How To Make Money with A Website

Have you seen TV ads saying how easy it is to create your own website? Perhaps you have thought of a few good reasons why owning a website could be a good idea. Would one reason be to make money with it?

That idea is a really good one. Countless individuals starting with little or no knowledge about building a website have created websites that are making some serious money. And in many cases the earnings are high enough that they can quit their job and focus on their website full time.

Now get this. Full time often comes down to less time compared to a full time job. Some opportunities may require you to meet with your clients. Others may allow you to work from home. No commuting necessary.

And if you need to get away for a while, you can take your business with you via your mobile device or laptop. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you’re in business.

The purpose of this article is to give you several ideas on how to use your website to make money.

Accessing Your Business

Free WiFi connections are available almost everywhere these days. At cafes, restaurants, libraries, your doctors office, even in hospitals. So if you get sick enough to stay at a hospital, you can continue to run your business from there. Assuming off course you are well enough to use your mobile device or your laptop.

Having easy access to the Internet is the first step. The next step is to build your website that can earn you money. What are your options? Let’s look at them.

Monetizing Your Skills

This is one area that is greatly overlooked. Over the course of your life you have developed expertise in areas that other people will pay you to help them. Let me give you a few examples:

Teaching A Language

So many free video connections are available these days that you can teach a foreign language from your home using real time video. How about creating a website where each blog post will cover a specific aspect of the language?

You can send the link to the lesson of the day to your students in advance, so they can access it while you are teaching it to them.

Some will even pay good money for the one on one private tuition with you. I would suggest charging a minimum fee of $50 an hour.. Of course, they can purchase language training courses. But nothing beats the personal touch especially if you are good at it. And your website will help them refer to your lesson outside of your teaching session.

You can take this a stage further and schedule class times so you can be teaching several students together. Like a virtual classroom. Do not try to teach too many at once. I would keep it to five students maximum. In this case you can reduce the charges to $40 an hour. With five students you could earn $200 an hour.

Make sure you bill at least one week in advance. If they are willing to pay four weeks, or a month in advance, you could offer a discount.

Tutoring An Academic Subject To A Grade School Student

If you talked to a good sample of parents, one of the issues they would bring up is their kids homework. They procrastinate and don’t complete it in time. They often have to rush it in the end resulting in lower grades.

Are you a current grade school teacher? Or someone who has had prior experience teaching? Maybe a retired teacher. How would you like to use your expertise to earn extra money tutoring online?

Imagine if you could connect with these parents and talk to them about tutoring their kids online using video. Whenever  children are involved, you may have to go through a background check Today that is routine.

The next step is to provide them with your plan of the online program. Creating brochures for your course would help enormously. This should include the technical requirements to communicate online via video.

Once the parents agree to your methods and your fee, schedule a set time about once or twice a week. I also recommend you ask that the parent sit in on the lessons. Or at the very least, drop In from time to time. In this case I would suggest not booking more than one child a session. Hence, higher fees can be justified. I’m talking about $100 an hour. Not all parents will be able to afford this. But there are kids with rich parents. The convenience, and security are worth a lot.

Once again you can tailor your lessons in advance on your website to use like a reference textbook. If the parents books you for several weeks in advance and also pays in advance, you can give them a good discount.

Services Not Requiring Real Time Contact

There are many services you could provide that do not require real time interaction. These could be completed on your own time and delivered to meet a deadline acceptable by your customer. Let’s look at some of these opportunities.


If you are a qualified tax accountant, tax season can be very busy. If you cannot afford to set up your own shop in a rented space, an alternative is to have your clients communicate with you via your website.

What if you created a check list of items that you required from your customers and sent that to them ahead of time? They could fill in the questionnaire and send the data to you via fax or secure Email. You could even set up a secure form on your website where they could enter the information you require.

You can work on their tax returns and send that back to them remotely. Electronic signatures can be used in these situations. Or use the easy way of your clients signing the signature page(s) and faxing that to you. If a one on one session is deemed necessary, a video conference could be used.

