What Is Online Marketing About

What Is Online Marketing About – One Critical Component Rules

What is online marketing about? One critical component rules! Do you know what that key is? Let me give you a hint.

When you are looking for a product you wish to purchase, what is your first action? You go to Google and search for information on that product. Am I right? What makes you decide that the information you get is the right one for you?

There are probably several posts that pop up. You read the titles and the summaries and click one that resonates with you. When you read the article it must meet your expectations, otherwise you will click out of it and choose another on that list.

The Critical Component Revealed

Critical ComponentYou may have figured out that the one critical component of online marketing is:

Specialized Knowledge 

The author of the article you liked was able to give you the specialized information you were looking for. You wanted confirmation that you were making the right decision in selecting this specific product to meet your needs. And that it also provided value for money.

The author used their specialized knowledge of the product to provide you accurate and unbiased information to make a buying decision. You have high expectations that your needs will be met. If the information on the product checked out all the boxes positively, the chances are you would purchase the product. Can you imagine a whole bunch of people reading this article and purchasing the product also?

Specialized Knowledge is the KEY TO RICHES! You got to know how to use it effectively.

The Online Marketing Process

Online MarketingHow would you most likely do that? The article would provide a link to go to the store that sold that product. Such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy or one of thousands of possible candidates. And when you purchased the product, the author would earn a commission.

The cost to you would be the same as if you went directly to the store’s website.

You would have experienced one form of online marketing in action. This process uses blog posts to educate readers and makes it easy to purchase what they want right away.

This form of online marketing is called Affiliate Marketing. The author becomes an affiliate of one or more company’s that sell products in a specific niche they are passionate about. It costs them nothing to do so. The company provides them with this affiliate link they can post on their website.

The link can take many forms. From embedded URL’s in script to graphics and pictures. This affiliate link is unique to that one individual. When a purchase is made using that link, the company’s tracking system knows who that link has been assigned to. Hence, they know who to send that earned commission to.

The Far Reach Of Specialized KnowledgeSpecialized Knowledge

The critical component that the author provided was detailed information on the product that went well beyond what the company usually provides. They were able to get customer reviews, BBB ratings, independent customer service reports and much more. Instead of you spending your time looking for all this supporting information, you have all this in one place.

Isn’t it fair that the author earns a small commission for the effort they took to provide this service? And it costs you nothing and saves you valuable time.

If you want to get into the business of Affiliate Marketing, specialized knowledge will play a pivotal role in your success in several ways as you will find out in the next section.

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter V, Specialized Knowledge

Think and Grow RichThis leads me to Chapter V of the iconic book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich. Even though it was written in 1937, and uses examples of successful entrepreneurs of that era, the principles discussed are directly applicable today.

In fact, the book is so good, it’s lessons on how to become successful in whatever you want to do, especially in creating wealth, has formed the basis of many other self-help authors since then to the present day.

I am now addressing individuals who already have an online business or are thinking of creating one. There are three specialized knowledge components critical to making this business a success.

  1. Specialized knowledge of the products or services the entrepreneur is marketing online
  2. Specialized knowledge on how to utilize the Internet to create a website that attracts customers
  3. Specialized knowledge of the customers who would be looking for these products and services

There is another overriding factor that can make or break the entrepreneur. It requires hard focused work applied with discipline and patience in order to succeed.

The 15 Chapters Provide Life Changing Lessons

The 15 chapters of Think and Grow Rich provide lessons to live by in order to do the right things right as stated above. Napoleon Hill also wrote that there is a “hidden” secret that will jump out at you when you are ready to receive it. This secret must be understood and followed in order to achieve your goals

The lessons taught here were originally written to accumulate wealth. However, Napoleon Hill stated that it can also be used to achieve any other goal other than the accumulation of wealth. Like loosing weight. Maintaining a healthy diet. Running a successful project, to name a few.

We all may start out with the best intentions in the world. Unless we have a mechanism to be accountable, it is easy to fail. In order to keep doing the right things every day towards our goals, our habits need to change. This book helps us to do just that It also states that having a mastermind group will also help.

Book Study Series

Book Study Series

I created a blog series on Think and Grow Rich where I devoted one blog post per chapter. When you click the picture at the end of this post, you will be redirected to an article called, “The Superior Value Of Specialized Knowledge/”

When you use specialized knowledge to meet the needs of others, you change your life for the better.

You have free access to this and the other blog posts on my series. However, you will be invited to become a starter member to this training platform with no cost to you.

If you decide it is worth your time to check that out, I will be your mentor once you become a member. All you need is a valid email address.

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Once you become a starter member, you can start your online business training right away. Out of the 120 lessons available, starter members have access to 20. This will teach you how to create your own website. No programming required. We use the WordPress website building software which is easy to use.

Our websites are also hosted on one of the fastest and most secure servers in the world. Cool right?

OK, click the picture below to reach my blog post where you will learn how to use the power of Specialized Knowledge to change your life!

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Specialized Knowledge


6 thoughts on “What Is Online Marketing About – One Critical Component Rules”

  1. Hello there, Thank you for this great article.

    Indeed online marketing has been shifting from time to time. It used to be a matter of posting your products online and waiting for customers.Now days you have to do a little more in order to get your product sold. You have to offer your clientele with specific knowledge addressing their issues in using the product. The best way to do this is indeed affiliate marketing and blogs top in this field. Think and grow rich was a wonderful book, probably one of my best.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Great to hear from you Paul. Glad that you also like Think and Grow Rich. Read it often.



  2. This is like shining light into the thickness of darkness here. 

    Honestly, I really appreciate all you have shared here. 

    I love the fact that you helped to simplify the whole difficulty and ambiguity surrounding affiliate and online marketing in general. It made a lot of sense to me how the process works. 

    For that i sincerely thank you.


    1. Edwin Bernard

      Hi Sherry,

      Thanks for your comments and stating how my post has made it easier for you to understand the concept of online and affiliate marketing. 

      May I suggest checking out this article I wrote that provides further details. It is called, “How To Learn About Online Marketing.” It provides the path to specialized knowledge that is essential for success. 

      I wish you all the best in your online marketing business.



  3. Hello there, 

    Thanks for sharing this with me. I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Online marketing is one of the best business patterns in the world…and the best part about it is that it can be done by anyone and in any part of the world.

    1. Edwin Bernard

      Yes indeed, online marketing can be done by anyone and in any part of the world as you stated. 

      This is testament to the reach of Wealthy Affiliate that has over 2.2 million members worldwide. I encourage anyone who has a vision to create a successful online business to join Wealthy Affiliate to acquire the specialized knowledge essential for success. 

      Thanks for your comments.



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