Is Discovery Toys A Scam

Is Discovery Toys A Scam? Or A Great Opportunity!

It was refreshing to find an MLM company that promotes toys. This review of Discovery Toys will show how as a team member you can make money in more ways than you may have thought. There is the Discovery Toys way. Then you have the Wealthy Affiliate way. Is Discovery Toys a scam or a great opportunity? As you will find out, this is not a scam.

Can it also be a great money-making opportunity? Read this review of Discovery Toys to find out.

Company Details

  • Founded: 1978, 43 years ago
  • Founder: Lane Nemeth
  • Current CEO: Jerry Salerno
  • HeadqueartersL Livermore, CA
  • Business Model: Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Discovery Toys is a legitimate corporation and operates profitably. It achieves its sales through an army of distributors following the Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business model.

Most MLM companies market any and everything else but toys. Hence, Discovery Toys is in a unique position to offer MLM entrepreneurs something of a contrast.

Very few are able to make a living wage using the classic MLM system. As I found out, DIscovery Toys is no exception. However, I will show you how to use the Internet to do better.

Discovery Toys Unique Selling Proposition

Most of its toys have a dual purpose. The first naturally is to provide something physical to entertain the child. The second purpose is to educate the child as well as to help the child develop useful skills. The toys make the child think. From that point of view, they provide the parents with additional value.

In our age of electronic and digital toys, Discovery Toys is unique. They offer toys that harken back to a time where no batteries were necessary and the child had no screen to keep them occupied. Instead, tactile, visual, and educational stimulation is used to engage the attention of the child.

I shall show a few of the toys below to illustrate what I mean.

A Sample Of Discovery Toys

The toys shown above engages the child in the activities I mentioned above. Visual, tactile, and educational.

Is Discovery Toys A Scam?

Here is a video that shows a toy called Twisty Clicks that is suitable for babies:

The following toy is from a popular category called Marble Works. Children from three and up will find this fascinating. This toy is fun to play with and also is designed to educate. The video below will give you an idea of how it works.

The following toys were designed to provide fun to older children.

Exact Change

Exact change teaches a child to count money. In this way, the value of money can be instilled into the child’s mind.

Word Q

This toy teaches children to understand how words are spelled and used to communicate.

Tumble Maze

Tumble Maze helps a child understand how gravity can be used to solve problems.

How Are The Toys Sold And How You Get Paid

There are two official Discovery Toys ways and one unofficial way using the Internet Marketing training of Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s look at The Discovery Toys ways first.

Buy Wholesale And Sell Retail

This approach is best used when you sell to people you know. For example, families with young children. You need to become a Discovery Toys Team member to purchase at wholesale prices.

Another method promoted by Discovery Toys will sound familiar. It is used by many other MLM companies like Pampered Chef and Tupperware. Sales parties are organized with invited guests who attend with the intention of checking out the toys and buying them.

You need to become a Team Member before you can represent Discovery Toys and make money selling the toys.

Team Member

First, you need to apply to become a Team Member. You may do this directly through the Discovery Toys website. Or, you could find a Discovery Toys Team member and sign up under them.

There are distinct advantages to become a Team Member this way. You will have an experienced person to help train you. And you can work as a team in the selling process.

All Team Members are provided their own personal Discovery Toys website. Here they can display their photo, phone number, and contact information.

The cost to become a Team Member is $79. For this, you can pick out $140 in toys and/or business tools to help you jump-start your business. Higher-priced entry options are also available that provide the Team Member with a greater variety of toys to showcase. I suggest bypassing this option to keep your cost of entry low.

The following graphic is representative of a Discovery Toys Team Members website. You can see the menus enable you to provide more information about Discovery Toys, sell the toys online, as well as recruit new people to join your sales team. I found this online and do not know the individual who owns this website.

When you generate sales through personal contact, or through your website, you can earn a commission between 25% and 34%. The exact amount is dependent on your standing in the company.

Build A Team

The MLM business model implies you build a team. When your team members make sales, you can earn a commission of 7% of their sales.

When they recruit team members of their own, and they generate sales, you will earn a decreasing percentage in commission based on how deep they are in your downline.

The MLM Compensation Plan

Is Discovery Toys A Scam?

This is how Multilevel Marketing (MLM) works. Each company has its own payout formula. It can be complicated. I suggest you don’t get bogged down in this rabbit hole until you have achieved success in selling toys personally, through your website, and by holding Discovery Toys sales parties.

I would even wait until you build a team and help them to build a team before digging into the details on the compensation plan. You may wonder why I give this advice. Your time is valuable. Use it to generate sales first. Then spend some time to firstly, get a copy of the compensation plan, study it, and discuss it with your sponsor or a senior member of the company.

It’s All About Leveraging The Efforts Of Others

You cannot achieve sufficient sales all by yourself to earn a decent income. MLM companies tell you that you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. In other words, you can leverage the efforts of others to create a decent income.,

The company will show you a number of individuals who have succeeded in creating substantial income. You will be told if you follow the company business plan and work hard, you too in time can enjoy that level of success.

But there is something your upline doesn’t want you to know. I wrote an article about this that you can access by clicking this link, what your upline doesn’t want you to know!

Cons & Pros

You read that right. I want to address the Cons first to get that out of the way. Unlike most other MLM Programs, this one has the opportunity of some great PROS. The main reasons are great toys that are reasonably priced.

The Biggest Pitfalls Of Being A Team Member Cons

Let me briefly summarize what I share in the above article

  • Less than 5% of active sales people make decent money. The vast majoroty earn nothing
  • Team members must be recruited and trained, by you or by other trainers
  • You must help your team to do the same
  • These are hurdles that in time, cause a high attrition rate. You will loose team members.
  • There are hidden and not so hidden costs such as buying inventory for the parties

So what are the Pros of becoming a Discovery Toys Team Member?

