What Is Paying Social Media Jobs About?

What Is Paying Social Media Jobs About? Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Hi folks, I am going to review an online company called “Paying Social Media Jobs”. You will learn the nitty-gritty of what is Paying Social Media Jobs about. In the end, you will find out if this program is worth joining. More importantly, is it a scam or legit?

I am a member of Clickbank and was searching its database to find an easy, and uncomplicated way to make extra money online. That is how I came across Paying Social Media Jobs. Its previous name was Paid Social Media Jobs. They are both the same company,

On the surface, it sounded exciting and promising! I decided to research this company before I joined it. First, I needed to find out what exactly I would have to do to make money. Second, how they can help train me. And third, how do they help me find these paying jobs on social media.

Company Overview

The owner is represented to be Annie Jones in the picture below. What are the main points that jump out at you?

  • Annie is a single mom.
  • She makes $700 every week.
  • By helping businesses with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Annie also says will show you how she does that.
  • The expectation is you will be able to duplicate that too.

If you are interested in this program, you can fill out the form below to sign up. Following this graphic, I will reveal a few red flags that you must be aware of before you decide to sign up.

Enrollment Form

The impression I got that by filling in this form I will be enrolling in the program for free. At this point, nothing was mentioned about the cost.

After I filled in this form and clicked the Get Started Today button I was sent to a page that displayed testimonials, special bonuses that on the surface appeared compelling. By scrolling further down the cost was revealed.

It is presented as a Risk-Free Acceptance Form. You don’t get the signup form until you click the Get Certified Button below.

They are offering you a 50% discount. The $27 charge is only a one-time charge. You will learn in the signup form that you have a 60-day refund guarantee, no questions asked.

Hey, so why do I appear skeptical? On the surface, this seems like such a great deal. You have nothing to lose with this 60-day money-back guarantee.

I cannot get out of my mind the saying that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Let’s dig deeper.

Digging Deeper

My research confirmed my skepticism. I’d like to share that with you now. Let’s start with the founder.

Annie Jones

The first red flag was Annie Jones, the founder. I discovered that the picture used for Annie Jones was a stock photo of a woman. If Ms. Jones was so proud of her Program wouldn’t she be proud to show her picture?

If the picture is fake, this brings into question the legitimacy of her story.

Very little information is given about the company apart from the Annie Jones story.

My First Question – What Do You Have To Do?

You do work for companies with social media accounts. For example, they may want someone to create an account for them on Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The next step would be to add content to these accounts. They could provide you with the content and you would only have to upload it. Alternately, they would give you raw data and you would have to convert that to compelling content.

What usually comes next? Companies need traffic. They may require you to drive traffic to their social media accounts. Either organically, or paid traffic.

Does Social Media Account Manager come to mind?

My Second Question – How Do They Train You?

When you consider the list of functions I detailed above, wouldn’t you agree that you will need some specialized training? Unless you already have these skills and had success using them.

Consider what you are paying for this program, $27. If you tried to leave the signup page before joining, the offer drops to $17!

This brings up another saying, you get what you pay for. In other words, nothing much. Do you believe that $17 is a fair price to be taught all the skills you will need?

Training is provided using the online modules listed below:

  1. Understanding what a social manager is
  2. How to start as a social media manager
  3. Finding Clients

Woah! When I looked into the details of these modules, there was little or no training on what exactly I would need to do to accomplish the tasks I identified in my first question.

If I was a company looking for a social media manager, the chances are that anyone who graduated from the school of “Paying Social Media Jobs” would fail the interview.

Let me be clear, it is possible to make decent money doing all these tasks, But you need to have experience and confidence in this business. Do you agree? I’d love to know your opinion in the comments section below.

I wish I could have an in-person conversation with you about this topic. Let’s proceed.

The company claims you don’t need to have any prior experience to learn the job. I see a major flaw here. They don’t equip you with the skills and experience to deliver the services companies need.

There are many other options to get trained. I will make some suggestions at the end.

My Third Question – How Do They Find Jobs For You?

The company claims that there are thousands of small businesses that have their websites and social media presence like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. It is a challenge for the smaller companies to update and manage these sites.

Instead of hiring full-time employees to do this function, most prefer to hire part-time entrepreneurs with the right skills, to do this work for them. The compensation period can be either hourly, daily, or weekly.

