The Best Online Jobs For Teachers

The Best Online Jobs For Teachers

Do You Need Another Source Of Income?

Do you feel you get paid fairly? If you don’t, what do you think are your best options? The Pandemic of 2020 to 2021 has brought into focus the importance of using the Internet for creating opportunities of your own using your teaching skills. In this article I will show you some of the best online jobs for teachers.

Let’s review some of the best options that you should consider. In reality, you can consider these as businesses. At the end I will reveal what I feel is the best option. If you decide none of these are for you, that is OK. At least I hope to have given you something to think about.

Let’s look at several key reasons why you may need another source of income. If I have missed any, by all means correct me in the comments section below.

Reason #1 – Insufficient Disposable Funds

The first reason is common to almost any working adult. You end up with more month at the end of the money. Meaning, you do not have sufficient disposable funds to afford the nicer things in life. You feel that your teachers income barely meets your basic needs for food, shelter, and school supplies.

I know how teachers use their own money to help students who come from families that cannot afford to provide them with basic items like notebooks, pens and pencils. The bottom line is you find yourself with insufficient disposable funds.

Reason #2 – Want To Create More Retirement Security

It may be true that most teachers will receive some sort of pension. The nagging question is will it be enough, even when Social Security is added? Building a savings account is hard to sustain. I say this because whenever I used to build my savings account, some kind of emergency arose that ate up what I had saved. This was so disconcerting.

Hence, if you want to be able to build a savings account that you can afford not to touch until retirement, additional income will be necessary. Saving money is only part of the solution, It makes sense to invest a part of that savings in programs that will pay more than the paltry interest that banks pay.

You may even have considered early retirement. In that case your Social Security and other pensions may not kick in. This is where having a source of passive income will solve that cash flow requirement.

Reason #3 – You Wish To Create A Source Of Passive Income

You have two choices of income you can create.

  1. Exchange your hours for dollars, like tutoring online, writing reports for clients etc.
  2. Develop a passive source of income that will eventually pay you 24/7 without needing your continued attention.

Which one appeals to you more? You can do either or even both. Since you already have a full time job, why aim for another part-time job where you only get paid for your hours spent?

Why not work hard at the beginning for little or no income to set up a system that will pay you passively in time? Usually starting in six months time and accelerating in the years ahead?

If you don’t know how to set this up, don’t worry. My objective is to share how this can be done.

Challenges Of Being A Teacher

Challenges Of Being A TeacherCorrect me if I’m wrong. Do you agree that unlike other professions, teachers have more time to spend with their own kids? Assuming they have kids at home.

This is based on my understanding that teachers have longer vacations that also coincide with the kids time of school.

Even if this was true, being at home doesn’t mean having free time. Teachers have lots of preparation outside of class hours that typically must be done at home.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a passive source of income large enough to give you the option to work as a teacher because you want to. Not because you have to? What if your teachers training and temperament was ideal for this online job I am talking about? You will see that connection soon in this article.

Let’s list all the challenges you have to face going to work every day.

  • Missing Out On Kids Growing Up
  • Fighting Traffic
  • Not Enough Time To Focus On Health
  • Stress At Work
  • Paltry Pay Raises
  • Not Enough Vacation Time (when you may have to get another job when school is out)
  • Insufficient Time To Learn New Skills

Solution – Pick From The Best Online Jobs For Teachers

The solution is clear. A home based business of the right kind can help you solve most of the above problems. Let’s list the qualities you would like to see in such a home based business.

  • It has to be online based
  • It must use technology to leverage your time
  • The business must have little of no start up costs
  • About two hours a day is all you need to get started
  • The skills should be easily learned online
  • You should have access to help whenever you need it

If there are additional attributes you would like to add, please do in the comments section below. Let’s get into the nitty gritty and explore a few options.

Online Business Options

Online Business Options

These can fall into many categories, two of which I have listed below:

  1. Based on the teaching skills you already have
  2. Based on something you are passionate about other than teaching

No matter what area your teaching experience happens to be in, from Grade School to Post Graduate Studies as well as vocational instructions, what I am about to share with you will be applicable.

I did show a bias towards the online business being passive. However, there are online pursuits where you can earn significant income spending four hours or less each day. If that is fine with you I will also touch on this option.

Let’s start by exploring the first category listed above.

Skills You Already Have

You were trained to teach. I hope you consider yourself an effective teacher. Teaching is a very important skill. You must have and continue to influence the lives of your students in significant ways. This is serious stuff.

Have you considered creating a course in your field of expertise? The process consists of the following:

  1. Create course
  2. Market your course
  3. Collect income on sales
  4. Teach privately online

How do you begin? You may have guessed it. Take a course on how to make courses. Yes, they do exists. Let me share a few with you here.

