How To Create A Monty Making Website From Scratch

How To Create A Money Making Website From Scratch

Do you want to create a money making website that will work for you 24/7? Entrepreneurs all over the world are doing exactly that. And you can too. Would you like to learn how to create a money making website? From scratch?

You could pay someone to build a website for you. It would cost you serious money for a quality website. There is another way. Given the right training and tools you can learn how to create a beautiful website yourself. Individuals with no prior knowledge and skills are being trained every day to design and build their own websites. Why not you?

There is a pathway where you do not need to have any prior experience on website building.

First, Some Truths You May Not Want To Hear

You should know upfront It does take more than having a website to make money. It has to be filled with the right content to attract the right traffic. Once you get that traffic your content must provide valuable information that keeps your visitors engaged until they are ready to respond to your call to action (CTA).

A CTA can be something as simple as to leave a comment. Or it could be a request to accept a free offer in exchange for their name and email address with permission to communicate with them later.

Another CTA is to invite them to make a purchase of a product they may be interested in that you wrote a review about. It’s all part of a process where you help others find what they are looking for and get rewarded for doing so with a sale.

It is that traffic of potential buying customers that enables the website to make money for you. I’d like to give you a valuable tip. It is more important to attract individuals seriously looking for what you are offering, rather than huge volumes of traffic of lookie loos! You can absolutely learn how to add content and use intelligent search engine optimization to do exactly that.

You got to begin somewhere. Let’s begin.

Your Starting Point

Where do you begin? The most critical step before you even build your website is to know what niche you want to focus on. I can help you with this step. I wrote a tutorial to help you discover the best niche for you. Click on the following link to get to this article: How To Chose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing

After you complete this step, you need to go through the following 7 critical steps to create a winning website:

  1. How to create a domain name
  2. How to check if this domain name is available and the steps to own it
  3. Learn about the best platform to build your website
  4. Employ secrets about website hosting that can make or break you
  5. How to fill your website with the right content
  6. Use tools of the trade that can give yourself a winning edge
  7. Put into action the missing link you are rarely told you need

There is ONE platform that has all these elements and more that will help you create a money making website. Plus, you will be able to create not just one, but many websites in time, if you so wish.

The Benefits Of A One Stop Shop

How would you like to find everything you need in one place? I want to share with you the platform that has trained thousands of online entrepreneurs to become very successful. I happen to be using this platform to build this website you’re on. So why wouldn’t I want to give you the same advantage? Know this, it will save you time and money.

Is this OK with you? If so, let’s proceed with a review of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform so you can decide if this will be of value to you. This company continuously improves the features and benefits it offers.

As part of this review, I will share with you the few shortcomings that mainly apply to advanced entrepreneurs. Beginners will find Wealthy Affiliate perfect for their needs.

Wealthy Affiliate Company Details

  • Jointly owned by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim
  • Founded in 2005
  • HQ in Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Served Over 2.5 Million Members
  • Training, tools and hosting are provided at three levels: Free, Premium and Premium Plus

The Major Parts Of The Platform

All members log in to their dashboard to get started. I will use screenshots of my dashboard to show you the process to create your money-making website. It all starts on knowing how to use the Dashboard effectively.

My main focus will be on the TRAINING and WEBSITE Menus. I will only briefly touch on the others, all located at the top.

The Dashboard

Notice at the top of the Dashboard there is a row of menus. The left portion are in words. And the right, in icons. I will be focusing on the words menus first and then get to the icons. There is a well thought of logic that went into this setup. Review the Dashboard and I’ll continue after the screenshot.

Home Page

The Home page is the one shown. It is loosely based on a blog where members’ posts are displayed. New posts move the previous ones down. This goes on continuously as members are regularly posting articles on their personal blog page. There are other features as you scroll down but I won’t go into that now.


When you click the TRAINING menu at the top, you will see the following window appear. I decided to only show the Online Entrepreneur Certification details. However, I will provide information on the training functions shown on the left menu bar.

