The Body Shop At Home Business Review

The Body Shop At Home Business Review

The Body Shop At Home is the MLM branch of the bricks-and-mortar company. What do you know about The Body Shop or The Body Shop At Home? Did a friend recommend its products? Were you checking the company out of curiosity? Maybe you want to join its MLM program. The Body Shop At Home Business Review will help you make an informed decision.

I am reaching out to you if you are either pondering joining The Body Shop At Home MLM business or are already an Independent Consultant.

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I’m going to cover the following 10 areas:

  1. The Company Details.
  2. What is the business about?
  3. The costs of the products.
  4. What is the cost to become an associate?
  5. How does their MLM program work?
  6. Can you make money with their program?
  7. Pros & Cons.
  8. Is it a scam?
  9. My conclusion on this company.
  10. My #1 Recommendation.

The Company Details

  • Founded by Dame Anita Roddick.
  • Currently owned by Brazilian conglomerate, Natura who also owns the following brands:
    • Natura
    • Avon
    • Aesop
  • Founded in England in 1976 and headquartered there.
  • CEO, David Boynton
  • Stores Operational in 65 countries worldwide
  • MLM Operations in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.
  • Revenue of The Body Shop in 2020, USD 300 Million

What Is This Business About

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The Body Shop is in the Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Perfume industry. Would you say this industry is saturated with companies that sell similar products? What if anything sets The Body Shop’s products apart?

I’d love to tell you.

Anita Roddick the founder was inspired to create a line of products that were developed from a perspective of pioneering social change. The intent was to not use animals for testing, as well as to not exploit people in developing the products.

The Body Shop uses natural ingredients in its products.

I found the following statement from its company description that stood out to me:

“When The Body Shop first opened its doors in 1976, it was a little green-painted shop in the streets of Brighton, England. Its approach to beauty was radically different from the big players in the beauty industry. It was simple – ethically sourced and naturally-based ingredients from around the world, in no-nonsense packaging you could easily refill. Products and beauty rituals made for every body, that made women feel good in their skin – never promising to make them look like someone else.”

Sales Avenues

Conventional Stores

The Body Shop originally started selling its products through conventional stores. Currently, there are about 3000 stores worldwide. 2000 are franchises and 1000 are run directly.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

In 1994, it began its Social Selling Opportunity called The Body Shop At Home. This is their Multilevel Marketing operation where the products are sold through approximately 90,000 Independent Consultants worldwide.

Affiliate Program

More recently, The Body Shop launched its Affiliate Program available through the Awin network. This is only available in the US.

After I share information on the products, I shall only discuss the MLM program, since this article is about reviewing The Body Shop At Home.

Refill Program

I believe that The Body Shop is the only personal care company that has a product refill program. This helps to minimize packaging waste and is kind to our environment.

The refill program was started in just a few stores in 2019 to install refill systems in every one of its stores.

Click this link to find out more.


The Body Shop specializes in products for the face, body, makeup, hair, fragrances, and gifts. The gifts consist of groupings of products that complement each other. When people are given gifts like this, it shows that the giver gave some thought to match the gift with the recipient’s needs.

The Body Shop goes further. The company has developed product ranges that have ingredients from Hemp, Ginger, and Vitamin E. There are also products focused on Youth.

Two other ingredients are also used in the composition of the products, tea tree oil, Hemp, and CBD.

I’d like to share a selection of the above so you can see what they are and how the products are presented. You can click the headings to see the complete range in the specific category.

Products For The Face

Products For The Body


Hair Products

Fragrances And AromaTherapy

Gift Packages

Product Ranges Hemp And CBD Shown

Target Market

The main target market of The Body Shop is women between the ages of 20 and 55. To satisfy the needs of this wide range, product segmentation is also wide. The main focus is women in the workforce who want to look their best.

Do not think that the focus on this target market precludes individuals outside this group. Teenage girls and older women can also find products they like from the hundreds of products offered.

The price points include low-cost products that teens can afford. As well as high-end, more expensive items that exude luxury.

Although men are not in this target, The Body Shop also offers products for men.

What Is The Cost Of The Products

The Body Shop products are priced competitively to store-bought products and favorably to similar products sold by its MLM competitors. Detailed prices are shown via the product links above. I will summarize the minimum to maximum price ranges for each of the categories as of this writing.

  • Products for the Face: $6 to $39
  • Products for the Body: $6 to $32
  • Makeup: $6 to $25
  • Hair Products: $5 to $24
  • Fragrance and Aromatherapy: $6 to $37
  • Gift Packages: 49 to $71

Prices are evenly distributed between the ranges shown. What do you think? Do they appear affordable? I think so. Especially when compared to other premium brands.

With such a broad range of products that fit into most people’s budgets, I am not surprised that The Body Shop At Home, the Multilevel Marketing (MLM) branch was formed in 1994.

Cost To Set Up A Body Shop At Home Business

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You have the option of purchasing two levels of starter kits for a one-time charge of either $29 or $59. The program is based on making sales through parties. The $59 kit will provide you with more products to get your party started, which is an advantage.

