What Is The Think And Grow Rich Secret – Can It Work For You?

Have you read the iconic book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich? In this first article on Think and Grow Rich I will provide an overview of this book and introduce you to the 15 chapters when combined, reveals an important secret critical to creating wealth. You can use this wealth to enhance the lives of others as well as yourself. This secret is not stated directly. It is meant to jump out to you when you least expect it. What is the think and grow secret. Can it work for you?

What Does Wealth Mean To You?

But first, what does being rich mean to you? Would having the money to buy a luxury car like the Ferrari below cut it? Being rich means different things to different people. Please comment what rich means to you and how it could change your life.

It is hard to imagine Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937. Napoleon Hill was inspired by Andrew Carnegie to write this book that took 20 years to complete.

He proceeded to interview the business tycoons of his day like Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller, who had what was necessary to build business empires and create enormous wealth.

They used the secret in this book to change the lives of everyone for the better, well into the future. Our lives were forever changed by the utilization of steel and the manufacturing of affordable automobiles.

These tycoons all had this one trait in common – they used the secret to achieve success. You have to make this discovery yourself as you read the book. As I read the book, the secret was revealed to me. It will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive it. Not before.

I cannot tell it to you as it will seriously ruin your experience of discovery. Personal discovery is essential for you to gain the full benefit of the lessons taught in these 15 chapters.

The Secret – Teaser Hints

Would you like a hint? That I can do. Everything starts with your thoughts. You must figure out exactly what you want in life and fuel your desire to own it. This has to be extremely strong. Once you go through this path successfully, the rest will occur naturally to guide you towards reaching your goal.

Suffice to say that the principles taught about how to accumulate wealth today in 2020 applied in the same way as in the early part of the 20th Century. In fact, all successful individuals in history followed these principles in their own way, as they form the foundation to the Universal Laws of Success.

I wrote a series of Blog Posts as part of a Mastermind group in the online business training platform I am a member of. This was a book study where other members shared their experiences and thoughts with the group. The purpose was to learn from each other.

Introduction To The Series

Napoleon Hill had an introduction in the book, entitled A Word From The Author, followed by 15 chapters. Hence, I wrote 16 blog posts where members could read and comment.

Click the book on the left to see a brief video introduction to Think and Grow Rich. Google will inevitably throw in an ad. Click out of it when able to get to the intro video.

The information the members shared was extremely helpful to get a better understanding of the many paths to success.

Education alone on how to achieve something of value will not result in success. It takes dedication and hard work to take the actions necessary to be successful. We need to instill the right habits to make that knowledge work.

That is why there are so many personal development gurus who have evolved over the years. They know this fact and have written books and developed courses to train people to instill these habits in order to succeed.

Think and Grow Rich was a pioneering work in this quest. All subsequent books on personal development were in many ways inspired by this book.

If you asked the authors like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Robert Kiyosaki if they read this book, without exception they would say they have.

Since Think and Grow Rich was written in a different era when computers and the Internet didn’t exist, and the successful industrial titans forged businesses in steel, automobiles and finance that are old school. new opportunities to communicate with modern entrepreneurs arose for these modern motivational gurus.

Nevertheless, Napoleon Hill, even his name Napoleon is old school, wrote in a language very easy to read and easy to understand concise chapters, that his work has withstood the passage of time. It will help you develop the habits you need through exercises he lays out in a form easy to implement.

Let me be clear. When I say easy to implement, you have to do the work. It only becomes easy if you have a strong enough desire to get what you want.

This doesn’t have to be only money. It could be about earning a degree. Loose weight. Becoming accomplished in playing a musical instrument. Competing a marathon race. You name it. The lessons in this book will help you achieve it. Even if your goal is to attract a partner in life.

Don’t you think that the Table of Contents of Think and Grow Rich shows you the qualities you need to be successful in life?

