Black Friday Marketing Deal

(This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link to the Merchant’s site and purchase something I may earn a commission.The price you pay will be the same if you went to the Merchant’s site directly.)

The Black Friday Marketing Deal is now over. However, I want to make you a new offer. If you want the very best online marketing training platform where you can get everything you need at one place this is it.

You can join as a free member and get two domains free. When you upgrade to a Premium member you can have up to 25 personal domains that you can purchase on this platform as well as have them hosted for no additional charge.

These websites come with amazing security features as well as analytics to tell you how they are doing health wise.

If you join as a free member you can upgrade to Premium within the week for $19 for your first full month. At renewal the monthly fee will be $49.

Of course you also have the option of going annually at $359. This is $60 more than the Black Friday special but still an amazing deal.

You can see what you get for your money in the table below:

Click This Link To Join For Free

Table of Contents

Black Friday Offer Ended On DECEMBER 5th! 

If you could create an online business for yourself that can do any of the following would you want to dive in?

  1. Add a few hundred dollars a month to supplement your income
  2. If you are living on a retirement income to help you perhaps double it?
  3. You can even replace the income from your day job and fire your boss
  4. How about earning enough to live the first class lifestyle?
  5. You may even consider building a small fortune to leave a legacy at the right time

You can do ALL of this if you have the right training, tools and resources. There is a place where you can get everything you need to accomplish whatever your goals are. There are also real people who can help you when you have any questions!

OK. What will you be willing to do if you knew you had the training, tools and platform to create your own online business that paid you a six to seven figure annual income? 

See what some Wealthy Affiliate Graduates have to say about their experience:

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve accomplished my 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Milestone and well on my way to Financial Freedom! – Jerry Huang


Within the last month I was able to add an additional $1500 in affiliate commissions to my monthly income. – Nathaniell


Whether you want to make an extra  $500/month or a huge  +$10,000/month, Wealthy Affiliate training and community gives you all the tools to make it happen. – Roope Kiuttu


Online marketing can really be an amazing opportunity if you stick with it. It’s opened many doors for me and I know it will for you too! – VitaliyG


I was finally making more money part time running my affiliate marketing business than I was full time in Corporate America. So I made the choice to leave. – Eddy Salomon


I’m a 32 y/o guy from Australia who went from running a small construction business, to earning 6 -figures per year with affiliate marketing. – Tim McKinlay

(By The Way, Tim was the member who found me wandering the Internet and introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate in December 2018. I cannot thank him enough as I am now among the Top 25 members in Wealthy Affiliate)


There is one thing to remember. Each individuals success is dependent on their own efforts. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Here you will learn proven techniques that when used correctly will create an amazing online business for you.


I’m not going to mess with you as this is too important. What many companies do is to provide you with so much information first that run like a huge scroll. And at the very end an offer will be presented to you. I am going to do things differently!

I’ll show you the offer first, it’s positioned in the banner at the top and after The Company section below. The details follow after, where I show you how this online business works. Anyone can do it. No prior experience necessary. Plus, there will be as much personal help you need so you can achieve your goals.

Other companies that offer everything you are going to see here normally charge thousands of dollars for their services. But not us, as you will find out below.

It’s All About You

Make no mistake, our focus is on YOU! Everything here is done to help you get the knowledge and skills you need to help you create a stunning online business.

That is why Wealthy Affiliate provides you with everything at the start so that YOU can have peace of mind.

THERE IS NO UP SELL down the line. This one low price gives you access to everything on the platform.

Your success is always on the mind of Wealthy Affiliate and to me too. That is why I will be there to mentor you. And you will have access to many other experts who are there to help you too.

Every Friday there are live webinars on specific topics where you can ask questions on what’s being taught. And if you miss signing on, every session is available in the archives.

How does this sound to you?

The Company

Let me tell you a little about our company and then I’ll present to you our Black Friday Offer.

We are called Wealthy Affiliate. Our company was founded 14 years ago by two visionaries in the online world called, Kyle and Carson. They have devoted all this time to creating an online platform that has helped thousands of individuals no different to you and me to create one or more online businesses that are now earning more than enough money to not have to worry about it.

