Apiary Fund Review

Making Money Using Other People’s Money

What would you do if someone gave you $250,000 of their money to invest and each month you can keep 85% of the profits you make?

And if you lose money you do not have to pay them back. However, you will not get paid until you get the account back over $250,000 by trading.

Would you say that can actually happen?

In this Apiary Fund Review I will be showing you a path to do just that using real money provided to you by the Apiary Investment Fund. The only way this works is through trading in the Foreign Exchange Market. (FOREX), using the trading platform developed by Apiary. They have a risk management system in place to protect their investment as well as your earning potential.

Interested? Want to know more? Is this even legitimate? Read on to find out.

Is This Legitimate?

I want to get this out-of-the-way right at the start of my Blog. the Apiary Investment Fund is thoroughly legitimate. They are a real company that was founded in 2005. Their location and hours of operation are shown in the picture below:

History and How It Works

It was founded by Shawn Lucas, who was an investment banker from Wall Street. On one of his visits to China he came across a company where instead of one or two experts managing their investment funds, they had a small army of expertly trained members who each were given a small portion of the fund to trade with.

Each of them developed unique and profitable trading systems that they stuck to. As long as at the end of the month they made more money than they lost, the fund did well. The chances that all of them would lose money at the same time was statistically slim. Hence, on average, the company rarely had a losing month.

Compare that if only one person did all the investing, If he ended the month with a loss, that meant the whole company lost. Sharing the trading responsibilities was a great way to minimize risk.

Apiary Fund’s Training Program

Apiary Investment Fund finds individuals ranging from no trading experience at all to those who have made a career in trading. They go through a free 30-day trial period to make sure this is right for them. If it is, they are charged $97 a month to have access to the trading platform and the extensive training program.

Before they are funded each person will need to demonstrate they can trade profitably consistently using demo accounts in a series of training modules shown below. You can access this information by clicking The Beeline To Funding picture above.

You can get funded before completing all the training if you can demonstrate to a risk manager that your demo trading history meets the following requirements for a minimum of 100 trades and a minimum time span of 60 days:

  1. Number of winning trades is greater than the number of loosing trades.
  2. The average of your winning trades is greater than the average of your loosing trades
  3. No loss on a single trade was greater than 2%
  4. Current with your fees

The alternative method of getting funded is to complete the Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges successfully. THe following graphic provides more details. You do not start off with a funding level of $250,000.00. That has to be earned.

When you compete your Gold III level, you are provided with $1000 to trade. When you complete your first month with a profit, your journey to higher levels continues as shown below:

1) You start with an amount of $2.5K to $10K depending on your prior performance.

2) After demonstrating three consecutive months of profitability, your funds are increased to $10K to $50K

3) After another three consecutive months of profitability, your funds are increased to $50K to $100K

4) After yet another three consecutive months of profitability, your funds are increased to $100k to $250K

It is the risk managers who assess your performance and decide at what amount you are funded at each level.

Let’s assume the most optimistic progression where you take three months to meet each level’s requirements. You could reach the $250,000.00 funded amount after 15 months. Does that happen often? Probably not. But are there members who are funded at all the levels shown? Yes.

I am currently funded at Level 1.

Earnings Projections

The overriding goal is to reach Level 4 as quickly as possible. The safest way to do that is to be satisfied with earning modest amounts along the way to not break the cycle. If you miss a profitable month, you go back to the start of the level you currently are at.

It is possible to make a comfortable living at the $250,000.00 amount by earning about 2% a month. That would provide earnings of $5K a month. At the higher funded levels, it doesn’t take much percentage gain to make a decent amout of money.

Typical Trading Time

It is possible to trade for no more than 2-4 hours a day. It takes the same time to make 5% at any level. 5% at $2.5K is only $125. But 5% at the $250K level is $12,500.00! Big difference. Right?

Now can you see the value of being patient and focusing on low risk, low yielding trades at the lower funded levels, with your sights on higher levels of funding?

Of course, if you are very good at making winning trades, then by all means raise the anti and go for more. It comes down to the universal law of risk vs. reward. The more you risk, the greater the reward if you win. However, if you lose, the greater the loss.

