The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros

When the word Best is used to describe anything, it should mean something extraordinary. The training I am about to disclose to you in this blog post is indeed extraordinary. It is wrapped in a platform that has evolved since 2005 into the most comprehensive Affiliate Marketing training system in the world. I advise you to read this to the end to truly get the picture of the power that is available for you to create your own hugely profitable online business.

One of the co-owners, Kyle, has provided a video tour of this platform below. Clicking this screenshot will take you to the page where you can find this video as you scroll down.

Kyle – co-founder presents this training about this Platform!

I shall be highlighting the real value of the benefits to you in dollars as they appear in my post. At the end I shall add up the total true value you will be getting, followed by the ridiculously huge discount available to you today if you sign up.

You also have the option to join for free to check out the site and access the beginners lessons right away. No credit card required. All you need is a valid Email address. You can stay a free member as long as you wish. This allows you to evaluate the platform first for free to see the value first hand for yourself.

However, if you want to access “The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros”, you can elect to become a Premium Member for a ridiculously low price I shall tell you about later. Other companies that do not come even close to what is offered here, charge upwards of $10,000 a year for similar services. And Wealthy Affiliate has NO costly Up Sells like you may have experienced with other companies. I know as I went through that pathway like you may have too!

This article is an overview of the complete Wealthy Affiliate Platform. It is made up of many key elements that when put together is bigger than the whole. You can access these various elements  by clicking the title or the graphics of each of these elements. For example, the Dashboard is the first element you can consider as the home page. The others are: Training, WebsiteLive Events, Keyword- Research, Affiliate Programs, Live Chat & Help Center.

Summary of My Personal Experience

Before I go into the details I want to briefly share with you my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I wasn’t looking for an online business as I was heavily involved in IRA investing. When I was reviewing an investment advice compamy I left them some comments and questions. A member of Wealthy Affiliate saw my entry and contacted me. He asked if I would be interested in another option to make money. My suspicion radar immediately shot up!

He went on to say rather than explaining what this is all about why don’t I check it out myself. It would cost me nothing to register for free, no credit card required. When I pushed him to tell me what this was about, he said it was affiliate marketing. Well, I had heard about this and had prior curiosity. So I agreed to check it out.

This gentleman sent me an email with the link. After seeing the value and power I had at my fingertips I became a Premium member within one week. This is a ONE STOP SHOP that provides EVERYTHING you need to develop a web based business. You do not need to use any other company. This saves you both time and money.

Since joining in December 2018 I have risen within the top 25 in the company to earn the position of Ambassador. I have learned so much about the science as well as the art of setting up an online business. If you join Wealthy Affiliate using my link, I will become your mentor and will be able to help you personally. The Wealthy Affiliate community is also very helpful. When I had a problem I entered it into the Q&A section, within minutes another member with the answer would respond.

There are so many courses that address everything about online marketing so there is a search bar where you can enter any question about this business and a drop down menu will appear with a selection of training modules and blog posts to chose from.

Think about Facebook for online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate takes this to a whole different level as you will discover below.

The Dashboard

Your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard is the starting point to everything a student of Affiliate and Online marketing needs.

This incredible platform is available in 143 Countries. Currently it has over 1.5 Million members. Although the training is focused on Affiliate Marketing, the principles taught and the tools provided can be applied to any kind on online business.

I’d like to show you my personal dashboard where I can access all the resources critical to become a really good Affiliate Marketer.

Let’s review what we have here. This Program is aptly called Wealthy Affiliate. Its goal is to help as many of its members achieve the wealth they need, by equipping them to create their own online business using the training and tools provided.

Each member has a profile page that can be accessed by clicking our picture in the top left.

8 tabs in the left margin are the core areas if the platform. I want to briefly review each of these tabs in more detail to show you the value available on this platform.

The Dashboard is the page shown above. No matter where you are in the platform, clicking the Dashboard will always bring you back “home” to the above page.

The top black horizontal area as well as the left margin always is present when other areas of the platform are open. Questions can be entered into the horizontal window at the top and answers will always be given.

Each member has a profile page that can be accessed by clicking the picture in the top left. Of course, the member needs to enter the appropriate information to complete their profile. You can access my Profile by clicking the following image to see what I mean.

The pencil icon is the pathway to the areas where we can write content.