At the moment our company has almost 2,000,000 members and growing daily. Success stories are posted every day. I mentioned this is a ONE STOP SHOP. I truly mean that everything you get at one low price empowers you to succeed.

Since you will need a website, you can get your domain name, create your website and have it hosted here. You will learn more about all of this when you join.

This Is An Amazing Deal!

Let me ask you this question again.

What will you be willing to do if you knew you had the training, tools and platform to create your own online business that paid you a six to seven figure annual income? 

I can’t guess what that might be. But I wouldn’t mind spending a few thousands of dollars if I knew the probability of success is very high.

Special Bonuses When You Join As A Premium Member

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member, I shall provide you with 8 bonus video tutorials focusing on WordPress, the website software that Wealthy Affiliate uses. By far WordPress is the most widely used website building software in the world.

  1. The Fundamentals of WordPress
  2. Creating a Beautiful Professional Looking Website
  3. Understanding Engagement
  4. Advanced WordPress Techniques/Strategies
  5. Building An Awesome Home Page
  6. Building A Convincing About Page
  7. Building Great Website Typography
  8. Building A Convincing Call To Action

Each of these are 60 minutes plus video tutorials are packed with easy to understand instructions related to the topic.

Wealthy Affiliate’s normal subscription is $49 a month. You always have this option. At any time you can upgrade to the regular annual subscription of $359. This is about 98 cents a day. An Incredible Deal!.

In the next section for those who do not know, I will summarize what affiliate marketing is about.

Business Summary

Thousands of companies are looking for affiliates to help them market their products online. They provide you with an affiliate link and tools to use on your website to drive visitors from your website to their online store. When these customers make a purchase, the company will know they came through you. They track this via your affiliate link.

Guess what happens? You earn a commission!

You do not have to collect payment. Ship the product. Warranty the product. And deal with returns. The company takes care of all of that. Depending on the product, commissions can range from a low of about 1% to a high exceeding 70% Affiliate Marketing as it is known is a HUGE industry world wide. People have become millionaires with this business model. It is not unusual to see people earning many thousands of dollars every week. And they are no different to you and me. Heck, even their websites are not always great. What they all do have in common is to provide exceptional value to their visitors in helping them make a buying decision.

Just in case you are wondering, the customer pays the same price for their purchase no matter if they go through your affiliate link or make a purchase directly from the company website.

This purchase cycle is shown clearly in the following diagram:

How The Business Building Process Works – In Brief

First, you select a niche. This is an area that you are passionate about. Of have a lot of knowledge. For example, here is a list of 10 categories you can build a thriving business out of. There are thousands more.

  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Products for Children
  • High Tech
  • Food and food related products
  • Jewelry
  • DIY Equipment
  • Fashion
  • Financial Advice
  • Self Improvement

There is a reason why it is important to focus on a narrow niche. The way you attract customers is by writing helpful Blog Posts about how a specific product can solve a problem they may have, for example a health product, or satisfy a need like an expensive watch. You will be taught how to research your chosen niche as well as what titles to select and how to structure everything to help your article rank high on the search engines. That is how visitors arrive at your website.

Once you have one website earning money you can start another. It’s like creating more online stores.

Many skills are necessary to achieve this result. And Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything that is required.

Each lesson will teach you a specific skill and give you homework on taking action. If you get stuck, or need additional help, there are hundreds of experienced members available to help you out. All you need to do is to post your question in the Help Center. Within minutes literally you will start receiving answers. How cool is that?

As you progress through your business building cycle you will be taught how to monitor your performance using tools provided by Google and Bing. All free.

This is just a summary of how Affiliate Marketing works. If you want more details, you can check out my extensive report about how Wealthy Affiliate trains you to be a first class affiliate marketer here:

The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros

It is time for you to reserve your special deal. Of course, you can always ask me a question in the comments section below. In fact please tell me what your goals are likely to be and we can develop a dialog before you even start your online business journey.

How To Reserve Your Spot!

You can click the link below now and register for free. You will have full access to the platform for one whole week to check everything out. How cool is that to see for yourself what you have in store for you ahead of time? Like the amazing training, tools and support on the actual site itself?

After a week is over, your access will be limited. Until you take advantage of the special $19 upgrade to Premium for the following month. Click this link for this option: Monthly Subscription!

