How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

The question you need to ask before the “How To” is “What”. What do you want to market on your website? Followed by Why did you select that product or service? The answers to these questions will help you zero in on your niche.

You may ask how do you find your niche? Let me ask you some questions that could help.

When you were a kid do you remember what you were passionate about? Would you still be passionate about that? If so, then you may have found your niche.

The Secret To Your Website Is In Finding The Right Niche

What are some possible ideas a kid would enjoy doing? What did you enjoy doing as a kid? In that list of activities can you narrow it down to just one activity that you were truly passionate about? Let’s brainstorm a little.

  1. Playing games
  2. Sports, perhaps one or two
  3. Hobbies like fishing, or art
  4. Designing stuff using your imagination
  5. Music, either listening or playing an instrument

I am sure we can add much more to this list if we gave it more thought. You have to think for yourself and come up with a list based on your childhood. Memory has a habit of fading so you may have to dig deep.

As you grow older, adults drum into you that it is time to get interested in serious stuff. Like academics. As a result there will be much less time for fun and games. Your passion gets repressed. That change occurs almost imperceptibly that you don’t even realize what is happening. Before you know it, those fun things you enjoyed doing as a kid are a distant memory.

Society makes you conform. Because that is how it was always done. There are so many entities who want to control you for their benefit. Of course, it is drummed into you it’s all for your own good.

You start to believe all of that.

Now you are an adult. Maybe even retired. What is stopping you from once again embracing those things that you loved to do as a child?


It is only years of reprogramming that has made you lose the desire and passion you once possessed. It is high time to rekindle those happy moments and dream about what you would like to enjoy doing with your website.

If it was sports that captivated you, it may be too late to go out and play those sports. Or join a team if it was team sports.

But you can most certainly find a niche that aligns perfectly with your passions as a child. Instead of being active in those activities, you can research what is current and find products and services you may love and share them with others through your affiliate marketing business.

That my friend is how you find your niche!

Pitfalls To Avoid

Even though you may think your niche is small. It is still possible to have it encompasses so many areas that you lose the advantage of having a surgically targeted market.

Why is it crucial to have a narrow target? Because it will be easier to manage. You will become an expert in helping people make an informed buying decision.

There are billions of people on our planet. If it is sports you are interested in great! You certainly don’t want to set up a website that is like a store front that promotes everything related to sports. Pick the one sport that you were passionate about and research what products are related to that.

For the sake of this study, I want to pick tennis. I rarely played tennis in my whole life. But I was sufficiently interested in this sport to watch major events like Wimbledon on TV. I am going to list several items related to tennis that could be in your affiliate marketing offerings below:

  • Rackets
  • Balls
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Memorabilia
  • Books and videos on tennis
  • Training courses
  • Training schools
  • Tickets to tennis events

So what do you think? Do you get the idea? It is much more effective to target a narrow niche and in time become an expert adviser who can give value to people through making recommendations. Giving quality reviews and discussing comparisons between manufacturers is also a good way to give value and connect with your customers.

I hope you get the idea. OK you now have your niche. Tell me in the comments section what that is. Moving on, what is the next thing that you will need to do with your website?

Creating Your Blog Series

It is through your Blog that you will provide valuable content to your readers and win customers. Each Blog will have a title made up of Keywords that have the potential of ranking high on the search engines. Writing effective Blogs is a skill that can be learned.

You may be wondering how can you find effective Keywords? How can you learn the skills on how to rank high in the search engines. Not to worry I have covered it is a post on this website.

Guess what this post is called?

How To Make Money Blogging! 

Just click the above title to get to my blogging post.

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I wish you much success. This is Edwin Bernard signing out for now,

3 thoughts on “How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Well said Edwin, it is vital that one choose a niche that is of interest to them. Because in the long run, it’s that interest that will be one of the factors to keep them going and pushing even when they’re not seeing immediate results.

    It’s true to narrow down our niche. Because in that way, we’ll become experts in that field and best to help others out when they ask us questions. Well detailed content on this topic, thank you 

  2. I couldn’t agree with you less on the secret to  your website which you said is finding your Niche. Half the job involved in building your website is done when your niche is based on something you are passionate about because you won’t need to worry about what to post or how to develop content since it will just flow from your heart.

    The pitfalls to avoid while starting a blog is something to give serious consideration before starting a website.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!


    1. Edwin Bernard

      David, thanks for your comments. I agree that planning ones Blog series is essential for a successful website. Part of that is learning the skills to select the most appropriate Keywords and how to construct ones Blog to exploit it within the rules of the search engines. I am just completing Level 5 and one of the exercises it to create a list of Keywords and Review ideas moving forward. I wish I had taken that approach when I started the course. I know we were encouraged to make posts almost for each lesson. But it would have been helpful to have thought ahead. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has been simply amazing. I will be reviewing Analytics and Search Console to better understand how the data and how to use it effectively. I am getting traffic but no sales yet. Hence I need to do some tweaking.



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