Creating A Course

  1. Mighty Networks
  2. Guroo Producer
  3. Easy Generator

A disclaimer. I am not associated with any of these above entities and only share them here because they appear to teach you how to create an online training course using a variety of methods. The point I want to make is, you can find training that appeals to you by just searching online.

When you create a course your objective is to teach others new skills that you excel in. Take your students through your training step by step. Since you are already a teacher, you have what it takes to teach others valuable skills.

You will be the one doing the creating. The training courses above are intended to help you present your course in logical sequences to help your students learn.

Marketing Your Course

Creating a course is one half of the equation. Your next step is to market what you have created to an audience eager to learn what you teach. The challenge is to find that audience to market your course to. I have three recommendations to help you meet this challenge.

Click the links associated with each to learn more about the processes necessary to market your training courses using each of these three methods.

  1. Create a website to promote your course. In time, you will have created a portfolio of courses that will give you a great deal to write about to share the benefits of the lessons you are teaching. I highly recommend the Weathy Affiliate Platform to help you get started with confidence.
  2. Enlist others to sell your courses to their list of customers using the Clickbank digital product’s marketplace as a vendor.
  3. Use Social Media like Facebook to connect future customers with your training.

I hope you are starting to see the possibilities open to you. Why not leverage your teaching skills to create additional income. Create a plan and follow it through. And don’t be afraid to fail.

As a teacher you must know that one of the ways to learn is to try something out even if you fail. Then learn by your mistakes. The most successful people in the word were also the biggest failures.

Collect Income On Sales

IncomeThis is the best part of the process. Earning cold hard cash for the work you’ve put into creating your course.

When you market your course on Clickbank you are able to enlist the help of an army of entrepreneurs to market your course within their networks,

Clickbank has a system that connects affiliate marketers, also called publishers, with digital creators also called vendors to help customers looking for solutions.

Profiles of affiliate marketers listed on Clickbank are available to vendors who can invite them to market their product’s. A critical component of this system is that these links work best when their respective niches are matched.

Another way to collect income is through your website. Automated systems. Here is an article that discusses 18 of the best WordPress plugins \to help you set up your own system for financial transactions via your website.

Teaching Online

Teaching onlineRemember the time when giving private tuition to students was a way to use your teaching skills to bring in extra income? The Pandemic has turned this process on its head. A paradigm shift has occurred where you can use video conferencing systems like ZOOM to connect with your students remotely to provide training.

You have total control of this process to reach only one student at a time or a group of students. Just imagine, it you provide an hour of training to 20 students, at a fee of $10 an hour, this can help you get paid $200 for a hours work. How does that compare to your hourly compensation as a teacher in your current job?

Consider doing this full time? Do this for say four hours a day would result in a daily compensation of $800. If you worked 200 days a year, that would provide you with an annual income of $160,000.00

SWEET! Of course, you can scale this however you wish. In other words, you can control your income instead of having a school board do this for you!

I feel you may already have developed experience teaching your students using the ZOOM platform. Once the pandemic is over, you will already have the knowledge to leverage this method privately in your own teaching pursuits.

As lucrative as teaching online can be, this process involves exchanging your time for money. Hence, you may wish to start your online career in this way where you can effectively develop your courses, Once you have completed a cache of courses you can structure them in digital format that you can market on Clickbank.

In this way you will transition to a position where you can generate residual in come. Your courses will work for you 24/7. You can also develop a hybrid approach where you sell your courses as well as offer paid webinars for those who want additional assistance. But you choose your time to schedule these webinars.

Options Other Than Teaching

Online Business

You may feel you spend so much time teaching the last thing you want to do is to spend even more time on developing teaching courses. There is nothing wrong having these feelings. If you do, what are your online business options?

We have already touched on this approach with Clickbank. The online business category for selling product’s and earning commissions that you do not own is known as Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Defined

The following graphic depicts the main process flow of affiliate marketing. It shows the players, how they connect with each other, and most importantly, how you get paid. You can also click the image to an article I wrote that explains what you need to build an affiliate marketing business.

Let’s say you are looking for a product or service. The reason could be many but the two most important ones are:

  1. You have a problem and need a solution
  2. You need more information about what you are looking for before making a decision

Position #1

For either of these reasons you most probably will do a search on Google rather than go to an online store like Amazon for example. In the above diagram you are at position #1. You are the customer.

Position #2

When you do your search, Google will present you with a list of sites URL’s that in their opinion will provide you with answers that most closely matches your query. Consider yourself an affiliate marketer for the moment. How would you like your website to be one on Google’s list, especially on the first page? This part of the process defines position #2 in the diagram.

The customer reads your blog post that provides them with information relevant to them, You provide them with more details on their query including the pros and cons of the item they are searching for. They assess this information and decide what is most important to them. Your product review is honest and fair. In other words, you help them make a buying decision.

