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This review is to help anyone considering joining the Walmart Affiliate Marketing Program decide if this is a good choice. I am also directing this review to existing employees of Walmart who may not be aware there is such a program. This gives them the opportunity to earn additional income outside of their jobs. When I worked at Walmart just a few years ago, I wish I was aware of this opportunity.

Walmart employees have insights into the products Walmart sells that in my opinion, give them advantages.

There is another broader reason for this review. Some individuals have had issues with Amazon and lost the company’s approval to continue as their Affiliate. Walmart has the reputation of being less stringent about sales quotas and this could make it attractive alternative.

Both companies are behemoths in the retail world and sell countless of different products. Let’s dig in to the Walmart Affiliate Program Review!


It all starts with a niche. When you sign up with Walmart and get accepted, you can market everything they sell. That would be futile as you do not want to create another Walmart Online store. If you did that you would be competing with Walmart. Not a good idea.

Hence, you would need to select a niche. The best way to do that is to visit the Walmart Online store and peruse through all the products they offer. Or at least narrow it down to a specific category that you’re interested in and open to conducting research.

Having worked at Walmart, I’d like to break this down. The products in their online store are very similar to their bricks and mortar stores. The following are the general areas the store is divided into. Walmart employees who may considering affiliate marketing, can give closer attention to what is on these areas. I shall leave the grocery section out of consideration. Although one can purchase groceries online, they have to be picked up at the store.

Some general categories are: 

  1. Cosmetics and body care
  2. Health related products
  3. Pet care
  4. Baby products
  5. Children’s clothing
  6. Men and Women’s clothing
  7. Shoes
  8. Housewares
  9. Home appliances
  10. Electronics
  11. Auto related products
  12. Home office
  13. Camping and outdoors
  14. Barbecue equipment
  15. Garden and Outdoor Furniture
  16. Toys
  17. Eye-wear including contact lenses
  18. Photographic equipment
  19. Tools and hardware
  20. Fitness equipment

Do not consider these as being 20 niches. In each of these categories you can find several niches. For example in Electronics, there are TV’s, mobile phones, computers, electronic gadgets etc.

I strongly recommend picking a narrow niche and become an expert on those products.

Applying For the Affiliate Marketing Program at Walmart

Click the above screenshot and you will go to the actual Walmart Affiliate Marketing sign up page that looks like that. Fill in the application and submit it. Let’s assume you will be accepted.

After you sign in to the Walmart Affiliate web page you can select specific product areas and get a unique link to use for that area. You will have the option to use this link in various ways, such as banners, in pictures, in text and anything else your imagination takes you. You will use your website as the primary location to place all of this.

When a visitor clicks this link, they will be zipped of to the Walmart Online store, and to the specific product area that your link is associated with. When they make a purchase, you are credited with the commission.

If you are academically inclined, you can check out the Wikipedia Website on Affiliate Marketing

Campaigns and Ads

The most optimum and proven method to serve your website visitors is to create a series of articles, called Blogs. You can educate your visitors on the products, and help them to make a buying decision. Once they arrive at that frame of mind, they will be more inclined to click on the banners and links shown.

Campaigns come and go. Hence, you will have to stay current with what is going on at Walmart. All this information is provided at the Walmart Affiliate web page.

Walmart’s Advantage

Since Walmart has many stores located in big cities in countries apart from the US, customers will have the option of picking up their order at a store near them thereby charged nothing for shipping. Also, if the customer wishes to return the product for an exchange or refund, they can do so easily by visiting that store. Or any Walmart store for that matter.

If the customer needs their order to be shipped to them, several options at different price points are presented. Often, Walmart also offers free shipping. This usually occurs during the end of the year for the Holiday Season.

Walmart pays a commission up to 4%. This might not seem a lot, but remember, this company is a low price leader. Your earnings will all add up. Also, Walmart does sell items that cost over $100, such as outdoor furniture, car entertainment equipment and tires. You could decide to make any one of these your niche.

Let’s discuss how writing Blogs can help attract customers.

Blogs  –   How  They  Work

Please visit the manufacturers’ website and check out the product description, features and specifications. You may think that a potential customer will automatically do this by themselves. Not necessarily so.

A large percentage of customers do indeed conduct online research before making a purchase. But the majority do that by entering a query in Google rather than visiting the website of the manufacturer.

Why not do your research in the same way? But your reason will be to get different points of view from a myriad of people who have purchased those products, in order to synthesize your own opinion.

When you combine that with your visit to the manufacturers’ website, as well as others who have published reviews, your blogs will provide a far richer user experience that will result in more click throughs for purchasing.

