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What Is The Best Stock Trading Software? Think Warren Buffet!

BTMA Stock Analyzer Review

  • Name: Beat The Market Analyzer (BTMA)
  • Founder:Grant Gigliotti
  • Price: Free trial, $69 for 6 Months, $99 for 1 Year
  • Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

BTMA Stock Analyzer Overview


News;ettersThere are so many strategies around that are used to analyze and pick stocks. If you have bought and sold stocks yourself, you probably used methods you learned from investment companies, information you got from investment newsletters produced like The Motley Fool; Money Map Press; Stansbury Research etc. The list goes on and on.

When I used to search for investment advice using Google, I couldn’t help succumbing to those $49 to $99 annual membership investment newsletters. However, I discovered that most of this information could be obtained for free by following the blogs of some of these companies.

Those that didn’t have free blogs, used their low cost newsletters as loss-leaders to try to sell you more expensive specialized research on topics as varied as Energy, Cryptocurrencies, Cannabis etc. where you were promised to get an insiders view of those markets and have access to what stocks were the best to buy at initial low prices. The problem is the cost of these “premium” research offerings come at price tags in the $1000 – $5000 price range and higher.

Often, you are lured to watch a video session that runs for about 90 minutes to sell you on the merits of their premium services. The problem with this approach is, once this advice is provided to you, the information is old news. Chances are you will have missed the really early low prices and the highest gains possible.

Stock Investing Education

EducationThe next approach that companies use is to provide training sessions. Usually the first session is free. You are promised that you will get valuable information you can use right away for profit. Sometimes they will give you a USB thumb drive if you stay to the bitter end.

That end comes with a call to register at a huge discount from the regular price of $4999 to a bargain price of $1499. What a deal!

Stock Analyzing Software

SoftwareLastly there is this growing category of stock analyzing software that does the work for you and gives you recommendations. This is the category where the BTMA Stock Analyzer fits in.

For any stock analyzing software, there is one critical area that is most important above all others. What algorithms this software based on?

When I found out that the BTMA Stock Analyzer uses the methods of Warren Buffet my interest was peaked. I dug in further.

The Warren Buffet Method

Warren Buffet keeps it simple. He looks for companies that have the following characteristics:

  1. They provide a product or service that is unique and gives them a competitive advantage.
  2. They provide a good return on equity over many years compared to their competitors in the same industry.
  3. Their profit margin must be healthy and strong and shows growth.
  4. They must have strong and stable management.
  5. They have been around long enough to have proven themselves, even through financial crises.
  6. If the company pays regular dividends, so much the better.

This type of analysis focuses on the long term. Hence, Warren Buffet doesn’t pay much attention to technical indicators that are more suited to short term trading.

Even if a stock he is evaluating for purchase meets all the above criteria, there is one more critical step Warren Buffet is looking for. Let me give you an analogy.

SaleWhen you go shopping do you pay the first price that you find? Most individuals look for SALES or bargains. They want the perceived value to be more than the price charged.

Likewise, if they think the item is overpriced, most people will pass.

Do you feel that way too?

Warren Buffet uses the same approach in buying stocks. This is called Value Investing. His professor and mentor in college, Benjamin Graham derived this method. Graham came up with a formula to calculate what the intrinsic value of a stock is. An intrinsic value is what Mr. Graham deemed was the true value of the stock no matter what it was selling for.

When the selling price of the stock is less than what the intrinsic value calculation tells you, the stock can be purchased at a bargain. Warren Buffet goes even further to ensure he gets the best price possible.

He adds a percentage margin of safety to the intrinsic value making it even more conservative. When the stock is available for purchase at that price, only then does he pull the trigger to make a purchase.

In case you do not know, when Warren Buffet buys stock, he doesn’t purchase just 100. His lot size usually runs into the thousands. He is not shy about dropping hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase stock in one company.

Let me give you an example. The holding company Warren Buffet owns called Berkshire Hathaway holds 249 MILLION shares in Apple. Apple has an equity value of about $1.2 Trillion. Warren Buffet owns about $65 Billion in Apple. That’s not all.

He also owns about $27 Billion in Bank of America, $21 Billion in CocoCola, $19 Billion in Wells Fargo and $18 Billion in American Express. This information is according to Investopedia as of the end of 2019.

