How To Get On The First Page Of Google Search

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Search

Can I ask you a question? Have you ever wondered when you do a search on Google what makes those articles appear on the first page? Don’t you think it can help your business if your website and your content could appear on the first page of the search engines too? Would you like to learn how to get on the first page of Google search?

In this article I will show you what skills you need to develop for that to happen. I will go further than that and provide you with links to 6 hour long webinars given by an expert in this field, Jay Neill, who is the live training coach on Wealthy Affiliate. Once you learn the skills taught by Jay and implement them, I am certain you will start to see some of your articles appear on the first page too.

And that will take your business to a whole new level.

The starting point to rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo search is Keyword Research.

Keyword – The Path To Ranking

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Search - KeywordsWhat is a KEYWORD? It is the phrase that people use to search for something on the Internet. In affiliate marketing that is usually a product or service, or information on these products and services you have written content about in a blog post.

There are 5 parameters that define the qualities of a keyword as follows:

  1. Avg: The average number of searches that the keyword receives each month
  2. Traffic:Visits to your website if you receive 1st page rankings in the Search Engines
  3. QSR: Quoted Search Results – The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword
  4. KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator – Green is GREAT, Yellow is OK, Red is POOR
  5. SEO: Search Engine Optimization – A score from 1-100 based on

When one is starting out to create an affiliate marketing business, the most important parameter is the 3rd one above. It is necessary to use a keyword that has a number of competing websites less than 50. At this phase of your business, your website will not be considered an authority site.

If the competition is much higher, then the probability of landing on the first pages of the search engines will be slim. After one’s business has become an authority site, it will be OK to compete with more websites.

the next parameter to address is the 1st. Here you want to have a large a number as possible. Ideally greater than 100. However, if such a keyword also competes with more than 100 websites, then ratcheting the Avg number around 50 is OK.

At the early phase of your business, I wouldn’t worry too much about the 2nd parameter. Anything above 10 will be just fine.

It is always necessary that the KQI is the color green. No exceptions here.

Finally, it is important to have an SEO value greater than 85 for the 5th parameter.

One of the best Keyword research tools is Jaaxy.

The purpose of this article is to show what you need to do to rank on the 1st page of Google and the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Now that I have explained the basics of a Keyword let’s proceed to the webinars I Promised you.

6 Key Steps On How To Use Keywords

6 Key Steps On How To Use KeywordsIn the following sections I will be providing an outline of each of the 6 hour-long webinars where you will learn important skills necessary to create keywords that will help to land your article on the 1st page of the search engines.

The person who is presenting is Jay Neill, the live training coach of Wealthy Affiliate. He knows what he is talking about as Jay continues to make a fantastic living from several income-generating websites.

Hence, it is worth your time to watch, listen and learn from these webinars, Jay has the knack of explaining everything in easy to understand language.

I call these webinars the 6 key steps. They are as follows:

Step 1 – Understanding Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchThe following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction To Keywords
  • What To Look For In A Quality Keyword
  • Understranding Competition vs. Traffic
  • Finding Nuggets Using The Alphabet Soup Technique
  • Building And Establishing Keyword Lists
  • Jay Performs Keyword Research Live
  • Live Q &b A Session

To access the webinar, click the above Step 1 title.

Step 2 – Keyword Comprehension

Keyword ComprehensionThe following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction To Leveraging Affiliate Offers On Your Niche Site
  • The Secret Of Choosing Quality Keywords Through Research
  • Keywords For Late Stage Buying Cycle
  • Managing Keyword Lists With Respect To Content Scheduling
  • Integrating Affiliate Promotions Live
  • Live Q & A Session

To access the webinar click the above Step 2 title.

Step 3 – Introduction To Google Search Console

Google Search ConsoleThe following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • An Intro To Google Search Console
  • Why It Is Important To Use This Free Google Tool
  • How To Interpret The Data From Google Search Console
  • How To Set Up Google Search Console On Your Website
  • Setting Up Google Search Console Live
  • Live Q & A Session

To access the webinar click the above Step 3 title.

Step 4 – How To Find Awesome Keywords In Search Consoie

Awesome KeywordsThe following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Google Search Console Performance Data – An Intro
  • How To Use The Performance Data From Google Search Console
  • The Creating Of Filters In This Performance Data
  • How To See Your Ranking Progress In Google Search Console
  • How To Find Some Great Keywords Using Google Search Console
  • Live Q & A Session

To access the webinar click the above Step 4 title.