You just happen to be an affiliate of a company that sells that product or service Your article provides them with the link to the company like Amazon for physical product’s, or Clickbank for digital product’s where they can make a purchase.

Position #3

At this point your website visitor has been transformed into a buying customer. Instead of you providing them with the product, they are directed to the website of the company that does stock it and will be completing the sales process. This part of the process defines position #3 in the diagram.

The company bills them online using their credit card. They end up paying the same price as if they had gone directly to the seller’s website and skipped yours. But how cool is it that you helped them to make that buying decision?

Position #4

You are not in the loop anymore. However, the company where your customer made their purchase will send you a commission for your hard work.

The amount of commission you will receive depends on many factors. It can range from up to 10% for a physical product to 50% or more for a digital product. The reason is a digital product costs little or nothing to make once it is developed.

The following video courtesy of Santrel Media explains the concept of what i shared above in more detail.

Your Impressions

If you already have experience in affiliate marketing you know how this works. If you do not, what are your first impressions? Please let me know your impressions regardless if you have experience or not in the comments section below.

At first glance this method of building an online business seems so simple. And it is. This concept has been around for decades, even before the Internet.

Do not mistake this for referral marketing. When you like a product you buy and share that information with family and friends, that is known as referral marketing. This is a method heavily promoted in Network Marketing.

In Affiliate marketing you develop skills where you find customers who you do not know online. You do this by providing solutions to them as described in the diagram above.

Why The Best Online Business For Teachers?

Simple. As a teacher you have developed skills to connect, teach and help. Affiliate marketing is more about helping others rather than selling. If you can do this, you have what it takes to become a hugely successful affiliate marketer.

However, you need to become an expert about the online process.

  1. You must draw on a topic you are passionate about.
  2. Distill from this a narrow niche that features product’s.
  3. Start off by making a short list of these product’s.
  4. Conduct online research on these product’s from various manufacturers
  5. Find companies who carry these product’s that offer an affiliate marketing program. Think AMAZON.
  6. Write reviews on one product per blog post and add the affiliate links to them that you get from the vendor’s website.
  7. Use Keyword Research for the titles to help your reviews rank high in the search engines
  8. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Techniques to help drive traffic to your website posts.
  9. Continue to hone your writing skills and the use of Keywords and SEO.
  10. Keep writing content covering reviews, comparisons, product’s you recommend as well as those you don’t.

How Do You Begin?

After having got you this far you don’t think I am going to leave you hanging. Right? Where do you go to get started? You could try to figure out the above process by yourself. That can be risky. Your time is valuable and you do not want to go down rabbit holes. You want to use tried and true processes that have proven to work. You want results.

If you let me, I can help you in this pursuit. There is one company called Wealthy Affiliate that provides all the following and more in one place.

As a teacher, you know the cost of good, effective education. At first glance it could cost hundreds of dollars each month. Study the items shown below and do your own pricing. What will this be worth to you?

This is just a short list.

  1. Formal training as well as weekly 60 minute live, interactive webinars
  2. Domain Name Sales and Registration
  3. Website Builder
  4. Website Hosting that is extremely fast, with backup up to 10 Personal Domains
  5. Security Package
  6. Server Class Amazon c4 (dual servers)
  7. 24/7/365 Website Technical Support
  8. Tools critical for an affiliate marketer to build, develop and track their business
  9. Private Coaching
  10. Network With Experts

A Little Bit About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy AffiliateBefore I tell you what the cost is, you need to know that Wealthy Affiliate has been in the business of training entrepreneurs and providing tools and services since 2005. Millions of entrepreneurs have passed through its training program.

This is one company where members can actually communicate directly with the founders, Kyle and Carson. Successful members now provide training programs on what they did to get their results. And the networking with other members to get your problems solved is second to none. And this is all done on the forums within the platform.

Have You Checked Out Other Options?

If you have or plan to do so, please share in the comments section below what your findings are. No system is perfect. If you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, that is OK.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate building a website and using the Internet to create a business was a mystery to me. I have come a long way now and feel I made the right decision to join. You can check out my website and tell me what you think?

Stories Of Successful Affiliate Marketers

The following is a small selection of members who have gone through the Wealthy Affiliate training to become hugely successful affiliate marketers.

Roope Kiuttu from Finland

Here is how Roope starts out his profile page.

Hello there my friend!

If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, I am glad to welcome you here.

I am Roope Kiuttu from Finland but you can call me Robert because it’s easier for foreigners! 😉

I remember the days when I was starting out here a few years ago. I didn’t know how everything works out here. I was thinking questions like:

-Are these people real?

-Can I really make a living online like they teach?

-Will the training work?

