What Companies Offer Affiliate Programs -Try This Time Saving Search Tool

I wrote this article What Companies Offer Affiliate Programs – Try This Time Saving Tool as part of a series to show how you can learn to earn money online from the training on Wealthy Affiliate. The first one was an overview entitled: The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pro

If you have already read that then great! If you haven’t I suggest you read that first as it will give you the big picture and show you how the Affiliate Programs search tool fits in.

What approach do you use when you want to find affiliate marketing companies that provide products and services for your niche? You probably reached out to Google.

Factors For Selecting An Affiliate Marketing Company

Are you aware of all the factors you need to consider when you pick an Affiliate Company? Let me give you a checklist:

  1. Countries the program is available in
  2. Your preferred payment method
  3. Network fee or no network fee
  4. Automatic approval, yes, no or either?
  5. Commission, Dollar and Percentage Range
  6. Approval Ratings
  7. Ability to create multiple filters

I am not surprised if many Affiliate Marketers make their selection blindly. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Wealthy Affiliate has developed a tool to help you find the best Affiliate Programs available just for you. Let me show you this new tool. This is one of the select, valuable benefits that is only available to Premium Members.

Affiliate Programs Tool – Launched in 2019

How to use this tool is pretty much self-explanatory. It comes with several pre-selected programs listed under the following categories:

  1. High Commissions
  2. High Percentage
  3. Top Rated

Notice the search window above where you can enter any Affiliate Marketing program and the system will provide you with a short list of the best.


Of course you could apply a filter to select each of the categories from 1 to 6 above to narrow down your search. I’d like to show you what my filter looks like:

In order to see all the countries I selected I would have to scroll down that window so you can see the rest. I’m not going to do that as I feel you get the idea.

See the word All with the down arrow in the small box at the top left? I’m going to click that to show you what happens.

By selecting a niche you’re interested in you can filter down the search further. If you want quick answers you have a list of popular Affiliate categories to select from:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Department Store Affiliate Programs
  • Accessories
  • Everything to do with Women

Then there are popular Keywords:

  • Supplements
  • Education
  • PC
  • Training
  • Small Business
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Home Decor

And even down to specific items such as:

  • Coats
  • Shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Sunglasses

When you click on any of these, a whole slew of Affiliate Programs will appear before you with the commissions they pay, and how they send you the money, plus the network they are associated with like Clickbank, Awin, CJ etc. Here is a snapshot of Supplements:

With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions quickly.

Let’s look at another niche, Luxury Hotels and see what pops up:

This is only the start of some amazing searches you can do. The last one I will show you are Affiliate Programs that pay high commissions:

Ease of Use

You have a lot of options on how you use the Affiliate Programs tool. There are done for you searches. And you can do your own. Each search can also be set up to use different filters. The ease if use is incredible.

Once you find an Affiliate Program you like, you can sign up for it with a click of your mouse. You’ll get your link and be on your way to earning Affiliate income.

The traditional way would have been to conduct multiple searches on Google as well as on the various companies websites to see if they have an affiliate program. Once you find one you need to select their application to fill out. All of this makes it a multi step process.

When you use the Affiliate Programs tool at Wealthy Affiliate, you will discover a whole new world of opportunity open to you along with the ease of selecting and signing up for those programs.

Would this be worth $1 a DAY to you?

The Affiliate Programs tool fits into the big

The Big Picture

Wealthy Affiliate has looked at the Big Picture and saw a giant jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces that had to be found to solve the puzzle. Over the past 14 years they have been solving this puzzle piece by piece. And the Affiliate Programs tool is the latest piece of the puzzle.

I have provided you with this Big Picture in my overview The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pro Can I ask you a favor?

Tell me what you think about the Wealthy Affiliate Program and in what ways it can help you achieve your dreams in the comments section below.

The Big Question

No matter how good the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools are, you cannot benefit from them until you join our community.

The community is one thing I have not discussed much yet. There are over 1,500,000 members of which thousands are on the platform every day. You can interact with your peers as well as communicate with more experienced members who are always willing to help you.

If you have a question, you can write it in the Questions windows at the top. A list of possible answers will drop down. I will be going into this valuable asset in my next and final Blog of this series focusing on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

The last two menu items in the Dashboard are Live Chat and Help Center. Both of these come into play where you can ask for help on any topic in Affiliate Marketing, and experienced members will pay it forward by answering your question.

Have you taken any other courses on the subject of building a business online? This covers a wide range of possibilities from marketing your own skills, making and selling your own products, giving webinars on topics of interest to others, or entering the world of Affiliate Marketing. This is where Wealthy Affiliate excels at.

The big questions is will you join us? Click the banner below and enter your Email address to join for free. If you have questions, write them in the comments section below and I will get back to you promptly.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Edwin Bernard


Note: (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link to the Merchant’s site and purchase something I may earn a commission.The price you pay will be the same if you went to the Merchant’s site directly.)

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  1. Passive income is some of the best income out there. There’s nothing better than making money while at another job, while on vacation, or even while sleeping! Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms and communities out there. There is so much support whether it’s from tech or the community. I encourage all who haven’t heard to check out the links to see what it’s all about!

    1. Edwin Bernard

      You got the right idea Pentrental about earning a passive can make all the difference in the world.

      I wrote an overview on Wealthy Affiliate and would like to hear what you think?



  2. This is a super handy tool for finding suitable affiliate programs that are available for your niche. I have not used it yet, so was glad to find this review of the tool. Anything that automates my processes is something that is of interest to me. This one will help a lot.

    I like the ease of navigation and the intuitive approach they have taken with designing the tool, and I am sure that companies looking for affiliates must be clamoring to get added to the list of approved affiliates that are listed. Over time, this tool will become more and more powerful. 

    One of the reasons I stay with Wealthy Affiliate and will not leave is that they are continually upgrading the platform and adding new features that make starting and growing your online business easier. This affiliate program search tool is yet one more example of this. 

    Have you used the tool much as of yet? I know it is fairly new, and now that I have an idea on how to use it, I will be trying it out soon. Thanks for the good review and guide, it has helped me a lot. I look forward to getting started… 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Dave, I am glad you brought up the fact that Wealthy Affiliate constantly works to find out how they can improve their platform. 

      In my overview of Wealthy Affiliate, I summarized the featured and benefits of all the sectors on the platform. If you have the time I would much appreciate it if you what you thought of my overview.


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