My name is Edwin Bernard, one of the top members in Wealthy Affiliate, and extremely qualified to be your mentor if you need one.

Please share your thoughts in the comments window below. 

I will see you on the other side!


32 thoughts on “Black Friday Marketing Deal”

  1. You have certainly made a convincing statement with your post on the best online Black Friday offers that are going to be available. I am in the market, looking to see what catches my attention, as at this special sale time, you can get some deals that are truly worth much more than they cost.

    The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a very robust website from what you have laid out and I agree that the cost is very reasonable for what you are getting. I am paying over $1000 now for various tools and services for my online business, and it looks like I could cut about $500 a month by getting this deal.

    I think anyone who is looking for some good value to grow their business should consider the Wealthy Affiliate site, and it looks like the business owner will get a competitive edge if they use everything that is available. You have convinced me, and I appreciate your effort. This is going on my buy list!

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for validating the remarkable affiliate marketing business building platform that is Wealthy Affiliate. Your cost to get equivalent features elsewhere is very graphic. When a newbie arrives here they have EVERYTHING to build their business. It is turnkey. 

      Of course, once they have a profitable online business they will gave funds to invest in more advance tools to take their business to the next level. 

      I wrote an article here that I feel NEWBIES will find helpful. It goes into more detail about starting up an affiliate marketing business: What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Get Started. 

      Thanks for your excellent comments.


  2. Hi Edwin! I have to say I am happy to see you promoting Wealthy affiliate because its the place to be for anybody that wants to make money online. Its the place to join to gain all the knowledge needed for success online! This deal thats coming up is so worth the money! I am a member too in case you can’t tell lol. I have no regrets and plan on staying for the long hull.

    1. Hi Nikki,

      I am ecstatic that you are happy with Wealthy Affiliate. I wrote an article about having the right mindset for success. I talk about everything else except affiliate marketing. You may find it helpful. Here is the link: 

      The Right Mindset For Success

      Hope you find that helpful. I wish you all the success in the world.


  3. I honestly wish I could’ve found an article like this some months ago when I was doing my research on an online alternative to earn some extra money. Wealthy Affiliate has been the best decision I’ve made in a really long time. I don’t regret joining this platform not even for a bit. I am indeed going to take advantage of this Black Friday deal. There is no way to pass out on an offer like this!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I am so happy that you found Wealthy Affiliate and love it here. I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey. 



  4. Hi! Black Friday’s are an excellent opportunity each year to buy really useful stuff. But I also recognize that most people waste a lot of money, buying things they don’t really need.

    Concerning your offer, it has come at a very timely moment. I want to venture online. And about 3 months ago I read a couple of reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and almost joined. But then one thing and another, 3 months have passed and I want to take advantage of this black Friday offer. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ann, 

      Glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate after not joining the first time. I would very much love to be your mentor when you join this time. Feel free to use my Black Friday link to sign up.

      All the best to you.


  5. Thank you very much for putting together this post. I really like the idea of supplementing my income and opening an online business. I have indeed been looking for an opportunity like this for some time.

    I like the fact that after purchasing this Black Friday offer, there are no up-sales. I’ll give this Wealthy Affiliate a try!

    1. Hi Abel,

      Glad you liked my post. By all means give Wealthy Affiliate a try. It would be awesome if you let me be your mentor by signing up through my link.

      Thanks much.


  6. Wow. This looks exciting. I built websites back in the early 2000s from straight HTML. I had to get hosting, find services like email programs on my own. Does this include all of that? If so, then $299 is a great deal for a year. I’ll wait for your reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi Paula,

      Glad you asked. It does include all of that. Get your domain names here for an extremely competitive $13,99 fir a year, free hosting and all the plug ins and security features plus automatic backups. 

      Hope that answers your question. Feel free to ask more if you like.

      All the best to you.


  7. I have looked at a lot of money making ideas. I have never heard of affiliate marketing until a year ago.

    I buy stuff on the internet all the time. Didn’t know I could make money there. I use computers, never thought I could create my own website.

    This looks like the way to go. A place that will teach me to make money online. WOW.

