What Is The Best Affiliate Network

What Is The Best Affiliate Network? Is It AWIN?

There are so many Affiliate Networks to choose from. The big question being what is the best affiliate network? Is it AWIN? In this article I shall be showing why AWIN should be at the top of your list. For the record here is a short list of other worthy affiliate networks:

  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliates
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • Avangate Affiliate Network
  • Amazon Associates

These are all excellent candidates. So why choose AWIN? The answer is simple. WIth over 13,000 merchants carrying both physical and digital products, there is something for everybody. When you read my review you will discover why in my opinion I feel that AWIN is the best Affiliate Network in this ocean of Affiliate Networks.

Overview Of Affiliate Networks

Affiliate NetworksFirst, let’s review what role an affiliate network plays in the affiliate marketing business. Most medium and large size businesses these days have affiliate programs.

Meaning, they pay affiliates a commission if they can drive customers to their website who make a purchase. This is a global venture. You can be living anywhere in the world and be connected to the Affiliate Network on the Internet.

Before Affiliate Networks came about, the companies had to offer affiliate programs all by themselves. And if an affiliate marketer wanted to become an affiliate, they had to apply directly to these companies.

Today there are thousands of companies of all sizes who offer affiliate programs. Go to the main website of any retailer and scroll to the bottom. Here is where you will find out if they have an Affiliate Program. The chances are most companies will.

Can you imagine if you wanted to sign up for say 20 companies? The thought of managing and keeping track of sales and commissions for all these companies could become a problem.

The same for these companies. They see value in having one Affiliate Network manage the process of vetting and linking affiliate marketers to their affiliate programs.

Functions Of Affiliate Networks

Affiliate NetworkAffiliate Networks like those listed above solve this problem by providing affiliate marketers with a centralized online location to go to sign up for many companies.

And when you generate a sale on any of the companies you sign up with, the sales and commissions are tracked by your Affiliate Network who pays you.

This can be very convenient when you are starting out and your commissions can be low. Usually there is a minimum threshold where companies will send you a payment.

Let’s say this is $50. If your commissions is less, you will have to wait till you accumulate more sales to take your total above $50 in order to get your money.

When you are a member of an Affiliate Network who has a minimum limit of $50, you will get paid when the sum of your commissions from multiple companies combined exceed $50.

Hence, it is possible to have a lot of small commissions in the few dollar range that could very easily add up to a minimum of $50.

Another advantage of an Affiliate Network is that they save you time. You can review all the important information you need to know of thousands of company’s in one online website.

Facets Of AWIN

Who Are AWIN?

The best way to find out more about AWIN is to go here. AWIN has been in business for over 20n years, It has over 1000 employees located in 15 locations around the world. It is owned by the European conglomerate Axel Springer.

AWIN can be contacted through this contact link.

Facets of AWIN

Advertiser and Product Directory

These are in the following major categories

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retail & Shopping
  • Telco’s & Services
  • Travel

A complete detail can be found by clicking this link: Advertiser & Product Directory

AWIN also provides a Product Availability Report with affiliate links back to the appropriate Advertiser. In order for the affiliate link to be accessible, the Publisher must have applied and been approved by the respective Advertiser.

Getting Started On AWIN

AWIN makes it easy to get started by providing a series of instructions on how to get started as follows:

Tools To Help You Grow

Tools To Help You Grow

AWIN provides tools to make marketing the products available as easy as possible through the following Publisher Tools.

  • Bounceless Tracking
    • Bounceless Tracking sends a customer directly to an Advertiser’s website without any redirects.
  • Convert-a-Link
    • Automatic creation of affiliate racking links
  • MyAwin
    • Helps to join a new affiliate program
    • Chrome extension enables creating and adding affiliate links on the fly as quickly and simple as possible.
  • Opportunity Marketplace Tool
    • Enables publishers to list, manage and promote all of the advertising options available on their website
    • Link to YouTube Training on the Opportunity Marketplace
  • The Hub
    • Where Advertisers place current offers, promote new sales campaigns and messages
    • Enables all publishers to see offers available across the whole Network.
  • Create A Feed
    • Easy access to over 200 million products
    • Affiliate links are customizable to match the niche you are promoting
    • You can store these unique affiliate links for future use
    • Allows publishers to keep up to date data on their sites

High Level Educational GuidesThat Inspire

High Level Education That InspiresAWIN provides one of the most comprehensive guides to affiliate marketing using Affiliate Networks. The following is a selection of market insights that highlight the value of being involved with AWIN in your affiliate marketing business.

Click on the links provided to reach the articles listed.

  • Strategies and Best Practices In Affiliate Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing without a website?
    • The best way to finding profitable affiliates
    • How to go global with your affiliate marketing activity
    • Ad blocker and the future of advertising
    • The ins and outs about affiliate tracking
  • Influencer Marketing
    • What is influencer marketing and why your brand should use it
    • How to set up a profitable influencer marketing campaign
    • How affiliate marketing can enhance influence marketing
    • YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
    • Global reach with minimal cost
  • The Most Effective Way To Use AWIN
    • 5 Simple Steps to become a successful AWIN publisher
    • 5 Ways to spread the word about your affiliate program
    • 7 Common Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make
    • The shift in affiliate marketing activity in a global pandemic
    • Affiliate Marketing trends in 2020
  • Sector Insights
    • Back to school shopping trends
    • The influence of Black Friday on Christmas shopping
    • 6 Cyber weekend trends
    • 12 tips to become a professional travel blogger

All of these articles are available to anyone, not just AWIN affiliates. Hence, they can also be helpful to affiliate marketers who are not associated with AWIN. How cool is that?

AWIN Video – We Are Affiliate Marketing

Click the video below for a short introduction about the history of AWIN
What Is The Best Affiliate Network - Is It AWIN?

My Conclusion About AWIN

After a thorough review of AWIN I truly feel that they are arguably the best Affiliate Network you can join. For a full 2020 report of the company click Awin Report 2020.Reports from earlier years can be downloaded from here.

Some of the top companies who have partnered with AWIN as Advertisers are:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Warby Parker
  • Emirates
  • Etsy
  • The Motley Fool
  • Under Armor
  • Skin Store
  • FabFitFun

Why don’t you join AWIN today by clicking this link and partner with the World’s leading brands? If you have any questions I invite you to ask me using the comments section below.

I also invite you to learn all about Affiliate Marketing from the world’s best Affiliate Training Platform and Afffiliate Marketing University called Wealthy Affiliate. Click this link to find out more.

I wish you all the success in the world in your affiliate marketing journey.


Edwin Bernard

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