Walmart employees have a greater opportunity to check out their niche products in the store they work in during their meal breaks as well as before and after their working hours.

They can take pictures of the products with their mobile phones and edit them for inserting within their blogs. Sure, you do not have to be a Walmart employee to do that.

Be honest, if you didn’t work there how often would you drive to Walmart to take pictures of products?

A blog is not only meant to provide your visitors with valuable information to help them make a purchasing decision, but also to construct your article for effective on-page Search Engine Optimization. For those who are not familiar with this concept lets briefly discuss it.

After you publish your initial website with your first blog, almighty Google eventually finds it and indexes your site.

On Page SEO Factors

The 10 main on-page factors that contribute to high rankings are:

  1. Keywords used that have high search volume and low competition
  2. These keywords used in the Post Title, Meta Title, and Meta Description.
  3. Blog layout must be easily readable. i.e. Short sentences and paragraphs. Black font on white background
  4. 1 Internal Link within the blog & 1 external link within the blog to an authority site
  5. Alt tags within images used in the blog with relevant keywords
  6. Rich Snippets if the article is a review
  7. Mobile friendly website theme
  8. Fast loading site
  9. URL is secure i.e. begins with https instead of http
  10. Comments in the post with owners response

One more thing. If your website is new, do not expect it to get high traffic right away. Google rewards a site that has valuable content added regularly and that each blog is about 1000 to 2000 words.

It takes time to create an authority site. The longer it exists and is active, the higher the chances Google will recognize your site as being an authority site. A lot of hard work and patience is essential to move your website and blogs to rank high.

On-page SEO is not enough to get ranked high on a consistent basis. Off-page SEO must compliment the on-page functions.

Off Page SEO Factors

  1. Enter the URL of your new post into URL Inspection located in Google Search Console. This reduces indexing time
  2. Share this link in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  3. Publicize this article in your YouTube Discussion or Community chat area
  4. Submit this URL in Bing Webmaster Tools
  5. Create videos linked back to your post with the URL in the description
  6. Let people know about your blog wherever you can

Would You Like Support To Do This?

It is possible to learn everything you need to know by yourself by searching online. Many knowledgeable individuals have posted helpful videos on YouTube. Plus, many have their own blogs providing tips.

If anything, there is an overwhelming amount of information on what to do to get high rankings on the search engines available on the Internet.

When I researched this topic, I didn’t know who to follow. And I never found any one individual who provided me all the information and guidance I needed.

Meaningful traffic is very important. It is possible to get loads of visitors who spend a few seconds on your site and leave. It is more productive to get lower traffic levels that are meaningful. You want visitors to stay awhile, checking out the information you provided to assist them to make a buying decision, by clicking your Walmart Affiliate links.

In fact, Google rewards websites that have visitors engaging with the materials they see.

Decision Time

Do you want to go it alone?

Or having a team of experts willing to train and guide you instead?

Time is money. Anything you can do to speed up the process of making money online can only be an advantage. You may be asking how can you do that?

About five months ago I was in the situation you find yourself now. I discovered Affiliate Marketing as a way to supplement my existing income. I looked at the effort needed to make it work. What would I have to do to get customers?

Then I discovered an organization founded in 2005 by two young entrepreneurs that does exactly what I was looking for. They have helped create thousands of successful entrepreneurs. How?

By creating an online university where you had access to all the training, tools and mentoring necessary to help any individual become successful in Affiliate Marketing. With any kind of niche.

They train you to build as many businesses as you wish over time. If you work at Walmart, why not start with the familiar. Once you are able to earn additional money in this way, you can branch out into any other direction you choose.

This is a way to create an online asset that will pay you over and over again devoting just a few hours a week towards it.

You’re Wondering, “Is This Going To Cost Me Anything?”

Would you believe me when I say it costs you nothing to try it out!

Yes, all that is necessary is a valid Email address. You will have access to 20 in depth lessons, great tools, two free websites and free hosting as well as a lot of other goodies you can use to get started in this amazing world of Affiliate Marketing.

You can enjoy using all these valuable resources or as long as you wish. For FREE!

If you decide you want to accelerate your progress, you can upgrade your membership to Premium anytime.

But this is totally up to you. So kick the tires. See if this can help you.

So what does it cost to upgrade?

Can I ask what do you think is a fair price to acquire the skills to use the Internet so that you could start earning a lot of extra money? With just a few extra hours a week?

And the possibility of not only replacing your income in a year to two years but the possibility to earn a six figure annual income down the road?

$100 a month? $250 a month? $500 a month?

I am talking of only $2.50 for each working day. $49 a month to be precise. That’s it. No more financial cost at all. 