When Can You Trade?

Except for 48 hours over the weenend, Forex can be traded 24 hours a day. Here’s why:

The above chart shows the major markets where Forex is traded. When New York eds, Sydney begins. Followed by Tokyo. When Tokyo ends, London begins. When London ends, New York is still going strong.

Most traders prefer to rade the first two hours when a market opens as that is when action is at its highest. It allows one to make short term trades that last no more than a couple of hours. For some traders, you may enter and exit within minutes.

My preference is to trade the London Open which starts about midnight LA time. I am usually done by 2 am. Regardless if I make a profit or loss, when I go to bed I know I have no open trades to get me during the night. It is possible to set up trades that could go on while you sleep. But those are rare for me.

Stop Loss Settings for Risk Management

All trading platforms allows one to place stop loss and take profit orders on the graph. Typical ratio is 2:1. In other words, the win/loss ratio is 2:1. Take for example, if you set up a trade to risk $100.00. A 2:1 stop loss ratio means if the trade goes in your favor, it will stop out for a profit of $200.00. If it goes against you, your loss will be limited to $50.00.

This means you could have more losing trades and still come out ahead.

Trading Systems

So what is a system? Take McDonalds. The stores are all set up to do the same things without deviation. As a result, their food tastes the same no matter at what McDonalds restaurant you eat at. They have systemized their process of making burgers.

In the same way, it is possible to develop a trading system, that will yield a net profit after every 100 trades, no matter what happens. Once you get such a system working, you never deviate from it. Meaning, you never tweak the trades while it is open to make you a greater profiit or a smaller loss. Because if you did that, you will start to get random results. Your result for 100 trades will not be repeatable. (There is one exception. When your trade is in profit you can use a trailing stop to minimize your loss if it turns against you.) Once you have demonstrated you have a system that delivers a profit consistently after every 100 trades, no matter what, you do not want to mess with that.

If you see 10 losses in a row, just deal with it and accept it. After all, you are playing the law of averages. Maybe you will win the next 10 trades. If you make adjustments because you just lost 10 trades in a row, you are now at the mercy of the wind. The secret to achieving success is to stick with the winning formula when you find it.

Additional For Fee Programs

If you want to attend the live trading classes and mentorship programs, there are additional fees. These could run you a one time fee between $500 abd $1000. However, they are not mandatory and totally voluntary. Apiary provides various live classes every day, most are free, as shown in the following schedules:

In addition, there is a large volunne of archived classes and courses. All of this is included in the basic monthy fee of $97.00. After being funded, my monthly fee got reduced to $65.00.

Twice Yearly Live Trading Conferrences

The Apiary Investment Fund holds two group conferrences in the year. The August conferrence is held in Salt Lake City where the Apiary Investment Fund is located. The February conference is held in different cities throiughout the US. There is a registration fee for these events. However, the Apiary Fund does give a few members a discount on the registration fee to attend. These events run for about three days. The total expense will include, air fare, hotel, registration and meals. It ain’t cheap. If you can afford it definitely attend.

All members are provided with $1000 real money to trade with during the trading sessions and they can keep part of the profiits, not the principle. Definitely makes it worth attending.

The Apiary Fund YouTube Channel

There is a wealth of valuable trading information provided here. Click the banner below to access their YouTube Channel:


  1. Trade with Other Peoples Money (OPM)
  2. Extensive and proven training program
  3. Large library of archived courses
  4. Automatic risk management on their Alveo trading platcorm
  5. Early morning New York stock exchange live trading programs called Daily Forex Fanatics


  1. Monhly fee of $97 may be too much for some
  2. When you exceed the risk management limits, you cannot trade for one day
  3. Quality of the live training varies depending on who is giving it

The Apiary Investment Fund Promise

You should click the banner below and read exactly what the Apiary Investment Fund actually promises. I feel this will give you a good reason to trust them and realize that they provide a great opportunity to create a lasting income through Forex Trading.

My Recommendation

If you can afford the $97 monthly fee, and the thought of training to become a currency trader excites you, I highly recommend signing up. At least try the 30 day free trial.