Advantages Of Joining DIscovery Toys As A Team Member – Pros

After what I said above you may be wondering why am I telling you about advantages? Here’s why!

  • Selling Toys Can Be Fun especially the high quality and unique toys made by Discovery Toys
  • The Company is stable – has been in business for over 40 years
  • You have a website that can be leveraged using the Internet – Yes but they don’t show you HOW!

The Wealthy Affiliate Way To Make Sales?

Is Discovery Toys A Scam?

If you wish to become a Discovery Toys Team Member and want to use the Internet to sell toys, what do you do? Let me summarize it in this way. I am not a Team Member but that doesn’t matter. I will be showing you a more powerful way to sell their toys without having to hold parties or recruit other team members. I call this The Wealthy Affiliate Way!

First, sign up as a Discovery Toys Team Member by clicking their logo below. Then you will need to follow the guidelines in the following list.

  • Create A Personal and Independent Website To Market Discovery Toys
  • Write Articles That Target Specific Categories Such As
    • Age Groups
    • Specific Toys And How They Help A Child
    • Articles That Announce New Toys
  • Pepper Each Article With Pictures Related To Your Subject Matter
  • Use Links That Take Your VIsitor DIrectly To The Page Featuring That Specific Toy
  • Your Discovery Toys Website Can Be Used As A Landing Page Where Customers Can Make A Purchase
  • Use Social Media To Connect With And Educate Potential Customers

This is all well and good. But how do you do all of this?

You Have A Choice

  1. Either go it alone to learn for free online and not knowing if what you learn will work
  2. Or, find credible experts who will not only teach you what to do but also mentor you

If you decide to go the latter route, I can connect you with a company called Wealthy Affiliate that has been creating successful Internet Marketers since 2005.

You can actually check them out for FREE, no credit card required. Just a valid Email address. If you would like to do this, click on the graphic below. Once you sign up, I will be there to personally assist you.

A Cautionary Tale

May I give you a word of caution?

Since you do not have to do the traditional MLM stuff, that does not mean hard, and consistent work is not necessary. You will need to apply consistent effort, and be patient.

Every online entrepreneur who became successful started out knowing they are building an asset. This takes time. You first must build a strong foundation. Followed by adding rooms to the structure. Building any kind of business will not make you rich quickly. It takes time. The Internet is a powerful leveraging tool that you CAN use to become rich.

Take Action NOW!

The difference is, you can follow a model that does indeed work without creating the stress in building an MLM business the traditional way. This is about you harnessing technology once you have learned how to do this effectively. Does this make sense?

Since it is free to check out Wealthy Affiliate, why not click the graphic below and sign up? You will have access to training for starter members and will be taught how to build your first website for free.

If you so choose to sign up, I will be there to show you how to use the Wealthy Affiliate Platform to build a successful Discovery Toys online business.

I wish you much success in whatever entrepreneurial path you follow towards financial independence.


Edwin Bernard

8 thoughts on “Is Discovery Toys A Scam? Or A Great Opportunity!”

  1. You are right, it is refreshing to see a MLM company that deals in toys for a change instead of the normal vitamins and weight loss products. These toys look great, as they are hands on and actually teach children something without them having to resort to sitting in front of a screen.

    I am also a long standing member of Wealthy Affiliate, and what a good idea to use your knowledge to building websites to  advertise your MLM business. Although I must admit, I would never just resort to promoting only one of them.

    1. Hi Michel,

      Thanks for your insightful comment. You are right about not using all our newfound expertise to promote just one product. Let me share a little secret. 

      My target audience with MLM reviews is those who already are in their programs and people who may be considering that particular company. At this phase, they may be so enamored with the company I didn’t want to throw them a curve. Besides, my WA sign-up form targets MLM entrepreneurs. 

      After they become a member I will gently bring up that option. The choice will be theirs naturally. 

      Does that make sense?



  2. Daniel Tshiyole

    I wasn’t aware of this. This is an article I would share with all the moms. People in this and age love to scam. I was once a victim of a scam so for you to provide us with information on whether discovery is a scam or not is amazing. This just shows that we have to be extra careful in this day and age. 

    1. Hi Daniel, 

      Scams are bad. MLMs in my book are not far behind. However, when an MLM company offers quality products at fair prices, I feel their members deserves a vehicle to have more success with sales. And affiliate marketing techniques are the best alternative.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Discovery toys look like a fun way to earn money and the toys seem incredibly nice and educative and such, but as this is MLM marketing, I think I will stay far from it, thanks 😉 Because as you mentioned, only 5% make real money. Unless off course they use affiliate marketeers, only then I would think of joining them, depending on the percentage they give to their affiliate marketeers. Thank you for this expanded blog post!

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      I agree with you regarding MLM. My target demographics for posts like this are people who are in an MLM who are struggling. Here they have an alternate way to achieve sales.

      Eventually I’ll wean them to broaden their niche with products from other sources.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Hi Edwin. I’ve never been a fan of MLM companies. I have joined several in my life and found that all them were difficult to get of the ground. The price of the goods is usually high and you have to continually bother family and friends. However, there were two things I liked about your article on Discovery Toys. 1. You showed me something that was different and reasonably priced. 2). You showed me a better way to sell to the products. I have to admit to that I found your idea of using the website that Discovery Toys provide as a landing page, and then building a blog with Wealthy affiliate, a fantastic idea. Jim

    1. Hi Jim,

      You echo my sentiments exactly on MLM companies. There are a handful that offer reasonably priced products like Discovery Toys. The MLM model still sucks. I’m offering an alternate method to market these products if the distributors feel determined to stick with their companies. If they join WA I’ll work with them to add products into their niche from other companies too. 

      Thanks for commenting.


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