What Is Email Marketing About – In 6 Easy Lessons

You happen to have a business that is either Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. Fellow entrepreneurs and trainers may have told you to use Email Marketing to build your business. I suppose you have some idea what this is about from these interactions In this article I want to help you discover for yourself, what is email marketing about. In 6 easy lessons no less in the form of 6 webinars given by an expert in this field, Jay Neill.

Your Experience With Emails

Email MarketingLet me ask you a question. Do you get a ton of Emails every day? How do you handle that situation? People usually deal with this is the following ways:

  1. You scan through them to find Emails you are expecting – You read these and then save or delete them
  2. While scanning through, some subjects catch your attention and you hold them to check out later
  3. Emails that are blatantly spam, you delete without even opening them.

Does this sound familiar?

You may not realize it but there may be many Emails you have received because you opted into an Email list of someone who offered to regularly send you valuable information on a subject you are interested in. Does that ring a bell?

I know I am always searching for ideas from other experts that I tend to subscribe to more Email lists than I probably should. Therefore, when I receive a deluge of Emails from these legitimate sources, I cannot call them spam. What do I do?

The secret is in the Subject Line. I tend to open Emails where the subject line grabs my attention. Therein lies one huge secret of Email marketing.

But I am getting way ahead of myself. Let me get back to those 6 easy lessons where topics such as this will be covered in much more detail.

The 6 Easy Lessons You Have Got To Watch

Easy LessonsEach of these lessons is in the form of an hour long webinar that was recorded live. At the end of each session, attendees were asked to type their questions into the chat box for the Q & A sessions. Jay perused these and picked out the most helpful ones to answer live. This provided a valuable opportunity for real time interaction.

Each one of these lessons gives you vital information and usable skills you need to become successful in Email marketing. The secret is in your list. You will learn how to build your list from your website and how to use an Email Marketing company to communicate with the members in your valuable list.

Here are the titles of these webinars. Following these titles I will take each one of these and provide you with the outline for these webinars. Hence, you will get a very good idea what skills you will be learning supported with some important background information.

  1. Flow of Relevancy
  2. Building awesome landing pages
  3. Email marketing core concepts
  4. Content creation for Email marketing
  5. Building awesome opt-in pages
  6. Opt-in strategies for 2020 and beyond

Flow Of Relevancy

The following is the outline that will be covered in this webinar:

  • An Overview Of The Flow Of Relevancy
  • Understanding How The Flow Works
  • The 4 Steps Of Relevancy Flow
  • How To Automate Your Funnels
  • Create A Flow Of Relevancy Live
  • Q & A Session

Building Awesome Landing Pages

The following is the outline that will be covered in this webinar:

  • An Overview Of Landing Pages
  • Why Use Landing Pages?
  • Different Types Of Landing Pages
  • Building Your Landing Page Using Your Theme
  • Building A Landing Page Live
  • Q & A Session

Email Marketing Core Concepts

The following is the outline that will be covered in this webinar:

  • An Overview Of The Core Concepts Of Email Marketing
  • The Typical Funnel Of An Email Marketing Campaign
  • What Are You Offering In Exchange For An Email
  • Where To Effectively Place Opt-In Forms
  • Creating An Email Campaign Live
  • Q & A Session

Content Creation For Email Marketing

  • An Overview Of Content Creation For Email Marketing
  • Broadcasts vs. Campaigns vs. Blog Content For Email
  • Creating And Email Marketing Content Schedule
  • How To Set Up Blog Content Email Messages
  • Create Content For Email Live
  • Q & A

Building Awesome Opt-In Pages That Convert

  • An Overview of Opt-In Pages
  • Dedicated Opt-In Pages and Opt-In Forms
  • Using Opt-In Landing Pages From Your Autoresponder
  • Effective Form Placement Strategies
  • Let’s Build An Awesome Opt-In Page LIVE!
  • Q & A Session

Opt-In Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

  • An Overview Of Opt-In Strategies
  • The Importance Of Setting Goals And Milestones
  • 3 NinJay Strateges For Increase Opt-Ins
  • How To Track Your Opt-In Goals
  • Let’s Do Some Opt-In Strategies Live
  • Q & A Sessions

Let’s Review

Review Time

Here you have the option of signing up to these amazing training webinars. First let’s put this into perspective. I had published an introductory article entitled: The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing The main purpose was to introduce you to the following collection of 9 critical skills necessary to create a successful online business.

Each of these have been used to introduce you to valuable training webinars to help you gain the skills you will need. I suggest you read this list and tell me if this makes sense to you.

  1. How To Select A Niche Based On One Thing You Are Passionate About
  2. How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website
  3. How To Create Content To Promote The Products and Services In Your Niche
  4. How To Use Keyword Research To Rank Your Articles On The First Page Of The Search Engines
  5. How To Set Up Your Website Content For Search Engine Optimization
  6. How To Drive Traffic To Your Website And Manage It Using Funnels
  7. How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Content And Drive Traffic To Your Website
  8. How To Use Email Marketing To Build A List Of Prospects And Convert Them To Paying Customers
  9. How To Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console To Analyze Your Business For Success

Previous articles have addressed skills 1 through 7. This article focuses on the 8th one. Here is the decision you will have to make. When you click any of the webinar links in order to access them you will be encouraged to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member. When you do, you will be given the option of joining Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member.

First consider how much it would cost you to access these training courses elsewhere. It would probably be in the thousands to dollars.