When you sell up to $124 in products, you earn a commission of 20%. This makes you an official consultant. Above $125 it rises to 25%. Here is where your costs can rise. Higher sales mean higher commission rates.

There is also a monthly cost to pay for your business website. This is just under $10 US.

The idea of MLM is to generate these sales not only by yourself but by recruiting a team that collectively will account for the higher sales. The more sales you and your team achieve, the higher your commission. The maximum commission anyone can earn is 35%. This does not include overrides from your network sales and bonuses.

Since recruiting is hard, there is a tendency to purchase extra products yourself in the hope you will be able to sell these personally to earn higher commissions. What if you fail to do that, can you see how this can add to your costs?

If you are not good at building a team and training your team to also recruit, there is another method you can use to generate these sales yourself. I shall reveal that approach at the end.

How Does Their MLM Program Work

Like all MLM programs, you have to be good at doing the following three things:

  1. Making personal sales
  2. Recruiting members to join your team and training them to make sales
  3. Train your team how to recruit and train their own team to duplicate this process

You can only generate a residual income in MLM if you can build a network of entrepreneurs who can do the above three things well.

At the very least they must be good at recruiting. Eventually, there will be enough members in the network who will be good at doing the above three things.

Minimum Requirements

In The Body Shop compensation plan, it is necessary to have a minimum of three active members in three legs in your network to qualify for moving up to higher levels in the network. Moving up by definition means a higher level of commissions.

These compensation plan systems are complex for all MLM companies. I am not going to go into these details. If you decide to become an Independent Consultant, you will be given tutorials on this topic together with supporting documentation.

Your Main Focus

My advice to any MLM member of any company is to focus on three things.

  1. Make as many personal sales as you can. The Body Shop method much like many other MLM companies is to hold parties where guests are invited to try the products and place their orders for the items they like.
  2. Recruit as many members as you can. You can be sure that to set up a network where you have three active consultants, you will need to recruit much more than three.
  3. Train your recruits on how to sell the products and build their network. If you are fortunate to have an experienced consultant recruit you, they will help you with this task. Unfortunately, many members are recruited by inexperienced members and even by members who soon quit. In that case, you have to go higher up the organization to get the help you need.

Is there an alternate method to generate significant sales without having to hold parties and recruit other salespeople? You bet there is. Using the Internet of course.

Read on to find out how to do that below.

Can You Make Money With Their MLM Program

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Yes, you can. Of course, you will have to sell products to earn your commissions. The MLM Program is set up to reward Independent Consultants more when they can recruit a network of active consultants.

The minimum number of active consultants a member needs in the first level below them is three. As you build your network and train your recruits to build theirs you can get promoted to higher levels in the organization.

The following chart shows these levels and their typical earnings.

What you don’t see here is the number of consultants who don’t sell anything. Only those who can sell can earn the title of consultant.

The above numbers show that only 3% of the consultants earn an average significant income of more than $5,000 a month. the vast majority earn less than $500 on average a month.

The MLM business is very hard. No wonder the dropout rate is very high. That is one of the reasons that a big emphasis is placed on recruiting Independent Consultants.

Not only are they responsible for product sales, but they also happen to be a significant portion of the customer base itself.

Pros & Cons


  1. Well-known and respected brand with thousands of products for different market segments.
  2. Products are developed with sensitivity to our environment and are vegan-based.
  3. Customers with varying budgets can find products to meet their pocketbooks.


  1. Most consultants’ earnings are very low.
  2. There are high minimum sales requirements to qualify for override commissions.
  3. Consultants have competition from The Body Shop stores as well as affiliates.

Is It A Scam

The Body Shop At Home is NOT a scam. Like all MLM Programs, very few make it to the big league. Even though the members are promised that MLM programs are a worthy method to develop residual income, this status will hardly ever occur.

Even when you rise to the highest level of Saphire VP, you still need to manage your team to ensure that members who quit are replaced by recruits.

Sure, earning the minimum of $8K Plus a month is awesome, only 0.08% of active consultants reach that lofty level. Who knows you could be one of them. There is no doubt you will have to work your tail off to get there. That is normal for any high-income achievers, but even more challenging when your income is commission-based instead of a salary.

There are better alternatives to truly achieve the goal of significant residual or passive income. And that my friend, takes us to my #1 recommendation.

My #1 Recommendation

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Affiliate Marketing. Let’s go into more depth about the affiliate marketing business model and how you can even use it to boost your sales as a Body Shop Consultant without having to recruit others. Or hold parties.

The affiliate business model is very simple as shown by the diagram below:

The Body Shop At Home Business Review

Step 1 – In your case, you already have chosen an interest. The Body Shop products.

Step 2 – The next step is to build a website. Here you will write content about the various products where you will show how they meet a need or solve a problem of your target audience.

Step 3 – It will be crucial to learn how to attract visitors to your website to read your content that will have the information they are looking for.