The bottom line is this. It is up to you to find these jobs. Sure, Paying Social Media Jobs will provide you with a database. Guess where this database comes from? Free sites like:

If you knew you were trained poorly to perform the job of a social media account manager would you apply for these jobs?

Indeed, some individuals who go through the Paying Social Media Jobs program do get jobs. I can assure you that they augmented their training.

Paying Social Media offers upsells to more in-depth training after you sign up. I wonder why. Here’s the sad truth. Even those training modules are insufficient to equip you with what you need to know to meet the requirements of companies that need a social media manager.

What Do You Think?

After what I have told you do you think that even though the cost is low, is it worth your money, and more importantly your time, to sign up for the Paying Social Media Jobs program?

After you read the hype on their website, I wouldn’t blame you if you signed up. The website doesn’t tell you how it is. I wonder how many unsuspecting individuals have signed up.

I imagine this must be substantial because the company is still in business.

Watch what a couple of others have to say about Paying Social Media Jobs.

Is Paying Social Media Jobs Legit Or A Scam?

Most reviews of Paying Social Media Jobs report this company as a scam. I won’t go that far for this reason. They do provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, I will not call their Program legitimate. Because it waste’s your time that can cost you even more than money. If they can convince you this is a worthwhile program to help you make money through Social Media, the chances are you will stop short of evaluating and joining programs that can truly help you become a Social Media Manager.

Worse yet, you may not realize you were following a flawed program until the 60-day money-back guarantee was over. Sure, you will not have lost a lot of money. Just think of the time you will have lost.

Real Path’s For Social Media Training

Now that I have pulled the rug under you about Paying Social Media Jobs, it would be irresponsible not to provide you with alternative methods to learn about Social Media Management and Marketing.

You cannot learn about Management without Marketing. A thorough understanding of Marketing is essential to managing Social Media accounts of the companies you expect to hire your services.

Right now I must dispel any notions you can acquire these skills on the cheap. If that is your goal, then you have little or no chance of succeeding.

Some courses will cost you thousands of dollars, and others that fall into the hundreds of dollars. But $17? Forget it.

Two Major Paths

You can either enroll for courses at major universities like MIT, Pepperdine, and others, or through learning companies like Coursera and Udemy.

The University courses will cost you thousands of dollars. While the online packages are subscription-based and will total in the hundreds.

Which path is right for you?

What matters the most is that you acquire the knowledge and learn the skills you need to perform the Social Media tasks companies who are hiring want.

Sure, a university credential may carry more weight at first, but it will be the interview that will be the deciding factor.

An Alternate Approach

Why not first learn to create an online business for yourself? As you learn the skills to develop your business you can use these skills towards paying Social Media jobs.

In my opinion, the business model that is the lowest cost with the lowest risk to adopt is Affiliate Marketing. Briefly here is how this business works.

  1. First, you first decide on a niche that has products you are very passionate about.
  2. Second, you create a website where you write content that solves a problem or meets a need for people using these products
  3. Third, you apply for affiliate status with companies who market these products and use the affiliate links they give you in your content
  4. Fourth, when visitors who read your content click these links, they get transported to the companies eCommerce sites where they can make a purchasel
  5. Fifth, the company will send you a commission from that sale

In this business model, you do not have to buy the products, ship them, or collect any payment. The company marketing the products will do all of that for you.

Among the thousands of companies who pay affiliates to send them customers are Amazon, Walmart, and almost every large company out there. And medium and small size ones too.

Customers pay the same price for these products as if they had gone directly to these companies’ websites and made the same purchase. You provided a service by helping the customer read your review of the product to help them make a buying decision.

The Use Of Social Media Marketing

One of the skills you will learn is how to effectively manage and use social media to drive traffic to the content on your website.

These are precisely the skills you will need for paying social media jobs.

You can offer your services to manage the social media accounts of establishments using the skills you have learned, while you are building your own online business.

It takes time to build your own online business. Why not earn extra money through the side hustle of Social Media Marketing? In this case, you will have the knowledge and experience to truly help the companies who will hire you.

The Company That Can Train You Right

What Is Paying Social Media Jobs About

There is a unique company that can train you effectively to build your own online business. They have everything you need in one place.