The W with the numbers highlighted in yellow shows the credits earned. These can be exchanged for requesting site feedback and comments.

The $ icon leads to the Wealthy Affiliate links.

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members the opportunity to qualify to an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas every year. The plane icon shows the number of Wealthy Affiliate sales necessary in one calendar year to qualify.

Notifications are accessed via the bell icon.

Private Messages can be sent via the envelope symbol.

There are more functions that the Dashboard provides but for this brief introduction these are the main ones that I wanted to inform you about.

Training (A $997 Value)

The two core training areas are the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp areas shown below:

The Online Entrepreneur Certification training consists of 5 lesson Levels as follows:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

I shall be going into more detail of the training in a future blog post. But for now I want to show you the details of the Getting Started Level:

The Affiliate Bootcamp training consists of 7 Phases as follows:

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords and Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Medis
  5. Knowing YOur Audience and Catapulting Your Referrels
  6. Bing, Yahoo and the Power of PPC
  7. How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

To give you a glimpse of the details in Phase 1, check out the 10 lessons below:

I hope you can see the depth of training that awaits you when you register as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can only join for free to evaluate the platform before you make the commitment to become a Premium Member. However, as a free member you do have access to the 1st series of 10 lessons as shown above.

These lessons will teach you how to construct a website using the very popular WordPress website building tool. Once constructed, you can publish them on the SiteRubix site and have them hosted for free. More details to follow next.

User Generated Training (A $299 Value)

In addition to the training provided by the Wealthy Affiliate official training staff, members who have speciality skills or who can provide personal experiences and solutions of elements in the training offer their own training modules.

These are added every week that increases our opportunity for continuous learning. The more we learn, the better we can use technology to add to our income.

Websites (Sum of Components Below A $633 Value)

In this area we can access everything necessary to create your marketing website.This includes the following:

  • A Super simple website builder (A $294 Value)
  • Web Domain Marketplace (A $99 Value)
  • State of the art Web Hosting (A $240 Value)

You can see two of my websites that are in progress. I purchased my own domains through Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 a year. However, when you initially register as a free member, you can use the SiteRubix Domain and select your own sub domain title and have up to two websites hosted for free. Once you have your own domain, the process to transfer your website data is an easy process in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


In the first website I am developing Blogs posts to market a number of affiliate programs, starting with Wealthy Affiliate. The second website focuses on my specific niche, the legal field.

Wealthy Affiliate sells Domain Names to its Premium members and hosts up to 10 Domains that are included in the membership fee.

There are 7 main tabs on the left that lead to areas that help you create your websites as well as accessing site support for any assistance needed.

  1. Site Manager
  2. Site Builder
  3. Site Domains
  4. Site Content
  5. Site Comments
  6. Site feedback
  7. Site Support

All these 7 functions will be examined in more detail in a future blog post. Several blog posts can be developed in parallel and filed on this Platform until you are ready to publish them into your website. This function allows you to use your time very efficiently and effectively.

Live Events Webinars (A $497 Value)

Wealthy Affiliate hosts live webinars every Friday at 5 pm Vancouver Pacific Time. These are given by Jay Neill, Wealthy Affiliate’s live training coach. When you attend a live webinar you can ask questions. At the end of Jay’s presentation he conducts a Q&A session answering the questions asked about the topic of the webinar.

If you are not able to attend, all webinars are accessible in the archive. This screen shot gives you an idea of how the webinars are organized and available for your use.

These sessions run for about one hour. There is a search function at the top to find recorded webinars of topics you are interested in. The dates in red are scheduled future webinars. The dates in gray are the recordings. I took this screenshot before May 31st hence that is the reasons for the coloring you see.

Note that all these topics are taught in the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp Courses. Here Jay delves into them in more detail. Plus you have the opportunity of asking questions live assuming you attend the live events.

As with all the functions I am covering based in the Dashboard tabs, I will go into these webinars in more detail in a future bog post devoted just to webinars. There are also webinars conducted by members and these will also be discussed.

