What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

I wrote this article, What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO to introduce you to a unique tool. It helps you to find relevant and high ranking keywords. This is part of a series to share the benefits available to you on Wealthy Affiliate. The first article was an overview entitled: The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pro

If you have already read that then great! If you haven’t I suggest you read that first as it will give you the big picture and show you how the Keyword search tool fits in.

Each article covers the 8 menu items on the left of the Wealthy Affiliate Training Dashboard shown below starting with “Dashboard” and ending with “Help Center”. There are direct links between the overview article shown above and each of the sub articles about the menu areas.

There is no debate that the use of Keywords correctly is crucial for a Blog Post to get ranked high. If you agree that is the case, wouldn’t you want the best Keyword Research Tool to be in your back pocket? I’d like to introduce you to one of the best called Jaaxy! No surprise, Jaaxy is the brainchild of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson.

Research Engine – Jaaxy

Members of Wealthy Affiliate have a Lite version of Jaaxy for free on their Dashboard. It may be termed Lite, but it is still very powerful. I will go over the features and at the end you’ll see a link that you can try out for up to 30 Searches for free.

Here is the Jaaxy window where your research starts:

When I entered the Keyword Phrase: Affiliate Marketing training for beginners, these are the results I got. I only clicked the get QSR for those phrases that made grammatical sense. For those who are not familiar with the terms I’ll explain them here.

Keyword: A phrase that users type into search engines to find what they are looking for

Avg: The average number of searches that the Keyword receives each month

Traffic: Visits to your website if you receive 1st page rankings in the search engines

QSR: Quoted Search Results – The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword

KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Domains: .com / .org / ,net etc.

Out of these 7 categories the ones that are most important in selecting the optimum Keyword are in order of importance:

  1. QSR – this number represents the competition and should be less than 100. I prefer < 50. If you see a 0 don’t use it.
  2. KQI – Great is the only acceptable standard. This word is colored green. Normal is yellow. Bad is red.
  3. SEO – Aim for 90 or greater. If the other categories are well above minimum, dropping this to 85 is OK.
  4. Traffic – The quality of visitors is more important than the quantity. 10 visitors who buy is better than 100 who don’t.
  5. Domains – If you wish to use your Keyword for a URL, the order of preference is, .com, .net, .org
  6. Avg – Aim for greater than 100. If the other categories are really good, less than 50 is acceptable.

Results & Analysis

I came up with the Keyword, Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners. Let’s review the results Jaaxy gave us first. Then I will give you my choice.

The results I got for my selected Keyword has a QSR greater than 100. There is no .com available. My guess is there’s a lot of competition. However, the other categories are pretty good. An experienced Affiliate Marketer could handle the higher competition and this Keyword would be a good choice. Newbies should pass and go for lower hanging fruit.

Jaaxy composes a list of related Keywords that is a great feature. However, not all make grammatical sense. For example, the next one on the list ends with the word, “to”. And its QSR is 0. Avoid this one.

The third one on the list is quoted as “free”. Since this is not a free program, even though the cost is low, scratch that from the lost.

Sometimes it is effective for the Keyword to ask a question that is answered by the article. The 4th Keyword on the list is:

“What is the best affiliate marketing training for beginners?” All the categories are within the guidelines I mentioned earlier. Note that the QSR is a low 16 and the SEO a high 94? The Avg is also a reasonable number of 40. I like this one.

There are a couple more that caught my eye.

“Best Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners” and “The Best Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners”

Can you pick the best one and why, using the table above?

You’re right. The answer is the second one. All the categories are the same except for the QSR. The second one has a QSR of 37 compared to the first with a QSR of 60. When it comes to competition, the lower the competition is the better option.

Since Keywords play such an important role in rankings, it is worth spending the extra time going through the selection and analysis process to pick the best one. Sometimes, there are more than one acceptable candidates. Until you publish your post you can change your Keyword anytime. If it is taking you too long to make your decision, write the article and then return to the Keyword selection.

The Actual Search on Google

It is a good idea to also try Keywords by entering them into the search engines, especially Google. That is what people making inquiries for this topic will be doing. Then see what results pop up.

And why not look at all the posts on the front page that are not ads? This will give you an insight into the competition.

One day soon your Blog Post will be listed here. Right?