The Apiary Fund is not a get rich quick program. The company teaches you a skill, namely how to trade Forex to make a profit. It will take time to start earning decent money. So never give up.

Now, if you find for any reason that this is not for you, but you still want to use the online space to make money, I have another recommendation for you.

How would you like to build a website that directs you into the business of Online Marketing? Click the above picture and find out if this is worth it to you.

Note: (This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link to the Merchant’s site and purchase something I may earn a commission.The price you pay will be the same if you went to the Merchant’s site directly.)

14 thoughts on “Apiary Fund Review”

  1. Wow! Excellent review you have done for apiary fund and surely has clarified a lot of my doubtful questions about them because I had thought initially that they are a scam. I love the initiative of distributing the funds for trading and the more you can stay productive, is the more they will give you more funds to trade with. But then, for a starter like me, getting into this with monthly $97 would drain my budget within very short space of time. But I’ll bookmark this review for later should in case I get more money to aid my monthly charges

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Stepho,

      I think you supported my point perfectly. I wrote this specifically for readers who couldn’t afford the $97 a month fee. Did you notice I added a link to Online Marketing where I was providing an alternative method of making money online through Wealthy Affiliate?

      Thanks for your frankness about what you originally thought about Apiary Fund.



  2. The Apiary Fund has a hint of Ponzi about it no doubt.

    To me, the idea of using other peoples money in this manner sits very uncomfortably.

    The levels that are dissected within the review are not what I would call very well structured.

    The variabilities in the trading side of things in terms of time spent has me rather confused as well.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Shane, 

      Can you describe what a Ponzi Scheme is?  To me it is based on recruiting people into a MLM structured network where money changes hands with no value added.

      There is NO downline in the Apiary Fund. When you meet the criteria they give you THEIR money to trade with. They explicitly do not allow you to trade your own money. Apiary Fund bears 100% if the risk. I placed the links in my article specifically to answer questions like you asked. Clearly you didn’t check those out and didn’t use the facts that were in the links. 

      Clearly, you didn’t read 80% or more of what I wrote. Hence, your comments are not valid in the least. The only reason why I approved them was to provide a rebuttal to your statements. 

      I find it interesting that another reviewer had previously thought this was a scam and concluded otherwise after reading my article.

      I feel you missed the section where I stated very clearly that I was in Level 1 where I was trading $2500 of funds provided totally by Apiary. 

      May I humbly suggest you read what I wrote again giving careful attention to the links provided.

      I thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to you.



  3. The Apiary Fund seems like a very good opportunity based on your thorough and informative review. I have been looking for means to further diversify my investment portfolio and this is a strong candidate to be a part of that process. I am a person that believes in action once I have made a decision, so I read through your review carefully a few times. 

    The cost is not high for the chance to get the training and experience you need to have success with the trading. I like that over time as you gain experience and prowess, you can tap into their funds to realize profits and share the winnings. The goal would be to achieve the highest level of course.

    You mention that you are at Level 2 currently. How long did it take you to get there and do you see yourself as continuing on to level 4? The other question is how much time are you spending per day on the training and the trading? I would like to know what portion of the day to apportion for this if I start. Thanks for the great review of the Apiary Fund opportunity!

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Dave,

      I appreciate you took the time to do a thorough review of my post. Trading can be complicated and I didn’t go into the nitty gritty details. 

      The four level training is very demanding and intensive. The summaries barely provide a glimpse of what is in store. But that is a good thing as it makes one look at trading from different perspectives. 

      The literature says it is possible to go through it all in three months. If you spend several hours a day going through the training I suppose that is possible. I started this when I had a full time job, so I only spent about an hour a day. It took me 18 months to complete it and qualify for funding. 

      In the Copper, Bronze and Silver training levels they provide you with a $10K demo account. However, when you get into Gold, they drop the demo account first to $2500 and then to $1000. These make it much tougher as it forces one to use really small lots to minimize risk. There is a good reason for that. When you get funded, you start at $1000 and then move to $2500. A different mindset is necessary for these smaller levels compared to $10k in the demo account.

