What Is The Right Mindset For Success

Are you aware how much your mindset influences the success you achieve? Let’s get straight to the point. When you start an online home based business like Affiliate Marketing, what do you think has the greatest impact on whether you succeed or fail? In other words, what is the right mindset for success?

The niche you have chosen? How well you get trained? How hard you work? The quality of your website? The connection you make with your visitors? I could go on.

They ALL have an influence on your outcome. But the greatest one is your MINDSET. Because in order to do all the things I listed above, your mind must direct your actions to not only do those things, but to do them really well!

I have said before that the path to being successful in Affiliate Marketing is like a marathon. What do marathon runners do? They do everything to make sure their mind is in the right place. In other words they must have the right mindset.

What actions should you take to ensure your mind is working at its peak performance to give you the mindset you need?

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Eat Nutritious Food

You should know this but it is worth driving home. Eating healthy and nutritious food has a direct impact on your health and well-being. And that influences how clearly you think and focus. There is a lot to do in setting up your Affiliate Marketing business so you need to arm yourself with every advantage possible. And this is one of the areas you must give attention.

Take up cooking. The Internet if filled with recipes of delicious nutritious food that is very affordable. If you think fruits and vegetables are expensive, buy them from the 99 cents store. I do that all the time. Make sure you consume them while they are still fresh.

If you find it difficult and time-consuming to select the right foods, I recommend taking quality multi vitamin supplements. You should be doing this anyway as even nutritious food does not meet all the requirements of our daily nutritional needs.

Get Adequate Sleep

How quickly do you take to fall asleep? If you are at peace with the world and your life, it is more easy to fall asleep quickly. On the flip side, if you are not at peace with the world and your life, your mind will wander all over the place and it may take a while to fall asleep.

It helps a lot if you plan at least six hours of sleep a night. Eight is preferred. However, if you can fall asleep fast, six is perfectly fine.

Before you retire for the night, plan your tasks for the next day and write them down. If you have any unsolved problems jot those down too. This has the effect of programming your mind so that it can work towards finding solutions while you sleep. The brain does amazing things when you are sleeping. Take advantage of using your sub-conscious.

When you awake you will feel well rested, and ready to take on the challenges of the day. You will be in a happier state of mind and your productivity will increase.

What time do you set aside to work on your Affiliate Marketing business? My preferred time is at then end of the day when everything else is peaceful. You will also be more productive during the hour or two you devote to your own online business.

Become and Stay Physically Fit

The more physically fit you are the less chance you have of being sick. Being sick means less time to work on your Affiliate Marketing business. You definitely do not want to fall behind in this important activity. After all, your objective is to replace the income from your day job with that from your Affiliate Marketing business. Guess what you can do then. FIRE YOUR BOSS!

One of our shortcomings in life in general is we take action far too often before spending the time to think things through. We have got so used to using Google search to solve any problem we may have that we are losing the art of using our minds to consciously think. At first, it will seem strange giving yourself time to think. It may even require discipline to stay focused while thinking,

There is nothing wrong in using technology to solve our problems. However, take that extra step to think what is the best and most efficient way to use that technology to help you solve your problems. What has this got to do with staying physically fit?

By staying healthy instead of feeling sick, you will have more time to devote to thinking.

Handle Stress Effectively

Stress! Just seeing the word triggers shivers through by body. Stress in today’s world seems to be accepted as a normal way of life. So much pressure is applied to us at work, in our homes and in our cities. The problem gets worse. Stress leads to pain. Both mental and physical pain.

In order to compensate for stress, we tend to do things that are even more destructive to ourselves. We get prescriptions pain killers from our doctors that are often dangerous opioids. As humans, we want the path of least resistance. Are there better ways to handle and neutralize stress? Of course there are.

For one thing, if we take the steps to eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep and stay physically fit, these actions will go a long way to overcome stress. By conditioning our minds to take a different perspective on life, we can put the things that create stress into a different perspective.

When we feel overwhelmed, the first thing we should do is stop what we are doing. Take deep breaths. As we exhale, think of that as the way our stress is being released.

We cannot control the actions of others. But we can control our own actions. Instead, thinking of ourselves as a victim, think of ourselves as problem solvers. It is easy to make a situation seem worse that it is. If it is not under our control, then let it go. Using meditation and deep breathing, we can significantly minimize stress.

It all comes down to mindset! When we truly believe we can set our priorities in the right order of importance, it will feel that a weight has been removed from our minds. Let’s take care of the important stuff first and let the less important ones wait until we have cleared the important tasks from our slate.

If you do not own a cat or a dog, get one. Science has shown that cat and dog owners suffer from less stress and live longer. Check out what the National Institute of Health  has to say on this subject.

Another cause for stress is not having enough money to pay our bills. There seems to be more month left over when our money ends. Since you have decided to pursue a home based business like Affiliate Marketing, making that a success will go a long way to reducing stress in your life.

Stress cannot be removed from our lives entirely, Some stress may even be good. It lights a fire under us and forces us to think more clearly to find solutions. Have you discovered unique ways to reduce stress in your life? If so, please share that in the comments section below.

