How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly?

Hi folks! Are you drowning in crushing debt? Do you feel you have lost control of your life as most of your income is gobbled up by debt payments? Are you feeling more stressed out with each passing day? Would you like to know how to pay off credit card debt fast? Especially if you can get out of your misery!

What are your options?

  1. Stop paying and wait for the debt collectors to come calling
  2. Pay one debt off at a time by increasing monthly payments
  3. Declare bankruptcy
  4. Try to renegotiate reducing your debts yourself
  5. Enroll with a debt renegotiation company to do this for you

I know how you feel firsthand. It wasn’t long ago that I was in a similar situation to you. If a miracle didn’t happen, I saw myself going into default with all the negative things that meant. Collection calls. Lawsuits. And even greater stress.

Hard to believe but a miracle did happen.

Late Night TV Ad

One night as I was watching TV I saw a commercial similar to that in the video below by a company called National Debt Relief. The reason why it caught my attention was it had a high Better Business Bureau rating.

National Debt Relief Video

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(Note that I will earn a small commission from Nationa Debt Relief if you enroll with them. The cost to you would be no different if you approached them independently. I earn this commission by providing you with valuable information in this blog post to help you make a decision.)

I thought companies like this were scams. Then they aired testimonials that sounded from individuals in my situation. The results were life changing. They got out of debt with about 50% of what they owed in a relatively short amount of time.

What I couldn’t understand was how could that be? With interest that seemed impossible. Then the light bulb clicked. The presenter said that once the reduced amount was negotiated, a monthly payment plan would be used where there would be no interest collected.

For example. If you owed $12K, the paid in full amount negotiated would be about $6000. And the payoff period would be 48 months. That worked out to $120 a month. This could even be less, depending on the creditor.

How Can They Do This?

They will contact your creditors on your behalf and negotiate reducing what you owed by 50% or more. Look at this from the creditors point of view.

What if you will have stopped making payments on your loan? The loan company faces not getting any money back. Most of them will be happy to get back 50% of the loan amount plus some late fees and penalties that may have accumulated.

Part of the debt renegotiation process is to come up with repayment terms where no more interest would accrue. And that is how it would be possible to become debt free within 24 to 48 months.

Consider this. If you continued making loan payments doing nothing different, you would end up taking probably 5 to 7 years to pay off your debts sticking with the minimum payments. And you will have paid out three to four times what you borrowed when the high interest was factored in.

My Story

Not long ago I was drowning in credit card and emergency debts. This added up to $30K. Since they were all high interest loans there were several issues that worked against me.

  1. My monthly payments were so high there was very little left over for my other expenses.
  2. Since I could only afford the minimum payment, my debts would take forever to pay off
  3. There was no chance to save for emergencies or pay for the nicer things in life
  4. When I needed more loans they came with three digit interest rates that I couldn’t afford
  5. The stress and worry made me feel ill

A consolidation loan was one option. But there was a problem. My credit rating had degraded so my applications got rejected. Amazing as it seemed I still got offers for new credit cards in the mail. With promises of zero or low interest rates. My hopes were dashed when I went through the application process. Either they came back with a rejection or a higher interest rate that I was already paying.

Adding insult to injury, our home had loads of equity in it. You would think it would be easy to get cash out. Every time we tried, we faced a brick wall because of low credit scores.

The bottom line was I felt screwed. Bankruptcy was yet another option. Even that cost money upfront. Lawyers won’t do a thing until you pay them a retainer. Then there was the stigma of having a bankruptcy record.

Easy Decision

I made a note of the phone number of National Debt Relief as well as their website address. Before going to bed I checked out their website and got a feeling of confidence.

Why Trust National Debt Relief? Find out by clicking this link.

The next day I called their number to discuss my situation. That was one of the best decisions I made. There was no hard sell. After I provided them with a list of my creditors, the original amounts and balance owed to each with their respective interest rates, NDR got into action. They verified my input with a soft credit check. Meaning my credit score would not degrade further.

Within minutes, they gave me a quote on the monthly amount necessary. A dedicated escrow account would be set up where my payments would be deposited via direct transfer from my bank. As a settlement was reached with each creditor they would call me to share the details and to get my approval to proceed.

There are fees involved. Such as a service fee, an escrow fee and a fee towards legal representation in case I got sued. Even after this was added to the final settlement amount, I would be saving a lot of money compared to continuing to make minimum monthly payments.

My decision to become a client was very easy to make.

Game Plan

The first order of business was to stop paying the creditors. I had to send them letters telling them that NDR was going to represent me in paying off my debts. And that they should not have debt collectors contact me.

The first order of business was to stop paying the creditors. I had to send them letters telling them that NDR was going to represent me in paying off my debts. And that they should not have debt collectors contact me.

The law was on my side on this point because I had sought help to pay off my debts. By agreeing to pay my debts back I was being a responsible citizen.

National Debt Relief warned me that some companies would still call me. If I recognized their number I was to ignore the calls. If by chance I answered, I was not to answer any questions but to give them the phone number of NDR to call instead. Under no circumstances I should enter into any discussion or agreement with them.

I had to be prepared for my credit rating to drop further. Since I was behind with my payments anyway, and had already stopped paying on some loans, my credit rating went south. It didn’t matter as I would not qualify for credit during this phase anyway. Borrowing money was the last thing I needed under these circumstances.

The good news was, once all the renegotiated loans were paid in full, my credit rating would start to rise again.

I Got Sued By Discover – NDR To The Rescue!

