Is The Motley Fool Worth It?

Is The Motley Fool Worth It? – The Answer Is Golden!

If you have $1000, $10,000 and even $100,000 and more to invest, what are you currently doing with your money? Some may just leave their money in the bank to grow at a paltry interest rate that is at or almost zero. They do not want to loose any of their capital and this is the easiest way to accomplish that goal. But is that the right way to make your money work for you? There are many companies who would love you to use their investment guidance services. There is one company that I would like to recommend called The Motley Fool. You may be asking yourself, “Is The Motley Fool Worth It?”

The aim of this article is to answer this question and more. How much do you really know about The Motley Fool?

Who Are The Motley Fool?

If you knew nothing about The Motley Fool, what would its name convey to you? Would you even guess that this is a company that does research on investment opportunities and shares their information with subscribers through numerous targeted services? Probably not.

Let’s give meaning to the terms Motley and Fool.

The fool is another way to identity the Court Jester. They were called upon by the nobility to lighten up occasions such as major banquets and stage entertainment.

The garb of the Court Jester is a hodge podge, or a motley collection of patchwork patterns on their clothing.

The use of the term “fool” can be misleading. It signifies mirth and silliness. Worse yet, if you saw pictures of its founders and brothers David and Tom Gardner with their fools hats on you’d think they have gone of their rockers.

Shakespeare uses the character of the fool in many of his works. The purpose of the fool in Ye Olde English Times was to lighten up events, especially at banquets.

It was precisely the intention of David and Tom Gardner to add some levity to the serious business of investing ones hard-earned money. This has helped to cement their brand that stands out above the investment crowd. I feel that The Motley Fool does indeed deliver the goods Let me share the evidence and you can decide for yourself if you agree with me.

The Founders

Is The Motley Fool Worth It? David and Tom Gardner

David and Tom Gardiner founded The Motley Fool in 1993. The company is dedicated to helping individuals invest their money wisely through several subscription services with investment recommendations that I will go into below.

It is now over 25 years since The Motley Fool has been in business that has given the company sufficient time to demonstrate its success in the long term.

In its early days The Motley Fool promoted a fake company in jest to demonstrate the dangers of following investment advice blindly. David and Tom, through their contrarian methods have developed an almost fanatical following. 1994 was the time when AOL (America Online) was in everyone face with their highly successful promotion by sending out gazillions CD’s buy mail. It made it very easy to sigh up using modems on phone lines.

David and Tom teamed up with AOL to promote The Motley Fool with great success. But success does not come without results. Let’s review some of these.

Track Record

Is The Motley Fool Worth It?We cannot address the track record without noting the bust of 2000. The Motley Fool was not immune to the decimation of the new world Internet based companies. However, they learned from their mistakes and recovered to create solid results in the years following.

That was then they introduced their Stock Advisor newsletter subscription. Extensive research was devoted to the investment recommendations made in this newsletter. The results have been stellar.

Over two decades Stock Advisor has generated returns of 504% compared to the S&P 500 of 103%. (Ref. TradeHQ) Most notable examples have been the following companies:

  • Amazon – up 15,853%
  • Walt Disney – up 6,392%
  • Netflix – up 22,536%
  • Booking Holdings – up 6814%
  • Activision – up 3921%
  • Apple – up 1279%

Just imagine, a $1000 invested then would be worth about $500,000 today. When you compare this to the track record of 92% of fund managers who failed to beat the market, this is even more astonishing.

Wouldn’t you take the advice of The Motley Fool seriously and use it in your investment strategy? I’d like to know in the comments section below.

Investment Instruments

Is The MOtley Fool Worth It? Investment InstrumentsEach one of are unique individuals in how we approach investing. The Motley Fool caters to this diverse group of investors by offering a range of newsletters, investment guides focused on different investment vehicles.

The Motley Fool has taken that into consideration in evolving over the years to meet the needs of their wide range of investors.

Premium Investment Guides

  • Stock Advisor – $199/year
    • David and Tom Gardner’s top stock picks
    • 2 new stocks each month
    • 10 timely buys from over 300 stocks
    • Foundational stock recommendations
    • Educational system to help create better investors
  • Rule Breakers – $299/year
    • High growth stock picks by David Gardner
    • 2 new stock picks each month
    • 5 stocks out of 200 recommended buying right away
    • Starter stocks to build the foundation to a portfolio
    • Educational system to help create better investor
  • Rule Your Retirement – $149/year
    • Comprehensive retirement guidance
    • Model portfolios
    • Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
    • Social security tips, tricks and strategies
    • Advice on key retirement topics

High Ticket Time Sensitive Strategies

Is The Motley Fool Worth It?The Motley Fool conducts research into cutting edge investment sectors and provides investment recommendations that are time sensitive. Here is where members are given a huge edge with information usually not available to the general public.

