What Is Social Sale Rep

What Is Social Sale Rep? The Hidden Truth Exposed!

Does earning $25 to $35 an hour appeal to you? According to Social Sale Rep, this is possible as a live chat assistant for one of many large corporations. Social Sales Rep claims that there are loads of US companies looking for freelancers to connect with customers through social media and generate business for them. Exactly, what is Social Sale Rep?

I have researched this company and will reveal the hidden truth to you in this article. You will find out if you can earn money in the way they promise.

Overview Of Social Sale Rep

  1. First, you join.
  2. Next, you go through the training
  3. There are thousands of businesses in the US looking for live chat assistants
  4. You are given access to the powerful social sale rep database
  5. Here you can apply for a live chat assistant job and earn $35 – $35 an hour

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. I’d like you to read the following screenshot from the Social Sale Rep website.

These statements are at best confusing. And at worst, misleading.

There is no database of companies looking to hire sales reps for sales purposes through live chat. It is not a job where you are paid $25 – $35 an hour as the promotional materials state below:

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

Social Sale Rep trains its members how to do affiliate marketing using social media. They do not focus on using a website to create content to reach customers organically.

The process consists of giving away free eBooks on Social Media that are intended to lead to sales. Within these eBooks, members can place their affiliate links to products and services they select to sell.

Five steps are necessary before members can earn money.

  1. Visitors who see the free eBook offer will first have to download it.
  2. Hopefully, the products promoted will be of interest to them and they will click its link.
  3. This action will take them to the vendor’s site where they will need to make a purchase
  4. Once the transaction is completed, the visitor can download the purchased product
  5. The vendor will send the member a commission

What Is The Probability The Above Will Happen

Although these five steps seem pretty straightforward. several roadblocks could sabotage the expected result.

  1. How will the visitors land on the member’s social media page? Thousands of followers are necessary for this to happen. This is a numbers game.
  2. How does the member target the right visitors? If visitors landing on their site are not interested in the product, they will ignore the offer and move on.
  3. Then there is the step of finding the products to promote. The member will need to join Clickbank and JVZoo to find appropriate digital products.

This is where those thousands of businesses reside that are looking for affiliates to promote their products. You only earn an income when succeed in achieving a sale.

This is NOT a job where they pay you by the hour. The $25 to $35 an hour is purely hypothetical. You can earn this as long as you can sell products. If you can do a very good job at it, you can earn much more.

Unless you can get a huge amount of traffic visiting your social media sites, the probability of selling anything and earning an income is very low.

The Affiliate Marketing Business Model

The basic training provided is about affiliate marketing. This is a business model where you can sell products you do not own and can earn commissions.

It’s a well-proven approach with over a million affiliates earning over $17 billion annually. Amazon Associates alone accounts for over 900,000 affiliates. Most major consumer-oriented companies augment their sales using affiliate marketing.

Social Sale Rep specializes only in digital products and software. These products can be distributed electronically which simplifies the sales process and keeps it economical.

How Does Traffic Get To See Your Free Offer?

The first step towards finding customers is to offer your social media visitors a free eBook. How can this offer work if you have little or no visitors?

The premise is that some of these early visitors will accept your free offer. In doing so, you will be able to collect their name and email address for your customer database.

As your customer base grows, Social Sale Rep will tell you that thousands of followers will happen. But when? That will depend on how hard you work in promoting your social media site.

Traffic Through Paid Ads

They encourage you to use paid ads to attract traffic. This will significantly add to your business expenses. And there are no guarantees you will get enough traffic to generate clicks and sales. The idea is to speed up this process.

For those who are on a tight budget, there is an alternative method. But first, I’d like to give you my assessment of Social Sale Rep.

Cost Of Membership

Let’s assume you want to make money the Social Sale Rep way. What will it cost to join this program? You should know that this is also an affiliate program. It is promoted on Clickbank.

Anyone who joins Clickbank can become an affiliate of Social Sale Rep and market this product. I have the option of doing that too. But I chose not to and will tell you why later.

I discovered something I found shocking. As I explored this topic within the Social Sale Rep platform, there were two sales options I could select. I’d like to share the signup page for both. Let’s discuss this after you see these two offers.

Note that these offers were created on the date and time I had applied to sign up. Hence the dates are shown.

Offer #1

This offer is a one-time fee of $27. If you happen to take this path, the original fee shown is $37. However, if you act soon, you will only have to pay $27. Note also that there is an upsell product of $9.95 if you wish to take it.

Offer #2

It appears that affiliates who want to earn residual income through a recurring monthly membership subscription could promote this offer instead.

This offer is designed to attract people using a $1 trial membership. What you don’t discover until you apply to join and get to see this order form are three disingenuous facts.

  1. The trial offer of $1 expires after three days.
  2. If you do not cancel, your credit card will be automatically charged $45
  3. This $45 will be charged monthly. Affiliates will earn $33.75 and Social Sale Rep $11.25 Each Month!

I wondered why Social Sale Rep has two distinctly different offers for the same product in its arsenal? What do you think?