Gladly I gave this a try and I didn’t quit even though I didn’t see immediate results. I know that many people achieved to make money much faster than I did but it doesn’t matter because eventually, I made it as well.

Grace (littlemama)

Grace wrote this update on September 2018. Shed has maintained her success since then and helped others along the way.

Success!!! Just shy of being here 2 years, I have reached Super Affiliate status on Aug 23, 2018 within the WA community!

I am still learning today as much as ever on this platform and the community never seems to fail me.

I write this after going through very nerve wrecking things for my online business and the community rushed to my rescue as well as top experts and the owners!

You just cannot find this kind of HELP & SUPPORT with any other training platform, system, or program and I know this because I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs on my website that got me to my Vegas goal and there’s simply nothing else better out there than WA!

YES I’m biased because it’s TRUE! I’m living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work.

If a stay at home mom can do this, so can YOU!!

Now get to work and know that success is right in front of you to GRAB IT!

Chris Miles (Benjisdad)

When Chris Miles and his wife had a son in 2017, they faced a dilemma. Money was tight. How could he earn enough income to give his son, Benji, a better future? This is how he went about it:

Believe me, I tried everything. YouTube channel, moonlighting as a DJ on the weekends, doing other odds and end work, just trying to generate some funds. These things were nice, and I made a little money with it but there were a few problems…

It was not bringing in enough income.

It took too much time away from the family on top of my regular 9-5 job.

It took too much time to cultivate with no ending in sight.

I needed a way to generate a “Passive Income”. Income that I did not have to do much work to cultivate.

Here’s how Chris found a solution in Affiliate Marketing

Through my endless searching, I stumbled upon a little thing called Affiliate Marketing. Now, do not get it twisted, Affiliate Marketing takes time to cultivate, but once cultivated, it can and will make you money without having to do much upkeep at all.

Then I heard the words that would change my life forever… “You can make a full-time income on only one site!”

I did not believe it; I could not believe it… But then I started to learn about Affiliate Marketing and all of a sudden it clicked. Affiliate Marketing is something that virtually has no ceiling. You make as much money as you want, You just have to put in the work

These Are Regular Folk Who Made It

There are so many nore but I think you get the point. Affiliate Marketing works. And Wealthy Affiliate has what it takes to help you achieve the success you want.

Since the end result is passive income, isn’t this the best type of online business for you?

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Only you can decide. If you feel that this is something you want to learn more about and perhaps become really good at it, I have some recommendations for you. Just like in any other profession, you will need some training.

Have you guessed what a training program would cost you based on my earlier discussion? Since Wealthy Affiliate completely believes its program works it offers free starter memberships to let you check out its training platform, Kind of Ike kicking the tires..

The monthly cost for the Premium program is only $49 a month. Once you join, the cost is fixed for life.

Since Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about affiliate marketing and how to get good at it, doesn’t it make sense to have its own affiliate program? I have good news for you. It does.

As you get to benefit from the training, you may wish to share this program with others, either those you know, or even don’t know. If just a few people you refer to become paid members, you could earn enough in monthly commissions to cover the cost of your own subscription. It’s like paying it forward.

To find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and to start your free account click the banner below.

I look forward to “seeing you” on the other side.

Edwin Bernard


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  1. Your post was very encouraging. Reading about how people from different walks of life were able to make it online gives me a sense that the only thing that is in between me and my online business success is the hard work that needs to be put into it. I’ll start approaching this differently from today onward.

    1. Hello Ann,

      I am so happy that my post was able to motivate you to put in the hard work necessary to reap the rewards. Thanks for reading and commenting. 



  2. Hi Edwin,

    One source of income will never be enough to cater to all the needs we have. Not in 2021 amidst this COVID-19. I share the same sentiments as you when you allude teachers can get some extra income by just working online a few hours a week. I love that you’ve even enumerated very comprehensively some of the reasons as to why most employed people including teachers should consider some other source of income besides the regular paychecks. Creating and marketing a course online would be very simple for teachers, After all, they must be teachers because of something.

    This is some good content that should be shared widely. Thanks for this information!



    1. Hi Sergej,

      Very true sentiments. I appreciate that you feel more people need to read my post. Hopefully they will. 

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  3. Thank you so much for this awesome article!  Teachers are often not paid enough today, especially with the pandemic that is going on.  I like how you have shown that creating a website and using affiliate links are a good source of other income. This is true mostly due to the fact that the site will be about something you are passionate about, and can talk freely about!  It is a fun way to earn money!

    1. Hello Jessie,

      I sure appreciate your recognition that teachers are not paid enough, especially as many use part of their earnings to help their poorer students. Hence having a path for extra income is a great thing. And why not in Affiliate Marketing where the cost of entry is so low? 

      Thanks for commenting.


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