Affiliate Program Search (A $197 Value)

Wealthy Affiliate launched a brand new tool in the Spring of 2019 called Affiliate Programs. Its main purpose is to streamline the effort required to search for businesses that have affiliate programs that meet our selected niche. This process not only been simplified, but also provides far better results compared to doing this function the old fashioned way using Google as the main resource. I have created a whole Blog Post that delves into the featured and benefits of Affiliate Programs, so I will not address this further here. I will show what it looks like in the screenshot below:

Keyword Research (A $558 Value)

Wealthy Affiliate has developed its proprietary research tool called Jaaxy. The following screenshot depicts the services provided by this service. Jaaxy Lite is available for free to Premium Members. Jaaxy also offers a full featured version available to high power users for a monthly fee. However, the Lite version is very powerful by itself to assist you in researching and helping you achieve high website rankings.

You can start your research by entering your keyword phrase in the search box at the top. Jaaxy will provide you with a list of your keyword as well as others that are closely related. You can find what kind of traffic and competition these keywords have as well as their Search Engine Optimization value. This helps you to find the most optimum Keywords to help you create a blog post title with a high probability of being ranked high.

There are 7 functions below to help you in your search. Explanations are provided under each title that summarizes the data provided by each function.

The power you have here to catapult you ahead of your competition is simply mind-blowing Except for the last function this tool is available to free members too. Once again, I shall be publishing a blog post that will discuss Jaaxy and show you the results you can get using this research tool.

Live Chat (Over 1.6 Million Members A $349 Value)

When you have a problem and need answers immediately, post your question in the Live Chat area and you will get a response by more experienced members if they happen to be there too. Here is an example of a member with the profile name Tammy Lee asking a question on how to build a website using the Rubix domain. Two members have already communicated with her providing answers.

The availability of the Wealthy Affiliate community is one of the best benefits of being a member. Currently there are over 1.5 Million members of which thousands are active in helping other members succeed. After being a member here for several months and even several years, you develop powerful skills that you have used to make money online. You can help pay it forward to newbies at that time.

Help Center 24/7 (A $299 Value)

Whenever you get stuck, need help or want to send a private message, you can go to the Help Center to find a solution from experts.

In the screenshot below, Carson and Kyle are the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Very few training systems give you a link to actually communicate with their owners. Tim McKinlay happens to be my sponsor into Wealthy Affiliate who also is my mentor. When I need one-on-one on one discussion I can approach Tim.

Below the Premium Coaches the Top Helpers of the day are shown. They are also accessible for assistance. It is incredible how many young individuals 18 to early 20s have become 6-figure earners from the training they received at Wealthy Affiliate. They have expanded their reach to beyond this platform by training others to become successful from their own coaching programs. Yet they keep giving back to members here who need help.

Naturally they have sponsored countless other new members to experience the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

Finally, the benefits of the 4 functions at the top are clearly explained. In a blog posts I shall focus on the Help Center exclusively, just like I will be doing for the 6 other functions above.

Total Value Of Wealthy Affiliate

When we add up all the component parts of the platform benefits available to you for one year, this adds up to

$3,859.00 Annually. An outstanding deal for a university-level course.

How would you like to receive everything I have promised above if you join now for only

$499.00 Annually!

This is a discount of over 85%!

I invite you to join my Leadership Team in Wealthy Affiliate today as a Premium Member. That is LESS than $1 a day. There are NO upsells. You also have the option to pay $49 monthly.

If you already have experience in affiliate marketing and are looking for a more advanced course, you also have that option too. The annual cost for the advanced course is $999. If you prefer to pay monthly, the subscription is $99. The choice is yours.

Of course, you also have the option of joining as a starter member for free by just using your Email address. No credit card is necessary.

Hence you can verify what I have promised above totally RISK-FREE. How many other online marketing training platforms will allow you to check out their complete system for free!

I will guide you to make the most of the resources we have discussed above to create a growing passive income using the Internet like so many others have. Just click on the banner below and you will be taken inside to the registration page of Wealthy Affiliate. More information about the program is provided there for you to review.

Then enter your Email address and send it along. I shall meet you on the other side.

Note: (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link to the Merchant’s site and purchase something I may earn a commission.The price you pay will be the same if you went to the Merchant’s site directly.)

48 thoughts on “The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros”

  1. Very thorough review there, thanks Edwin. I admire how professionally laid out it is.

    The level of detail practically replicates the WA offering, which is something to strive for.

    The insight you have provided into the community and specific levels of training adds real substance too.