A Word From The Author – Read this when you get the book

Click the following links to get to the posts on this website related to each of these Chapters. There are 15 of them. Each contains a valuable lesson to help you make the most of creating an online business that will in time pay you passive income. No matter how much you know, it is critical to develop the self discipline and work ethic to succeed.

Chapter I – Thoughts Are Things

Chapter II – Desire

Chapter III – Faith

Chapter IV – Autosuggestion

Chapter V – Specialized Knowledge

Chapter VI – Imagination

Chapter VII – Organized Planning

Chapter VIII Decision

Chapter IX – Persistence

Chapter X – Power Of The Master Mind

Chapter XI – The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation

Chapter XII – The Subconscious Mind

Chapter XIII – The Brain

Chapter XIV – The Sixth Sense

Chapter XV – The Six Ghosts Of Fear

The title of my domain is Affiliate Marketing For Leaders. Knowledge on how to create an affiliate marketing business alone is not enough to become successful. It is crucially necessary to create a winning plan and to follow your plan expeditiously to achieve success in the timeline you have chartered.

When you read Think and Grow Rich, and do what it tells you without fail, success is almost guaranteed. I say almost, because there are always factors beyond our control that can force you to modify your plan.

I shall be writing one post per chapter with links to my Training Platform Blog. Over there you can read more about this book study, chapter by chapter along with valuable comments by other members. In this way you will get deeper insights into this book.

You can unlock this wealth of knowledge by clicking the picture below. On the other side a world of opportunity will be available to you. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments section at the end of this article.

Since this book was published, it has inspired countless individuals to become hugely successful entrepreneurs. Think and Grow Rich has also formed the basis of countless of motivational and self help masters in the decades following.

Wouldn’t you like to join that success club?

After you truly absorb the lessons taught in these 15 chapters, you will gain a significant edge that will propel you to achieve your goals. Not only in creating wealth, but also in anything else you desire in life.

I wish you all the success in the world. Godspeed!

Edwin Bernard

2 thoughts on “What Is The Think And Grow Rich Secret – Can It Work For You?”

  1. I absolutely believe that it is finally time for me to read Think and Grow Rich as I’ve been postponing it for a while. I started reading it several times and stopped. Hopefully, it won’t take 20 years for me to read it as it took the writer to finish the writing. 

    Anyways, I 100 % believe that when you master your mind you get to master your life too. Think and grow rich like many other books that belong to nowadays “Popular psychology” list truly teaches you how to find, focus, and fuel your goals in life. I love this 3F Find, Focus, and Fuel 🙂 

    Thanks for reminding me of this book, I am definitelly going to take this article as a “sign”. 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Sunny,

      You are very prophetic about the 20 year time span. I had bought this book about 20 years ago and lost it never having read it. Of course I knew that it was an iconic book as so many business organizations I joined over rhe years recommended it, among others. 

      When I found it recently I used it as a prop for my monitor. Don’t ask me why. That was pure stupidity. One day, about 18 weeks ago I was staring at this book, pulled it out from under my monitor and started reading it. 20 years later, ha!  

      I liked it so much I decided to write a blog about it and ask if any other members of Wealthy Affiliate would like to do a book study with me. We would read one chapter a week and share notes in my weekly blog series. That ended a week ago with many members expressing disappointment that it had come to an end. 

      Since I had devoted a lot of effort in that series and enjoyed the responses I received each week, I thought about sharing it with visitors who may drop by my Affiliate Marketing For Leaders website. 

      I have started writing introductory articles for each chapter including the Forward, with affiliate links to my respective blog posts on Wealthy Affiliate. This article you commented on has a link to the introductory post on Wealthy Affiliate. I used this first post there to add all the links to the 15 blog posts on the respective chapters. 

      If you wish to check that out I would be delighted. Happy to hear you decided to read the book. It may be helpful after you read each chapter to go to my blog post that addresses that chapter to see what I wrote as well as the responses of the other members. You will vet a multidimensional perspective of this book. 

      Thanks for commenting on this post. I wish you much success in life. 



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