Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing – Try It Out Now!

I wrote Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing – Try It Out Now! as part of a series to share the benefits available to you on Wealthy Affiliate. The first one was an overview entitled: The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pro

If you have already read that then great! If you haven’t I suggest you read that first as it will give you the big picture and show you how the Website Building Tool fits in.

A great website is essential to support a successful Affiliate Marketing business. What do you think is necessary to build such a website? I’d like to show you what one company, Wealthy Affiliate, has done to create a website builder that is one of the best in the industry.

Kyle, a co-founder made a video where he creates a website in WordPress using the tools on this platform. Click the banner below:

Build a Website in about 30 Seconds

After you watch this demonstration I think you will want to know how you can do this too!. This website builder takes care of all the under the hood tasks to make it easy to unleash the creativity in you.

But first, where does the Website fit into the Affiliate Marketing structure?

It starts just after you select your niche.

  1. Select Niche
  2. Build Website
  3. Get Traffic
  4. Get Conversions

Your website is the key that unlocks the door to your business. And subsequently, sales and income. Wealthy Affiliate has developed an extensive website building setup that provides all the tools to create a fabulous website for your business. I’d love to show you the framework within their platform where all the website creation takes place. The Website menu on the left is where you can access the website segment of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Before I go further you should know that this and all the other business building tools at Wealthy Affiliate are included in your membership subscription. As a reminder this is only $49 a month or $359 a year. There are no more charges or up-sells unlike other companies.

The number 8 seems to have special significance at Wealthy Affiliate because the number of menus in the website building area is the same as the Dashboard! Here are these menus followed by a description of each.

  1. Site Manager
  2. Site Builder
  3. Site Domains
  4. Site Comments
  5. Site Feedback
  6. Site Support

The first four areas are accessible to free starter members. These are the most important ones. To access the rest you need to be a Premium Member. Let’s go through each of these areas in detail so that you can see the power Wealthy Affiliate places in your hands to build a great website for Affiliate Marketing or any other project that needs a website. Within Site Manager there are several functions that I will highlight below using subscripts.

Site Manager – Site Health

There is a great deal of managing and monitoring that you can do in this section. I will touch on some key features to give you an idea of the power you have in managing your website. The following view shows the site manager data along with the health status of the website this blog is on. Keep in mind this website of mine is a relative new while I write this article and is a work in progress. I’ll review the key points of this report that will help me make improvements as I build out my website.

The blue horizontal bar at the top right indicates that the health of my fledgling website is Pretty Good. Clearly there is room for improvement. As I dig deeper you will see why. I will review the poor results first followed by the good ones.

At the time of writing I have only published 16 articles in this website. And I am not publishing fast enough. I have a lot of work to do to make that number rise up from 40%. The newness of this site, having only a few articles and limited comments are some reasons why the Site Trust is only 20%. I have not requested much feedback as I am waiting till I have more articles published. Hence, my Feedback is rated at 60%.

There are 5 Green circles that tell me I am doing pretty good in Visitor Engagement, Plugins (not slowing down my site), Website is Ranked in Google, Although I do not have as many articles Google would like, the quality and variety has got approval. And I always engage with those who make comments.

As you can see, having access to this kind of information helps enormously in getting the website up to speed so that it will rank high in the search engines.

Site Manager – Site Speed

Every article I publish in my website is monitored for speed of loading both on a desktop PC and in Mobile. Most people use their cell phones or tablets to research products and services they want to purchase. Hence, it is critical you know how well your Blog Posts are performing in this area. I’d like to share my results in the following screenshot:

Generally I am doing quite well. There is only one area for concern in one post in mobile speed. I will be checking that post to see what areas I need to edit in order to raise that 78 to a number above 85 so that it can go green.

Wealthy Affiliate provides this insight as part of my Premium Subscription.

Site Manager – Additional Features

We’e covered Site Health. In addition, Wealthy Affiliate has a set up where we can request comments and feedback from our members. Site Support is simply amazing. When we have a problem with our website, we can create a ticket. A technician gets back to use within 10 minutes. The problem will either be resolved, or they will inform us what they are doing to fix it.

Lastly, the importance of Security is very high on the list at Wealthy Affiliate. Backup is done frequently. The servers used are hosted by Amazon. If there is a system failure, everything will be up and running using the backup server.

Site Builder

The starting point to build your website is at the Site Builder page shown below. You access it through the Website menu on the left, followed by Site Manager and Site Builder.

The link I provided at the beginning goes through this in detail so I will not write about it here. Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate did an awesome job in this video so why try to improve on it? Watch Kyle as he builds out a website in about 30 seconds and he explains other features of the website builder.

