MLM Online Secrets – Your Upline Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Are you in an MLM Program right now? How long have you been involved? Are the results you are getting fine with you? If not, when do you expect to be earning sufficient residual income to justify continuing being a member?

If you are happy with your results, that is terrific. Continue to do what you are doing. If it is not, are you open to doing MLM in online in a way you may not have thought possible before? My goal in this article is the following:

  1. Outline how MLM is done today
  2. Identify problem areas that you may be experiencing
  3. Show you how to build your MLM business online that overcomes those problems

If you want to build your MLM business without having to bug your family and friends as well as attend meetings like the one in the picture above, you need to read this article. Actually there are TWO secrets I will be sharing with you later.

  1. The Secret Your Upline Doesn’t want you to know.
  2. MLM Online Secrets Your Upline Doesn’t Want You To Know

Outline Of Current MLM Techniques

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Let’s discuss how conventional MLM, also called network marketing works. Each company has its own structure but they all follow the same principle. There are many successful MLM companies in existence all over the world. The concept works. Having been involved in MLM I think this is a great idea.

Naturally, there are also unscrupulous companies that conduct illegal Ponzi Schemes under the guise of being a legitimate MLM company. I want to think that is not the case with your company.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing as it is also called, is a business model that has been in existence for several decades. The granddaddy of them all, Amway, is well-known. Despite the many negative connotations that have been thrown at Amway over the years, they pioneered this business model that has spawned many other companies doing the same.

The essence of Network Marketing is you buy the products. Experience the benefits. Share your experience with your family and friends. Some of them will buy the products and you earn a commission. Right? WRONG! You probably do this all the time with products you purchase from many sources. And when others act on your recommendations, you earn zero!

Network Marketing companies came into existence to right that wrong. However, a new distribution structure was necessary to make it work.

Advantage Of Leverage


Instead of having a centralized distribution system, products are sold through a network of distributors. To become a distributor you are recruited as a team member of another distributor. A new account is set up in your name with a unique tracking number.

When you sell the products, the sales are tracked to your account number and you earn a commission. In addition to selling the products, you are encouraged to recruit other distributors into your network. They are also provided with unique tracking numbers that are linked to yours. In that way, when your recruits make sales, you also earn a small commission. These commissions also called overrides, are earned several layers deep on a declining scale.

This is the advantage of leverage. You not only earn an income from your efforts, but also from the efforts of others

In this way, no one person needs to sell a lot of products. The premise is that everyone in the network sells a small amount of product.

The total amount of your income is dependent on the size of your network, your retention rate, and the total amount of products sold in what is called your down line. As long as the network keeps growing, everyone benefits. Hence, there is a lot of emphasis on growing the network by adding new distributors.

In addition to commissions, bonuses are also earned when the total volume of sales in your organization meets specific volume criteria over a specific period of time. There are also rewards earned through competition, that in many ways are like bonuses with the exception that special promotions are offered during the competition period.

How Does The Above Plan Work?


Once again, the premise is very simple. When you are recruited into a network as a distributor you are trained to make retail sales as well as to recruit new distributors into your team. And you in turn are trained to get your distributors trained,

There are several ways to do this. Either you can do the training yourself, or you can schedule your new distributor to attend a local training session if there is one. The alternative is to join a group on video and get training through an interactive webinar.

In major urban centers opportunity meetings in the evenings and Saturdays are held where distributors are encouraged to bring along prospects as well as new distributors they have recruited. There are usually two parts to this event.

  1. Product sales presentation and Business briefing for prospects
  2. Training for dew distributors

These are great venues for signing up new retail customers as well as new distributors. Leaders in the company with a large downline demonstrating a proven business record are present and give these presentations and trainings.

