How To Drive Traffic To My Website

How To Drive Traffic To My Website – And Get Sales

After you create your affiliate marketing website, what question you will most likely be asking yourself? “How To Drive Traffic to My Website?”

Naturally you wish to make money using your website. And how does that happen? By writing articles that engage with your audience. You want to show them how you can help solve a problem or meet a need with the products or services in your niche.

This is all well and good. The big question is how do you get potential customers to your website? The answer is by attracting the right kind of traffic and lots of it. It comes down to knowing how to drive the right kind of traffic to your website. And lots of it.

The Objective For You Is To Make Money Online

How To Drive Traffic to My WebsiteMore traffic, more conversions, more sales! How exciting is that?

In this blog, I have a real treat for you. I want you to learn from the best. Jay Neill is the Wealthy Affiliate live training coach who helps its members every Friday through live hour long webinars how to do many things in this business of affiliate marketing in terms that are easy to understand.

Jay has created many successful affiliate marketing websites in various niches. Hence, he has a depth of experience that he draws from in his training webinars. He calls his various time saving secret sauces Nin-Jay tips! You’ll hear Jay bring these up in his webinars.

Part of Jay’s training involves of doing activities related to the topic of the day live. Followed by a Q & A session where members in attendance ask questions and have them answered in real time related to the topic he just taught. All if these are recorded so that members can access them in the future anytime they wish.

How cool is that?

Affiliate Marketing Lessons Already Covered

How To Drive Traffic to My Website Webinars
The following aspects of affiliate marketing have already been covered. I have included links in each of them in case you missed reading these blogs. There are 9 How To areas that I want to help give you an advantage over others. I wrote an Intro Blog called, “The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing.

This blog on traffic is the 6th. The previous 5 are as follows:

  1. How To Select A Niche
  2. How To Build A Website
  3. How To Create Content For Your Niche
  4. How To Do Keyword Research
  5. How To Do Search Engine Optimization

How much would it mean to you to learn the skills to not only drive traffic to your website, but also to make sure it is the RIGHT kind of traffic that will convert visitors into paying customers. I hope this means a great deal.

Since this is so very important, I will be sharing with you SEVEN webinars where Jay shares and teaches his secrets to you. Let’s dive straight in.

All About Traffic

In the following 7 sections I will be heading each of these with a title that links to the respective webinar. Below each title I shall be sharing an outline of the webinar to give you an idea what will be covered.

The 4 Core Traffic Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Marketing
  3. Pay Per Click (PPC) In Google Ads
  4. Facebook/Instagram Ads

Jay then will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

Leveraging Quora For Traffic And Clout

  1. How To Drive traffic to My Website - QuoraAn Introduction To Quora
  2. Quora vs. Other Q & A Sites
  3. Setting Up Your Quora Account
  4. How To Gather Ideas Inside Of Quora

Jay then will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

An Introduction To Funnels

  1. What Is A Funnel And How Do They Work
  2. The Financial Model Of A Successful Funnel
  3. The Components And Tools Needed For A Funnel
  4. The Break Even Strategy vs. The Profit First Strategy

Jay will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

Getting Traffic To Your Funnels

  1. Introduction To Funnel Traffic Strategies
  2. Creating A Financial Game Plan (Value Per Lead)
  3. Hoe To Leverage SEO Traffic For Your Email Campaigns
  4. Using Pure Squeeze Plays For SEO (Many Don’t Allow)
  5. Scaling a PPC Campaign Is Simple (Spend More, Make More)

Jay will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

Understanding Marketing Funnels

  1. An Introduction To Marketing Funnels
  2. Different Funnels For Different Purposes
  3. Are There Funnels For Bog Posts?
  4. How To Map Out A Marketing Funnel

Jay will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

Re purposing Content For Additional Traffic

  1. What Is Content Re purposing
  2. It’s NOT Duplicate Content
  3. 3 Simple Ways To Re purpose Your Content Today

Jay will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

Building An Audience Beyond Google

  1. How To Drive Traffic To My Website - Apart From GoogleAn Intro To Going Beyond Google
  2. What Exactly Is Referral Marketing?
  3. How To Find Niche Related Places
  4. 3 Strong Simple laces To Go Beyond Google

Jay will go into demonstrating these strategies in real time. Followed by a Q & A session with the attendees of the day.

