BTMA Wealth Builders Club Review – Is This For You?

Have you invested in the stock market? If so, what has your results been? And if you haven’t, would you like to do so? Is there anything holding you back? I am going to give you hope that you don’t have to dive in all by yourself. In this post I am going to do a comprehensive BTMA Wealth Builders Club Review – So you can decide Is this for you?

There are many concerns towards investing in the stock market. The biggest concern can be summed up by this one question: Will I make money or loose money if I buy a specific stock? When we use our hard-earned money to buy shares in a company, of course we want it to grow with time so that we make a profit. Another big question is what company’s should we buy shares in? There are literally thousands of companies listed in the Stock Market.

It is a daunting task to figure out what to pick. Of course, you could learn how to interpret a company’s balance sheet. And look at its history and quarterly reports. To some, that activity could be very interesting. What about you?

Even if you did enjoy that task, can you imagine how long it would take to find the best stocks to invest in?

When I had a conversation with a stock broker many years ago, the words he said that resonated with me was never forget to take some profit from the stocks one owns.

This begs the follow up question, what control do we have as stock investors to insure we make enough profit to actually make enough profit to take some profit?

Read on to find out if joining the BTMA Wealth Builders Club will do it for you.

5% in 14 Days

BTMA Wealth Builders Club Review

Name: Beat The Market Analyzer (BTMA) Wealth Builders Club


Price: $14 for 14 days initial membership – $47/month thereafter

Owners: Grant Gigliotti

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

BTMA Wealth Builders Club Overview

Grant Gigliotti is the creator and founder of the Beat The Market Analyzer Stock Analyzer software. I wrote a review about the BTMA Stock Analyzer. This is a smart piece of software that Grant wrote that helps analyze thousands of companies within seconds and provides a list of the performance of these companies. Anyone can review this data and pick the best stocks to invest in using the parameters that Grant provides based in the Benjamin Graham Formula. This is what Warren Buffet uses to pick stocks.

Wouldn’t you say that what is good enough for Warren Buffet should be good enough for us? By following his university professor and mentor, Benjamin Graham’s advice has made Mr. Buffet one of the most successful investors of all time.

In its essence, he picks quality companies and buys them at bargain prices.

Of course, you can now find these stocks yourself using the BTMA Stock Analyzer software. What if you also had an option to be spoofed by Grant Gigliotti a list of stocks every day that he buys? WIth information on what stocks to buy, at what price to buy them at?

You can. To get a summary of how this works, click the video below:

Warren Buffet for the most part uses the buy and hold strategy. But he also has exceptions. Recently he has sold many companies. The airlines have not been doing well lately. Their prospects while the COVID-19 Pandemic is in progress is suffering. It looks that it will be awhile before that sector recovers. Hence, Warren Buffet divested his holdings of airline stocks at a loss.

When Grant Gigliotti buys stocks, he also may not buy and hold either. Just after buying a stock he sets a sell price at about 5%. And when a stock sells, he immediately reinvests the funds into another stock.

In this way, he uses the law of compounding to maximize his profits in the short term. In this way, he is able to beat the S&P 500, 85% of the time. Wouldn’t you like to get stock recommendations where you can copy what he does?

Well you can by joining the BTMA Wealth Builders Club. Click this link to get more details as well as examples of stock buy and sell performance where he uses the BTMA Stock Analyzer software.

Should you join? Let me go over the Pros and Cons to help you make that decision. Then I will provide you with my recommendation.

Pros & Cons


  1. You get solid recommendations you can act on right away
  2. It removes the stress of figuring out what stocks to buy
  3. It saves you valuable time
  4. You have the personal mentorship of Grant Gigliotti
  5. The Wealth Builders Club us a community that you can interact with other members
  6. You have a trial period that costs only $1 a day for 14 days, followed by a fee of $47 monthly
  7. You have a 60 days money back guarantee. This gives you amble time to check out the system


  1. Even though you are spoofed what stocks to buy, you sill have to decide which one’s out of the recommended list
  2. Hence, you will still have to do some analysis of your own, unless you buy everything Grant recommends
  3. You will still need to keep track of your stock buys and sells to track your own performance

BTMA Wealth Builders Club Target Market

BTMA appeals to people who want to invest in the stock market, but are too busy to do the work necessary to pick out the right stocks. If you started saving late for your retirement, this is perfect for you, as your risk to invest in the stock market is minimized. It is also great for those who are scared to dive into the stock market by themselves. Having Grant there to answer all your questions and mentor you, is a huge plus.

No matter what your level of investing, this can be of great help to you. If picking your own stocks is a pursuit that thrills you, it is great to belong to a club where you can get confirmation of your own decisions.

BTMA Wealth Builders Club Tools & Training

Since you are given a list of sticks to buy every day, there is no training necessary. However, if you want to learn more about the stock market as well as investing guidelines, every major stock brokering company like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade etc. all have their own training classes.

If you wish, you can also purchase the BTMA Stock Analyzer Software for yourself. Scroll to the bottom for the 6 month or 12 month sigh up offers.

BTMA Wealth Builders Club Support

Grant Gigliotti provides members with his personal Email address to use to contact him when you have a problem to discuss. He responds to his Emails promptly.

The Club also has a BTMA Wealth Builders Facebook Page where members can check out how others are doing and where you can chat with other members directly.

BTMA Wealth Builders Club Price Plans

BTMA offers new members the opportunity to try out membership for only $1 a day for a 14-day maximum. At the end of that 14 days if you don’t cancel, you will be charged $47 each month as the Club membership fees.

In either case, you have a 60 days money back guarantee. Therefore, Grant goes all out of his way to maintain this as risk free as possible.

My Opinion of BTMA Wealth Builders Club

The 14-day trial as well as the money back guarantee, gives me a feeling of confidence in joining The Club. The fee is most economic as it is possible to earn more through investing than the cost of membership. My recommendation is to join the BTMA Wealth Builders Club. Click on the logo below for more information. Scroll to the bottom to the sign up page:

BTMA Wealth Buiders Club



Owners: Grant Gigliotti

Price: Starter $1 a day for 14 days, $47 per month thereafter

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Verdict: Legit


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