LawsuitNDR informed me that Discover was one of the most difficult creditors to negotiate with. Hence, it was not surprising that after a year on not receiving any payment from me, they sued. I sent all the paperwork to NDR and their legal team handled it. They eventually reached a settlement.

The settlement was presented to me for acceptance. It seemed reasonable, hence I accepted. This coming February I will have paid off Discover. Funds in my escrow will start to accumulate for settling the next loan.

Other Creditors

As I build my escrow account, NDR negotiates settlements with other creditors. They do not take this action until I have saved a reasonable amount of the amount owing. No matter what, lawsuit cases are given the highest priority. It seems unlikely that will happen with the remaining creditors as NDR are already in talks with them on my behalf.

Another creditor agreed to a settlement amount to a third of what I owed. This was a large loan so the savings were significant.

Hence, little by little my debts are being paid off. I can see myself debt free in two more years or less. If it is possible to add more funds to my account, NDR can enter into negotiations with the creditors in waiting.

Meanwhile, I have been fortunate not to have received telephone calls from any of the creditors. They may have tried to call me. I made it a practice not to answer calls from phone numbers I didn’t recognize.
Many of these calls are from scam artists and telemarketers anyway.

Private & Secure Online Account Dashboard


When I became a client, I got my own private dashboard on their website. It had a folder where I could upload documents directly for them to open and act upon. Monthly statements can be accessed here. At any time I can see the activity on my account, including the cash balance. NDR made it perfectly clear that this was my money.

NDR agents are easily accessible. I can call them anytime. During business hours off course.

They are very patient and always answer any question I have. Before ending the calls they never fail to ask if I have any more questions. And was I satisfied with the answers I received. Only then would the call end.


FlexibilityWhen I was in a pickle and needed some extra funds to sort things out, I was able to get a transfer of some money in my balance to my bank account to help me out.

I DO NOT recommend doing this as in the long run this could delay the settlement process. These funds are best used towards settling one’s debts. And without funds, there can be no debt renegotiation. Having said that, it is reassuring to know that this option is available for emergencies.

In every conversation they want to know if there is any change to my financial situation. For example, would I be able to increase my deposits. At one time I was able to. And that helped NDR enter into negotiation with another creditor.

They also want to know if my situation has worsened. Because they do not want to put me through more difficulties. For example, it I needed to reduce my monthly deposits for a few months to get back on track, that could be done. In fact, that is another modification I recently made where I needed to reduce my deposits for three months.

Closing Thoughts

Tell me what do you think about this process? Can you see National Debt Relief batting for you? Why not write your comments or questions in the comments window below.

If you are ready to take the next step to get out of debt sooner rather than later, why don’t you click the banner below to get started.

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I sincerely wish you peace of mind in getting rid of your debt for good!



12 thoughts on “How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly?”

  1. Hello there,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome article. it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. in recent times credit card debit has become something that has been more rampant due to the advancement of technology.

    I know many people like me are looking for the fastest ways to pay it out. I would definitely try NDR out, and I would advise others to do so too.

    1. Thanks for your response. i appreciate that you saw the value of the debt relief service offered by NDR. I hope you do give them a call and make life easier for you with a lower repayment plan combined with a shorter time span. That is if you need debt relief. Please share my blog post with your family and friends. 



  2. Debt can be such a tough thing to climb out of. I am thankful that I have not had to experience what you have and are going through. 

    It’s great that you are trying to get yourself back in the black and sharing your experience in doing so, as well as what has been helpful to you. 

    This is a great post that I think will give people in debt some hope that they too can climb out of a hole. 


    1. Hi Steve,

      I appreciate your comments. Happy to know you have avoided the need for debt relief.If you come across others who needs help with debts, please send them the link to my post. 



  3. Hello again,

    I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. 

    Owing debts can be so frustrating and sometimes even deadly. About four years ago I went into debt that took forever to pay. If only I had access to this information then, I am sure it would have been easier for me. National Debt Relief is awesome.


  4. Thanks a lot for the article. I also have a lot of cards and debts, and lately I feel like I can’t handle it anymore.
    I would also like to try National Debt Relief, because you provided very clear and honest explanations. 

    I wonder why I didn’t get this article faster, so I wouldn’t have had so much stress in the last few months. Only one problem I have regarding the connection to this site. 

    I’m getting an error like “502 Bad Gateway”. I am from Romania, do you think there are certain restrictions in this country? Thank again and keep in touch.


    1. Hi Nagy,

      Sorry to hear you are also overwhelmed with debt. It could be that NDR doesn’t offer its services outside the US. If so I am very sorry.

      Thank you for your comments. And I wish you all the best with your debt. 

      Here’s a thought. If you are willing to talk to the credit card companies, you can call them and discuss your financial hardship with them and try to negotiate a settlement on your own. This can be done. You must be prepared for a lot of talking and persuading. 

      All the best to you.


  5. Hello Edwin, 

    I found your guide on Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast is very useful for me. I read all the process done by you. 

    Your guide will help many people like me. I also found its BBB A+ rating. National Debt relief really care about “us” and making our life easier. They answer all of your questions and are very detailed. I found it is very helpful for me.

    1. Hi Parveen,

      I am happy you found this article on National National Debt Relief helpful. If they can help you too that would be awesome. I suggest calling them using the phone number under the video and talk to them about it. 

      We all learn from our mistakes. Once I am cleared of my debt, never again. By then I hope my affiliate marketing business will kick in with regular income to eliminate the need to borrow money.

      All the best to you.


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