Other Factors Affecting Rankings

Even if you use a great Keyword that Jaaxy gives great results, that does not mean your post will automatically rank on the first page. There are other factors that come into play.

If your website is new, are very few articles published, Google will not consider your website an authority site. Hence, they will not give your site priority. It will rank, but not on the first page.

Another factor is the niche you have chosen. Make Money Online (MMO) is one of the most competitive topics. Your articles must provide great value to readers. And there must be many of them, like over 100. Plus, you will need to pull out all the stops in optimizing them for Search Engines.

This is where the training at Wealthy Affiliate pays off. Instead of working in the dark, your eyes will be opened so that you can meet the requirements for the best SEO.

If your niche is not competitive, it is possible to get ranked on the first page within days of publishing your article. For example, my first niche is in the legal services’ area. I was able to get ranked #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo in that way. But my second MMO niche articles have not got onto the first page yet. But I am not worried as I have less than 30 articles published on this website. Being mu first niche, my legal website has about 40 articles published.

Why Not Try Jaaxy For Yourself?

You can try out Jaaxy for free up to a maximum of 30 searches using the link below:

Please fill in the comments window at the end of this article to let me know the results of your research. Jaaxy is just one of the amazing tools, training and networking available in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

An Invitation

After reading this article you may be eager to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free, and no credit card required.

Premium Members have access to the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform for as little as $1 a DAY if you decide to pay annually. Or if you prefer to pay monthly, the subscription is $49.

There are several options to join. The recommended way is to become a starter member for FREE. No credit cart required. The main purpose of the free membership is to give you the opportunity to see how the Wealthy Affiliate training platform is set up and all the tools and training available to you.

If you decide this is not for you, there is no need to go any further. However, your free membership stays in force for as long as you want it. I better warn you of a special new member bonus!

After you join as a free member, you are presented with the option of going Premium for $19.99 instead of $49 for your first month. After your first month is over, you will be billed $49 per month. Alternately, you could transfer to the annual billing pan for $359.00. This works out to less than $1 a Day and saves you significantly. That is what I did.

If money is tight and you feel you cannot afford to upgrade yet, that is OK too. You can stay a Free Member for as long as you like. It will become frustrating after you complete your 10 Lessons out of 50 that are free in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and the first 10 Lessons out of 70 in the Affiliate Bootcamp training that are also free. You will feel handicapped since so much of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform will not be accessible to a free member.

Rather than being stuck, you can save up and when you have the funds by all means upgrade to Premium. As a reminder, Free Members do have access to a lot of benefits. Here is a comparison between Free and Premium Members:

The matrix below show you the difference between a free starter membership and a paid Premium membership:


You can get a head start and create your free account today by clicking the button above. If you have more questions you would like to ask, enter them in the comments section below and I will get back to you promptly.

The Importance Of Taking Action

When you are presented with an opportunity to change your life for the better, it is important to be decisive and take action right away. If you don’t act now, life has a way to distract us and hold us back from moving forward. Meanwhile, time will pass and you will get further away from your goals.

You have no risk in joining Wealthy Affiliate for free. So why not so that now? All it takes is to enter your Email address and you’re in. I will meet you on the other side to guide you along through your education into the world of Affiliate Marketing.

Parting Thoughts

If you feel you need to review the other sections of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform before making a decision, I fully understand and that is OK. That is different from just moving away and not taking action. I welcome you to do your homework. When you decide to join, even for free, I want you to feel you are making a commitment to the training that will make a huge difference in your life in the time to come.

Bye for now!


Note: (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link to the Merchant’s site and purchase something I may earn a commission.The price you pay will be the same if you went to the Merchant’s site directly.)

4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?”

  1. I have to agree with you here on Jaaxy. It is a seamless way to find keyword search competitors. 

    It’s all about rankings, and limiting competitors while maximizing exposure is something that we strive for as affiliate marketers. Thanks for a great explanation here. Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are highly recommended!

  2. I had heard of JAAXY through Wealthy Affiliate but had not tried it yet. This post has made me want to give it a try; mainly when I open an online store. As an entrepreneur, one must take into consideration every opportunity that is out there; this being one of many. 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      I am glad that you are considering using Jaaxy in your online business development. You may also wish to check out my review of the Affiliate Programs search tool to help you pick a niche and affiliate companies who sell the products on your list.

      Thanks Linda for your comments.


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