In order for this business model to succeed there must be constant effort to recruit new retail customers and distributors for the simple reason there is a high level of attrition. Most people do not like talking to others about their business opportunity. The best that many distributors will do is to retail the product. But that alone doesn’t grow the business since the power of leverage will be absent. Specific skills put into action are necessary to grow the business. I have listed them below:

9 Skills To Build A MLM Business


  1. Find prospects by talking to people in person, by phone or through an Email list.
  2. Invite them to review some information, usually via the internet these days
  3. Follow up to find out what they think and set up a 3-Way phone call with your upline
  4. If there are local business briefings offer to attend as a group with as many prospects in your pipeline
  5. Use the help of experts in your company to sign up your prospects either as retail customers of distributors
  6. Attend training sessions online and in person to hone your business building skills
  7. Develop the skills to do retail sales and recruit new distributors themselves
  8. Develop the skills to train others yourself by rising to the role as a leader
  9. Rinse and repeat

Why Is There Resistance To Do The Above


It comes down to one thing. FEAR. The fear of:

  • Talking to others about your business
  • Annoying your family and friends
  • Rejection
  • Spending a lot of time with nothing to show for it
  • Falling behind in building your MLM business

Does all of this feel familiar? Maybe you have gone through this debilitating experience. The message you keep getting by your upline and company leaders is to never give up. Keep following the proven system you are taught. This system has worked for others, and will eventually work for you.

The Secret Your Upline Doesn’t Want You To Know! 

Why Do The Few Succeed And The Many Fail?

The answer is really simple. The majority of members recruited into a MLM company may love using the products and the publicity events but are not prepared to develop all the skills that are necessary to succeed and put them into action. Since only a few are willing to do what it takes to succeed, the majority will fail. It may take some time. But it sadly happens.

A ratio that is often used is 80% will fail and 20% Will succeed. And out of that 20%. Only about a quarter will join the group of top income earners in the company. Typically only about 5% of the members make 5 figures a month and above.

Hence, it becomes a tremendous challenge to train a sufficient numbers of new distributors into your network who are willing to duplicate the business building system. And many who start the process, eventually quit.

The MLM Convention Culture

#Convention Meeting

Recruiting new distributors is the main focus of all MLM companies. Major conventions are held at least once a year. And for the really big MLM companies, once a quarter at different regions where they operate. These are very upbeat events where success stories are one of the highlights. There are a lot of inspirational speeches. Award presentations. Success story videos depicting how members who had the deck stacked against them were able to leverage the company program to develop significant income for themselves and their families.

Often these videos will showcase the trappings of success these individuals were able to add to their lifestyles. Like big new homes. Cars. Exotic vacations. And how they were able to help others in their team also become successful.

It’s all good. I have attended events like this and truly enjoyed the experience. At the end everyone gets the feeling of euphoria that makes us feel we can achieve the dream. At the end of the event, optimism and hope reigns. We feel we can rule the world.

When we return to daily life, reality sets in. It is now time to do the work. The really good leaders will gather their local distributors together to keep that momentum going. It is critical to feed this newfound enthusiasm with constant reminders that the dream is possible. If only this was true for everyone.

The promise that this is a great way to create passive income is false for the majority. You may have noticed that the hardest working members are the successful leaders. Sure they earn a significant income and quite rightly so. But this becomes a full time job.

Those who really enjoy passive income are leaders who have been successful in creating a network of leaders who are also hard-working. However, they still need to motivate their team on a regular basis.


Is There A Better Way To Succeed In MLM?

Actually there is. But first I’d like to break this down to address the fear factors I itemized above.

1) Fear Of Talking To Others


It always surprises me that the main emphasis in most MLM companies is to recruit new distributors. Shouldn’t the main Focus be to generate sales? In the MLM model increased sales is best achieved through the efforts pf new distributors. So why not start with promoting the product. The chances are there must be something unique and desirable about the product. (And if there isn’t consider that a red flag that there is something not right here.)

Wouldn’t it be better to build a core group of happy customers first and then enlist a few of them as distributors? The process to grow your network will take longer. But it will be more robust and have a better chance to succeed.

2) Fear Of Talking To Family And Friends


What usually happens, after the new distributor recruits others? The first step they are told to do is make a list of their warm market. Meaning family and friends. Since there is a resistance to talk to family and friends about the business, the growth process starts to slow down and eventually fizzles out. People get disheartened and quit. New distributors have to be recruited to keep the sales growing.