Your Options

How To Drive Traffic to My Website - OptionsDon’t you think that if you were able to learn these skills above it would give you a significant edge in your online business? If you had to go elsewhere for a course of this caliber what do you think it would cost you?

Before I found Wealthy Affiliate a package that taught much less was sold as an up sell for over $2500.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate the cost is nothing like that. It doesn’t even come close.

You have two options on how to access these webinars. The links for each webinar above will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform first where you are requested to sign up.

Option 1

Join Wealthy as a Premium Member for a discounted subscription of $19 for the first month. Subsequent monthly premiums will cost $49. Alternately you could pay in advance for a whole year for $495. When you click any of the webinar links above you will be offered this option. You do have others shown below.

Option 2

Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free as a Starter Member. You only need your Email address for this. No credit card required.

You will have access to 20 lessons for beginners. If you like what you see, you can upgrade then. And if you do not wish to upgrade right away, you can remain a starter member for as long as you like. However, after the first week access to many areas will be restricted. But the 20 beginners lessons will always be accessible.

The great thing is, once you become a Premium Member, everything in the Wealthy Platform is available for no additional charge. In fact, there are no upsells.

In addition to access to all the live webinars, you also have access to all the previously given webinars recorded in the archives.

Option 3

Do nothing. The problem with this option is if you do nothing your situation is going to stay the same. Are you happy with that? Before you take this option, please do your homework and evaluate all your options.

Future Training Webinars

Look out for the remaining 3 training webinars on the following topics in this website as follows:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics

Free vs. Premium Access

For full details click here! The categories available for both free and Premium members are detailed as follows:

  • Education Features
  • Website Features and Benefits
  • Hosting Features and Benefits
  • Site Content Features and Benefits
  • Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche and Website Research
  • Community Features and Benefits
  • Support and Mentorship Features and Benefits

Success is happening EVERY DAY at Wealthy Affiliate. So click here to find more details,

Final Thoughts

How To Drive Traffic to My Website - Final ThoughtsI would like to leave you with some final thoughts.

If you are serious about creating an online business of any kind, you can learn how to do it with the comprehensive training in Wealthy Affiliate. Just imagine the advantage you can have with everything you need at your fingertips at one place. Calculate how much time that will save you from piecing everything here from a plethora of programs elsewhere.

Have you checked out what it would cost you to get the same features and benefits listed here, elsewhere? Try to find out if you are not convinced that the deal Wealthy Affiliate offers is the best value available anywhere.

If you wish to enroll as a free starter member first, click the banner below. I look forward to seeing you and mentoring you on the other side.

Your future mentor and friend,


6 thoughts on “How To Drive Traffic To My Website – And Get Sales”

  1. Wahoo, out of the three options you gave, the third do nothing is the killer amidst all options. You get nothing doing nothing. 

    I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I must say that Jay’s training are excellent webinars. His webinars are friendly and he does them in such away that both beginners and experienced hand can follow. 

    His webinars on Facebook ads turned my business around.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Great to hear you benefited from Jay’s webinars on Facebook ads. Turned your business around ha? I’ll have to check that out. Now that I have come into a little money I will be able to afford to pay for ads. 

      All the best to you.


  2. Thanks for sharing this article with us Edwin. 

    It’s very true that if you want to make any kind of money online, you need to be able to drive traffic to your website, social media page/group, YouTube video, or blog. No traffic, no income. 

    One of the biggest recommendations I was given when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate was to make sure I sat down every Friday and watched Jay’s training. I unfortunately did not, as I was eager to make it through the Online Entrepreneurship Certification training as fast as possible. So I never sat aside time to do so. 

    I think since that is now complete, I have some time to set aside to start going through Jay’s training now. 

    Great recommendation.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      It is never too late to add to your knowledge and skills. Fortunately Jay’s webinars are recorded that makes it easy to catch up with what we missed.

      Here’s a neat trick to speed up the process. You can watch these at a higher speed by clicking the gear settings icon selecting the speed you want. I use the 1.5x speed. If I ever need to get back to 1x it is easy to do that. 

      I wish you well in your affiliate marketing journey.


  3. One thing about affiliate marketing is the need to be able to generate traffic for a website to get money. The big question is how to do it. This article made it very clear on how to do that. 

    And in  generating traffic, one needs to master the core traffic strategies for online marketing. The end game of any business is to make profit, I am glad I read this article.

    1. Glad you had the chance to read this article Maureen. I wish you great success in learning how to generate traffic and to convert that into sales.



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