helps tremendously if you have a passion for the products you are promoting and know a lot about them. Affiliate Marketers usually select a narrow niche that they are experts on in order to write a lot of content about the products.

I wrote this article that goes into a lot of detail on Affiliate Marketing:

How To Create Good Content For A Website

Being an Avon Rep promoting Avon products, you already have a niche that you are passionate about. You also have a company, Avon. who provides you with an eStore website you can send customers to make purchases and they will provide you with a commission.

What are these 3 steps?

  1. Build your own website
  2. Write content
  3. Promote your website to generate sales

Let;s look at each of these steps in detail.

Step 1 – Build Your Own Website

How To Sell Avon OnlineAlthough you have an eStore website, you have to compete with over 6 million other Avon representatives worldwide. Why would customers buy through you?

When you contact customers personally in your social network, you do not need your own website. Through talking with them and providing brochures and samples you can persuade them to go to your eStore and purchase what they want. Or you could take their orders, place them with Avon and personally deliver to them what they ordered. There is a lot of value in providing personal service.

If you do not want to contact all your family and friends, the best option is to use the Internet to drive potential customers to your website where you do magic with words. I’ll go more into this in the nest step.

You will have to derive a title for your website which can also be used to construct your domain name. When you complete this process you will have to find out if that domain name is available for purchase.

As an example the title of my website you are on is Affiliate Marketing For Leaders. The domain name I had to purchase is affiliatemarketingforleaders.com

In my case I placed all the words in my title together and looked if that was available with a dot com extension. It was, so I purchased it. More like rented it as I pay a fixed fee annually to retain ownership of this domain name,

You can buy a domain name from many sources like Go Daddy, Host Gator, Dream Host and Bluehost among others. They all have a system where you can enter the domain you would like they will tell you if it is available or not. If it is, you will be told what is will cost you either monthly or annually to own that domain.

If you like it pay the fee and you will have your own domain name.

Owning a domain name is not the same as having a website with that domain name. To do that you will need a company to host your website and a process to create your website. All these companies I mentioned will also host your website for another fee. You can contact them to find out what the fees are.

Often, the fee amount will depend on the level of hosting you require. For example, if you want website security, there is an added cost for that. If you would like a fast server, there may be more expenses involved.

But first you will need a platform to create your website. Some examples are WiX, Network Solutions, Squarespace, Site123 and WordPress.

In my case I needed a lot of training, help and support to build and operate a website for a business. I found a company called Wealthy Affiliate that provides everything I needed so I joined them.

I bought my domain name through Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 a year. They also host it. The reason I chose them is for the following:

  • WordPress Platform used by over 30% of websites in the world
  • Choice of 3000 website designs
  • Site Domains – The Worlds Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • Amplifies website speed
  • Increased Spam Protection
  • Free Website Analysis
  • Free SSL Certificates (Website Encryption)
  • 24/7 Monitoring for any critical issues
  • Virus and Malware Protection
  • 24/7 all year site support
  • Hosted with powerful servers

Step 2 – Write Content

If there is one critical fact in the world of online business is that CONTENT SELLS!

When you have an immediate need for a solution to a problem you have and enter a question into Google, what is it you will be looking for? Articles that will show you how to solve your problem using words, pictures and even videos.

When Google shows you a list of articles to your query, what do you look for first. The Title, right? What next? The few sentences that come after the title.

When you feel confident that these words will lead you to your solution you click that specific article. When you land on that page you have high expectations. After you start to read the article if you feet a sense of disappointment that the article hasn’t provided you with the solution you were looking for, I am certain you will move onto another one. Right?

As a representative of Avon you have the option of providing products and solutions to people who are looking in the following areas, where you can devote one article per category. Or even sub-category.

For example, you could write a whole article on the issue of wrinkles and aging and how specific Avon products can turn back time. I think you get the drift.

You are going to use your content to not only showcase the incredible variety of products Avon offers, but also how each one of them provided a specific solution to those who are looking.


Your approach should be to demonstrate how each item in the makeup collection could be used to enhance the beauty of your visitors. The Mark lipstick collection and the True foundation products do an amazing job to make a lady look her best.

Describe in detail what goes into the ingredients that form the foundation of quality. Go into the specifics using any trials’ demos and reports that are available through Avon.

If you have testimonials use these too. Your goal is to show your visitor that these are the makeup products that are what they are exactly looking for.

Lead them to your eStore via a link where they can make a purchase.


In our world today, a lot of attention is given to skincare. People, both men and women, want to maintain a healthy look of their skin. This is what is most visible to everyone else and they want to look as vibrant and healthy as possible.