In order to create a money-making website, you must develop skills that you will be taught in the Training area. When you click the training menu the following pull-down window appears. On the left, you will notice 5 Sub Menus. Let me summarize each of these below.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)

This is where you will learn the fundamentals of building a website and how to set it up to make money. You can see 4 out of the 5 Levels of training. Each Level has 10 video lessons supported by a script. Assignments are set after each lesson. It is critical that these be completed before advancing to the next lesson.

You can proceed at your own pace. However, if you want to succeed faster, developing a sense of urgency will help enormously.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The online business model specialized by Wealthy Affiliate is Affiliate Marketing. The lessons taught here can be applied to almost all forms of an online business. Don’t let the word “affiliate” mislead you. This part of the training consists of 7 Phases. And each phase is comprised of 10 lessons.

Once you complete the OEC and Bootcamp, you will have the knowledge and skills of more than 90% of your competitors. Assuming you apply what you learn, you will be making money online sooner than you think. Conversely, if you don’t apply what you learn, you can be pretty sure you will ne making little or no money.

My Training Activity

Wealthy Affiliate has a system to keep you on track with your training. In this section, you will see a record of every piece of training you have completed. This includes training that is in addition to the above.

It is said that the best way for a skill to stick, is repetition. You can always visit this area and get a refresher session on any aspect of the business you feel you need.

Training HQ

Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate encourages its members to create training of their own? Why you may ask. Each one if us usually becomes an expert in one or two areas of any business. When we discover techniques that have helped us solve a specific problem, why not share it with the other members? You can get paid to do this too.


Here you will find activity-specific training like Email Marketing. Keyword and Niche Market Research. Social Engagement & Marketing. And many more.

While you are going through the formal training and wish to develop a specific skill before the training takes you there, you can go here to accelerate your accumulation of knowledge and skills.


Here we are at the heart of the platform. Since the focus of this blog post is money-making websites, I will go into more detail about this pull-down menu. When you click the Website menu you will see the following window appear. I will share the functions of the 7 menu items on the left.

On the left side, you will see a list of sub-menus. Let’s briefly review how you can use these to create a beautiful and effective website to help you make money, 24/7.

Site Manager

The Site Manager window lists all of your websites and domain names. You can also monitor the “health” of all your published websites. Weaknesses are exposed along with tips on how to strengthen them. If you have problems tackling these issues, you can ask Site Support for help. They are open 24/7 and are quick to respond.

Site Builder

Wealthy Affiliate provides three domain options to start building your website.

  1. You can select a free domain that attaches your website title to the siterubix primary URL
  2. If you already own a previously purchased domain name, you have the option of using that domain
  3. In case you do not own a domain name you can purchase one right on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

No matter what domain you use, the website software offered is by WordPress. And you have access to thousands of themes.

Here is the link to a lesson on how to start building your website: Build Your Website As A Wealthy Affiliate Member

Process To Create A Domain Name And To Make The Purchase

Within the platform, there is a Domain Name Checker and Purchase Page. I am sharing a screenshot of this page with you. Review it and let’s discuss it after.

Site Domains

Here is where you can choose a domain name and find out if it is available. If it is, you can register one at a really low price right away.

Domain Name Purchase Window

The following is the window that appears when you click the Domain menu in Site Manager. At the top you can see the domain name search window. Below is a list of domains that I have purchased.

A domain name can reflect the products or services your website will be marketing. Or it can have no relation at all. Take, for example, Amazon. Google. Facebook. Apple. If you had no prior knowledge of what these companies did it is highly unlikely you could decipher what products or services they offered. Yet they became giants in their respective business areas.

Then there are others that do give a clue as to what business they are in. Netflix. General Motors. SpaceX. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, I feel it is more important to pick one that is memorable rather than functional. If you can combine both, go for it. Then comes the next step. Will it be available?