Each of these offers is designed to target two different classes of customers. The first one would be those who are happy with a one-time fee.

While the second is for those who fund the $1 trial membership attractive. It is set up like a trap. If they forget to cancel, they will get charged $45 in three days. And that will continue until they cancel.

This is fantastic for the affiliate marketer who sold this option to you. I think this exposes a form of deception by the company.

It comes down to the value of a product being defined as what the customer is willing to pay for it. I once heard the phrase, in business, there is no relationship between cost and price.

The true definition of cost is what the producer of the product pays to create the product. The price is what they charge the customer.

Those of us who want to use air travel these days experience this fact acutely. The actual price the airline charges can vary by the hour! I know because I experienced this recently when I was trying to purchase a flight.


  1. They do offer a training program that teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing.
  2. You are introduced to two excellent sources of digital products you can earn commissions on
  3. It is possible to make money in affiliate marketing. People do that every day.
  4. If you feel this is not going to work for you within 60 days you can get a full refund through Clickbank


  1. The probability of you earning any money using this program is very low, even though people make money in affiliate marketing every day.
  2. You are only taught to do affiliate marketing using social media
  3. There is no customer service to call if you have problems.
  4. The company promises what sounds like an hourly paid job, and delivers something different, a sales business where you only earn money on commission. There is a disclaimer that makes it clear they are not promising that you will earn any money at all. Your success will depend entirely on your efforts. See the screenshot below.

Affiliate Program

I discovered that Social Sale Rep does an excellent job in providing affiliates with everything they need to be as successful as possible in making sales.

Click the screenshot below to see for yourself.

A pity they do not do as good a job in training its paying members to use social media to promote other products in whatever niche their members choose.

You should be aware of one more thing. Even though affiliates receive excellent tools to promote Social Sale Rep, they still need training in affiliate marketing over and above what they provide to be truly successful.

And that is to learn how to do affiliate marketing not only using social media but also by organic means.

Traffic Through Organic Means

Organic traffic is free. However, it requires you to follow a system that is outlined in the following diagram

I am sorry to tell you that Social Sale Rep doesn’t train you to develop traffic in this way. Would you be interested in knowing more about this approach and learning how to do it the right way?

I wrote a comprehensive tutorial on how affiliate marketing works. Plus how you can acquire the knowledge and skills to become very good at it through the organization that I learned from called Wealthy Affiliate. Click the banner below to access it.

What Is Social Sale Rep About

Those who have followed the training and worked hard have either become successful or are on their way to becoming successful. Would you like to join us?

If you do, I will be there to mentor you and help to keep you on the path to success.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t just take my word about Social Sale Rep. Watch the following video to see what Aaron Chen thinks. He is also a successful affiliate marketer and knows what he is talking about.

I do not recommend Social Sale Rep, even if they gave it away for free.

Why settle for a program that is skimpy and go with the one that is proven to work. If you have any questions, comments, or want more information, just let me know below.

I wish you much success in whatever you choose to make a difference in your life.



6 thoughts on “What Is Social Sale Rep? The Hidden Truth Exposed!”

  1. Wow, this sounds like a crazy bait-and-switch type of scheme and a colossal waste of time, effort, and money. I agree with you that it would be a bad idea for investment even if it were given away for free. Thanks for exposing the truth behind the bs claims. I really appreciate you helping people to understand this better so that they can avoid it and focus on better ways to earn money online!

    1. Hello Aly,

      Bait and switch is a great way to describe Social Sale Rep. When I first read about it I really believed they had a system to connect people who want to chat with customers with companies who needed such a service. 

      It was quite a revelation to find out that was far from the case. 

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. I have received a couple of promotions about Social Sales Rep so I am glad to find your article.  It seems reasonable to think that companies would like to have people host chat sites.  The flaw is that I would not know enough about the company for a long time to chat intelligently with someone.  I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a way to earn money and that this might be a legitimate part of this program.  However, there are better ways, as you have pointed out, to do this.  Thanks for the information.  You have saved me some time and a bit of money in terms of testing out this program.

    1. Well stated. Glad you liked this review about Social Sale Rep. I wish you much success in your business ventures.


  3. Hi Edwin, 

    Thanks for this detailed and truthful review of Social Sale Rep. As someone who is looking for a side job, a Social Sale Rep would seem like a perfect offer if they did deliver what they offer. Being able to log in to a database where you can support customers through a chat system when you have free time, seems like a dream.

    It also appears believable since most people these days have used online chat support systems and therefore realized that this is a very real job. However, it seems like your article exposes the fact that the job they offer is completely different. This seems dishonest. 

    Furthermore, as someone who uses the Wealthy Affiliate program, the program that they offer- sub-par affiliate training- doesn’t seem worth it by comparison to WA. I would also highly recommend WA over the Social Sale Rep affiliate program. 

    I’m glad that I didn’t waste my time on Social Sale Rep! Thank you!


    1. Hi Beth,

      Thanks for your insightful response about Social Sale Rep, I am amazed why people go for programs like this when they can do much better with companies like Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best to you.


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