Step 5 – Researching Keywords

WinnersThe following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Relevance Is King
  • Traffic vs. Competition
  • Deciding The Winners
  • How To Create A Systematic And Winning Keyword Gameplan
  • Doing Keyword Research Live Using Jaaxy and Google
  • Live Q & A Session

To access the webinar click the above Step 5 title.

Step 6 – Mastering Keyword & Market Research

  • Best Of PostsHow To Research Keywords For Long Term Growth
  • Understanding The Concept Of “Best” Posts
  • Is The Year Important To Your Strategy. Pros and Cons
  • How to Source Out Information For Content
  • More Live Session On Keyword Research
  • Live Q & A Session

To access the webinar click the above Step 6 title.

Your Options To Access These Webinars

What do you think would be fair price for these webinars? You have a total of 6 hours of video instructions followed by over 75 minutes of question and answer sessions with a live audience.

The best way to access these webinars is to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member. The cost is only $49/month, or $495/year.

Alternately, you could join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member for free before deciding to upgrade and have access to these webinars and then some.

The Wealthy Affiliate University Platform

You can check out details of what Wealthy Affiliate offers on its online business building and training platform by clicking the banner below.

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You always have the option of joining Wealthy Affiliate to try it out for free as long as you wish. During the first week you will have access to virtually everything. After that first week is over, you continue to have access to a great deal of valuable stuff like one free website, 10 Lessons on the Online Entrepreneur Certification training and 10 Lessons on Bootcamp that teaches you how to capitalize on its affiliate program.

If you decide not to become a Premium member to have access to the 5 Steps Webinars above, you can still get a great deal of value within Wealthy Affiliate. Learn more through this link: Free Trial Of Wealthy Affiliate


Steps On Building A Website - TrainingThis article is the fourth in a series of 9 that provide valuable information on the best way to get on the first page of the search engines using keywords.

Here I introduced you to 6 hour-long webinars related to how to use keywords to land on the first page of the search engines. I provided details on the outlines of each webinar. The lessons you will learn here can help you to use keywords effectively.

There is no pressure to become a Premium member. That is why I have given you an alternative route to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Platform for free. No credit cards necessary. And if you like what you see and feel it can give you a winning edge, then go ahead and become a Premium member. Then you will have access to all these webinars to study as you wish.

The decision is entirely yours. One of the benefits of becoming a Premium member is your access to me as a mentor and coach.

My Recommendation

I recommend that you take action now. Either go with Wealthy Affiliate or using any other training platform you prefer. The important decision is to get started now as affiliate marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. The sooner you begin, the further ahead you will be one year from now.

In any case, please leave your comments below letting me know what you think of introducing you to website designed for affiliate marketing.

I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make.




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  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on how to get on the first page of google search. I find it very helpful because coming across it has made everything easier. I like the fact that if I don’t want to go premium there’s an alternative for wealthy affiliate and I appreciate you for dropping it. I’ll try it out and come back with feedback. I’ll also do my best to share with people who also wants this information. Thank you. 

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    There are many ways to get your site to be on the first page of Google and surely, it’s not something you do overnight. There is a step by step process the requires hard work for it to pull through. One very efficient means is the flow of traffic to your site and you get traffic from various sources but using the right keywords have been very productive. Nevertheless getting the right search engine to provide that have been my major challenge 

    1. Hellp Reece,

      You are correct about the time and effort necessary to do this successfully. Did you review the 6 webinars I listed that teaches you exactly HOW to do this? I would love to hear what you think of this training.



  4. Thank you for sharing this article on keyword research. This is my first time hearing of the term and I really learnt a great deal about it from reading your article which I’m really glad I came across. The way you explained the term diligently and explicitly really made it easier to understand. 

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    From my online findings on how to get on the first page of google search this can be achieved by determine your keywords, determine which search queries you want Google to answer with your website pages, tell Google what keywords you’re using, write for humans, emphasize location, optimize for mobile, focus on user experience. These also determine choosing a keyword, check the competitors, choose or create a page that aligns with search intent, make sure your content covers the topic in full, estimate how many backlinks you need, build more backlinks and add internal links, be patient.

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