Your charges will vary depending on the complexity of the returns. However, since your overhead will be low, you can pass the savings to your customers giving you a competitive advantage. My recommendation is to keep the minimum fee at $250 per return.

Besides tax returns, business clients may need accountants to keep their books in order.

Once again you can be creative with your website to be interactive with your customers. You can set up one website sub domain for each customer where access would require a unique password.Using an encryption system would be essential.

This website could be set up so that business data could be entered by them into an Excel Spreadsheet based form set up by you. The numbers can be reviewed remotely and crunched at home.

Since this will be an ongoing service I suggest you set up a regular monthly retainer fee. You will have to decide what would be a fair amount for each of your clients.

Website Creation

Let’s assume you have nifty website creation skills. You can contact local businesses and discuss how you can create a website for their business that would attract and communicate with their customers increasing sales.

With your knowledge of Search Engine Optimization for local areas your services could be of high value to them. A minimum charge would be $3000 per website.


Another skill you may have is the ability to write good promotional articles for a company. These could go on their website. Or used in an Email marketing campaign. Brick and Mortar stores have a regular flow of customers every day they are open. You could help them set up an Email Marketing System.

They can launch regular promotional campaigns. Why not offer free stuff if their customers responded to things like surveys or opinions on upcoming products and services they would be sharing. The customers can be made to feel special by letting them know they were one of the few selected from your database.

As their Email list grows, you can be the person who manages their Email marketing campaign. This service could be piggybacked after you have created their website. Charges for this should be on a monthly retaining basis.

There are many more but I will stop here.

Criteria For These Websites

The websites you create to do business with clients should NOT be set up for SEO, indexed or ranked by Google and the other Search Engines. Consider these as online tools to work with your customers, and not meant for the general public. Therefore, you do not want them to appear on the first page of Google as a result of an organic search.

Of course, the websites you design for your clients to publicize their business, you will optimize for search engines.

There is one more aspect that is common to all the above activities requiring websites. They are best used tor creating immediate cash flow. Hence, they are like jobs. Except you are the boss and the worker! Hours are exchanged for dollars.

If you wish to create websites that are money earning assets that work for you 24/7, that is something completely different. Let’s discuss that next.

Websites As Money Making Assets

Store Fronts

Do you make products of your own? Like jams, jellies, Craft works, knitted wear like blankets for babies? Your imagination can conjure up many more things that you may be skilled at making. How would you like to create a website that acts like an online store? When customers search for what you are selling, they will arrive at your website assuming that you did superb Search Engine Optimization. As well as positioned your website as an authority site in what you are selling..

They will see pictures of your products with a price shown and a Buy Now and Quantity sign adjacent. Once they click the quantity and Buy Now buttons they will be whisked to their shopping cart showing all the items they have purchased. After they confirm their purchase, enter their credit card information and click BUY, the purchase is executed. WordPress has an plugin called WooCommerce that enables these functions to be available.

You will get a printout each day with a list of who purchased what so that you can arrange to have them shipped out no later than the next day.

The beauty of this approach is you don;’t have to work all day. Your main function is to keep the stock up to satisfy your customer needs.

The income you make will vary. Apart from the hands on process of making stuff, you are free to do other things. You ship what your customers have ordered.

In a way you will have created a mini Amazon!

Marketing For Other Companies Online Store Fronts

This process is called Affiliate Marketing. You start off by signing a free affiliate agreement with an online marketplace like Amazon, and then you write articles about the products that you wish to promote. The purpose of your articles is to provide helpful information to those searching for those products. Your valuable information will help your blog visitors male a buying decision.

Once a customer makes a decision to buy after reading your super article, the affiliate link or banner of a company that sells them, for example Amazon, will be in plain view so that can click the banner and get transported to the third party store where they make their purchase. The store takes care of billing, shipping, warranty, and you get a check! How cool is that?