After watching this video I feel you will get a true appreciation of the value available to you as a free starter member and a Premium Member. You can also purchase Domains at Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Domains

Once you select a Niche to base your Affiliate Marketing business on, the next step is to select and purchase a Domain Name. If you look at the Website window above, you will see a menu item called Site Domains. When you click this menu, a window shown below opens. You will see three of my domain names I phrased at Wealthy Affiliate. I have only made websites of the first two. The third is a place holder.

Enter the name you like in the Search Window at the top. If is available, a drop down window will open showing you the domain name you selected along with others that are related. Remember you have the option of many extensions to choose from. I suggest you stick with .com, .net and .org in that order. Do not consider any of the others.

After you find the one you like, review the price. It will usually be $13.99. But some are $15.99. Add the one you like to your cart and proceed to check out.

Make your payment. Congrats! You will be the proud owner of your very own Domain Name. Once you have this, you can return to the section above on creating your own Website and proceed to do that. The platform makes this very easy. Just follow the prompts.

Select your theme first and continue. You will find your first website will look very basic. Don’t worry. As you flesh it out using the guidance from your training it will begin to look pretty good.

Site Comment

I’ll show you the Website window again where the Site Comment and Site Feedback menu items are located. One of the factors that the search engines used to rank your website and Blog Posts is how many comments do you get. Wealthy Affiliate enables you to draw on its cast membership to request for comments when you complete a new Blog Post.

When you click on Site Comments, the following window appears.

Notice that there are 2 tabs at the top. Request Comments and Offer Comments. You need to have given 2 comments to qualify to receive 1 comment. Before you request for comments, make sure you have accumulated sufficient credits.

Wealthy Affiliate has created a very effective way to accumulate comments on your posts. Now when Google indexes your Blog, you will be in a stronger position to get ranked.

If you were building your website independently what options would you have to get comments? Until your website got ranked high, the chances are of others seeing it would be nil. And this benefit is included in your Premium Membership.

Unlike Site Feedback that I will be covering next, the purpose of Site Comments is mainly to discuss the topic covered by the Bot Post. Like what experience you may have about it. Do you have any questions? If you can add more insights that would be great.

It is NOT the purpose of

But it doesn’t end there! Notice two earnings windows located in the top right section? After you give 50 comments, Wealthy Affiliate certifies you as an official commenter. AS long as you maintain a running balance of 50 comments each month, you can earn cash giving comments. It is very modest. However, your earnings can very easily pay for purchasing domains for example. Or your membership fees. You can even cash it out in USD if you really want to.

What do you think about that guys?

Site Feedback

Site feedback has a different purpose to Site Comments. The main purpose is to help the site owner to know what the visitor likes and areas that could be improved. Most Feedback reports are usually longer than Site Comments. The goal is to assist the site owner to learn from the feedback to enhance the website and user experience.

Site Support

When you need help with your website for any reason, help is available using this window. A ticket shown below is filled out and send to Site Support. Within minutes someone will get back to you to acknowledge receipt. An answer is usually sent within a couple of hours. IF the issue needs more research, you will be notified when you will get an answer.




Your Opinion Counts

Website building, monitoring and editing is only one of the major benefits of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have shown you details of the website building tools that are available to you. I would like your opinion of the video you saw at the start where Kyle created a basic WordPress website in about 30 seconds!

I also would like to know if you think $1 a day is a great price to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have access to this best website builder for Affiliate Marketing?

Why not join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and check this website building site for yourself?

Note: (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link to the Merchant’s site and purchase something I may earn a commission.The price you pay will be the same if you went to the Merchant’s site directly.)

4 thoughts on “Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing – Try It Out Now!”

  1. Thanks for this informative post Edwin. I have built all my websites on the WordPress platform and integrated with Wealthy Affiliate. It makes it even easier to get your website live on the internet. 

    I love how WA has all the stats you need to improve your website too as many people just throw up a website and forget that you need to maintain certain parts to help you rank and get organic traffic. I personally think that a dollar a day is amazing value considering that they support you with all the up to date training you will ever need. 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Martin, Glad you also are experiencing the benefits of hosting your WordPress websites on Wealthy Affiliate. Having everything one needs to create an online business saves time and money.

      And at about $1 a day, I am not surprised how many people have joined Wealthy Affiliate. My goal is to share these benefits to as many other entrepreneurs as possible. If they signed up that would be a win-win situation for all!

      This post was one branch of a blog I wrote that summarized everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. If you haven’t already done so why don’t you check that out and let me know what you think?



  2. A very good review on Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most comprehensive that I have seen. It appears to leave nothing out whatsoever. Love the use of the screenshots and the detail of the differing parts of the program.

    Would be surprised if anyone who wished to build  a website was not impressed enough to give wealthy Affiliate a try. It would certainly convince me.

    Excellent article.


    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Stuart, I am glad you got the reason I created this blog. My goal was to give any visitor who is interested in building a website, especially for business, a chance to get started easily. Wealthy Affiliate makes that possible.

      Thanks once again.


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