Stay Focused and Create A Business Plan

The purpose of this blog is more on making sure your body is healthy so that you can make good decisions. However, a good mindset will also help you to stay focused and help you have a clear vision where you want to go. My previous blog about how to be successful in an online business will give you pointers in this vital area. Hence I am not going to go into details here. I strongly recommend you click this link and check out that blog. And off course, I’ve love to hear comments and questions in the comments area below when you read it.


I would love to know what you’ve tried before to help you earn passive income and what level of success you’ve had with them. What did you learn of value from my Home Based Business Blog?

My fervent wish for you is that you develop a paradigm shifting change in your mindset that will also improve the quality of your life. I wish you all the success in creating your online business that will make you truly free. It would be an honor and a privilege if in a meaningful way I could help you in your marathon.


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12 thoughts on “What Is The Right Mindset For Success”

  1. This is a very helpful post.

    Many people underestimate the significance of mindset towards achieving success. They are always looking for the next best strategies and tools.

    I have personally struggled with stress for many years. I always thought that once I achieve success, my stress would be lifted, not realizing that it is actually the other way around. If I can manage my stress better, I am in a better position to go after the things I want in life. 

    Eating well, having adequate sleep and engaging in physical activities certainly helps and I will be paying more attention to these to improve my mental strength.

    1. Joe,

      I felt so gratified that you got the point I was making. Like you, I also felt that way. Better late than never.

      I wish you much success in your online business.



  2. Hello,     

    I just wanted to thank you for this post.  For the longest time I was simply focused on technique, building my knowledge and results but I never considered my health as part of the equation.

    I recently changed up my diet and started eating much healthier.  It took a little time to get over cutting out some of the craving items like bread but I found low-carb alternatives and I don’t miss them any more.

    Sadly, exercise is still something I haven’t really latched onto yet.  Sleep, I have in the bag.

    I’ve noticed improvement overall so it’s definitely working.

    Thanks again for sharing this,


    1. Hi Scott, 

      I loved that you could validate my recommendations with the changes you have made in your life. Your response was perfect! 

      I wish you much success in your online business too. 



  3. I love the overall look and feel of the website!  

    There’s a typo in the paragraph immediately after the picture of the woman sleeping.  It says,  “How quickly do you gall  asleep” rather than “fall asleep.” The spell checker won’t pick up on errors like this because “gall” is a word.  Similarly,  it won’t pick up on errors such as the difference between “write” and  “wrote” (you have “wrote” in the same paragraph instead of “write.” 

    That’s all I have time to read now,  but I will be sure to revisit your site tomorrow! Overall,  it’s a great site,  though! 

    1. Hi Tom, I was so glad that in addition to your comments you gave me feedback on my spelling errors. 

      I was editing that article on my iPad, going against everything I believe about writing articles. I prefer to use the desktop. Hence I missed those. I made the corrections immediately after reading your response. 

      Thanks for liking the overall look and feel of my website. I have set up a menu system to organize my posts in a logical fashion. So the reader can access them chronologically under my Home Page, that is essentially a blog post roll, as well as through the menu for articles related to those titles. I will be adding more as I go along.

      The theme I use, screenr, doesn’t allow me to change font size. So my menu fonts are smaller than I would have liked. 

      Thanks once again for your helpful comments.


  4. Thanks for this informative article. A proactive approach to build your mindset is to clearly see where you want to go. Seeing a vision, images describing your end result clearly in your minds eye, will create a strong pull towards this end result. Then go on and break down your vision into goals. Learn and adapt from your own experience and always try to look deeper for the real reason if results aren’t coming forth.

  5. Hi Edwin.

    Thank you for sharing this post which was about What Is The Right Mindset For Success. It is nice to read your post. You have mentioned to eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep, become and stay physically fit, handle stress effectively and also the description about these. Your post is really very helpful and I believe that your post will help many people to set their mind for success.

    Thank you again for this helpful post and I will share this post to others.

  6. I can fully relate to what you said about success is much like forming a plan to run a marathon as I am a veteran of over 30 marathons. I have tried other affiliate marketing schemes without much success. I was the owner of a Site Build It website. 

    They were perhaps far ahead of their time as even ten years ago they stressed the importance of quality content in your posts. However, they did not have anywhere near the scope of training that was needed to succeed. They were also a bit rudimentary in their technological ability to help keep a website up and running.

    I totally agree that fitness, sleep, and nutrition is crucial for success. Not just success in affiliate marketing, but life itself. At 70 years old I have long since ended my amateur endurance athlete career, but have adopted the lifestyle I learned over three decades. Fitness and nutrition are still very important to me.

    So is what I learned over the years when it comes to sticking with challenges and following through until you succeed.

    Thank you for this post.

    1. Ray,

      It is refreshing to find like minded individuals in Affiliate Marketing especially at WA. I wrote this post following a related one called, How To Be Successful In An Online Business

      Another responder thought it was necessary to solve ones financial problems first in order to relieve stress. It made sense to him to find out it is the other way around. In order to be successful, you need to work on oneself. Including minimizing stress in ones life so that it becomes possible to think clearly.

      Thanks for your input. I wish you all the success in the world.


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