3) Fear Of Rejection


An innate human trait is to be an accepted member of the community. Especially their inner circle of family and friends. Since so many people have been approached to join one MLM or another, they shy away when approached about yet another new business opportunity. This leads to a feeling of rejection which is another innate fear.

4) Fear Of Spending A Lot Of Time With Nothing To Show

When a new prospect gets into an MLM business, they have a feeling of optimism. After going through an upbeat business presentation, and attending a company event, this feeling is amplified.

However, small successes are needed to keep this momentum going. Except for the very few, the vast majority of new recruits find that they are spending a lot of time working the business with little or nothing to show for it.

5) Fear Of Falling Behind

Fear sets in that they are not going to make it. Especially when they see others succeeding that makes them wonder what are they doing wrong. They fall behind. When success starts to feel an impossible goal, the fear of falling behind takes over.

The easiest way out of their pain is to quit.

Can You Create A Successful Business Solely With Customers?

The answer is a RESOUNDING YES

At first glance this appears contrary to the principle of MLM. It takes having thousands of customers to earn enough to create a significant income. In MLM this feat is accomplished by building a network of distributors to achieve massive sales. How can you, just one individual talk to enough people to get those customers and sales?

I want to show you that there is a way.

The Magic Of Online Marketing


Think about this statement. MLM companies use online systems for promoting the product, and to recruit distributors. You most likely have a landing page where visitors can read all about the products and have access to an order form where they can male purchases. It goes one better.

The chances are every distributor will have their own business dashboard. Here they can direct potential customers who can buy the product and you will be paid a commission.

Plus. you can also sign up new distributors from your dashboard too.

Sure, your MLM company may charge you a monthly business fee to have a ready-made business building system like this. The cost is typically $20 a month. If it is more than $40, then look for a company where it calls within $20 to $40 a month. If you have free access to an online business system, so much the better.

How To Use This System

You may be tempted to use this system to do both. Sell the product as well as recruit new distributors into your business. And that is exactly what your MLM company had in mind. Should you follow their direction to do that?

The answer is YES!

But what if you don’t want to continually talk to others about your business. You don’t want to recruit new distributors. You don’t want to train new people. What then?

Why not use a proven online business model to link with your MLM online business system to attract customers and generate sales?

Aha! We finally arrive at the solution: Online MLM Business Building Secrets! What are these secrets?

These SECRETS come from a parallel world of AFFILIATE MARKETING.

If you are not sure what affiliate marketing is the following diagram will help:

Affiliate Marketing Diagram


Here is how you can relate this affiliate marketing flow chart to your MLM business. Follow the numbers below as shown in the diagram above:

  1. Think of customers as being leads for your MLM business. Except now, they are solely customers.
  2. You learn a series of online marketing skills that you use to drive customers to your website MLM Blog
  3. Your customer likes what they see and clicks through to your MLM business site and purchases the product
  4. You earn a commission.

This process takes place 24/7 even while you are sleeping.

While going through the process in detail below, I am going to use terms and techniques you may not be familiar with. Don’t worry about that for now. At the end I will reveal to you how you can learn everything necessary to create a website that sells. Complete with how to select a domain name and have it hosted for free on an ultra fast and secure server with backup.

Instead of YOU doing the talking and selling, it is your website and content that you have created that does this for you. Without having to talk to a single person. How cool is that? Wouldn’t you like to build such an online business?

I’d like to focus on this online process that is part of the secret.

Begin With The End In Sight

The main goal is to find thousands of potential customers online. Monthly. And eventually weekly and then daily. And direct them to your MLM business landing page. How do you accomplish this feat?

First Create A Personal Website Focused On Blogging


Build your own blogging website. Fill it with valuable content about the products your MLM company markets and help your visitor arrive at the conclusion that these products solve one or more problems they have.

You do this by making a list of all the problems your MLM products solve. Either alone, or in combination with others. As is the case with beauty products.

Devote each blog post to address one of these problems. Emphasize that traditional products that are available in regular stores may not provide the optimum solution they seek.

Be prepared to work hard. You will need to research this plethora of alternate, and probably cheaper products. Learn how they really work and what shortcomings they have.

