What Is The Importance Of Faith In Success

What Is The Importance Of Faith In Success?

If you embark on a project, you must have unshakable faith that you will succeed. If you do not, why start? The absence of faith tells you that more homework is necessary. Is this the right project for you? Are you passionate about it to do everything necessary to succeed? What is the importance of Faith in Success?

The purpose of my website is to inspire and educate those who wish to create a successful online business. You need to think like a leader. It is no accident that I named my brand, Affiliate Marketing For Leaders. (AML)


Having access to the best training and tools available at an affordable price is what empowers you with a winning edge. I discovered that alone is not enough. You will see why going through this blog series on Think and Grow Rich and what you can do to give you EVERYTHING you need to become successful.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow RichWhen I started reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for the first time in the spring of 2020, I had an A-Ha moment. I was having a reasonable amount of success. As a member of a stellar online education and business building platform I had access to all the training, tools and mentorship necessary to create a successful business.

This company has been training legions of successful online entrepreneurs for over 15 years. So many of them are earning 6 and 7 figure annual incomes.through affiliate marketing. But I have a confession to make.

I wanted to find out what changes I needed to make to the way I am using what I have to improve my results. The A-Ha moment was, the answer lay in this book.

It is commonly known that since this book was originally published in 1937, its lessons and it’s SECRET, has been instrumental in helping other entrepreneurs change their habits to improve their results. Not by a little. But immensely.

As I continued to read, it became clear why this was so. It takes a special person to convert knowledge to success. The solution is to do whatever it takes to become that special person. This book teaches how to do precisely that. Therefore, I felt compelled to share my newfound insights to help others who are serious about becoming successful online entrepreneurs.

At the end of March 2020 I commenced a book study on my blog at the site where I am being trained. This project was extremely well-received. Many members benefited by participating, And so did I. This series ended 15 weeks later on July 6th.

Since all the work was done why not write 16 corresponding short blog posts on my website with links to my online training platform blog series? That is what I am now doing. And this is my 4th article about the chapter on Faith.

Have Faith In Your Abilities


Click the following picture to get to the complete blog post. You can read all of it there. While there, you will receive a pop up form to sign up to evaluate this training platform with no cost to you. No credit card is required. This is a great way to see what I have been referring to in this and in all my Think and Grow Rich posts on this website.

I wish you much success in finding out the secret hidden in Think and Grow Rich and using it to make a huge difference in your life for the better.


Edwin Bernard

Click this picture to get to my Think and Grow Rich Blog on FaithThink and Grow Rich - Faith

4 thoughts on “What Is The Importance Of Faith In Success?”

  1. Juma John Jongu

    I need to read this Think and Grow Rich book too. I have put it on hold several times. 

    I started reading it a year ago and  I stopped. I am just waiting for my couple of website to mature and when I start earning double my income, I will just become a book warm. Thank you very much for the reminder buddy.

    1. Hi Juma, 

      Thanks for your comment. I can relate about procrastinating on reading this book. I hope you don’t mind asking you a question to put things into perspective. 

      If you wanted to run the marathon would you enter the race first first and then train for it? Or would you first train and they enter the race.

      It is very commendable that you are working on making your two websites double your income. How would you like to speed up that process and give yourself a better chance to achieve that goal? Read the book first and the lessons in it will propel you to success much faster than if you didn’t read the book. I’m not kidding. 

      Of course this is only a suggestion. But a strong one ha! 

      I wish you much success in your online businesses. 



  2. Hello my friend, 

    I must say you have made a lot of sense In this awesome article. For me I would say faith is very important when it comes to success as without it one would achieve a lot lesser than the expected….but it all deals or boils down to how it is applied.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Well stated. We have to believe that we can do the job. And also pray for guidance from above.



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