    What a deal, $299 for a year. I spend more than that a year on soda and I don’t have the potential to make money. Except getting the CRV back.

    Thanks for the information and notice of the sale.


    1. Hi David,

      Glad to hear from you. You can actually join for free to evaluate the site. Wealthy affiliate gives you full access for a week. After the week is over your access will be limited. However, this will take you into the sale period so you can become a PRemium Member with full benefits and access for $299. Here is the link: Black Friday Sale

      I suggest you might as well sign up now and upgrade on November 29th. You’ll see a count down timer. Underneath that clock is the Join Now link.

      Looking forward to seeing you in Wealthy Affiliate. I will be happy to guide you if you have any questions.

      Much success to you.


  8. Black Friday is definitely the time to Save Money with Wealthy Affiliate. What’s more, is the value. You get over $2,000 worth of training, website hosting, and tools for just $299 a year for life through this offer. I am a proud 5-year member who will never surrender my Wealthy Affiliate membership.

  9. This sounds great, but can I really make 6 figures a year doing affiliate marketing? I’ve been searching for a business opportunity.
    Definitely sounds like this Wealthy Affiliate company is a winner. I see the time is now to join during this Black Friday sale to save myself some money.
    I like the idea of making money online from the comfort of my own home. Thanks for all the great information I’m sold.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Can I use an analogy? When a person graduates from university is it possible for them to earn a six figure income? Absolutely! Then why doesn’t every graduate earn that? It depends on many factors. Such as how superior was their university training? What company are they working for? How hard and smart they work? And do they provide value to the company?

      The same applies in Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate provides such an amazing curriculum in its courses, tools, personal coaching and a large community always willing to help. The founders have instilled a pay it forward mentality. To get this level of service from other companies would cost so much more. And not everything available here can be got elsewhere. There is no doubt that the training is superb.

      There are many “graduates” who are indeed making six figure incomes and more. But they took the time to get trained thoroughly. And they made sure to select very profitable niches. Here is where there is a difference with a University. The student here is provided with all the courses and exercises to do but there is no semester and exams to set deadlines. It is up to us. Life happens and it is easy to get distracted and put things off.

      It has been proven that anyone who has gone through the program diligently and has patience, have become successful. Remember, in Affiliate Marketing Google looks for websites that are authority sites to drive traffic to them organically. IT takes a lot of content to get to this position. This is the free way. The other way is to pay for ads. It works faster but costs money. The way we do it here at Wealthy Affiliate is to go the free route until one is making a reasonable income. In this way you learn so much about Search Engine Optimization and how to pick Keywords etc. And then invest some of that money into paid ads to leverage the results into a six figure income or more. Does this make sense?

      Since you are excited about entering the online space, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best way forward. You can look for alternatives, but in the end it will cost you time and money and expose you to scams. It is uncanny that many of us who ended up at Wealthy Affiliate went through that route as we didn’t at that time know Wealthy Affiliate existed.

      May I suggest something? You can click the Black Friday banner in my post or even click this link: Black Friday, and sign on for free using the link at the bottom of the banner. This will give you free access to the site for 7 days. By then the Black Friday sale will be running and you can upgrade at the sale price. Once you do I shall provide you with additional bonuses that I am going to add to my website today.

      I am so happy for you Eric that you found this place. I wish you much success for your future.

      Edwin Bernard

  10. You have certainly made a convincing statement with your post on the best online Black Friday offers that are going to be available.

    I have looked at a lot of money making ideas. I have never heard of affiliate marketing until a six months.

    I buy stuff on the internet all the time. Didn’t know I could make money there. I use computers, never thought I could create my own website.

    This looks like the way to go. A place that will teach me to make money online. WOW.

    What a deal, $299 for a year. I spend more than that a year on soda and I don’t have the potential to make money. Except getting the CRV back.

    You have certainly made a convincing statement with your post on the best online Black Friday offers that are going to be available

    Thanks for the information and notice of the sale.

    1. Hi Nayem,

      I sincerely appreciate your supportive response. This is indeed a HUGE DEAL! Instead of spending money that will not provide any return, investing in a Wealthy Affiliate annual subscription at this ridiculous sale price is a no brainer! 

      I wish you every success in your online business efforts.