Doesn’t it make sense to use the Warren Buffet method to pick stocks?

Warren Buffet always looks for bargains, no matter how good a stock looks. Benjamin Graham developed a method of investing called Value Investing. He created a formula that uses fundamental analysis.

Even when all of these conditions are favorable, he only picks up stocks when the intrinsic value of the company is greater than the current stock price.

Enter Grant Gigliotti

Grant gigliottiGrant Gigliotti, the founder an owner of Beat The Market Analyzer, that created the BTMA Stock Analyzer software modeled on Warren Buffet’s approach.

However, if the market provides a reasonable gain in the short term, he is willing to sell for a profit. Then he finds another value investing stock using his own BTMA Stock Analyzer and reinvests the proceeds.

Say if you pick a stock that rises in value by 5% in two weeks, you sell and reinvest that total amount in another stock that also rises by say 4% in the following week, you could end up with sizable gains over a period of time.

Since the BTMA Stock Analyzer looks for stocks that are undervalued, the chances of them dropping in price is much less compared to stocks you purchase that are at or above their intrinsic value.

How To Use The BTMA Stock Analyzer Software

Click the following banner to watch a summary of Grant Gigliotti taking us through a summary of the BTMA Stock Analyzer software. It is pretty cool to see its power in action.

In the example Grant demonstrates here he selects a stock at a bargain price. Sets a limit order for a share that is lower than what it is currently selling for and waits for the buy to get executed. Once the limit price is reached, the share gets bought.

Rather than sitting on the stock, at that time he sets a new limit order for 5% more than his purchase price. In this example, his desired sell price was reached a few days later and all his shares got sold automatically. He then repeats the process right away, compounding his profits.

As Grant explained, this approach takes the emotion out of the process because he is not trying to time the market. Click below to check out the video.

BTMA Stock Analyzer Demo

If you have already invested in the stock market, what has your experience been? Please share in the comments section below. I’d love to read it.

Like in anything in life, nothing is perfect. I’d like to share what I like and don’t like on the BTMA Stock Analyzer program.

Pros & Cons


  1. The methodology used in the software is solid. You can’t go wrong using Warren Buffet as a model.
  2. The price is attractive for anyone
  3. No hidden charges or upsells
  4. 60 day 100% money back guarantee
  5. Offers 7-Day free trial period. No Credit Card Required
  6. BTMA recorded a 392% gain from January 2013 to January 2016, compared to 39% on the S&P 500..
  7. Easy to follow instructions makes it a pleasure to use
  8. Reduces the risk and eliminates guesswork in stock investing
  9. The BTMA smart spreadsheet will calculate if a stock you enter (symbol) is worth buying or not and why
  10. You can enter families of stocks like the Dow Jones 100, S&P 500 etc. to get data on all the stocks they carry


  1. You need to find your own stock broker like Charles Schawb or Fidelity and set up an account
  2. Although using this system is intuitive, additional training would be a plus
  3. Since the BTMA product minimizes risk, no additional training is provided on risk management
  4. You will need to accumulate money that comes after your emergency funds savings to invest in stocks
  5. You will need to do the work with the software to find the right stocks to invest

BTMA Stock Analyzer Target Market

Target MarketThe BTMA Stock Analyzer is designed for the beginner, who is unsure what to do, as well as the experts, to free up time by doing all the analysis for them. It is also great for those who have selected Mutual Funds to invest their money and let the fund managers take care of their investments.

Are you aware that the track record of Mutual Funds on average have had less than desirable results, Sure, they don’t loose much, nor do they gain much. Plus, there are fees and hidden that add to the cost. With the BTMA Stock Analyzer, why not manage your own money with confidence?

In the past I would not recommend others to invest in the stock market before spending a lot of time studying the company financial reports and historical results, Now, I recommend using the BTMA Stock Analyzer as it does all of that for you and then some.

You can learn more about the following three points by clicking the banner below:

  • How To Beat The Stock Market Consistently
  • 5 Ways to Make More Money With Less Risk
  • 1st Step You Need To Take Today To Start Beating The Market

BTMA Stock Analyzer Video


BTMA Stock Analyzer Support

Grant Gigliotti provides his own Email address to ask for help if you need it. The software works so well that the chances are that you will need assistance is minimal. When you need support, send him your question by Email.

