Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work To Make You Money?

Sounds catchy, doesn’t it? Its founder, brilliantly successful online entrepreneur, Shawn Josiah, created this Done For You (DFY) system to make you money with minimal effort on your part. With such a lofty promise this begs several questions. Perpetual Income 365 how does It work? How much is actually done for you? Is it really worth your time and money? Can you truly make money with it?

Please read on to find the answers.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

Overview Of Perpetual Income 365

  1. Perpetual Income 365 is based on the affiliate marketing business model
  2. It uses paid email marketing instead of free organic methods to find customers
  3. Leads are purchased using solo ads
  4. The founder is a hugely successful online marketer, Shawn Josiah
  5. PI365 created software that ties everything together to make it work
  6. Most of the work is done for you to help you earn an income quickly
  7. You are responsible to purchase the leads to feed the system
  8. The basic system is set up to help you sell more Perpetual Income 365 systems to others
  9. You earn commissions when sales are generated using your leads

Watch This Video Of Shawn Josiah Himself

Shawn provides you with an intro to how Perpetual Income 365 works. Sounds very promising. Right? And it is, with a few caveats I’ll discuss near the end. From this point, I will use the abbreviation PI365 instead of Perpetual Income 365.

Shawn lists PI365 on Clickbank, a digital products affiliate network. In addition to promoting PI365, Shawn also touts how he uses this system to have become a huge success in marketing other Clickbank products. He promises that you can too with his help.

If you need a primer about how affiliate marketing works, click this article I wrote:

The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing.

Since affiliate marketing is integral to Shawn’s PI365, I’d like to share the basics below.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

If you already are familiar with the affiliate marketing business model, you may skip this section and move on to the next.

The foundation of affiliate marketing is a 4 step process outlined below.

Step 1 – Choose an interest you are passionate about, referred to as a Niche

Step 2 – Build a website that promotes products in your niche

Step 3 – Attract, or send visitors to your website

Step 4 – You earn revenue when your visitors make a purchase

Perpetual INcome 365 How Does It Work?

The Genius Of Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you promote products you do not own. Instead, you become an affiliate of a vendor like Amazon, Best Buy, or PetCo. There are multiple thousands of companies that use affiliates to maximize sales.

You create content on your website that is structured to help your readers make a buying decision. If they decide to buy, they click an affiliate link on your page that takes them to the vendors site.

The price they pay will be the same as going to the vendor’s site directly without using your affiliate link.

Depending on the product the percentage of commission can range from 10% to 50% and more.

The following diagram shows the sales process cycle in more detail.

PErpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

How PI365 Generates Traffic And Customers

The process depicted above finds traffic organically through search engines.You as the website owner uses Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization, and Content writing for your article to rank high to attract traffic.

This process requires new skills acquired through training. It takes time and requires patience.

PI365 shortens the time using a system where you use money to make money. Instead of finding traffic organically, you purchase your traffic. This traffic is entered into your funnel using the PI365 System. When individuals buy something, you will earn a commission.

You purchase solo ads to build your email list and market to these leads. This will cost you money.

Until you start to earn income regularly, you will need to add funds to your monthly budget for this purpose. This can range from $50 a month to as much as $500.

Theoretically, the more you spend, the more potential customers you will reach. More customers result in more sales.

How Does Solo Ads Work

I came across an excellent article on this subject called Solo Ads 101. I recommend you read this since this is a significant part of using PI365.

Here is a brief account of how this works. You will create a funnel using the three-step process below.

  1. You provide the owners of the solo ads with a summary of the product or service you are promoting that will meet their needs or solve a problem.
  2. For more details, this script will ask them to click a link that will take them to your website landing page. When a click is made, you will be charged a predetermined fee by the solo ad owner.
  3. Here is where you offer them a free digital product they perceive as high value in exchange for their name and email address. Once you have this data, you can now help them meet a need or solve a problem using the products and services in your niche.

Notice what is missing here. You have not tried to sell them anything yet. That will occur after you have created a friendly relationship with them and built genuine trust.

Source For Solo Ads

The source that PI365 recommends to purchase Solo Ads is

Udimi is an exchange center for entrepreneurs who want to sell and buy solo ads. When you check out this site you can find numerous individuals who are selling Solo Ads along with the type of emails in their arsenal and the PPC price they charge.

The Autoresponder Function

In case you do not know how autoresponders work, here is a brief account of that process.

First, you need to subscribe to an autoresponder like Get Response, Aweber, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp among others. You will have to subscribe to Get Response for the PI365 system to work.

