Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – A Beginners Guide

So you wish to earn some extra money online to supplement your income. Or maybe to earn enough in time to change your life. You’ve heard about Affiliate Marketing and wish to give that a try. Almost anything you can think of you can buy on amazon. Becoming an affiliate of Amazon may be on top of your mind. I’d like you consider an alternative company. Clickbank. Why?

Let me tell you. But first, since I am a bonafide beginner, I am uniquely positioned to share this beginners guide with you. You will see all zeros in the sales boxes as I had not gone all out to market products when I took the screenshots I will be sharing below.

What Is Clickbank

Clickbank is not a store front like Amazon. Its main focus is in marketing digital products that pay much higher percentage in commissions. It is also a place where anyone who develops a product can market it through their portal.

Affiliate marketers can create an account and market any of the products that are listed there. These run into the thousands. And over a wide range of categories and niches.

I recently became a member of Clickbank and selected a Forex trading course to market. In case you do not know, Forex means Foreign Exchange. I want to take you through the process I went through to help you see that this is quite easy to set up. At the end I will give you my opinion of Clickbank and let you decide if this is right for you.

When you go to the Clickbank page this is what you see. Click the image below to go to Clickbank.

How Does Clickbank Operate

Clickbank markets mainly digital products. You can join Clickbank as a seller of your own products or a marketer of other peoples products listed with them. In this article I shall be focusing only on marketing other people’s products as an affiliate.

When you register you can use a unique nickname that becomes associated with your account. Once you have a niche in mind, you can look through all the categories presented to find the specific product you wish to market. Each product will have its own affiliate code that is linked to your account. When a sale is made the funds are deposited into your account.

Clickbank has an extensive course that teaches you how to do this.

How Do You Register

When you are on the page above you will see a “Create An Account” Page link at the top right, After you click that you will see the page below where you must fill in your personal application for a free account.

Once you fill in this page and accept the terms and conditions you will be taken to the next page to select your account nickname. As you can see, I came up with clickmybox for my nickname. Whatever you chose it has to be available. Here is what my accounts page looks like.

Your Clickbank Dashboard

When you clock your Account Nickname in the above page you will be sent to your Dashboard shown below:

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge base is where you go to learn how to use Clickbank. Such as how to select the products you wish to market and how to get the affiliate code for them. There is a menu and sub-menu system to help you select the information you need to run your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing business. A view of this page is when below:

The main menu that I wish to single out is Affiliate Help below:

Range Of Products Available

You can find this in the Marketplace window that is accessed via the Dashboard Page as one of the very top menus.

There are 24 Categories ranging from Arts and Entertainment to Travel. Each of these Categories has a pull down menu that exposes several sub-categories.

For example the Business/Investing Category I selected consisted of 15 Sub-Categories such as Commodities, Debt, Management & Leadership, Equities & Stocks, Foreign Exchange and many more. I selected Foreign Exchange.

I wish to market to people who are interested in trading Forex and wish to get trained to do this successfully. I was looking for a company that provided not only education but also advice on what trades to make evaluated by experts. This gives traders an edge if they are new. There are no guarantees in any form of trading or investing. So the trader will still have to do their own due diligence using the training provided.

How I Selected My First Product

My criteria was to select a product that required a monthly subscription and has a high retention rate, with low competition. Plus a decent income. Let’s look at the details in the picture below:

As you can see, the monthly subscription is $97. I get paid 50% which is $48.50 every month. They have a high retention rate. Hence, if I can accumulate 100 customers, that would result in $4,850 every month. The vendor spotlight page showed that there were only four other individuals marketing this product in Clickbank. This means I have very little competition.

In order to promote it I clicked the red Promote button and got taken to the sign up page below that is linked to my account:

When a customer signs up they take care of all the billing and I get the commissions.

The link to my Forex blog is here: How To Make Money In Forex.

The Advantages Of Clickbank

As you saw above, it is painless to select a product to promote. My selection was the Fore Market. But there is a wide variety consisting of thousands of products to choose from. Health & Fitness, eBusiness & eMarketing to Food & Wine. Many of these companies offer marketing materials that one can use on your website to help promote the product.

The Limitations Of Clickbank

THe range of products is smaller compared to Amazon and Walmart. What may seem like a limitation can also be an advantage. The commission structure averages 50% compared to 1% to 10% in Amazon. This is possible since there is no physical product to ship. It is either an eBook form, a subscription, software or video.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend Clickbank as an excellent avenue to create an affiliate marketing business. No matter what niche you select, you will find many related products to market.


Clickbank does offer targeted training at around $47 a month. They do not provide website development or website hosting. Nor Keyword Research. I am not saying that their training is bad. Just limited. Especially for the fee. I do not think they provide good value for money.

I highly recommend an alternative affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I added a link to a review on this website.