    Some personal touch in terms of your experiences will make it even greater.



    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Shane,

      Thanks for your kind comments. My blog posts are intended to assist individuals who wish to become great Affiliate Marketers. There is no other program that does this as well as Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Although I have been learning this business for only a few months, I have achieved results that could not have been achieved otherwise. I know it will take time for Google to accept my website as an Authority site so that I will get the high traffic I am aiming for. I also know I am following a winning formula that others before me have used to create very successful online businesses. 

      I will take your advice and add a a paragraph that will talk about my results. So thank you for that great suggestion. I wish you much success in your online business ventures.



  2. Wealthy Affiliate is a really good resource for those who are looking to build a business online and to achieve success. The education and training available to its members make it worth it alone. Everything you need to build a very good online business is available on this platform for almost anyone who is eager to get an online business off the ground.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Lee,

      Your comments are right on point. My goal is to let as many know they have access to a winning formula in Wealthy Affiliate. In the short time I have been a member I have achieved results I couldn’t have otherwise. 

      I wish you all the success in the world. 



  3. Thank you for a most enlightening article on Wealthy Affiliate. Even though I have been a member for a number of years, I still learned something new reading this article, as some of the things you mentioned I had forgotten about.

    The live chat is one of those invaluable things that I sometimes forget to look at. I am going in now and having another look. I can see how much members learn from this part of the system. It is great to see other members jumping in to help answer questions. This is truly an awesome community to belong to.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Michel,

      Glad that as an experienced member you found my blog post helpful. My objective it to help people seeking a way to become an exceptional Affiliate Marketer. I had been looking for a way to do that myself for many years and came to a lot of dead ends. 

      Oh yes there are companies and individuals who have great training programs. But they charge exorbitant rates for the privilege. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. For about $1 a day that the annual membership costs, I get more than any of the other companies provide. 

      The icing on the cake is this fee also includes a source for purchasing domains at bargain basement prices as well as free hosting for up to 50 of my websites. It will be ages before I will need all of them. But I can start working on them as each new website transitions into a money making machine! 

      Thanks again for your validation. 



  4. Great stuff you’ve got going on there, very informative. I must admit as much as I am well informed with Wealthy Affiliate, you’re doing just that. Your site is welcoming and user friendly. Keep up the good work. I have not pointed out any flaws thus far but I can safely say all is well for now.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Sherman,

      I appreciate your kind comments. My goal here was to start a series of blog posts about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. As I complete the following posts where each one focuses on one of the functions of Wealthy Affiliate, but in much greater detail, I will add links in this post with those following. 

      It is all part of a grand plan I have to educate people who have not yet made up their minds. I want them to join Wealthy Affiliate and get trained the best way possible to create their online businesses.

      In the meantime, I wish you all the success in the world.



  5. This review provide a tour round the Wealthy affiliate platform. All these are what is present in their training. Wealthy affiliate is the first and only affiliate marketing platform I will ever join. 

    What I have learned from this platform allows me to have the website of my own which I first created through SiteRubix. I was able to play around the website until I fully developed it. I am able to buy my domain name through Wealthy Affiliate, and very soon I will become a certified affiliate marketer through practice. 

    Your post is a detailed review about affiliate marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate way, and I am able to learn more from it. 

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Edwin Bernard

      Stella, glad you liked my blog post about Wealthy Affiliate and was able to learn more by reading it. I wish you much success in your journey to become a successful Affiliate Marketer through Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best to you.


  6. Touhidur Rahman

    Hi Edwin Bernard,

    Wow this is really helpful and informative. Till now I have read many articles about Wealthy Affiliate. But yours is the best. Because nobody showed the step by step description as you did. I liked this the most.  

    I wanted to start affiliate marketing by reading different articles. But there was a question about what should I do after opening an account with other companies, and which interface will give me the best results. 

    After reading your article my decision has become clear. Wealthy Affiliate is now my choice to start my affiliate marketing training. 

    Thank you so much for that. I wish you will keep giving such helpful advice in future.

    Touhidur Rahman

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Touhidur,

      I was happy to hear my blog post helped you to decide to go with Wealthy Affiliate as your source for affiliate marketing training. The fact that you had been looking for one makes your decision a wise one. 