Next, you will link your landing page to your autoresponder where this data will be collected. In this way, you will create your email list.

Within your autoresponder, you will create a series of messages that will be sent out to your mailing list at intervals and times you specify. You can create multiple series of messages for multiple promotional campaigns.

The PI365 integrates the Get Response autoresponder into their system. You will be required to subscribe to Get Response for the PI365 system to work.

PI365 will teach you to use the MCCA System to build your affiliate marketing business

The MCCA System – The PI365 Centerpoint

What is this? First of all, MCCA is the acronym for the following, Drum roll, please!

According to PI365, the MCCA algorithm combine quirks of cognitive science, human behavior, and the “eighth wonder of the world” – compound interest.

Does that make sense to you? It didn’t all make sense to me until I dug deeper to find out more. The best way to understand how this works is to relate this to the process of attracting paying customers.


Companies initially entice you to subscribe to a program with a low initial cost. This is usually less than $20. My experience has shown that the magic number is $9. This is called the Micro-Commitment.

After you take the bait for the initial low commitment, the subscription rate is also fairly low. Less than $50 seems to be the point of least resistance.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

The above example is for a pet toys product called Bark Box. PI365 explains below what the fee they charge customers is used for.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

How PI365 Structures Micro-Commitment

What is that one-off server fee described above? An initial discount of $9 is offered as that initial fee to get started.

The monthly fee for the PI365 system is $45 which is charged the following month and thereafter until you cancel. Both of these are classed as micro-commitment.

Since this product is marketed via Clickbank, you have a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee through Clickbank.

Consistency Bias

We’ve ready broached the subject of the consistency bias with the recurring $45 fee. Here is how PI365 addresses the critical nature of the consistency bias as it relates to your business.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

The subscription purchasing model makes good business sense.

Compounding Algorithm

The compounding takes place when your subscriber base of paying customers increases. This is precisely how the MCCA billing system is structured.

Added components to this compounding process are the various upsells that are offered to your customers. In fact, when you join PI365, you are faced with these same upsells.

PI3655 is teamed with two solo ad companies, Udimi and Traffic For Me.

The Secret

PI365 portrays the MCCA system as a secret that is used by big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Google to make massive amounts of money. What’s galling according to PI365 is that these corporations want to hide this secret from you.

Shawn Josiah wants you to believe how fortunate you are that PI365 is sharing this “secret” with you. This makes you one of an exclusive group.

Let me ask you. Do you really believe that? I feel this is pure hype. Whatever!

Companies like Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others have used it skillfully to make billions.

Affordable Subscription Services

All of these companies have created subscription programs of services that are very appealing and affordable to consumers. They all have one thing in common.

The products sold are digital in nature almost without exception. In exchange for your name, email address, and credit card information, they provide you access to these services.

Some of these companies have multiple subscription services. In exchange for this access, every month they deduct money from your credit card or bank account. Until you cancel your subscription, they are assured of this regular income.

Let’s summarize what these services are for each company.

The Secret In Action – Subscription Services

  • Netflix: Music, Movies, and TV Shows
  • Apple: Music, TV+, Fitness+, News+, Arcade, Credit Card
  • Microsoft: Software and Games
  • Google: Storage & Security, Phone Plan, Shows & Music, Gaming, YouTube, Package Plans
  • Amazon: Prime, Video, Music, Kindle, Audible, Magazines

Can you see the earning power of a subscription service? Customers are more comfortable today with handing over access to their credit cards, even with all the hacking taking place. It seems that convenience trumps all.

It is no surprise that the PI365 System is subscription-based.

The PI365 Done For You System

The following PI365 screenshot shows that the PI365 System is a three-part package that essentially does almost everything for you to make money:

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

Since these are PI365 screenshots to illustrate how the system works. there is no button for you to click.

Following are details on these 3 Parts of the money-making system.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

Every statement that starts with NO is what the PI365 system does for you. The downside is you don’t learn how to do all these functions yourself.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

The PI365 System does all oc the above for you.

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

Notice that PI365 will do the selling for you for only 30 days. After that time it will be your responsibility to add the solo ads and operate the autoresponder system.

The training that is provided will teach you the basics of performing this function.

Hidden Knowledge

PI365 likes to make you feel good about what they teach you by referring to this as “Hidden Knowledge”. Don’t we all like to feel we are getting access to something very exclusive?

Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

Really? What all the above examples show are ways you are manipulated to feel you are getting something exclusive with PI365.