You will need to learn more about affiliate marketing and what techniques and processes are necessary for your article to rank high in the search engines and attract sufficient traffic to make sales happen. Guess what.You can start with these articles listed below. :

How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

How To Add A Blog Post In WordPress

How To Create Good Content To A Website

After going through these articles if you have questions please leave them in the comments section below. Or you could send me an Email to:

Closing Thoughts

In this article I have shared with you several ideas on how to make money with a website. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions or personal experiences you’d like to share? If so, please leave them in the comments section below.

The following diagram crystallizes the pathway to have a website that sells.The concept is simple. To grow a successful business requires knowing the right skills and applying them effectively. You get that through effective training.

Is learning how to create an online business important to you? You can find out more here: The BEST Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into PROS.

This article shows you the steps necessary to learn and become successful in any kind of website business. Especially Affiliate Marketing.

I wish to leave you with one final remark. After you learn the skills to create a successful affiliate marketing business, you can monetize those skills through the ideas that I shared with you in the beginning.

I wish you much success in creating your website that makes lots of money for you!


24 thoughts on “How To Make Money with A Website”

  1. Many say that you can make money without a website and it’s true. However, the truth of the fact is that you are subservient to other people who hire you.

    Having a website is having your own authority as the owner of the online business. You control and run your own business and not other people control you.

    Thank you for impressing in the minds of your readers the importance of a website where you can exploit any good opportunity for the good and benefit of your affiliates in online business.

  2. Thanks for sharing this insightful information. Nowadays, some people tend to jump into making websites without having the full knowledge of how to monetize it or make money with it. As you’ve said earlier, there are several ways you can make money with a website, monetizing your skill is a good one, like you being able to be persuasive in marketing. Thanks

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing such ideas. They are really very helpful and written well. In my opinion affiliate marketing is the best platform to earn good income. I just started my business and getting better results. Really your ideas are awesome. Do you have any better suggestion to run your business fast?

    1. Thanks for your comments. 

      The only way to make quicker progress, meaning increasing traffic is to use money for ads or PP. Or you could write more articles often.The objective is not only to get more traffic but also to increase conversions.

      Wealthy Affiliate has extensive courses and webinars that teaches the exact strategies how to achieve these. Go check them out if you are a member. And those who are not members should join

      Hope this helps.


  4. Hi,

    Great and very detailed post. It is interesting to see so many ways to make money online and all of the possibilities that anyone can leverage to make great profits. I personally never thought you could make a full-time income sitting at home or in a coffee shop typing on your laptop or computer. it does take some discipline and like any other great and successful project, it happen over time. You have given some good examples of how to make money simply using an internet connection and electronic device.

    1. Thanks for your comments Nadia. It is important to learn the strategies and apply them correctly. Anyone who is not a member of Wealthy Affiliate who teaches all of this can join here.


  5. It was nice to have come across this article. Without a doubt, so many people have been unaware of the things they can do with their websites that Is possible to make them a lot of money. The most common part is monetizing the skills you have. If you reach a foreign language, you’ll get a lot of learners, depending on your efforts. Marketing for others too is very good, too like Affiliate Marketing. 

    1. A business website is only as good as the strategies used to monetize it. There is no batter way to learn how to do this than learning the skills Wealthy Affiliate teach and applying them wisely.

      All the best.


  6. Some excellent suggestions there.  I have a friend who is teaching English to Koreans in Korea, some of it is online, he does quite well with it and he doesn’t have to leave the house.

    I’ve done some website creation and copywriting over the years too.  

    I like the idea of affiliate marketing – it’s like getting the website creation and copywriting jobs, but doing it for myself instead!

    How have you been finding affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Rob,

      Good job in what you are doing. I have found affiliate marketing really exciting. It is heartwarming to see traffic to my website growing with every additional post I make. I have had some success in conversions and working towards getting more.

      The skills taught at Wealthy Affiliate are second to none! 

      All the best to you.