      Rest assured I will be writing more blogs providing detailed information on each of the functions of Wealthy Affiliate that I addressed in this blog post. And when I do, I shall add links to this post as well as links from this post to those new articles. So your suggestion is a great one.

      In the meantime I wish you much success in creating your online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.



  7. Dear Edwin,

    To be honest, I am a fan of Wealthy Affiliate. Your Blog is a great walk-through on Wealthy Affiliate!

    Since 2008, I have tried many ways to make money online. To name a few… 

    Paid to click, 

    Get paid to sites, 

    Captcha Typing, 

    Email Reading, 

    Online Surveys, 

    Ad Posting, 

    Data Entry, 


    Tele Calling etc., 

    The list goes on…

    I lost nearly $4000 in trying different programs and products. Nothing helped me to become my own boss which is my dream.

    Finally I came across Wealthy Affiliate on September 2016 and I thought this was also a scam. While doing some research I found some amazing information on how this platform transformed many lives. However we read these testimonies always in the sales pages. After one month research and I decided to give a final try and joined WA on November 2016.

    The community, support, training, tools etc., are really helpful. I followed the WA training and I became my own boss in December 2017. 

    You might think this is a fake comment (I use to think the same when I read testimonials) but there is no alternative for TRUTH.

    The TRUTH is WA works and it’s the best training platform I came across online to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

    Much Success!


    1. Edwin Bernard


      I can relate to your past experience in trying other options to make money. But compared to your experiences mine was less. 

      We both ended up at Wealthy Affiliate, just like many others. My Blog is to help as many readers as possible to follow the same path. There is no better training program in online marketing like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Your comment reflects so many others who have stuck with the program for the long haul. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. We build assets that earn us passive income over time. I definitely do not think your positie experience is fake. 

      I wish you continued success.


  8. Hi Edwin

    Thanks for such an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have looked at a lot of these Affiliate Marketing education sites and with so many scammers around these days, it’s nice to read that there are still some good platforms out there. 

    The fact that Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 14 years and are still going says something about the system.

    If you don’t mind me asking how long did it take for you to start making commissions? Did you need a lot of traffic?


    1. Edwin Bernard


      You asked a good question regarding commissions. Since I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for just over 5 months, I have not made any commissions through signing up Premium Members yet. This requires a lot of traffic and conversions. 

      To get the traffic, the website needs to be ranked high consistently by the search engines. In order for that to happen one needs to become an authority on the topic. In this case it is Affiliate Marketing. I do not expect that to happen until I have over 50 articles posted. And I am only at 13.

      However, I was able to get several of my niche articles ranked on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo within three months. That was a much better result that I got compared to creating websites elsewhere, like Wix. I am therefore very hopeful that within a year, I shall be earning decent commissions. Gradually I am learning how to structure my website to achieve high rankings. 

      I have earned money though through my YouTube channel in the amount of just over $2000. And I have earned income here at Wealthy Affiliate through qualifying as a Certified Commenter and Trainer. All Members of Affiliate  have the option of getting qualified to earn commissions on this site.

      I will be going into more details on this topic when I create the supporting blog posts that will be linked to this blog post.

      I wish you much success in creating your own online business.



  9. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about three years now and after venturing off to see what else is out there, I can say confidently there isn’t a better platform or service in the industry. The changes and evolution I have seen in the last one year and a half let alone the last three years convinced me that I am part of the most progressive affiliate marketing training platform in the whole world. I have been building a successful niche business for the last three years in the dieting space and this is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I have ventured off also into other niches with some success but one of the things I learned from the experts at Wealthy Affiliate early on was not to diversify too early. To succeed within the online world, you need to be focused.

    My family and I owe a lot to the guys at Wealthy Affiliate, without them I wouldn’t be full time online like I am today.


  10. This really is a great Wealthy Affiliate review Edwin. It’s very thorough and you have gone into every detail. Everything that anyone would need to know about wealthy affiliate is all here, as I think you may already know. 

    I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate so I can confirm that everything you have said here is totally true. There was a time when I would never have believed that I would have my own website, let alone an online affiliate marketing business. But when I joined Wealthy Affiliate it all seemed to happen so easily. 

    I most certainly have no regrets, and would recommend to anyone thinking about starting up with affiliate marketing to come here to your site and read this excellent review and sign up. After all, it’s free so there is nothing to lose. 

    Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Russ, 

      I appreciate that you think anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing will find this blog post helpful. I tried to provide detailed insights into Wealthy Affiliate to show all the benefits of joining. And as you said they can join for free. 

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business.



  11. Thanks Edwin for this uniquely detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. I love the way you highlighted the money value of the various aspects of the training. Makes one realize we are getting so much more for the monthly or yearly fee we pay at Wealthy Affiliate. The training is awesome and very easy to follow. If I can do it, anyone can do it! 

    1. Juliet, 

      I had published this post a couple of months ago. Then I saw how others charge for the various training, tools and website offerings and thought it would be a good idea to show exactly what it would cost to get these elsewhere. My mind tripped out when I realized the value we were getting at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Immediately I revisited my post and made some changes. Glad you found the insertion of the true value of what Wealthy Affiliate offers revealing.

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business.



  12. Your information about Wealthy Affiliate is enough for anyone to understand. Your experience has encouraged me since am new at the platform. Personally I like Wealthy Affiliate so far because it doesn’t promise what it can’t offer. I have 24/7 support from the community and the founders and I have made a few bucks to keep me going. Patience, hard work plus Wealthy Affiliate leads to maximum success online.

    1. Hi Brendah,

      Glad you felt this post can be helpful to anyone who wants to know more about Wealthy Affiliate. I like to think that Wealthy Affiliate underpromises and overdelivers! The 24/7 support is unheard of in our industry! Thanks for pointing that out.

      Congratulations on your success so far. I wish you even more success in your affiliate marketing business in the future.



  13. Well said Edwin!

    I’ve never met a platform so powerful. With WA’s website hosting, domain registrar, keyword research tool, even the affiliate checker and lessons, you can clearly see how much effort Kyle and Carson put into making it work. I was wondering though, if I put in 2 hours a day, do you think I’ll be able to grow my website within a year? 😀

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Glad that you like the Wealthy Affiliate platform and all that it offers. Kyle and Carson are unique in this industry by providing so much for so little! 

      You ask a very good question. Glad you asked as I have already answered it in this Bog Post I recently posted:

      How To Start A Business While Working Full Time!

      And guess what, my conclusion was that in this busy life most working people lead, you only require two hours a day to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Why don’t you check that out by clicking the link above?

      As always I truly appreciate the relevant comments you provide. I wish you much success in building your affiliate marketing business.



  14. Hi Edwin, 

    I have a friend who’s interested in affiliate marketing but he doesn’t know where to start from. He’s been watching a couple of videos on YouTube about affiliate marketing in general, but he needs a lot of guidance at first, especially since he’s a totally beginner. I’m also quite new at this so I can’t help too much. But I will recommend him the training from Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Apparently it’s specially designed for people who are new to this and don’t know much about how it works and so on. I was impressed to see its training, webinars and keyword research are so valuable, I wasn’t even aware of that. So it’s definitely the best place for my friend to start with affiliate marketing. 

    Thanks for your very detailed article, it really answers a lot of questions.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks so much for your insightful comments! Glad that you feel Wealthy Affiliate is great for total beginners to start learning about the affiliate marketing business. It takes you step by step from knowing nothing to becoming an expert. 

      All the best to both you and your friend. You made my day! 



  15. Thank you for this very complete guide! I knew that the training and features given here are WA were worth a lot of money, but I had no idea it was all that! 

    These guys deserve a lot of praises for putting it all together for such a decent price. If you apply everything correctly and you have enough patience and persistence, WA’s training will pay off even 10 times more. 

    I’m actually a member of this community for a few months so I can speak from experience that the stuff I learned here is fantastic. I would not be able to learn this elsewhere. So I actually plan to stick with them for the next year at least!

    1. Hi Tracy,

      I was so happy you appreciated being shown the value we all receive at Wealthy Affiliate. The founders Kyle and Carson are so modest and down to earth they don’t boast about the real cost we would have to pay to get this type of training and tools elsewhere. I believe, that we cannot get what Wealthy Affiliate offers anywhere else at any price. Just think, out of its more than 1,700,000 members there are so many experts who have the answers to our unique problems we only have to ask to get a response. No other platform can offer that.

      It says a lot about Kyle and Carson who emphasize helping others by paying it forward to each one of us.

