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As promised, click the link below to download the iconic personal development book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill in a PDF file.

Think And Grow Rich

I also promised you a comparison between the Free, Premium, and Premium Plus versions of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. You can see these details by clicking the link below.

Comparison Chart Between Free, Premium and Premium Plus Membership Options.

When you click this link, you will find these membership options compared in three columns. You will notice that the free membership provides real value that you can use to start experimenting with your own website using the training provided. If you are not ready to commit, then this is your best option. It will allow you to enter the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and get a wonderful feel for all the benefits available to you.

Once you are serious, I recommend that you begin with the Premium Membership option so that you do can absorb the higher level training you have access too. With 10 websites and the basic Keyword tool, Jaaxy Lite, you can achieve a great deal.

For more advanced entrepreneurs, Premium Plus is the best option for you. Having 25 websites opens up whole new business opportunities for you. However, if you can see the value in what Premium Plus offers, go for it and sign up at this level.

Mentor and Friend

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate community, I will be your mentor and friend as you learn how to create one or more online business ventures. The training, tools and support our members receive are simply phenomenal. No doubt about that. There are many reasons but here is one.

Until the Fall of 2020, Wealthy Affiliate only had two levels of membership. Free and Premium. However, the only training available was from the Wealthy Affiliate staff. As well as any member who wished to share useful tips.

What about all those who have gone through the training and developed highly profitable online businesses? Was there a way for them to share how they did it?

Different Approaches To Learning

We each have different approaches to learning and implementing what we learn. So do these insanely successful members of Wealthy Affiliate. What if there was a way they could share their knowledge and expertise with existing members?

That is why Premium Plus was created by the co founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. If you so chose to join as a Premium Plus member, you will be able to find one or more of these amazingly successful entrepreneurs who matches your style of doing business. By attending their online classes and participating in the discussion, and Q&A sessions, you will have the benefit of some high level mentoring. And they give classes every week!

Value Value Value!

To sweeten the deal, there are other additional benefits Premium Plus members have. You can check all of these in the comparison chart presented to you. By scrolling up and down you can get a great feel as to how they compare.

I am sure you will have questions after checking this out. Please Email me with your questions at:

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Your mentor and friend.

Edwin Bernard