You can join for free. No credit card required. I cannot stress this enough. It shows that Wealthy Affiliate is a quality company that is focused on the customer. You.

The following matrix shows what you get as a starter member. This is more than what other companies charge, typically over $100 a month for. But there are limitations to the free membership as you can see.

Once you get the feel for the platform, I recommend you upgrade to a Premium member. You have several options for this, The regular monthly subscription is $49 a month.

You can save even more money by paying annually. For $359 you can get a whole year subscription. And it will renew at the same price every year, even if the regular price increases.

No matter what affiliate company you decide to represent you will not succeed if you went it alone to create a website to promote your product of choice. You will need to select and purchase your domain name. Then build your website using your domain name. Structure this website to stand out in the crowd. This website must be filled with compelling articles, And use proper Keywords and Search Engine Optimization to rank high and direct traffic to your articles. Can you see that having the right knowledge on how to do this is paramount?

I’ve already recommended the company that does it best. I open the curtains to show you how they do that:

The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros! 

Once you see the value you have here why not sign up for free? You can do that from this article. After you kick the tires as it were, and decide that this is for you, upgrading to Premium is a small step forward. Only $49 a month. Or less than $1 a DAY if you select the annual payment plan.

Let me know what you think through the comments section below, or by Email to:

Whichever way you decide to go I will see you on the other side as your mentor. Being among the Top 25 members in Wealthy Affiliate I feel I am very well qualified to be your guide to help you succeed.

How does it feel to be closer to making extra money and even being able to fire your boss? I would love to know what your opinion of Clickbank is. As well as any questions you may have about Wealthy Affiliate.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Edwin Bernard

10 thoughts on “Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – A Beginners Guide”

  1. Hi Edwin, I wanted to ask about using Clickbank AND Amazon affiliate links at the same time. Do you think it is wise to use both, if so would you want to use both on the same page, or have a page for each type? Or do you think a site should not mix and either be a Clickbank affiliate site or an Amazon affiliate site? Thanks for your input.

    1. Thanks for your great question. Your niche dictates what you do. If the products that fall into your niche can be purchased on many paces, then become an affiliate of all of them. You also need to verify what their terms and conditions are. For example, some may not allow you to promote different organizations on the same website.

      If the niches are different, then I recommend that you use different websites. 

      I hope this helps.


  2. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about ClickBank and explanation given. 

    Im triyng to build an affiliate program to earn some passive income but i had some problems. I search on internet and there i found a lot of scams and fake informations. This made me waste a lot of my precious time. 

    Recently I joined Wealthy Affiliate and now I’m a Premium member. Can you tell me if using the trainings from there it can helps me on Clickbank? 

    Thanks and keep in touch! 

    1. Yes indeed. If you read my complete article you will have found the answer at the end. 

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Hi, Thank you for this very informative review on Clickbank. You let me know the different between Clickbank and Amazon. Before that, I only know Amazon is one of the biggest stores for affiliate marketers. I also feel I’m trapped inside because I don’t know other companies for the affiliate. Do you know I always looking for somewhere that has more products for me to promote?

    What you write goes through the whole registration process and show me the dashboard for me. Honestly, it saves me a lot of time to search the information online about that. Thanks for sharing a great affiliate company for me.

    I think one question that most of the affiliate concern much. Do you know how to get paid from Clickbank?

    1. Thanks for your comments. Did you read my whole article? I explained how you get paid. The commissions from the sale are deposited into your Clickbank account. When you accumulate a minimum amount that you choose, usually $100 the funds are transferred to your bank account. 

      Does this answer your question?


  4. I have been using ClickBank for some time; as a matter of fact, I have purchased some digital products from there before I get to know about Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the best place to get digital products.

    This guide is the perfect one for beginners because you touched every bit step by step. Well, I discovered these myself when I knew that ClickBank has an affiliate programme and these steps are exact steps I followed.

    Best regards!

    1. Thank you so much for your validation. I am glad that you have experience with Clickbank that helped you appreciate the approach I took for beginners.

      I wish you much success in your business.


  5. Hi Edwin,
    How are you? Hope you are doing well. Great information you provided. I am considering doing clickbank. Do you have any ideas on how to promote products besides just hitting the promote button such as social media or other blogs? Thanks

    1. Hello Joe, this is a very good question.

      One of the best approaches to making sales is to not sell to people. You can create a website and write blogs where you can show potential customers how your Clickbank product can help them to solve a problem or meet a need. Write a comprehensive review where you provide valuable information to your prospect. Make sure you have a Call To Action asking them to click your affiliate link or banner that will take the to the product site where they can make a purchase.

      Wealthy Affiliate excels in training its members on how to do this and so much more. Here is a link that will give you more information. Features and Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you have further questions please let me know. My personal email address is



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