      By the way your progress in one year will be amazing! Just think where you will be in two years from when you started. My advice is to follow the formula and never give up. So many people do that just before the finish line it is so sad. 

      I wish you all the success in your affiliate marketing business.



  16. Great Review about Wealthy Affiliate Edwin.

    I heard about them before when i first started my search for affiliate marketing education earlier this year. Unfortunately i didn’t bookmark them when I closed my web-browser at the time. I couldn’t find them anymore either because I forgot the name,

    So when i started searching again this week, i came across your review and now i am like, YES! Finally, found them again. Haha! I also totally loved your in depth review. I like that Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one platform with all the tools and training offered in one place and that there is a community I can interact with. 

    How helpful is the community? I mean if I need help with an issue or even a question, will somebody reply to me?

    Thanks ahead,


    1. Hey Mark,

      I had a chuckle when you wrote how you lost the link to Wealthy Affiliate and that you found it through my post after searching for it again! 

      One of the unique benefits of being a member here is the access to over 1,700,000 members, many of whom will have gone through the same problems newbies are going through. And guess what? Kyle and Carson encourage them to pay it forward by answering the questions posed by other members here. 

      I use this benefit all the time. Whenever you are stuck or have a question, you can either enter it into the gray window at the top or through the Help Center tab at the left.

      When you enter it at the top, the system searches for previously presented answers and gives you drop down links to them. After checking them out you don’t find what you need, you can use the Help Center to ask your specific question. It will be posted in the Questions section on the Dashboard. Before long you will get several responses. Why don’t you scroll down the Dashboard till you come to the questions area.

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business.


  17. Hi Edwin,

    The truth is one of the best reviews I’ve seen related to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

    You provided us with very detailed information on the different areas covered by WA. 

    You give clarity to all those people who enter the platform for the first time so they don’t feel so lost. 

    It happened to me when I first visited here. 

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Claudio,

      It is comments like yours that warms my heart. Thank you so much for the wonderful points you made.

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business.



  18. As always, very informative and motivating. You really touched on areas that seem not totally clear to me before now in this comprehensive overview. 

    But considering that you have not started for so long, I’ll say that you are making great, and fast progress. This is commendable and I agree as well, that Wealthy Affiliate is something to stick with and I believe I will earn too if I follow in your footsteps. 


    1. You are most kind! We are all blessed to have discovered this amazing platform. That is one of the reasons I felt compelled to spell out the real value we get at Wealthy Affiliate for so little cost. 

      There is so much we can learn to create a successful business. It really comes down to how badly we want to succeed and how willing are we to spend the time to achieve it. 

      Thanks so much for your response.



  19. Hi Edwin,

    You did a very informative walkthrough about Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I must say it’s the most detailed review I have read so far. I love the idea that we only spend less than 1 dollar and get access to so many great tools at WA. I did a quick comparison myself for the related services from other companies, and it costs way more than $359. So, I start to know why there are so many positive reviews on the internet.

    Another good point is that you can contact your helper(Tim) like a mentor! This helper system is excellent since I often find there are only training courses and self practices from other online programs or training. It is indeed a big plus for me when I have issues that I need someone to help me urgently.

    Thanks for sharing, I would love to read more about keyword tool from you because I think keyword researches might be the key to open the door of organic traffic to your website.

    Love to read more from you,

    1. Hi Matt,

      I am glad that you saw the overall message I was giving through this article. Namely, that Wealthy Affiliate is an All In One Platform. Hence for one low price we have access to EVERYTHING we need to create an online business. And it doesn’t only need to be in affiliate marketing. The training and tools can be applied to any online business.

      The next part of this message was how cost effective the WA Platform is. And the best way to do that is to show what it would cost if one went about setting up a system piecemeal.

      Thanks for bringing up the importance of Keyword Research. It so happens that I have written an article about it. Here is the link: What Is The Best Keyword Tool For SEO!

      Please check it out and tell me if I should write another one.

      The challenge is to overcome the cynicism of people who hear so much hype and do not know what to believe. If anyone who is serious about an online business tries out Wealthy Affiliate for free, I think the decision to pay a $1 a day for their services would be an easy decision.

      Thanks for your helpful comments Matt. All the best to you.