When you write about these products, be factual and do not badmouth them. They may even be of high quality, but have limitations that do not provide the best solution for your customers like your company’s products do.

Structure your articles like stories. I am sure you have head this phrase before. Facts tell, stories sell. Weave the facts into your story. Use testimonials. If you have scientific data, use these by way of reference. Cite the data and provide a link to the details perhaps at the end of your blog post.

At the end of your post, add the URL link to your MLM business page. Use screenshots in your blog to show help your visitor navigate to the specific product or products order form page.

Can you see what you are doing here? The beauty of creating valuable content that helps your customer buy your product.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Post


You do this by using Google and the other search engines to rank your post on page 1. And to drive traffic to your post. Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? There is such a thing as On Page SEO and Off Page SEO to drive traffic to your post.

When you are searching for a product or a solution to a problem online what to you do? If you are like most people you open a search page in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You then type in a phrase or a question into the search window. Guess what that phrase is called. A KEYWORD. Most likely it consists of a number of words strung together in a phrase. However, the term is still called a KEYWORD. Singular. It is possible to type in one word if you are looking for a singular product.

When you write an article, one of the most important things you do is pick a keyword for your title. So when a potential customer enters that specific phrase into the search engines, your page COULD end up being on page 1. It will depend on how you select that keyword and combine with the various forms of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Summary

On Page SEO uses specific techniques within your article and your website dashboard to help you to be ranked high by the search engines.

Off Page SEO uses social media and email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your articles.

These are skills one needs to learn in order to take advantage of these processes.

The Power of Google and The Other Search Engines


Google cannot be rushed. Even if you succeed in getting your article ranked high, that is not too difficult to accomplish, driving relevant traffic to your site is dependent on algorithms developed them.

A major consideration that influences traffic is how much of an authority is your site. There are three important factors that influence authority:

  1. How helpful is your content? Will a reader feel that you know what you are talking about to be in influenced by you?
  2. How many high quality articles have you published? Until you have at least 100 articles, your website will not qualify.
  3. New websites, no matter how good the content is won’t qualify right away. The longer your website is in existence and the more articles it has, will result in increasing traffic sent your way by Google.

Hence, you will need to be patient. MLM or any business for that matter, will take time to generate a reasonable income.

Treat MLM Online Marketing Like Affiliate Marketing

What is the secret? You treat your MLM business just like an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Unlike MLM, in Affiliate Marketing you earn commissions solely through your own efforts in partnership with the companies you represent in your chosen niche.

Many have proven that treating MLM like a SINGLE Level sales process as an Affiliate Marketer works. Focus first and foremost on the product. And then using an Email marketing strategy with your customers to find out who would like to make money online too. In this way you can add distributors into your MLM network.

Being involved as a distributor for an MLM company gives you distinct advantages compared to only pursuing affiliate marketing. The first problem that is already solved for you is, you already have a niche. The products offered by your MLM company. Your main focus is to show how these products solve a problem, or satisfy a need for your target market.

It may take a little time for your website to become an authority in your niche and ultimately your business. However, this process works. Of course, the level of your success will be totally dependent on how well you do your research and fill your website with content based on your research that is of value to your potential customers.

Your goal is to convert those visitors derived from the traffic, into paying customers.

Top notch training is essential to make this work. Your mission should be to learn the skills you need. What is the best way to get trained?

Click the banner below to find out how you will be trained in detail if you decide to take this path to building your MLM business.

I sincerely wish you all the success in the world in your MLM business.

Affiliate Marketing

I’d love to get comments on what do you think about this comment to do MLM.

I wish you all the best.



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8 thoughts on “MLM Online Secrets – Your Upline Doesn’t Want You To Know!

  1. Shanta Rahman Reply

    Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us. I got some new information about MLM that I did not know before. 

    I have done business through MLM before and found that it is a great income source. You need to be very skilled at doing this and you need to know a lot about networking in this business. I see that when people in my control who are working as a network, and they sell a product I get a commission from it. 