There are a plethora of extensions these days. The three main ones are .com, .org and , net. Most gurus advise sticking with these in the order I listed them.

Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can enter these names in the window at the top and a list of related available domain names with extensions will be presented.

Typical Costs For Available Domain Names

I decided to try “iceinthesky” to see what was available. Here is that list:

In this instance, “iceinthesky” was available in .com, .org, and .net. Other variations were also presented. The prices shown on the right are renewable annually.

This is the place where you add what you want to your cart. and go through the purchase process by clicking CART. Your account with Wealthy Affiliate will then incur the appropriate charge.

It is possible for paying members to earn cash credits that can also be used to purchase these domain names.

I want to return to the first window. It shows a list of domain names that I have purchased. Domain names that I have converted to websites are indicated as being “live”. Those that I have not, are designated as being “ready”.

The expiration dates of these domain names are also shown. And I can choose to have them auto-renew or not. There are two that I currently decided not to auto-renew. I bought those as I felt them whimsical and have ideas to develop them. However, if I don’t renew them by the expiration date, I will lose ownership of those domain names.

When you develop a website with your domain name, it is CRITICAL that you renew before its expiration date. If you don’t you could lose it and not be able to buy it again. Some domain names end up being in high demand and their prices can soar. Within Wealthy Affiliate, we can avoid the risk of losing them by using the auto-renew switches.

Site Content

Beginners can start writing content here before it is published on your WordPress Platform. The main benefit is Site Content has a comprehensive spellcheck and grammar checker.

You can write your whole article and get it checked out right at the end. If you want to type fast and not worry about your spelling and grammar, go for it. You can wait till you have completed your article to have it checked out.

At the bottom of the window, you can see a running total of the number of words you have written. This is of great help

Another benefit of Site Content is you have access to over one million royalty-free pictures. You have the option to select pictures by category. There is also the option of uploading your own pictures. The pixel size of the free pictures is all optimized for search engine optimization. So you don’t have to worry about that. There is a tool to crop your picture if you wish.

Here you can also create blog post templates and store draft posts for competing later. In your templates, you can create outlines as well as define the total number of words you want to aim for.

All your posts are also stored here as a record. There is a statistical feature that keeps tab of the number of posts you have published as well as the total number of words written.

Site Comment

When you have a new website or post, it may take a while before you receive comments organically. More comments can help your rank in the search engines resulting in more traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a tool where you can qualify to request comments on your website blog post from its members. Once you approve a comment it is automatically posted in the comments area of your post. And if you disapprove a comment, it won’t be posted. Isn’t this really cool?

Site Feedback

What is the best way to know if you have written a good blog post? By asking someone to critique it and give you feedback. This is another valuable benefit available to Wealthy Affiliate members. These remarks are for your personal use only and are not posted on your website.

Site Support

Another amazing benefit of Wealthy Affiliate is having access to a 24/7 website technical support organization. I have used them so often and love how they respond within minutes. Usually with a solution to your question. If they need more time to research a solution, they will send you a private message informing you as such. You have the option of attaching screenshots to describe your issue more clearly.


Here will find a list of scheduled live classes, plus a calendar on the right that provides access to past classes by day of the week. Days that are connected with classes, past, and future, are circled.

These classes are in the form of video webinars. The main presenters are Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, Jay Neill, Wealthy Affiliate’s live training coach as well as a selection of members who have gone through the Wealthy Affiliate training to become hugely successful entrepreneurs who are earning in the six and seven figures.


Wealthy Affiliate provides an amazing tool called Jaaxy that enables you to perform Keyword research to find the best ones to use for your blog post titles. You have the power to create titles that have the potential to rank high in the search engines.

In addition to Keyword research, you can also study the competition and check out where your website actually ranks in the search engines.


Clicking this menu will open up a very powerful tool to help you find products to promote in your niche that have affiliate programs. It is the key to marketing products you do not own and earn a commission with each sale.

