How To Use SEO For Your Website

How To Use SEO For A Website And Boost Your Business!

What is Search Engine Optimization? How important is it in developing a website to attract traffic and get conversions (sales)? In this article I shall be providing you information on an amazing webinar on how to use SEO for a website. It was given live by Jay Neil, Live Training Coach for Weakthy Affiliate to a live audience.

Here are some quotes from happy participants.

After implementing the 5 tactics, my rankings for articles that I thought were dead started to climb and my new articles are ranking much better and much faster. This right here is Gold. – Crystal

I’ve watched the weekly webinars for the last several months. So far, this one was my favorite of them all. I was completely blown away. – Eric

Thanks, Jay I was so blessed with the information at the right time since I’m writing my first post for my new site. Will implement the strategies right away! – Jennifer

Basics To Advanced

In the following 4 webinars I will be providing details that will take you from basics to advanced concepts of SEO. You can use the steps taught here right away to help your website in its rankings and traffic.

The webinars titles are as follows:

  1. SEO 101 The Basics
  2. Performing On-Page and Off-Page SEO On A Blog Post Live
  3. An SEO Checklist To Use For Your Content
  4. SEO For WordPress Basics To Advanced

Each of these webinars can be accessed by clicking the links in the titles. When you are redirected to Wealthy Affiliate, you have the option of joining for free. This will give you access to 20 lessons and much more as a free starter member. . However, in order to see the training it will be necessary to upgrade to Premium. More on this later.

SEO 101 The Basics

The following is an outline on what this webinar will teach:

  • An Intro To SEO And How It All Works
  • Why Is It Important To SEO Your Content
  • Internal and External Links Explained
  • 5 SEO Tactics You Should Be Doing Every Time
  • Doing SEO Live
  • Live Q & A Session

For Access to the webinar click on the link in the title above.

Conducting On & Off Page SEO

The following is an outline on what this webinar will teach:

  • What Is Needed Before Starting
  • The Steps Involved (Cheat Sheet)
  • What Shoud Be Done IMMEDIATELY After Posting
  • On-Page SEO Live
  • Off-Page SEO Live
  • Live Q & A Session

SEO Checklist

The following is an outline on what this webinar will teach:

  • The Importance Of SEO
  • On Page SEO Factors
  • Off Page SEO Factors
  • What Is Replacing Google + Posts
  • Some Awesome SEO Examples
  • Doing An SEO Live
  • Live Q & A Session

To access this webinar click the link in the title above.

SEO For WordPress Basics To Advanced

The following is an outline on what this webinar will teach:

  • The Objectives Of Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating A First Impression With Meta
  • Using Canonical URL’s
  • How Your Theme Can Impact Your SEO
  • Internal Links
  • Other Nin’Jay SEO Tips
  • Live Q & A Session

To access this webinar click the link in the title above.

Your Options To Access These Webinars

Steps On Building A Website - WebinarsWhat do you think would be fair price for these webinars? You have a total of 4 hours of video instructions followed by over 60 minutes of question and answer sessions with a live audience.

The best way to access these webinars is to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member. The cost is only $49/month, or $495/year.

Alternately, you could join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member for free before deciding to upgrade and have access to these webinars and then some.

The Wealthy Affiliate University Platform

You can check out details of what Wealthy Affiliate offers on its online business building and training platform by clicking the banner below.


You always have the option of joining Wealthy Affiliate to try it out for free as long as you wish. During the first week you will have access to virtually everything. After that first week is over, you continue to have access to a great deal of valuable stuff like one free website, 10 Lessons on the Online Entrepreneur Certification training and 10 Lessons on Bootcamp that teaches you how to capitalize on its affiliate program.

If you decide not to become a Premium member to have access to the 4 Webinars above, you can still get a great deal of value within Wealthy Affiliate. Learn more through this link: Free Trial Of Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s a secret. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access not only to these webinars, but everything else this platform has to offer. I urge you to take advantage of this offer now.


Steps On Building A Website - TrainingThis article is the fifth in a series of 9 that provide valuable information on the best way to do affiliate marketing.

Here I introduced you to 4 hour-long webinars related to Search Engine Optimization effectively to boost your business. I provided details on the outlines of each webinar. The lessons you will learn here can help you set up your WordPress for On Page and Off Page SEO to help you make money online.

There is no pressure to become a Premium member. That is why I have given you an alternative route to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Platform for free. No credit cards necessary. And if you like what you see and feel it can give you a winning edge, then go ahead and become a Premium member. Then you will have access to all these webinars to study as you wish.

The decision is entirely yours. One of the benefits of becoming a Premium member is your access to me as a mentor and coach.

My Recommendation

I recommend that you take action now. Either go with Wealthy Affiliate or using any other training platform you prefer. The important decision is to get started now as affiliate marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. The sooner you begin, the further ahead you will be one year from now.

In any case, please leave your comments below letting me know what you think of introducing you to website designed for affiliate marketing.

I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make.





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  1. Learning never ends they say. Getting to read and know and read more on SEO is very advantageous and beneficial in my own opinion. For for this article that has dealt with the importance and benefits of properly utilizing SEO to boost one’s website and business. I have learnt more on SEO from reading this article.

  2. Hey thank you for sharing this valuable article. 

    I normally prefer to drive my traffic through content marketing; this free traffic Is the first priority to my site, I have also used some other strategies to increase the traffic into my site. SEO Is so useful for driving more traffic to the posts on your site,  

    it drives traffic forever that is good. Thank you for recommending affiliate marketing. Actually this industry is the best approach I prefer to sell products or services online.

  3. Great article Edwin,

    I really love Jay Neil’s Friday night Live video training, I’ve been watching every single one of them and they’re so informative! He shares a lot of info that he personally uses to boost his SEO that we don’t normally find on Google and the best part, is that we can ask him anything during those lessons. Perfect for those serious about building their Online Business to greater heights!

    1. I love your comment Riaz! We are of like minds as far as Jay Neill goes. Glad that you watch his weninars too.

      Isn’t it a good idea that they all come with affiliate links that we can share with others who can benefit from them? 

      Thanks for your comment. I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing journey. 


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