How to add a blog post in WordPress

How would you like to add a blog post in WordPress? Let me show you the steps I took to do that. My first step was to find a Keyword that I could use for the title that had reasonable traffic and low competition. My first entry in Jaaxy, the keyword search tool in Wealthy Affiliate was How to add a new post in WordPress. See the screenshot below:

Jaaxy – KeyWord Search tool available in Wealthy Affiliate

Notice that the competition for this keyword phrase was 100. I wanted something less. Hence I selected the title How to add a blog post in WordPress as this had a competition QSR of 13.

Once I was happy with that I wanted to use screenshots to show you the steps. Whether you are using Windows or a PC you have the option of taking a screenshot. I save these in a special folder where I want to transfer specific pics to my blog. Before I move them to my media storage area in WordPress I resize the pics to 1200 pixels wide. Then I drag and drop the files into my WordPress media storage area. This is a screenshot of where this is:

When I want to add an image, I place my cursor in my text edit window and click the Add Media button at the top left. This takes me to the Featured Image window shown above. I select the picture I want to use in my article and click the blue select and publish button in the bottom right. I periodically click Save Draft button in the top right area.

When you create a blog post, you have the option of using SiteContent in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Or you can create the post directly in WordPress. If you use Site Content after you complete it you can publish it into WordPress.

At the top of my article I entered an image that illustrated I was writing a blog. This adds interest and gets the article of to a good start.

You may be wondering how do you get access to the WordPress platform to create your own blogs. You can do what I did and get it for free by joining Wealthy Affiliate for free too! I will show you how to do that next. But first, you should know that Wealthy Affiliate was created by two entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson about 15 years ago to help people develop their own Affiliate Marketing businesses online. And become wealthy in the process. Cool concept, right?

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I would love it if you left me a comment or two if you found this blog post useful. And if you have ideas how I could improve it I would also like to know. My goal is to be of service to others who want to learn new web based skills such as learning to create compelling websites, write blogs, and even enter into the lucrative field of Affiliate Marketing.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How to add a blog post in WordPress”

  1. Very nice enlightening post from you Edwin. Its really awesome to see a post teaching how to add a blog post on WordPress. I would have suffered through this when I just became an affiliate marketer but the community I started with is awesome. I was taken through all of these stages while developing me to market my way to success by building a successful niche website. The community is wealthy Affiliate and everything is well laid out in stages.

    thank you for this post

  2. How to add a blog in WordPress is one of the most searched questions on the internet as blogger out there relies on WordPress to deliver contents, Thanks to you for making it easy with a well-explained process. 

    The addition of Jaaxy the keyword tool is very helpful as many people will find easy to research their keyword before adding contents to their blog.

    Also, you mentioned wealthy affiliate and i can say first hand that it is changing lives on a daily basis. I will definitely bookmark this and come back for your future post.

  3. Thanks for your supportive comments. Since writing this article which was early in my website construction, I am finally going to write about Making Money Blogging Online.

    Wealthy Affiliate has such a great system in place there is always room for more students!



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