Wealthy Affiliate has the training to write content and use Search Engine Optimization to do this effectively.


Earlier I mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate has a superb content editor to help you craft excellent blog posts. This tab will take you to that editor. In addition, this area keeps a record of every article you write and provides you with helpful statistics.

As the volume of your blog posts increases, I feel you will see the benefits of having this information readily available.


I find this one of the most useful menus available. Here is where you can communicate directly with Site Support, ask the community a question, send a private message to the co-founder’s Kyle and Carson, as well as communicate with your personal coach who is assigned when you become a paying member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus you can access the live chat through a sub-menu in this area. Since members of Wealthy Affiliate are worldwide, no matter what your time is, you can find other members here who you can chat with and ask a question to help you solve any problem you may have.

All members are encouraged by Kyle and Carson to spend time here every day so that you can help answer another member’s question if you are able to. Kyle and Carson also spend time here daily.

Your Options

Now that you have seen the great lengths Wealthy Affiliate have gone to help you create your money-making website, wouldn’t you like to know what options you have to join this amazing platform that teaches you to make money with your website?

Wealthy Affiliate takes its approach to training and empowering its members very seriously. It also knows that each one of us may have different financial goals. With that in mind you have the choice of the following membership options:

  1. Free for as long as you need – Best for just getting started
  2. Premium – For those who have modest financial goals – $49 a month
  3. Premium Plus – For those who have loftier financial goals and crave more training and tools right from the start – $99 a month

Wealthy Affiliate requires every new member to join for free BEFORE upgrading to Premium or Premium Plus. Hence, don’t look to parting with any money at the start. Here’s a secret. Premium Plus is the BEST value Wealthy Affiliate offers.

You get EVERYTHING that is offered on this platform.

Want to know another secret? Once you join as a paid member, your subscription rate is fixed for life. No matter if there is a price increase in the future. This is a compelling reason to upgrade to Premium Plus as quickly as possible. If you pick the annual membership rates, you get huge discounts that are also fixed for life.

I want to provide you with details about all these options as well as a free gift. It’s the eBook of the granddaddy of all self-help programs: Think and Grow Rich. Fill in your name and Email address in the form below and click the button. This will take you to the page with the three membership options

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  1. Thank you for your thorough overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program. As a member, I can vouch for everything you’ve said in the article. If I had seen an overview this complete sooner, I would have probably become o member sooner!  Edwin, you have hit all the high points of the program. For many, learning how to build a website is the most important part,, but I think the income-generating part is the part that has helped me the most. Thank you for this full overview. I will point my friends to it.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Great to hear from you Brien. Glad you liked this post. I did something new here. I’ve always wanted to start Email marketing. I went through Jay Neill, the WA Live Coach’s class on this topic and followed his actions step by step. And it WORKED! 

      Making money should be fun. And Wealthy Affiliate makes it so. Do you do Email marketing too?



  2. Wow that’s quite a comprehensive piece, I’ve tried my hand at some money making ventures online specifically graphic design freelancing and transcription and can say that affiliate marketing (taught at Wealthy Affiliate), though time consuming at the initial stages, is more recommendable. It just has a long term potential compared to the other paths as you are so much at the mercy of these online marketplaces that favor the buyer not the freelancer.

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      Hello Steve,

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  5. Hi Edwin, Very informative article. I glad you are currently with Wealthy Affiliate. I believe your artice clearly recommend any looking to make money online. Should read this article. You have layout all the detail pretaining to Wealthy Affiliate and how easy it is to getting started. Thanks for sharing the article.

    1. Hello Anthony,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Glad you found my article informative and helpful. The idea of making money online is quite simple. But carrying it out successfully is not and needs help from those who have the answers. Wealthy Affiliate certainly has. Plus, so many of its members rank very high in the search engines. Many of my posts rank on page 1 that tells me the lessons do work.

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