What Do You Get And Don’t Get With PI365?

PI365 does indeed provide you with a very basic done-for-you system to make money. Here’s the most important fact you need to know.

This automated system where they do everything for you is set up to market the Perpetual Income 365 System to the individuals you add to your mailing list. Your affiliate links are automatically linked to the landing pages designed for marketing the PI365 System

PI365 sends marketing, promotional and informational content automatically to your email list created in Get Response.

When these individuals purchase the PI365 system, you earn a commission. The only action required of you is to spend money to purchase leads using solo ads.

If you wish to link affiliate links of other Clickbank products to landing pages, the PI365 training teaches you how to do that.

Caveat #1The Basic Program Won’t Help You To Market Other Products

Here is the problem. They do not create landing pages for these other products. Nor do they provide you with marketing, promotional and informational scripts for these other products. How can they, when there are thousands of products available? You will have to purchase one of their upsells for this option.

Alternately, you will need to develop these skills yourself for expanding your affiliate marketing business to promote products other than PI365.

It will be your responsibility to purchase solo ads for these other products and set up a separate email marketing process through Get Response.

Caveat #2 Upsells You Are Persuaded To Buy

If you believed the basic membership will help you create a highly profitable business, think again. Why? There are upsell programs you are persuaded you need in order to fully take advantage of the PI365 system for the success you are seeking.

Caveat #3 – The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Doesn’t Apply To Upsells

When you purchase these upsells, you do so outside the Clickbank sales process. Hence. Clickbank is not going to give you any 30-day refund for these purchases. These agreements are between you and PI365

What Are The Upsells?

  1. Turbo Charged Version: $197 – activates more features on your landing page for more conversions
  2. Email ATM Upgrade: $297 – Access to other email templates to market other Clickbank products
  3. Perpetual Income Multiplier: $127 – Gives you to more landing pages instead of the basic two
  4. Get Response: $0 free for up to 500 contacts. $15.58 / Month for 1000 + contacts

Just think, that original $9 teaser subscription followed by a $47 a month subscription gets bumped up significantly. $621 for additional charges PLUS another $15.58 a month added to your $47 a monthly recurring expense.

Of course, PI365 will justify these added expenses as necessary in order to make the really huge incomes that their testimonials show.

Let me add another critical expense. Purchasing leads through the Solo Ads program. The leads can add up to almost $0.47 a click and more. Of course, you would like to have as many prospects check out your landing page. Would you say that 500 a month would be reasonable to get a few sales?

Now you are looking at an outlay of over $300 a month. This will add up to an investment of over $4000 annually. There are no guarantees what percentage of these leads will result in sales.

Let’s Review

In essence, you are tying your future to the PI365 System by buying into their promise of you having to do minimal work. The program is promoted as using money to make more money.

Looking at this coldly, the only person making the most money are those associated with the company itself. The Internet is filled with complaints from PI365 customers with unmet expectations.

I feel that having the opportunity to learn from Shawn Josiah is a good thing. It will cost you more than you expect though. Shawn has mastered the affiliate marketing sphere to make a lot of money, expecially with Clickbank.

Wherever you have the opportunity to learn from Shawn, do so. Look for ways that cost what you can afford. The less the better.

Questions Answered

At the start I posed four questions. Here they are again with the answers.

  1. Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work? Answered above.
  2. How much is actually done for you? Answered above.
  3. Is it really worth your time and money? Time, yes. Money, NO!
  4. Can you truly make money with it? Yes. But you could end up spending more than you make.

If you truly believe PI365 can work for you then by all means click the banner below, pay your $9, and find out for yourself.

No credit card is required initially. After you are presented with the PI365 sales pitch, you are sent to the sales page to collect your credit card info for the initial $9 charge. Note the small print below. After the discounted 14 days are over, you will be charged $47 a month.

I do not recommend this product. Know this, if you do sign up with PI365 using the above portal, I will earn a small commission. The more products you purchase from them the more commission for me. You have my thanks in advance!

Why am I providing you with this sales link? Perpetual Income 365 does indeed sign up a great many subscribers. If you happen to be one of them I would be a fool to leave money on the table. Also, you could prove me wrong and become really rich using the help of Shawn Josiah!

Let me summarise the pros and cons of the Perpetual Income 365 System.