Investors who join these elite groups can get in on the ground floor when the price of these stock offerings are more affordable. Hence, these members can reap higher profits when the stocks rise in value.

There is a saying it takes money to make money. That phrase is very pertinent here. Since exclusive information that cost a great deal to acquire is shared, the cost of entry is higher compared to the Premum Investment Guides above.

The higher membership fees could be easily recovered by owning a few of the recommended stocks that rise in value in the future.

Discovery Cloud Disruptors 2020 – $1999/year

The No. 1 technologies of the 2020’s

This is still open to new members. Unlike the list of the following group.

Closed To New Members

Many of these high ticket subscriptions have a maximum membership quota. When filled they are closed to new members. Just to give you an idea how many of these have filled up and are now closed, the following is a list of such subscriptions along with their subscription fee.

You may be wondering why am I writing about closed memberships, This is intended to show you the immense value these subscriptions are even at their high, but fully justified premium prices.

When you become a member of Motley Fool on one of their more affordable Premium Investment Guides, you will get notifications when new high ticket investment programs are introduced. Take advantage of these openings. Once they are filled up you may not get another chance to participate in these highly profitable investment instruments.

The following is a selection of these closed investment opportunities. For the complete list of all investment subscriptions of The Mothey Fool click

Premier Pass – $3999/year

This includes the following investment services:

  • Supernova,
  • Options,
  • Total Income,
  • Market Pass,
  • Stock Advisor,
  • Rule Breakers,
  • Rule Your Retirement,
  • Crypto Society,
  • Marijuana Masters,
  • Discovery: IPO Trailblazers

Market Pass – $1499/year

Includes Exclusive research on long-term trends and in-the-moment ideas, like artificial intelligence and biotech breakthroughs. Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers is also included.

Options – $999/year

Incudes training as well as recommendations

Supernova – $2999/year

Includes exclusive recommendations from the research of David Gardner

Discovery Global Partners – $1999/year

International Growth Opportunities

Total Income – $1999/year

Income producing investments

Everlasting Portfolio – $2999/year

  • Longer term investments from the personal portfolio of the legendary investor, Tom Gardner.
  • Buy and sell opportunities every three months

Extreme Opportunities: Marijuana Masters – $1999/year

Recommendations from the growing legal cannabis industry

One Access – $13,999/year

Full access to everything The Motley Fool has to offer

Full Access Link To All Offerings Of The Motley Fool

Clock the Fool Symbol below for the complete offerings of The Motley Fool

My Recommendation

My experience with The Motley Fool has been very positive. Tom and David Gardner have a stellar track record in their stock recommendations since 1993. In answer to the question, Is The Motley Fool Worth It? My answer is definitely YES! In fact, The Motley Fool is GOLDEN!

Click the banner below to find out more and subscribe to one or more of the investment services of The Motley Fool!

6 thoughts on “Is The Motley Fool Worth It? – The Answer Is Golden!”

  1. Before I read this I knew nothing about The Motley Fool. But with this great article, I know everything about it now. 

    I love the fact that they do thorough research on investment opportunities and they share  their information to their subscribers.  

    One thing I love is that as a member, I will get notifications with the new investment programs that are introduced. 

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article, it’s highly useful. 

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this article, it is very interesting and very amazing to read through and I’ve gained a lot from it, reading about Motley fool made me realize that the name of a product shouldn’t always be discouraging because nearly neglected this article. It’s a good read.

  3. I have read good comments in forums about The Motley Fool. And these comments encouraged me to research more about them and check them out. 

    I am glad you have had a wonderful experience with them for so long. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I am ready to join and to start receiving winning signals.

    1. Great ti hear from you Paolo. By all means take advantage of the investment recommendations given by The Motley Fool. The Stock Advisor subscription costs only $99 a year. You can subscribe by clicking this link:

      Motley Fool Stock Advisor: Join for just $99 a year!

      In wish you much success in your financial investments using the guidance of The Motley Fool.



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