Avon’s ANEW line uses cutting edge technology to offer products that can achieve amazing results. The ANEW line addresses the needs of all age groups using the Clinical, Perfect Skin and Reversalist products.

Show your visitors how the Avon line of skin care will help them achieve their skin care goals. Use research to show how the wrinkle creams and anti aging lotions do their magic.

Provide as much detail as to what goes into the research that Avon used to develop these amazing products and why your customers should use them.

If you have a demo video use it within your article. Once again, pepper your article with testimonials.


Avon has a very long history of fragrance. This was one of the first product area where Avon started their direct selling business.

Your article on the Fragrance products should be prefaced with a brief history of how Avon got into the Fragrance business in the first place over 100 years ago. By all means show a timeline of how the products of today evolved from these early beginnings.

Did you know that Avon currently has 6 distinct fragrances for evoking a range of sensory emotions? What do you know about the following fragrances:

  1. Avon Eve
  2. Far Away
  3. Musk Marine
  4. Black Suede
  5. Full Speed Max Turbo
  6. Segno

I am sure there is a story behind each of these fragrances. Find out what they are and tell the story. Use the tried and true adage, Facts Tell but Stories Sell! In fact, you should use a story telling style in all your content.

Use examples of how changing tastes in perfumes have influenced the direction that Avon took. Show how responsive Avon has been to satisfy the needs of their valued customers.

Body Care

This is a good time to learn all you can about the benefits of the Avon Body Care line. How much do you know about the Avon Naturals moisturizers, cleansers, lotions and body sprays? What is the best way to use these products to provide the most optimum results?

Your customer is looking for information to help them make an informed decision to buy these products. You have an excellent opportunity to do that in your blog post.

Are you getting the right idea on how to fill out your content? You are going to use words in a skillful manner to answer questions that normally would be accomplished face to face.

I am sure you will have links to more details on the Avon website. Or you could ask your visitor to provide you with their Email address and you could send them more information online specific to their needs.

In this way you can build up your Email list that you can use to communicate with your customers over time. I will address this in more detail later.

Hair Care

This is what Avon has to say about hair care, “Advanced Techniques Hair Care Products Bring The Salon Experience Into Your Home At Affordable Prices!” This sentence says a great deal. Avon’s hair care products go way beyond shampooing your hair. They nourish, revitalize, repair, color correct, control dandruff and provide many more benefits.

Learn everything about the Avon hair care products and write a blog post on your website to tell your customers why they should buy these products.

Most people think of hair care products as a commodity. Often they look for the cheapest prices. Here is your opportunity to emphasize the importance of quality hair care products and how they can make your customer look their best.

Show how the Avon hair care works in tandem with the Avon skin care and makeup products to help your customer look stunningly beautiful.

When you write a blog post about one of the Avon products lines, always link your article to another article to show how they all work incredibly well together.


Avon’s Fashion line includes apparel, jewelry, watches and footwear that compliments ones look for unique occasions.

When you write about this category, show how the fashion line brings everything together to help your customer makes a statement about how they look to the world,

This is where they can use their imagination to the max. Show them how they can do this using specific items in the Avon Fashion products catalog.

Your opportunities to write engaging articles using the Avon products is endless.

Home Accessories

Let us hope that this COIVID-19 Pandemic will phase out gracefully in time with the help of cures and vaccines. That will be the moment to have guests over to celebrate.

What a great way to highlight to your customers how they can use the Avon Home Products to make those occasions truly memorable.

In order to provide the best service to your customers I suggest you go through the Avon catalog in great detail and make notes. If you do this online, take screenshots you can use to illustrate your article. Much like what I am doing here, but in more detail.

Isn’t it exciting to see all the possibilities you have to provide value to your customers?

Step 3 – Promote Your Website To Generate Sales

How do you find customers online to sell Avon to?

That is the million dollar question. Although Avon provides its reps with an eStore it falls way short in having a program that its reps can use to generate online traffic to their eStore.

The affiliate marketing model I mentioned above will fill that gap amazingly well. There are the steps necessary to make your website attract traffic and customers:

  1. Build your website and focus only on one
  2. Write content, at least 1000 words for each article. The more the better. I’ll explain why later.
  3. Create at least 2 articles a week
  4. Select a title for your article so that it will rank high in the search engines like Google
  5. Use Searcn Engine Optimization Techniques to drive traffic to your content
  6. Use URL links creatively to send customers to your eStore
  7. Promote your content in Social Media such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
  8. Use your content to collect Email addresses that you can use to communicate with your customers and prospects
  9. Use pictures and graphics to support the points in your article rather than for making it look good
  10. Use Internet tools to track your website statistics

These may seem like a lot of things to do, It is. Once you learn how to do them you will discover it is not rocket science. Either you can try to figure this all our by yourself using YouTube to and Google to get the information you need. Or you can join an online community where you can learn how to do all of this through targeted training.