  7. Well, Edwin, I certainly agree with you 150%.  It is very important in this day and age to develop passive income…or if you can, multiple streams of income.  I have always believed it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket.  If you are losing ground from one direction, you can try another.

    You gave me one good idea that I might try, and that is tutoring via the web.  For several years I was an Adult Education teacher in a small Alaskan village.  I went to people’s homes to tutor them, either to prepare them for their GED or to instruct in some other basic courses.  The community college in Kodiak (I lived in a small Native village a 10-minute flight away)  oversaw the operation, and were very willing to let us try new things if we had interested students.  Thus, I learned, too.

    I am considered a good teacher.  I think it might be a good idea to start some kind of basic course offering, such as English.  That would be especially useful for ESL people.  Do you have any suggestions as to the best way to get such a course started?  I guess it would take a dedicated website.  Then how to promote  — any ideas?

    Thanks for giving me an idea that could be quite profitable.

    1. Hi Fran,

      Thanks for your comments and appreciating my recommendation about tutoring on the web. You can approach this locally using business cards or ads in local stores notice boards who allow it. Or you can join online groups of people who are looking to learn what you want to teach. Build relationships with them first and then offer to teach them what they want to learn and direct them to your website for more details. 

      I think this approach will work better since you are not aiming to get tons of traffic of people to tutor. I feel you are only looking for a small number that you can easily schedule during your busy day.

      Hope this helps. All the best.


  8. Hi buddy,

    I am in India, Even I am poor in grammar. The article “How To Make Money with A Website” is helpful. It gives valuable information about making money with a website.The two examples, the first on teaching and the next one on tax accounting, gives me the right way to create website business. Thanks for creating this great information and keep creating more information for the benefit of your viewers. 

    Your friend

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. I wish you all the best using the ideas you found here to help you. 


  9. I personally have a stable website where I promote people’s products likewise mine as an affiliate marketer and I get paid for it. This idea came to me after I dropped off my kids to school one day and I was alone with my laptop. It’s been a good experience for me though because I’ve been making some money from it. The ideas of how to make money online that are in this post are very profitable and lucrative for those who can invest their time into it.

    1. The key phrase you stated was investing of time. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn all about creating the right website to earn money online should join Wealthy Affiliate as they are the best teachers hands down on the Internet! 

      I wish you much success in your online business.


  10. Making money with websites has been my dream a long time and I can see it happening already. I have heard testimonies about people making 1000s of dollars as bloggers part-time or full-time. And this full time is indeed not the regular full-time like working for a boss. There is enough time to spend with family and friends and an opportunity to live the life we’ve always dreamed of.using a money making website.

    I am currently taking a copyrighting course as it will equip me with the skill to do extraordinarily well in my blogging and affiliate marketing business.

    Best regard!

    1. I commend you for taking a course to improve your copywriting skills. You should do well with that. For those who want to learn the skills of online marketing there is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate!

      I wish you all the success in the world.


  11. I never thought of using a website as a means for teaching a language or for tutoring, but that makes perfect sense. Like you said, you could have valuable lessons stored on a website and use video for connecting with others to teach them a language. I’m a little curious though and maybe I’m misunderstanding this. You said that websites created to do business with clients should not be indexed by Google or setup for SEO. Shouldn’t they be SEO ready to connect with potential business clients though? Again, maybe I’m just misunderstanding this.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Indexing is debatable. The teaching approaches I addressed were based on one on one sessions using live video and the website as a reference tool. In this situation you will find your clients through local advertising and places like Craig’s List. You do not want to use the search engines to get hundreds of clients all over the world. Logistically that would not work.

      However, if you were to develop language courses consisting of recorded video and accompanying texts, that is something totally different. In this situation you would want to get indexed and achieve high rankings and conversions as you would be selling a product and not tutoring. 

      Does this make sense?

      All the best.


      1. Ahh ok, that makes perfect sense now! Yeah local advertising would not be good if it were indexed in Google and you get people all over the world instead. Thank you for clearing that up for me! 🙂

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