      Going through the process is in some ways like Wealthy Affiliate. It is like a game of sorts. You go through the training that is a combo of videos and articles. You are directed to do specific trading techniques. After successfully meeting these goals there is a test. You have to pass each level before the next one opens up to you, unlike WA where it is possible to cheat. This is serious business because Apiary will be giving you their money to trade.

      Now for a sad tale. After I got my $2500 account, I had some positive weeks, but then got greedy. I started trading multiple currency pairs and left trades open overnight. Sometimes I awoke to big profits. Then after a few bad nights I had depleted my account down to $2000. And then to $1800 where I am right now. 

      I can attest that I do not have t pay back what I lost. However until I get it back above $2500 I cannot get paid. The currency that I started of doing really well was the GBP and its related pairs. But Brexit recenty has made the GBP very volatile and unpredictable. That is one of the reasons why I lost so much. So now I am treading very carefully and fully expect to make it up.

      You should know that when I first got funded I was earning an average of 1% growth A DAY. Sometimes it was 5%. I was on top of the world. I now wish I had failed a little at the start so I would not have got cocky.

      I typically trade from midnight to 2am. as I focus on the GBP currency and the London opens at midnight LA time. Other people trade the New York open. It comes down to personal preference. In terms of volume, the London trading session is the highest, followed by the US and lastly the Asian. 

      I wish you all the best. Check out their free 30 day trial as well as watch their YouTube videos to make sure this is really for you. It sounds you would do well. And you could always ask me questions.

      Sorry for this lengthy response.


  4. What an interesting review. I have heard of this opportunity before, but never paid much attention to it, however your opening couple of lines peaked my interest, as I am, sure it would peak others interest : ) 

    Given that forex attracts a lot of press, most of it bad, then this post goes someway to negating peoples fears

    You have covered the various levels well together with the risk assessment for want of a better word

    You recommend the venture, but don’t say if you are having success with it

    Have you had any success, even if its minimal

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Dave, 

      I was thrilled that you took the time to review this program. The training is so tough. You have to pass each level before the next level opens up to you. Not like Wealthy Affiliate where it is possible to skip stuff and move ahead.

      When I got funded I was over the moon. My main currency I love to trade is the Great British Pound GBP pairs. At first I was doing so well, earning between 1% to 5% every night. I traded the London Open that coincided at Midnight in LA. I usually spent two to three hours trading. My approach was to end my trades before I went to bed. 

      Then the GBP started to do strange things. And I doggedly didn’t change my strategy. When Brexit made it very volatile I should have left it alone. But no, t thought I knew better. So I ended up drawing down ,my account to $1800 where I am now. Until I get it back above $2500 I won’t earn anything. However, I do not have to repay the one cent. 

      I am much more cautious now and learning new strategies to make up the losses. See, until you graduate to at least $10k, the only way you can earn something reasonable is to take a lot of risks. Meaning using larger lots. I should have been happy with small profits until I had qualified for the larger amounts. I’ve learned my lesson and am fully confident I will get back this year.

      Goes to show this is not for the faint hearted. But apart from my monthly technology and training fee of $65, I have no risk in this at all. 

      Feel free to ask me any questions. I suggest you check out the links I provided as well as their YouTube Channel. 



  5. This is such a shame that I no longer have the money to invest in this programme, it is exactly the type of programme I was looking for when I was scammed.  A first class review of a really solid company that you have to work to ern, but have great training and dare I say it fun while doing so.

    Many thanks, you never no one day I could just have justifiable cash to spend.


    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Stuart,

      It is sad that this could be something you’d enjoy doing but the monthly fees are currently prohibitive. Maybe when you get into an income earning period with Affiliate Marketing, you could revisit this again. 

      Thanks for your comments.


  6. Hi,
    It’s really an awesome & attractive article written by Edwin Bernard. This article is so informative & it shows everything with details which is really helpful for me. In this article, the author mentioned the Apiary Fund’s Training Program which is so important for every newbie like me. The author also added a link to Online Marketing where he was providing an alternative method of making money online which is too good to see. I think this article will get popularity very soon.

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    1. Thanks for the info Larry. If you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate I would love to be your mentor. You can sign up for free and we can take it from there.

      Since the Black Friday Sale is almost here you can sign up for free first.



      All the best


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