  1. Done For You Approach Saves You Time
  2. Join Clickbank For Free Where You Can Find Thousands Of Digital Products To Market
  3. Are Taught By A Highly Successful Internet Marketer – Shawn Josiah
  4. Have A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee For Your Initial Purchase
  5. You Have Access To A PI365 Facebook Community Where You Can Learn From Others


  1. Get Entangled Within The PI365 Ecosystem That Limits Your Business Options
  2. Are Not Taught To Become An Independent Entrepreneur
  3. You Are Exposed To Strong Upsells Right From The Start
  4. Upsell Purchases Do Not Have The 60-Day Money-Back Clickbank Guarantee
  5. The Financial Cost Can Mount Up Significantly – Perhaps More Than You Can Afford

If you thought that the Perpetual Income 365 System is a scam, rest assured it is not. However, it does use questionable marketing practices that enriches Shawn Josiah and his team. Nothing wrong with that as long as they provide a level playing field for their customers.

There are better ways to use your money. One way is to get the training to learn how to do affiliate marketing the organic way. By far, this is the best way to do affiliate marketing.

Read on to learn more.

The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing

Earlier I provided you with a link to learn about this method. Here is the link again. Why do I consider this the best way?

Firstly, it is not based on spending loads of money buying traffic Instead, you learn how to grow traffic organically using the 9 steps shown below. The process is always evolving so it requires staying current with online developments, especially Google.

Secondly, this is a well proven system that works. It has made milliionaires galore of regular folks like you and me.

Thirdly, you just have to follow this proven formula. It is not rocket science!

PErpetual Income 365 How Does It Work?

This is a Step by Step process that helps you to become an independent entrepreneur. Sure, this will take a bit of time. There are thousands of affiliate marketers who have used this approach to become extremely successful. And you can too.

Notice that this approach uses an email list (item 8 above), to scale up your business that you start building organically. Guess what. You don’t have to pay for your list. Instead, you can learn to build one yourself for free.

Please click the following link to learn how you can create a valuable affiliate marketing business that will pay you 24/7, even while you sleep!

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing Online And Get The Results You Want!

I would love to get your comments about the Perpetual Income 365 System in the comments section below.

Please share with me your thoughts in the comments area below. If you decide to try out PI365, please keep me informed. Also, if you want to create an affiliate marketing business let me know too. I will be happy to assist.

Free Parting Gift For Staying With Me Till The End

May I leave you with one of the most important tips I can give anyone I care about?

No matter how good any program is, nothing will come of it if you do not learn how to develop good habits. I want to give you a free book that teaches you the steps to build the good habits necessary to succeed for a successful business.

The objective of any business is to help others meet a need or solve a problem. Making money is a byproduct of this process.

This book is about getting rich by helping others get what they want. It’s an easy read and you can get that now electronically for free.

You may already have it in print form. But having it electronically has its advantages. You could use a text to speech software to listen to it while doing other things like driving.

This iconic book is called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Fill in the form below and you will be able to download a free copy.

I wish you much success in any business venture you decide to do. Most of all, I wish you a truly happy life.


5 thoughts on “Perpetual Income 365 How Does It Work To Make You Money?”

  1. Having the ability to make a passive income sounds incredible, but you are right in suggesting that the upsells are very costly. For a newbie a method is needed to get some basic income flowing so that he can consistently keep moving ahead until the break through is achieved. As you say there are other complaints on the internet where people invest in this business and get no resulta. It sounds to me to be negative passive income and we must survive. I know that the best way to build your site is by consistently building it over time but I widh there was a way to earn some money to sustain the businedd.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. I think I can help you regards finding ways to earn small amounts here and there to help, for example, pay for your membership fees. 

      Here is a link by a successful member who wrote a post on this topic.

      I also wrote one last year that contains links to others who have discussed this topic.

      I hope this helps.



  2. I found this review to be very interesting, I have looked into a lot of ways to make money online. I find that the ones that tell you that it is all set up for you or make money quick are all a waste of time. I have looked into one of these and they tell you want you need, but not how to get from A to B. It is like some magical thing that they won’t teach you. They will set it up for you and you never learn.

    I want to learn how to do something and the repeat it to make more money. I have set up 3 webpages, I don’t like to limit myself and what I can write about. I want to inform people as well as sell them a product I believe works. Not because someone is telling me to sell it on a mailing list, that is just my opinion. 

    1. Hi Reggie,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. And it is a good one indeed. You get it. There will always be people who want the easy way out and are willing to spend money if convinced that will help them earn money with little or no work. Sadly, when they find out that it doesn’t work that way, they will have lost a lot more money than they bargained for. 

      There is no comparison to learning the skills to make money yourself. That is what entrepreneurs do! 

      All the best to you.


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