    I have worked at a number of MLM companies and I am currently working at Wealthy Affiliate and I think we can easily make an income through MLM. You write about this very nicely in your article and I hope that after reading your article many will not have any problem with it. And I also hope that after reading your article, many people will be interested in doing MLM business and will share their experiences with you soon.

    • Edwin Bernard Post authorReply

      Hi Shanta, 

      It was a pleasure to read about your experience in MLM as well as your agreement that affiliate marketing can be used to make MLM easier. 

      I hope that others will read this and use affiliate marketing in their MLM businesses. And members here may also consider here joining MLM companies. 

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. MrBiizy Reply

    About 3 years ago, I almost joined an MLM business. How did it happen? After finishing my OND, I was to do my 1 year IT so I was looking for a job only to receive a job offer from somebody on the street in a pamphlet they shared. Researching there, I discovered it was an MLM seminar.

    I loved the idea. After the seminar I paid a portion of the money necessary to get started. When I got home, I got discouraged considering the method with which they’re recruiting new members. They do it in disguise. It didn’t feel healthy for me. Moreover, I see these MLM guys walking around to market their products without anything to show for it. I decided to withdraw.

    I have decided I will do this in the future some few weeks ago because I have learnt so much on how to succeed using online marketing (via websites), warm marketing, social media and other means. I want to get started with Affiliate Marketing first, develop the required skills and start MLM along side.

    • Edwin Bernard Post authorReply

      WOW I love your story. I am so happy that you agree with what I suggested. Learning all about affiliate marketing first is a great way to start using it in MLM.

      I wish you much success with this approach.



  3. Daniel Reply

    MLM is the business model that had ever been developed in this 20th century. Getting into MLM requires an investment because it is a business opportunity. 

    The more time and energy put into it determines your results, Our upline is there to help us but we have to do the prospecting ourselves to friends and families to join our opportunity for financial freedom, as said that demands a lot work.

    • Edwin Bernard Post authorReply

      Hi Daniel,

      You are so right that in MLM the member has to do all the work. Of course the upline helps. But only after the members finds prospects. That is when they can get their upline to talk to them to helo sign them up.

      The affiliate method is to automate this process without getting the upline involved. 

      Thanks for your great understranding.


  4. Matt Lin Reply

    Hi Edwin,

    An excellent article about MLM, and it’s helpful and insightful for anyone who likes to try MLM to make extra bucks if they are lucky.

    As far as I am concerned, the ration of any MLMs’ successful members should be lower than 5%, and it is probably 2%. That’s why most people failed to make money by the MLM compensation plan & business model. Not to mention the five fears that people might face when they are doing MLM.

    I am glad you talk about affiliate marketing, and I think it’s the best solution for everyone. I do hope you could mention more about the correct mindset toward affiliate marketing. Is it possible people face the same fear as they do MLM? Like #4 & #5 fear…

    Love to see your feedback on this, thanks for this article again. 🙂


    • Edwin Bernard Post authorReply

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for writing these very helpful comments. You are correct about fears 4 & 5. They also apply to Affiliate Marketing. And it requires the right mindset too. I answered these points in the following paragraph:

      “It may take a little time for your website to become an authority in your niche and ultimately your business. However, this process works. Of course, the level of your success will be totally dependent on how well you do your research and fill your website with content based on your research that is of value to your potential customers”

      I didn’t labor fears 4 & 5 because in Wealthy Affiliate successful members make it very clear to newbies that it took them a few years to achieve the level of success they now have. It is the community support system that helps to ingrain the mindset of discipline and patience. As well as temper expectations. My main objective was to encourage an MM person to at least check out the WA system for free. Once inside that would be the best time to go over how to address fears 4 & 5.

      In MLM it is totally the opposite. The companies want the members to start recruiting in a big way to experience income as soon as possible. The problem with that is, the income could be short lived when their recruits do not duplicate what they did. This problem doesn’t exist in Affiliate Marketing since we are all responsible for 100% of our results.

      If someone gets into affiliate marketing without the support of WA, that would be a different situation. Prior mindset before jumping in would be more relevant in that situation.

      Does this answer your question Matt?

      All the best to you.


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