Paid annually you get a discount that works out to $30 a month. That’s $1 a DAY! 

You will need to use your time to learn. After all, you are getting a university degree to learn how to harness the Internet to put money in your pocket!

If you are a part-time Walmart employee working an average of 6 hours a day, and paid about $12 an hour, your daily wage would be about $72. Of course, you could be earning more if you were a supervisor or higher.

If you think $2.50 a day is too much for you to budget, I want to show you ways to find that $2.50 without causing you any grief.

Ways To Boost Income And Reduce Expenses At Walmart

I would like to share with you what I used to do as a Walmart employee to boost income. Some of this may be obvious, and others may not.

Here’s a list below. I must like lists as this will be the third in this blog, ha!

  1. Open a 401k savings plan and contribute a small amount each pay period. This is tax deferred
  2. Contribute to your companies stock purchase plan. Walmart will match up to $2000 a year at a 15% rate
  3. When you receive bonuses, invest most of that into one of the above plans, or a savings account
  4. There were times when I was short of money for lunch but was able to buy food for $2 or less from the grocery store
  5. Do a really good job at work so that you will be in line for promotions or overtime

OK, the last one may take a while!

You should be doing the above even if you didn’t need the money to pay for your online business education.

Think about what I just recommended. Can you do that? And if you already are, think about investing in yourself.

Your Path To Freedom

I’m going to give you a choice on what to do next.

You can check out my Review of Wealthy Affiliate, the company I have been talking about to see how much this training platform has to offer. At the end of this article you can join for free to check out everything before you become a Premium Member.

If you decide to sign up, I will see you on the other side and happy to mentor you.

Please leave me your thoughts on my article and/or Affiliate Marketing with Walmart in the comments section below. I will truly appreciate it.

Of course, I will also be happy to answer any questions.

You can also send me an Email to:

I wish you all the very best in life.


8 thoughts on “Walmart Affiliate Program Review”

  1. The Walmart affiliate program is great after I listened from you I think it is more profitable than other affiliate program, I am from India and can i join the Walmart affiliate program because it is nice to hear that the program can cover multiple niches, that’s a great information.

    Good job, keep going on

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Thanks for your comments. The Walmart Affiliate Program is available in several countries around the world. However, they do not publicize which ones. USA and Canada for sure. If you want to apply, please go through the process and see what happens. I am delaying becoming a Walmart Affiliate because I already am working on something else. I wish you much success.

  2. Edwin, I really enjoyed your thorough review of the Walmart affiliate program. I hadn’t considered Walmart yet, but will have to look into it. You mentioned the affiliate application process – do you know how much experience they require to approve applicants? 

    I absolutely agree with you that it is so much better to have help as we are learning how to start and grow our online business. I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate too and highly recommend it to anyone starting out or looking for quality training and an awesome community! 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Tama, you may find it odd that I have not become a Walmart Affiliate. I am waiting till I get more experience and working on the Wealthy Affiliate SAC Program. I have a plan to sign agreements with several companies later so that I can pick the best source for any one product to offer my customers. 

      Walmart is less stringent than Amazon. I think most people who apply are accepted. If you are interested, just apply and see how it goes.

      I wish you much success.


  3. Hi! Thank you for writing this post. As a former employee of Walmart and now as a member of their affiliate program, you have so many insights of the company that it places this review in a totally different level.

    Breaking down your niche into a very small segment is helpful. And taking advantage of the fact that Walmart has stores in every big city and that customers can avoid shipping fees just by picking up their purchase at the store can be a game changer concerning sales.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Henry, glad you liked my Walmart Affiliate Program review. My approach was different from the usual ones I have seen. Many go into great detail about how large the company is and the vast number of unique items they market. I think everyone already knows that. Hence I am delighted that my approach seems to be appreciated.

      I wish you much success.


  4. Hi Edwin, I’ve been considering Walmart as my main affiliate program. Walmart is famous even worldwide, so my readers won’t feel weird if I recommend them to buy from Walmart. Thanks to your review, I have a gist about the program now. Do they accept international affiliate or just US residence? Is there any advantage using Walmart compared to Amazon affiliate program? Thanks for your information

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Thanks for your comments. Walmart offers its Affiliate Program in several countries including USA and Canada. However, they have not publicized which ones. I suggest you go through the application process and see what happens.

      They are less stringent compared to Amazon If a Affiliate sells a lot of product on Amazon they have nothing to worry about. But I know people who have not had sales who Amazon removes from their Affiliate Program with no hesitation. 

      Let me know how it goes with your application if you do pursue it.

      I wish you much success.


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