If you wish to learn more about the stock market in general terms, you can go to here.

Price Plans

BTMA Stock Analyzer Software

  • 6 Months for $69
  • 12 Months for $99

My Opinion of BTMA Stock Analyzer

When I first came across Beat The Market Analyzer, I was skeptical. I read what th Stock Analyzer could do. Then I saw the price. I got even more skeptical. How could a product that promises so much, cost so little?

I decided to dig deeper. What I found was very convincing. The methodology was sound. The results it got were proven. And the testimonials appeared genuine and backed up the positive results.

The bottom line. I liked it so much, I decided to purchase it for myself. I haven’t been disappointed. My opinion of the BTMA Stock Analyzer is very high.



Owners: Grant Gigliotto

Price: Free one week trial, 6 Months – $69, 12 Months – $99 60 days 100% money back

Is This A Scam? : NO!


BTMA Stock Analyzer is perfectly legitimate. A combination of a 7-Day free trial, no credit card required, and the 100% 60 day money back guarantee is proof that the founder, Grant Gigliotti wants his customers to have a great experience with his company. And in using the software to make money in the stock market. Over a 10 year period, the BTMA Stock Analyzer beat the Stock Market 85% of the time.

Sure there will be loosers. But the odds are stacked in your favor using the BTMA Stock Analyzing software than going it alone.

Like all investing, nobody can predict the direction of the stock market. The BTMA Stock Analyzer provides investors an edge that minimizes risk. This is far better than investing on your own with no help.

Click the banner below to learn more and sign up for the plan you want.

BTMA Stock Analyzer Info Site

Alternatives To Stocks For Making Money

If you are in a situation where you do not as yet have enough money to invest in stocks I have another recommendation for you that will help you to accumulate that money passively. 24/7 while you sleep.

Don’t get too complacent as this doesn’t mean you won’t need to do any work. Far from it. Instead of working at a job exchanging your time for money, you will be building a website with a lot of hard work and not get paid, at least at the start.

In time, that website will be earning money for you. Your hard work in the past will evolve into a website that will pay you well into the future. Without you having to work full time. This is known as passive income.

You work on an asset once with sweat equity, like writing a book, producing a song or acting in a movie. The payoff comes when the product is completed and becomes a hit.

This is in fact my # 1 Recommendation

Once you accumulate about $2000 in earnings, that would be a good time to invest in the stock market using a portion of that cash. The Stock Market isn’t going anywhere.

Closing Thoughts

I mentioned in the CONS that you will need to use the software yourself to find the stocks to invest in. There is an option to that.

How would you like to get tips directly from Grant Gigliotti on a regular basis there he tells you what stocks he is going to invest in. At what price to buy. And what price to sell.

In addition would it be helpful to talk to others who are in his Investment Club?

Grant Gigliotti has created an exclusive club called the Wealth Builders Club you can join if this is something you would like to do. I will be writing a review on this. However, if you would like to peak at this option, you can click the link below.

BTMA Wealth Builders Club

I wish you well in your exploration of the Stock Market using as little risk as possible.

Happy Investing!



14 thoughts on “What Is The Best Stock Trading Software? Think Warren Buffet!”

  1. Changingworldnews

    This is a very helpful and informative post. It’s essential especially for online traders. There are many trading software products, but not all of them can lead you to the results you want to achieve. 

    I strongly recommend this software for all, as i have been using it. it is very cool and the pros of the software are also enormous. Example:  Offers 7-Day free trial period. No Credit Card Required, BTMA recorded a 392% gain from January 2013 to January 2016, compared to 39% on the S&P 500,

    Easy to follow instructions makes it a pleasure to use, Reduces the risk and eliminates guesswork in stock investing. Thanks for sharing, very important post!

  2. This product is good for beginners because Grant walks you through the process of setting up a real trading account when you’re ready. 

    He doesn’t just sell you a product and forget about you (like the majority of products out there), he is there throughout the whole process. For more advanced users, they will find that this product allows them to save them a great deal of time when doing analysis. 

    They will no longer need to analyze each stock one-by-one. Instead, they can analyze thousands of stocks at once and compare them all side-by-side.

    An emphasis to your great article. Thanks a lot

  3. Hello Edwin, you have shred more light on so many things i wish to know about trading an i am really grateful i got the chance to see this wonderful article. 

