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You have some big dreams. What are they? But you have a problem. You need money in order to achieve your dreams. What have you been trying to make the money you want? Do you even know how much money you need?

All you know is you have got involved in many money making schemes and nothing seemed to have worked. Worse, you may have lost money. You may have even got into debt to pay others who promised that their programs would make you wealthy.

None of that worked. You may even be in despair. This website is for you. I will show you there is a way you can succeed. Without breaking the bank.

Welcome to my website where you will find some real ways you can make money online. You will learn how to create your own website to earn money 24/7. Even while you sleep!

Website Content

Here you will find valuable information showing what you must do in order to be successful online.

Click the EDUCATION menu at the top to access Training and Tutorial sub-menus where you will find information on what you need to do and how to do it to help you earn the money you need. Working part time from home, using your computer.

Equally as important you need to know what other money making opportunities are available on the Internet. What work. What doesn’t. And which ones are scams. I have devoted countless hours on research and created the REVIEWS section in the menu above where you can find these articles. They are categorized under the following sub-menus;

  • MMO (Make Money Online Opportunities)
  • Affiliate Networks (Source for companies who offer affiliate programs – more on this later)
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
  • Scams

When you click REVIEWS, the above 4 categories will appear in pull down menus. In turn, clicking them will reveal further pull down menus where the articles are listed. Clicking any of these will take you to the relevant article.

The more facts you know the better you will be armed to make an informed decision.

Clicking the Blog Roll menu at the top, will take you to a page where every article I have written under the above categories are listed chronologically with a summary below. I am constantly adding more posts to this site weekly. You are welcome to bookmark my website and keep returning to see what new articles I have published.

I invite you to leave me your name and Email address in via the CONTACT menu above and I will inform you when I release new articles. There is a strict Privacy Policy in place. I am obliged by law not to share your Email with anyone else.

There are links on my website that you may click if you wish to purchase an item, If you do, you will be directed to those companies websites, like Amazon for example, where you can make your purchase.When you do, I will earn a small commission. The cost to you will be no different than going directly to those company’s websites.

Affiliate Marketing

My website focuses on a specific method of making money called Affiliate Marketing.

What follows is a brief description of Affiliate Marketing. The Training section of this website goes into much more detail. Let me summarize it using the diagram below followed with text that explains further each of the three main components highlighted in yellow.

How does affiliate marketing work


As you read the following explanation, please link the bold words to the associated names in the diagram above.

You, called the PUBLISHER, creates a website to promote a vendors products, The reason why you would be called the publisher is you will have written an article on your website that promotes a product or service you have an interest in.

A CUSTOMER who is searching on the Internet for a product or service lands on your website. The reason is you wrote an article where you reviewed this item, It was an honest review that described the pros as well as the cons. You put yourself in your customer’s shoes and helped them make a decision whether this item was right for them. Or not.

If they decided to purchase, your customer clicks an affiliate link to the website of the VENDOR where they can buy it. When this happens, the Vendor will pay you a commission.

Naturally there are skills you will need to learn to make this happen. That is precisely the purpose of this website. And why I named it:

I feel you want to do something to change your life for the better. Right? That says a lot about you. In my book, you are a leader. Because that’s how leaders think. Leaders are proactive. They want to set their own path. Leaders take action.

That is why I consider you a LEADER. And the reason behind the name, Affiliate Marketing For Leaders!

There are scores of articles in my website. Each is written to attract people searching the internet in different ways on how to make money online. Let me cut through the chase and give you the link to a specific article to start with. Is that OK with you?

Click the title below: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What Is The Best Home Based Business!

You May Be Asking When Can I Start?

The best time to start your affiliate marketing business is now.

You may be an individual who doesn’t want to wait any longer to get started creating your own money making website. There is a way for you to start for free. This is what you can do:

  1. Click the Big Free Starter Membership Banner below.
  2. Review all the information in this page, including the pull down menus.
  3. If you like what you see, click the Sign Up button at the top right.
  4. You will be directed to a comparison chart between the Free Starter Membership and the Paid Premium Membership.
  5. Select the one you want, fill in the blanks, and click the Create Your Account green button
  6. Complete your application.
  7. Once inside, I’ll know you have joined and I’ll meet you there.
  8. You’ll receive welcome messages from the owners, two amazing individuals, Kyle and Carson
  9. Create your profile (You will be shown where and how)
  10. Start your lessons and learn how to create your own website.

Time is valuable. If you start right now you will be getting a head start. If you are not sure, by all means check out the article.

What Is The Best Home Based Business

OK You are ready to start. GREAT! Click the banner below and proceed as explained above.

Thank you for reading this article. I know that your time is valuable. My goal is to continue to under-promise and over-deliver.

See you on the other side.

Your friend and future mentor.

Edwin Bernard


2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing For Leaders

  1. Matt Lin Reply

    Hi Edwin,

    I think people whoever landed on this page could get what he/she likes to know from you. It’s straightforward and easy to understand.

    I am interested in how to get my articles on page 01 on Google, so I am glad you mention it up here. I can’t wait to explore the secrets inside your blog roll to find the online treasures. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this precious information again! I do have one question for the online training platform in the last paragraph. It has fresh video, tutorials, courses, instant help & support, but I still cannot understand how they are going to help people succeed in affiliate marketing. Is it possible that you leak some secrets here first?

    Would love to hearing from you very soon,

    • Edwin Bernard Post authorReply

      Glad to hear from you Matt. You asked me what secrets can I leak to become successful in affiliate marketing. There is truly only one. IT is to forget about making money and focus instead on helping others solve problems using the products and services you are passionate about. At first that may seem altruistic. In reality, it is selfish. Because when you help others solve their problems they reward you by purchasing what you promote.

      Everything else, important though they are, comes second.

      I hope this helps. All the best to you.



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