Would it be OK if I told you a little about this company?

It is called Wealthy Affiliate. Since 2005 it has trained over two million members to learn the skills of affiliate marketing. Part of this education is how to use Social Media to promote and drive traffic to your online business.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, in addition to the training, you will be able to purchase your own domain name, create a beautiful website and have it hosted on a reliable server that is part of Amazon.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free one-week trial period when you can check out its platform and ask questions, to me and other experts. No credit card is required for this service.

Members who are knowledgeable are always around to help answer questions you have. The co-founders’ Kyle and Carson have created a “pay it forward” environment. That is what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from their competitors.

Kyle who is the main trainer also personally helps members who ask for assistance. What other company do this?

The Choice Is Yours

If you feel this is not for you, that is OK. When your free trial period ends you will continue to have limited access to the platform and not be able to communicate with anyone. However, you can continue on the first 10 of 50 training lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate achieves three things through this process.

First, the trial period enables you to discover if this is right for you before you upgrade to a paid membership. You can upgrade your membership at any time and have all your benefits reinstated.

Second, it builds trust by not requiring a credit card for this trial period. Hence, this is truly risk-free. You cannot be charged anything until you decide to upgrade.

Third, you can start to build relationships with other entrepreneurs at various stages of their development that will be a key element of your success.

Many thousands have graduated to build successful online businesses for themselves as well as find jobs as Social Media Managers.

Click the banner below to learn how Wealthy Affiliate can help you do the same. You will also get a brief tour of how Wealthy Affiliate helps its members master the online world of business, including Social Media Management.

So go ahead and click the Social Media banner below.

What Is Paying Social Media Jobs About?

Mastering the online world to make money is not rocket science. But, and there always is a BUT, it does require hard work and persistence to succeed. This is not a get-rich-quick job.

My advice is to not give up your current job while you work on learning how to use the Internet for profit. A time will come when you will be able to fire your boss!

When you click the above banner you will see how others no different to you and me have succeeded.

Did You Find This Article Helpful?

I’d love to know if you found this article helpful. Are you going to sign up with Paying Social Media Jobs or explore other options to get into the business of Social Media Management?

I sincerely hope you decide to check out Wealthy Affiliate. If you do, please let me know below so that I can look out for you and help you.

Before we part company now, I want to give you a free gift for reading this far. No matter what path you take, unless you work on yourself to develop the habits and discipline to stay focused and do the work consistently, you will have no chance of succeeding.

The iconic work of Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich will help you develop these critical habits.

Fill in the form below and submit it. You will be taken to a page where you can download Think and Grow Rich in eBook format. Enjoy!

I wish you all the best in whatever path you take towards a better life.

Your friend,

Edwin Bernard

5 thoughts on “What Is Paying Social Media Jobs About? Is It Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. Hi There, I am also a member of ClickBank, and they have some excellent offers and not so good ones. I have been using ClickBank for a while now. I am also into internet marketing which is why your article stood out for me. I would also like to make $700 every week, which would bust my finances. But as I read further, I found out it is a bit of a scam and Paying Social Media Jobs does not teach you anything. Also, it looks like at the beginning that the site is gratis, which is not so. You have to be very careful before you sign up for anything I lost money because it sounded like a good deal with another website and found out it was a scam.

    Thans for Sharing 


    1. Hello Elke,

      Thanks for your helpful comment. I think most entrepreneurs lost money through scams when they start out I did too! Hence, I am very cautious about what I sign up for now. 

      All the best to you.


  2. i like how you keep this site plain and simple, while i have not used the company you speak of i have tried other and your right, they may not have cost my money, but the do waste my time which i could have been using better elsewhere, so i usually avoid these type of things

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Glad you got my main message that wasting one’s time on useless programs can be even more costly than those that cost more money. All the best to you.


  3. I don’t know much about Paying social media jobs. I am glad I saw this article, since is something I can work towards in the future. I am a beginner and know nothing about it. I have started doing affiliate marketing and I am happy to know that is a good start.

     I am always looking for other ways to make money online. This is a great opportunity to make money for someone that has been making money online and know the basics. They want to advance their knowledge and business. I would agree that beginners without proper training should not start with this. Starting with Affiliate marketing is a great choice, it can lead to so many different opportunities.  

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