    Today means of making money are numerous and trading is one of the few that can be trusted to give back money. You still need a good software for that. 

    I would at once take my chances with the BTMA software.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Justin,

      thanks for your positive comments. If you wish to purchase the software I provided a link. If you do use it, come  back and update your comment. 



  4. Unfortunately, as is often the case, this is almost certainly one of those “too good to be true” scenarios. 

    While I would love to believe that Mr. Gigliotti’s system is as good as he would like to make it appear to be, if he were “beating” the market 85% of the time, he would, in fact, be the most successful investor of all time. 

    Be cautious here, as if Mr. Gigliotti was truly following Mr. Buffett’s advice for 99.9% of society, he would simply be suggesting the buy and hold of an S&P ETF, not “trading” as is being done here apparently. 

    Good luck to all, but please do your homework first.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Jason,

      Your advice to do ones homework is always a good idea. Grant Gigliotti used the algorithms of Benjamin Graham that Warren Buffet also uses. And buy and hold is the best approach when you have time on your side. The BTMA Stock Analyzer absolutely can be used for a long term strategy. 

      Warren Buffet built up his fortune over decades. Grant Gigliotti is a relatively newcomer. He decided to create this software based on the Value based stock investing principle for his own benefit.

      In the investing world the principles of buying stocks at a bargain sounds like common sense, but takes a lot of work and time to find out what ones are indeed bargains. 

      All the BTMA process does is automate it for you to save time. However, the decision to buy and sell a stock is ultimately the responsibility of the individual. And losses will occur. The secret is to use a strategy that in the long term gives better returns than the S&P 500 and then stick to that. 

      When I was working I used the dollar averaging strategy over many years. And I used Mutual Funds. I was successful in accumulating a nice nest egg. If I had this software back then I would have used it to make my own stock selections instead of using mutual funds. 

      Setting up automatic buys and sells is just one strategy designed to take the emotion out of investing. I shall be giving an update in a few months sharing the results I get. 

      Thanks for your wise comments.


  5. With the current stay at home order, I’ve been looking for various ways to expand my earning power and I forayed into the online business world. 

    There were a lot of opportunities but affiliate marketing and stock trading were at the top of my list. This post has been helpful with tips and pointers on stock trading. I’ll look more into the Software explained here to see how to best utilize them.

  6. BTMA stock analyzer seems to be pretty basic and may be good for beginner in the investing world. Being in an investment club will help you learn more. 

    Investment of money is risky and education from Warren Buffet’s philosophy is worth considering. I have high regards for him. I just saw the sale of his airline stocks with massive losses. That tells time can be so much unpredictable

    I am a long time investor. I have a few low priced stocks I bought and sold using automatic buy and sell orders with 3-6% profit. It has got me some sizable money overtime. It really works.

    I bought companies with high fundamental, proved over and over and offering dividend and increasing dividend over time as well. 

    I would recommend the BTMA Stock Analyzer.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Anusuya,

      Congratulations on your stock investment successes. Sounds to me you use similar principles that Benjamin Graham recommended and that Warren Buffet used. 

      I feel that Warren Buffet’s sale of the airline stocks reflects the impact of COVID-19. I am sure when he made the decision to buy, it was a wise one at the time. When crisis hits, all bets are off as stocks react in different ways. 

      Walmart has done very well. I am surprised how well Apple has also done as I thought it would have been negatively impacted seeing its high dependence on China. This shows that stock investing can be risky. 

      However, with savings returns of less than 1% these days, investing in stocks using the BTMA Stock Analyzer could be wiser. 

      Thanks for your recommendation.


  7. Hallo there Edwin, 

    You have the most thorough review I have seen of the BTMA stock analyzer software. I have to agree with you on the price aspect. When someone looks at what they are claiming to offer and then you look at the price, you just feel like there is something suspicious about it. 

    But based on your personal experience, I feel more confident that it might work for me. I am going to give it a try and see how it works out for me. Thanks for the review here. I will definitely stop by for more of your awesome reviews.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      So glad I was of help. I would much appreciate it if you got the BTMA software via my affiliate link. That will provude me with a small commission. It would cost you the same if you went directly to BTMA to purchase it.

      Being in affiliate marketing yourself I feel you know how this works.

      Thanks for your supportive comments. I wish you much success in your money making ventures.


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