Step 4 – If you can attract traffic and show your visitors how The Body Shop products can help them solve a problem or meet a need, they will want to buy., In this way, you will earn revenue.

What Is My #1 Recommendation?

Can you guess? To learn how to do the above 4 steps well, you will need training, tools, and mentorship.

Why not get all of this from the best? Others have taken this approach and become so good at it that they have quit their day jobs and earned more than a full-time income with part-time effort.

My #1 Recommendation is the company where I and over 2,500,00 people have learned to do these things and make money in the process. Click Here For My #1 Rated Company!

But there is one big difference between Multilevel Marketing compared to Affiliate Marketing. We were not constrained by just one company. We can choose any company we want that offers products and services in our chosen interest. Or niche as it is commonly called in affiliate marketing.

Here is your opportunity to get a good idea of how affiliate marketing works and see if this is right for you. You can learn how to develop these skills in this article I wrote. Click the link to reach it.

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online And Get The Results You Want!

Closing Thoughts

How did you find this article? Did it provide you with some new ideas to consider? Or did you learn nothing new from this?

I’d love to read your comments, good bad, or indifferent. Believe it or not, I can improve what I am doing by getting honest feedback from you. Please don’t feel bad about writing your mind.

Of course, if I have been able to help you, even in a small way, my effort in writing this article would be so worth it.

If you would like to hear when I will be writing new posts or have special offers to make to you, why don’t you join my mailing list? Please fill in your first name and email address below. You will receive a free eBook when you submit this form called Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

I wish you much success in whatever path you take in life. And I sincerely hope you make a lot of money so that you can have the opportunity to help others in your life.



6 thoughts on “The Body Shop At Home Business Review”

  1. Julia Kossowska


    I was interested in this article as I know a couple of people who are trying this out as a side hustle.  They like the products and they like doing parties so I think that is the main motivation – and I think they might be good at it.

    However, I definitely think that your suggestion makes more sense for most people, especially those who are happy to spend time on their laptops, as I do!  

    Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community that provides anyone the opportunity to learn how to create a successful online business. 

    As you say, the program offers step-by-step training, tools, and support it also has a thriving affiliate marketing community where members can learn from each other and share their successes. I love it!!

    All the best,


    1. Hello Julia,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I was glad to see you validated the affiliate marketing business model. Especially the Wealthy Affiliate way. 



  2. This is a well-detailed review. It can be a good place to start when it comes to online business. The commission looks small but Body shop can be lucrative if done the right way through obtaining proper training. I feel it can be lucrative because it has to deal with women’s needs, which is a very large audience. everything that has to do with women looking good is a profitable business because every woman wants to look good.

    1. Hi Bethel,

      No matter what the opportunity, success comes down to the creativity of the individual pursuing it. However, MLM has challenges because of the nature of that business model. 

      They say that members can build a network of salespeople where a small part of the profit of all sales flows to the leader. What is played down is the effort to recruit a team and train them to do the same as well as sell products at retail, which is a significant undertaking. One’s success is dependent on an army of others. 

      Affiliate Marketing is quite the opposite. One’s success is primarily dependent on one’s own effort. Hence, I believe this is a better alternative. It still requires training and hard work. But there are no obligations to buy products to qualify for commissions. 

      Thanks for commenting.



  3. Hi Edwin,

    Beauty Shines the world. It even shines better when you don’t hurt your skin with toxic chemicals and not eco-friendly.

    These sets of products is eye opener to the current world, where people are looking for legit brands and corporations. I am so happy so see these products from health friendly, sourced ingredients from nature. 

    While personal purchase seems to me is the best to start with, gifting away the personally purchased products can help to build a customer base. .

    The price ranges are not crazy and affordable for many. I have some ideas, But I am not sure they are even worth considering.

    Are there ultra small testing units to purchase many types and give away to the friends?

    Can you purchase and sale them at your Etsy or E-bay store or it is illegal?

    In regards to multilevel marketing, it takes lot of commitment and expertise. 

    I have seen in small business symposiums, there are products that are displayed for multilevel marketing. CBD oil was one them which I have seen was in a shop inside the symposium. Many customers were interested. Can this be a good idea to put these brand products?

    I have been in one of my friends house for a party and they were offering some Avon cosmetics as give away to try and try. We were told if we like , then come back where you may be able to start your business.

    I truly appreciate these products, prices and it is ecofriendly. . 


    1. Hello Anusuya,

      I was delighted to see you appreciated personal care products that are eco-friendly. The Body Shop used to have free samples for give-aways but they stopped doing that. Instead, consultants can purchase gift packages at low prices that can be used for free samples to the consultant’s customers. 

      The Body Shop does indeed sell products based on CBD. 

      Affiliate Marketers can select a niche based on CBD products sourced from several companies that offer affiliate programs, including The Body Shop. I decided not to become an affiliate for The Body Shop so as to not dilute my focus. 

      Thanks for commenting.


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