  20. It is true that Wealthy Affiliate can turn beginners into Pros. I am a member myself and knew little of affiliate marketing before I started.  I have learned so much. 

    The training lessons are awesome. Jays Webinars are the raisin in the bun. Not to mention the Live classes with Kyle. I have achieved so much with Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I wish I had found this platform before. The community is extraordinary in all ways. Your review says it all really. 

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Hilde,

      Thanks for your validating comments. I also wish I had discovered Wealthy Affiliate many years ago. In the 18 months being a member I have learned to do things on the Internet I never thought I would be able to do before. 

      When I started my quest to start an online business, I found other companies who charges thousands of dollars for their courses. I gave up as I couldn’t afford them. 

      Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. And everything changed! 

      Thanks for your comments.


  21. I’m slightly biased, but also objective when it coms to Wealthy Affiliate, because I am a premium member of the platform and very pleased to be one as well.

    In terms of your post you cover in depth what the platform offers and when ever I read a review on Wealthy Affiliate, my mind always compares it to MLSP (My Lead System Pro) which I used to be a member of years ago, and while that platform covers a lot of good topics, requires a lot of hard work to earn any decent income from it

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, has great hosting, teaches you to brand yourself and the platform can be sued for both the offline and online market, with, some exceptionally exclusive training produced on a regular basis, by ordinary people, earning very good incomes.

    It is hard to find a similar platform, to beat this

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Dave,

      My upline in LegalShield introduced me to MLSP. I think that is another great training resource. However, when I found WA, I had to make a decision. Should I join WA as Premium and maintain my MLSP Basic membership? Or just pick one. 

      When I found that WA had no upsells my decision was easy. I ended my paid subscription to MLSP and focused entirely on the WA training. However, I had purchased three courses there that I felt were of value and still have access to those through their platform. I also copied a few other helpful stuff using screenshots. I even wrote a review about MLSP here. 

      One of my goals is to help people subscribe to my LegalShield program using the organic process taught at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Thanks for validating the decision I had made to focus on WA for my online business training. 

      All the best to you.


  22. Hi Edwin, 

    A great article about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member for around six months now, and am working through the excellent training programme. I am trying to get to grips with this before going onto the Bootcamp training, but do intend to do that as well. 

    As your post makes clear, there is so much to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, that I don’t think I will ever get through all the extra training offered by other members. Overall it’s a phenomenal resource. 

    And on top of that, an invaluable network – as you say, truly a Facebook for affiliate marketers!

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Terri,

      Thanks for your helpful comments. Great think about all that extra training, one can pick and choose what one needs to solve specific problems. The search bar at the top males it so easy to find these using questions. Also, the Training tab at the left brings up so a wealth of training topics. 

      Keep with the OEC course and put that to good use first before moving on to Bootcamp. That’s what I did. I started Bootcamp a year after I joined WA and going through it now. 

      I wish you all the best in your ventures.


  23. Hello Dear, 

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing post with us all. It really is amazing seeing such a stunning post on how to become a pro in the affiliate world. Finding a very good article on this topic does not come easily, so I must commend your effort. 

    Wealthy affiliate is no.1 in teaching beginners to become pro affiliates. Ive been with them for 2 years now, and i believe they have gained ground and trust in the world at large. 

    Thanks a lot for the info.

    1. Edwin Bernard


      Thanks for your comments. You hit the nail on the head when you observed that Wealthy Affiliate has gained the trust with entrepreneurs world wide. Since it has thrived and grown over 15 years that says a great deal about how well this company serves its members.

      Glad that you have benefited from being a member too.

      I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.


  24. Hey nice article you have there. This article is as timely as ever. 

    I have been experiencing some challenges as an Affiliate Marketer. This business has really given me a lot of concerns and has made me to continue research on new strategies to employ. 

    Having stumbled onto your article, I am convinced that this training will definitely be effective for me to thrive in Affiliate Marketing.

    1. Edwin Bernard


      I am so glad that you concluded that the Wealthy Affiliate training will be of help to you in jump starting your affiliate marketing journey. 

      This company has helped an amazing number of entrepreneurs become successful online marketers through their training and tools. The price that we can access all these resources is mind blowing. 

      Thanks so much for your comments and appreciation. I’d love to hear from you again telling me how you are doing. 

      All the best to you.


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