Business Or A Hobby

Do you want to treat this as a real business or a hobby. If all you want to do is try it and see what happens just for fun, then you will fail.

You need a plan of action.

It must include getting trained right; an easy way to build and set up your website; and to learn all the skills you will need to harness the Internet to drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

My Suggestion

May I suggest you check out the company I have learned and continue to learn about Online Marketing? It won’t cost you a penny to try it.

Wealthy Affiliate has a join for free option. No credit cards necessary.

And you can remain a free starter member as long as you wish. Since it is free, there are limitations on all the training and tools you can access.

What you get as a free member here can cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere. There are 20 lessons available that will teach you how to get your online business started. It includes getting your website built and have it hosted for free.

When you feel that the Wealthy Affiliate platform will help you build a successful Avon business online, you can upgrade to the Premium membership that will give you access to everything you need to for a really low monthly subscription.

This will include 100 more lessons that will teach you everything to create a successful online business.

Each lesson has a video backed up with the lesson in text. And homework too! That is how you learn.

The following matrix shows you what you get with the free starter membership compared with the paid Premium membership.

Once you get trained if you feel that Avon is not for you, there are thousands of companies you can become an affiliate of for free and sell their products through your website and earn commissions.

This training will last you a lifetime.

However, with Avon you have a great company and products that will form a great baseline to start your online business journey.

Avon Pros & Cons

All businesses have pros and cons. This is not a negative thing. You can utilize this knowledge to help your customers even more. If they bring up negative aspects about Avon it is best to be prepared to provide a sensible answer.

Never get defensive when a negative comment is provided. Treat it like an objection. Use the feel, felt, found response such as, “I know how you feel. That is how I felt. But then this is what I found.”

If you do not know the answer, never guess. Get back to them and tell them you will within a specific time.

Always express empathy with your customers first. In that way they will feel respected. Then proceed to tell them what you found that changed your mind. Let them make their own conclusion after you provide them with all the relevant facts.


  1. Excellent range of products
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Been in business for a long time
  4. Trusted Brand
  5. International Market
  6. eStore enables online sales


  1. Was a struggling company until purchased by Natura of Brazil
  2. Took a long time to update its product line
  3. Still rely’s on door to door selling to family and friends
  4. Is not set up to generate customers online
  5. Home products although interesting is not intimately connected with the other

Avon’s MLM Program

You may be wondering how would you do the Avon MLM program online. My recommendation is to build a huge online sales business first.

Then if you wish to pursue the MLM program, you can use the Email marketing approach to offer your customers the opportunity to become an Avon Representative in your team.

Since you will have a successful Avon business online you will be able to speak with authority and show them how to do what you do.

And when they join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member guess what? You earn commissions on their membership fees to the tune of $23.50 each month per team member.

How cool is that?

Can you see how this can work for you in the long term? You will be able to earn a significant income from the Avon sales you make as well as earn overrides from the sales of your team members!

Conclusions & My Recommendations


Have I shown you a way to build your Avon business online? Have I shown you a way to build your team online from your happy customers?

I’d like to know if you feel that way. If not, I would appreciate any questions you have in the comments section below.


I recommend you join Weathy Affiliate for free first. I will be your one on one coach for your first week to show you around and answer any question you have.

If you decide you wish to upgrade to Premium before your first week is up, I will offer you a very special bonus.

You can join for free by clicking the banner below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article on How To Sell Avon From Home.

I wish you all the best in your Avon business.


P.S. Just know that I will earn a commission if you decide to upgrade to Premium after you sign up for free.

14 thoughts on “3 Steps On How To Sell Avon From Home”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and learning step-by-step how to become successful with online marketing and an MLM program, In fact, I recently joined wealthy affiliate and I am still creating content and trying to get daily traffic to my site. I was thinking along the same lines as you mentioned in your post in that, once I have an audience on the web, I should chose a company like Avon, that I highly believe in and promote their products on my same site. Is that what you suggest? Or should they be separate sites?

    Thank you for the great post.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Cynthia,

      Your website should be focused on one niche.  If your niche is in several companies like Avon, Mary Kay etc. you could either devote one website to each company OR create one website to promote all the companies you are a rep of in that same niche. 

      If I was doing the Beauty and Skin Care niche my approach would be to devote one website per company so as to not confuse my customers. Also if your plan is to build a marketing team, devote one website per company. 

      Glad that you recently joined Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you all the best in your online business journey.