With Wealthy Affiliate the subscription fee is a low $49 a month. You also have the option of purchasing an annual membership which will be like getting two months free. Once you are in, you can access every one of these webinars in this series with no additional expense required on your part.

But wait, there’s more. You will also have access to every benefit available to Premium Members. This will include all the tools and training on how to build 10 websites and have them hosted for no additional cost.

Every Friday at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time you can attend an hour long webinar given by Internet Marketing authority, Jay Neill. All these webinars are followed by a Q & A Session where you can ask questions and have them answered live. You can also benefit by questions asked by other webinar attendees.

Bonus Offer

Facebook Marketing

If you click any of the webinar titles above and sign up as a Premium Member, I will give you a Facebook Marketing training for free. Instead of using a Facebook Page to promote your business, there is another way. And it DOES NOT use paid ads or Pay Per Click techniques. Curious? Become a Premium Member and your curiosity will be satisfied.

Decision Time

You have three main options. Which one will you choose?

Option 1 – Do Nothing

If you don’t take action, you are 100% certain to fail. Often this is the path procrastinators take. It pays to be decisive in business. Consider this a test.

Option 2 – Keep Doing What You Are Doing

There is a saying that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the same results you are not happy with. Is that what you really want?

Option 3 – Start Creating Your Online Business The Right Way

Become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate and give yourself the very best opportunity to succeed. At less than a cup of coffee a day, this is a no brainer. Once you join, I will be there to help you with any questions on the training you may have as your mentor.

What Others Have To Say About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

The following budding entrepreneurs were able to achieve success by learning and using the training taught at Wealthy Affiliate. And you can too. This is a one stop shop that saves you time and money.

Read what they have to say in their own words. And you be the judge!


I joined Wealthy Affiliate 3 months ago and I have been completely blown away by what is offered here. I saw immediately the value in this program. The training and support offered here is more than I could have dreamed of. I can see I won’t be needing anything more than Wealthy Affiliate to run my online business.


I had zero marketing experience. I now do this full time from home, have paid over 35 K in hospital bills, I have tripled my income every year, and I am just getting started. 2 weeks ago my wife is now home working with me and we are solely self-employed and loving it!


Several years later I came across WA and I have now been here for over 6 years. In those 6 years, I have qualified for the WA Las Vegas conference 5 years in a row and in November 2016 I surpassed my initial monthly income goal of $5000. The following year I surpassed my next goal of $10,000/monthly.


I am Roope Kiuttu from Finland but you can call me Robert because it’s easier for foreigners! 😉

I remember the days when I was starting out here a few years ago. I didn’t know how everything works out here. I was thinking questions like:

-Are these people real?

-Can I really make a living online like they teach?

-Will the training work?

Gladly I gave this a try and I didn’t quit even though I didn’t see immediate results. I know that many people achieved to make money much faster than I did but it doesn’t matter because eventually, I made it as well.


I started internet marketing while living in China. The idea was that I could make American money while in China, and live like a King. I could make money in different time zones and, and essentially have cash flow 24/7. I didn’t realize then how well it would work.

There’s still a lot I don’t know about internet marketing, but I can say that I’ve achieved all the goals I set, and have surpassed them way beyond what I thought possible. I of course have new goals now. I am now living in the US and doing internet marketing full time.

Can You See Your Success Story Here One Day?

Success Story

Please share any comments or questions below and I will respond within a day or two.

Stay tuned for the last and 9th article in this series that discusses how to use the free Google Internet Marketing tools like Search Console and Analytics to build your business.

I wish you all the very best in life.

Edwin Bernard

P.S. I wrote this article in the Site Content area of Wealthy Affiliate. The cool thing about this is it automatically checks my spelling, grammar and sentence structure. It enables me to make corections easily. I also have access to millions of free images in the site image library that I can use for my article if I so choose. I can also add my own pictures too! Finally, my article is checked for originality before I click PUBLISH!

Just saying……


6 thoughts on “What Is Email Marketing About – In 6 Easy Lessons”

  1. Hey there, 

    Thank you for the useful tips referencing E mail Marketing. I am at that stage of building my website where I need to expand from the advertising via Facebook and Pinterest. 

    E mail marketing is really good as long as you know which direction you need to go in. The training by Jay and everyone at wealthy affiliate helps you along the way with ease. 

    Like I said I am just at that point in the training and loving every minute of it. Thanks again.

    1. Glad to hear that you are making solid progress with the Wealthy Affiliate training. You are right about Jay. As the Wealthy Affiliate Live Training Coach he does a fantastic job in teaching members how to leverage the Internet for profit. 

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey. 



  2. I would say I’m of those people who would usually save an email in archive if I feel that they’re useful and for the other spams which I somehow got, I would simply delete. But you’re definitely right on the subject line, sometimes I tend to click on those email offers even if I do not know who that sender is, email marketing is definitely a powerful tool if we can master it!

    1. Hello Riaz,

      Glad to hear you also have experienced a pull to those Emails that have intriguing tag lines. Email marketing can be very powerful when used skillfully. 

      Hence it is worth the time and effort to master it even it there is a cost involved. I look on that cost as an investment. It is the cost of doing business which in my opinion is very minimal at Wealthy Affiliate for what you get. 

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.



  3. Thank you for this overview of email marketing and all we stand to gain from it. Personally, I like email kakreting and it being a spine for my business right from time too. I like the idea of making use of it to really generate sales and to make things worthy too. Thank you for sharing this here with us all

    1. Hi Liza,

      Thanks for validating the value of Email marketing in your business building. I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.


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