  11. I hope to be as successful as you someday. My Wealthy Affiliate rank is only 80k place. But I have been in WA for approximately one month as I write this. I hope people reading this take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday sale, it’s such a wise investment in yourself. Just believe in yourself and listen to Edwin, he will guide you to the right path.

    1. You are most kind with your comments. Don’t worry about your Wealthy Affiliate rank. As you continue to be active on the site, you will see your rank get better by the day in leaps and bounds. When I started out last December I had no idea where i’d be today, But I always believed in myself and that I made the right decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.

      That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It is such a pleasure to be in control of ones destiny knowing we are provided a winning formula by Wealthy Affiliate.

      Follow the training and you will succeed. 

      By The Way, one’s learning never stops. Remember that. There is always room for improvement. 

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.



  12. With shopping malls trending downward and online stores on the uptick this makes for an excellent Black Friday buy. I think a lot of people like the sound of firing their boss, especially in today’s world where good jobs are scarce and management enjoys the little power and influence that they have over people. Sadly the workplace has become a cult-like environment, so what better way to counter that fact than through affiliate marketing. 49% is an outstanding offer for such a well-regarded product as Wealthy Affiliate. With the holiday season fast approaching this will make for an excellent gift, so I will save your post for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks for a great recommendation!

    1. Hi Pentrental,

      Glad to see you here. Thanks for validating this incredible offer. When I see the name Pentrental, all those gorgeous penthouse suites all over the world come to mind. One of my dreams is to tour those places and stay at these suites! 

      Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision I have made to help me achieve my dreams. I also wish you every success in the world.



  13. Thanks for summarizing such honest review and for the precious explanations given.

    I was  trying to build and affiliate marketing website in order to generate passive income. I find a lot of fake informations with all types of scams. 

    Finally I find this awesome platform – Wealthy Affiliate who surely will make my dreams come true. I’m a first monthly Premium member doing every day trainings and making my website bigger to achive my goals. With this offer 299$ per year I can say that is all I need. I will save a lot of money and i can do my work without think about next month to need to pay.

    This is the best Black Friday deal for me. Thanks a lot and best whises ! 

    1. So wisely stated! When I originally joined Wealthy Affiliate after being a Premium member for two months I decided to go annually. Even that deal was amazing. Your point of not having to worry about the monthly payments was my feeling too. When I take this deal my next payment will not be until 2021 as the balance of my existing subscription will be added to this one. And when the renewal arrives, all I will have to pay is $299. Not my original $359 that I paid for the annual subscription.

      I am glad you feel this is the best deal for you too.

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business.



  14. Wow! This is the best deal I have ever seen. 289 USD off is no joke. So I am going to pay just 299 USD for one full year? This gives me the time to focus on my affiliate marketing business and even save some money. Because from what I have seen so far, Wealthy Affiliate is for me.

    I don’t want to work for anybody; I just finished HND and would be going for NYSC next year; I will maximize the one year very well.

    1. You got the right idea! What is even sweeter is when the annual renewal arrives again, the fee will be the same. Forever! How cool is THAT! 

      I wish you all the success in your affiliate marketing journey. Heck, one day you will earn enough to pay off your student loans assuming you have them. 

      Your future definitely looks bright!



  15. This has been my dream everyday that one day I will be able to set up my online business(es); yes businesses because I will be privileged to host up to 25 premium websites without paying an extra fee. I would be able to set up my music website and do what I have always wanted to do with just 82 Cents per day. Isn’t it amazing! 😊

    1. I love your perspective – the power we have in our fingertips at just 82 CENTS A DAY! That is INSANE! 

      Your dreams are incredible. I wish you all the success in the world. Thanks for your great comments.


  16. I really hope that your readers will take this offer you got going on when the times come. Because the price is just absolutely worth it.

    $299 annually it’s phenomenal! It comes with 50 websites. Unlimited learning and all the bonuses are amazing.

    1. Hi Kaylee,

      You got the right idea! Wealthy Affiliate cannot be beat. At any price. I know. I’ve paid the price. Exorbitant ones.

      In case you’re not a member, I’d appreciate it if you joined through my link. I’d love to help you succeed.

      Thanks for your validation.


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