  2. Great article Edwin, 

    In the times of the pandemic, business owners and MLM reps need to get online. It is the best way  to reach your customers.  Sure social media works, but can be annoying when you are the recipient of these cold messaging MLMers.  

    I like how you present the option to those aspirational Avon leaders or leaders to be who want to take their business to the next level and get access to the 4+ billion customer base online.

    You didn’t mention social media much Edwin. What are the pros and cons of those who only build their Avon business online using social media versus those who build their Avon business online using a website also?

    Thank you for your thorough review and I look forward to your expertise.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You asked a great question about Social Media. 

      I didn’t bring that up specifically for two reasons. Firstly, I am sure their respective MLM company’s have training on how to use Social Media. Secondly, if they joined Wealthy Affiliate, they will learn about how to use Social Media here. 

      In my opinion, ones primary approach should be directed in building up your personal brand. Customers buy from you first. There is so much competition that you need to stand out from the crowd. The best way to build your brand is through your website first. And then get active on Social Media to promote your brand rather than the products you are marketing. 

      In this way prospects will connect your brand with the products. And this is a good thing. But it does take time. Only those who are persistent will succeed.

      I hope this helps.



  3. WOW  Thank You for the in depth bio about Avon. 

    I’m very familiar with the product line and it is the best of the best. Longevity has been its true friend but without pleasing and effective products a Brand never becomes a brand. 

    I wasn’t aware of the commissions or the back office workings and it sounds like they take good care of their front people/representatives so to speak. They certainly are what has kept Avon at the top for all of these years. 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your appreciative comments. There aren’t many companies like Avon who are MLM based and manage to focus firstly on marketing their products and then building a team to increase sales and ones commissions from overrides. 

      Another company like this that comes to mind is Mary Kay. 

      I feel that these kind of MLM companies are the epitome of Direct Selling compared to other MLM companies where most of the products are purchased by their own reps. Their non-rep customers tend to contribute much less towards their product sales, And that usually occurs when their products are not competitively priced. So it makes it hard to sell to others who are not interested in becoming a rep themselves. 

      All the best to you.


  4. Hello Edwin,

    This is indeed an insightful article on how to sell Avon from home…. Beauty products are one of the top notches in the market today. Anyways I really do find Avon MLM interesting but  like you earlier said I think building a huge online sales business first would really be more advantageous, and Wealthy affiliate is really a trusted and reliable platform for building a website for online sales. 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Thanks for your concurrence. I wonder how many MLMers actually do that. 

      All the best to you.


  5. Hello there, 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information on Avon here with us. I must say i really did enjoy going through your article as it contains detailed information one needs to be aware of before engaging in this business.

    I feel that from this well explained review it would be easier to sell the Avon products. 

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Hello there,  

    Thank you for this very detailed an informative post on Avon,  i got to know about this company when I was discussing with my friend on ways I could make money on the internet and I decided to make some research on it, 

    Your post has really answered so many questions I had in mind regarding Avon an it really seem as a good opportunity. 

    However I would check out your number one recommendation.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Jomata,

      Glad you found my article on Avon of interest. Of course, my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, provides the foundation to build any online business, whether be MLM related products or anything else.

      Thanks for your comments. 


  7. I’m a Avon rep but things are not going so good. I have posted on a lot of platforms twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, tumbler etc. No matter how much color pop, details or insight I give no one buys from me at all. I stay up day and night trying to figure out why everyone pass over me. There are hundreds of Avon reps in TN that make “large amounts”. Avon sends me a list every new campaign showing people in TN and how much they have sold. It’s hard to look at that list when I live in TN and haven’t made a dime. I really need the money but from what I can see only the top dogs are making money. I’m stressing myself out trying sell Avon. I’ve asked people they have laughed at me and in so many words said hell no to Avon. So I have a question for anyone reading this; Would you purchasing Avon from me???????
    And no, my family and friends are not supportive already tried. All they keep asking is how’s it going.

    1. Hi Lanika,

      I fully understand the problems you face. Do you know that only 1% of people in MLM earn the huge amounts of money people talk about? And only 5% earh anything decent? The majority of members earn very little and many quit. However, what if there as a way for you to reach customers all over the country and even all over the world?

      Here is a link to a post I wrote specifically for AVON reps about how to sell AVON online: https://affiliatemarketingforleaders.com/how-to-sell-avon-from-home/ Have you read this yet and that is the reason you have contacted me?

      I also wrote a general article about what MLM companies do mot want you to know: https://affiliatemarketingforleaders.com/how-to-sell-avon-from-home/

      May I suggest reading both these articles and tell me what you think?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.



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