My Lead System Pro, A Review


My Lead System Pro as its name implies is a powerful system for building leads for the following businesses

  1. Network Marketing or MLM
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Any other type of business that needs leads

It also offers an affiliate program to market its system.

In this review I shall discuss the following:

  1. Who are the founders and when was it founded
  2. Main reason it was formed
  3. What it has evolved into
  4. How does its system work
  5. Who can benefit most from this system
  6. Why I joined and decided it was not for me
  7. Pricing Philosophy and its commission structure
  8. My recommendation

Origination – When it began and who founded the company

Founded by Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer & Norbert Orlewicz in 2008. Brian Fanale is the face of MLSP, similar to Kyle in Wealthy Affiliate.

Main Reason It Was Formed

It started off to help Network Marketers and MLM’ers generate more leads for their businesses. The approach was to do this online. The objective was to make more sales without talking to family members and friends.

What Has It Evolved Into

It has expanded to serve not only the MLM industry, but also affiliate marking and any type of business that needs customers. They have developed training tools and a support system to help their members achieve this goal.

How Does The System Work?

There is a big emphasis on training to help its members find leads online. It is divided into 46 modules at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Here is a short list of some of these modules. Members at Wealthy Affiliate will be familiar with many of them as they are also taught there:

  • Attraction Marketing, Target Market, Branding and Creating Content
  • Vision, Meditation and Mindset
  • System Campaigns to get leads
  • List Management and Customer Development using Funnelizers and a Customer Relationship Manager
  • Social Media Courses and Blogging with the help of Copywriting Mastery
  • Website creation using Keyword Research and SEO
  • Money Hosting Webinars, Automated Webinars, Creating a Coaching Revenue System
  • Video Marketing, eBook Creation and Story Telling for Profit
  • Success in MLM using Prospecting Strategies as well as Face to Face Approaches
  • Live Chat (Note, only available to Premium Members – see price below)
  • Community help

Here is an example of how the course modules are organized:

Who Can Benefit From This System?

It was clear that those who already had a business in operation, either brick and mortar, or an established online business could use MLSP to take their enterprises to the next level and beyond. The high cost for the complete package could be justified as it provided valuable training and resources that could help them achieve their business goals faster. I shall be going over their pricing packages later.

Why I Joined and Later Decided MLSP Was Not For Me

I was already in a company that had a Network Marketing business model. I had primarily been using the services and benefited significantly from that. Since I had this very positive history I wanted to develop the business opportunity. Coincidentally one of my senior upline directors joined MLSP to expand his business and promoted it to his organization. It only cost $1 for a 10 day trial, so I decided to check it out. At that time I had no idea that Wealthy Affiliate existed. I thought MLSP was the best thing since sliced bread and decided to pay the $49.99 monthly fee to become a basic member after my trial period ended.

Each course consisted of a video of different lengths presented by Brian, their Kyle equivalent. Brian loved everyone to see him so much of the video was in a lecture style. A PDF File for the lesson was also available. At the end there were exercises to complete before you could proceed to the next lesson. If you didn’t complete any of the tasks, you could not proceed.

Once I completed the Beginners Course, I had access to the other modules open to Basic members. From this point I had the option of picking and choosing any of these courses. Since my upline was promoting how to use Facebook to get free leads, I decided to follow his direction.

This is where I got derailed. The process involved spending lots of time on Facebook sites devoted to Network Marketing. The objective was to respond to posts in a constructive manner, make helpful posts and in that way create a familiar presence. I saw several issues with this, the main one being time. It takes a very long time to build relationships with people who after all are involved in other Network Marketing businesses. I was not sure how I could interest them in my Network Marketing business.

Soon it became clear that the objective was to market the MLSP system to help other network marketers. And if I wanted to use the more advanced training and tools at MLSP, I needed to upgrade to more expensive membership levels.

There were also many up sells of other courses promoted by independent MLSP members. After I spent almost $500 on these a la carte offers I decided I could not afford MLSP. This was a great system for established businesses but not very useful for a newbie like myself.

I do not regret purchasing the courses I did because they will help me with business in general. One of them was called Copywriting Mastery. It trains you how to write effective sales copy from the customers perspective.

MLSP Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans, not including the many expensive up sells

  1. Basic – $49.97 per month
  2. Professional – $149.97 per month
  3. Premium – $299.97 per month

There are annual plans that reduce these costs to average $42, $125 and $250 per month respectively

MLSP also provides commissions on referrals.

Free members on MLSP cannot earn referral commissions, unlike in WA.

My Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate offers far better value compared to My Lead System Pro. Compare a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate at $49 per month compared to a Premium Membership at My Lead System Pro at $299.97 a month! Let’s summarize what you get for an extra $250.97 at MLSP. You get a leads management system, a funnelizer and a CRM. If you added these features to WA using third parties it would cost far less. And you may not need all of these features either.

If you make referral sales of Wealthy Affiliate, commissions are also paid. Percentage wise these are significantly higher than My Lead System Pro. Wealthy Affiliate also has benefits that are not available in MLSP.

You can get read all the details in the following article where I lift the curtains and show you what you get at Wealthy Affiliate:

The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros!

You will be able to sign up for FREE over there. Please leave any questions you have below in the comments box. Or you can send me an Email to:

I wish you much success in your quest to create an online business asset that will pay you passive income.


Edwin Bernard

10 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro, A Review”

  1. Thank you for presenting this very concise and explanatory review of MLSP. I tried it too and I also found it too expensive for what I got. I also found Brian Fanales voice extremely irritating and could not see why I should pay so much to listen to it.  In contrast I found the value for money you get within Wealthy Affiliate is far more and Kyles voice is clear and non irritating.  But its  courses for horses  or is it horses for courses. We are all different and are suited to different styles of learning.  I personally find moving along at my own pace within WA works very well for me. 

    1. Hi Judy, 

      Great to hear from you. I also found Brian’s voice irritating. I was almost tempted to say something about that. But I had second thoughts as that would have been disrespectful. And he is doing his best and succeeding in droves. 

      I forgot to mention the 7am wake up call every day lol! I never subscribed to that. I really like Kyle. He actually communicates with us. Brian was so detached. He seemed to love talking and his lessons seemed to drag on so long. 

      I wish you all the best at WA.



  2. Hi! Thank you for your very honest review of My Lead System PRO. I greatly appreciate your story, the circumstances in which you joined the platform and your conclusions regarding who can primarily benefit from this platform.

    Thank you for also mentioning Wealthy Affiliate. As a newbie, I think this latter option suits me best.

  3. Hi Edwin,

    What an awesome post! I haven’t heard about MLSP before but now that I almost know every detail about this program thanks to your article. It is very beneficial to know about the hidden cost and upsell of a specific program, so you done a great job informing others. I agree with you that the strategy they used in MLSP would certainly works as well but it needs more time and at the same time more money because of the subscription fee. I will definitely check out your Wealthy Affiliate review and I wish the best in your online venture!

    1. Jayden, thanks so much for your comments. If you do try out WA for free, I will connect with you and help you along. I’ve only been involved for almost four months and my experience here is hands down better than MLSP. I am not badmouthing MLSP as they also do a great job. But it has to be for people who can afford the high fees. 

  4. Hi Edwin, 

    Loved your post! I think I also looked into signing up with this program you blogged about. Then I found WA. I have only been with WA for 3 almost 4 months and I think this is the best system out there😊 Thank you for writing this post. How are you liking WA and how long have you been in affiliate marketing?


    1. Hi Clarissa,

      I’ve been with WA for the same time as you. I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate before I joined MLSP. My time there was  not a waste at all. However I am glad that I never upgraded. If I did I may never have found WA. Affiliate Marketing is new to me. I feel that WA is the best place to learn all about it and profit from this venture. There are so many successful members who stayed the course benefitted from it.

      All the best to you.


  5. At the beginning, I was excited to learn what this system is. My Lead System Pro seems like a very promising system, but then It turns out a very pricey one and only entrepreneurs can benefit from it. I tried to read to the end of your article and luckily I found WA, a great platform for everybody to learn about affiliate marketing and to build their online business. I am happy I have found WA because I don’t have to pay for a membership until I really want to.

    Good informative post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mary, thanks for your comments. WA is unique in this business regarding offering a really valuable reduced access for free. I wrote a Blog where I advised those who are financially hard pressed to wait till they feel they can afford the fee before upgrading. Because once you upgrade and cannot make the payments, you will totally loose access. I suggest completing the courses you have access to, build your free websites, take any of the other free webinars and then see if going Premium is right for you. In my opinion, what you get for Premium is the best deal in town. But as you said, you do not have to rush. 

      All the best to you.



  6. Hello Edwin, 

    Thank you for your review about My Lead System Pro, I hope many people read this before deciding whether to pay the membership or not. 

    After reading this post, I still prefer Wealthy Affiliate over My Lead System Pro. It’s cheaper and the community there is so helpful and generous, and there is no need to upgrade after becoming premium. I joined the WA community not so long ago and I think it was the best decision I could ever made. I highly recommend WA to anyone who was searching ways to earn money online and came to your post. 

    Best for you and your website,


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