What Is A Burning Desire

What Is A Burning Desire – 6 Steps To Make It Reality

What is a burning desire? Have you ever had the experience of wanting something so bad you coudn’t get it out of your mind? For example, as a teenager when you meet your first love your mind goes bonkers. You want to be with that person every waking moment. Sexual urges are so powerful that this is the closest feeling to having a burning desire for something.

How about your dreams? Have you ever had the experience of having a similar burning desire to achieve your dreams? Sadly, many dreams need cold hard cash to achieve them. Wouldn’t you agree?

Just to remind you, this is the third article on my website I have written to introduce you to my in depth book study of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Let us proceed. At the end of this post I shall provide links to my other articles on the Think and Grow Rich Chapters.

List Of Dream Makers

Luxury LivingLet’s review a few examples:

  1. Giving your mate something special like expensive jewelry
  2. Going on an exotic vacation
  3. Buying a luxury car
  4. Being able to afford a dream home
  5. If you have kids, being able to help finance their future
  6. Putting away money for a stress free retirement
  7. Helping others in need

Your dream could include all the above and more. What would the price tag be? For argument’s sake I am going to say a cool $5,000,000.00. In words,

FIVE MILION DOLLARS! If you already have this and more, why are you reading this post?

I can guarantee you one thing. If you do not know the following:

  • exactly how much money you want in life,
  • when you need to have it and
  • the sacrifices you are willing to make to get it.


Unless you are lucky enough to win the lottery! Does that make sense to you?

In Chapter II called Desire, Napoleon Hill goes into great detail on the steps you need to take to instill that burning desire into your mind. He goes further. He teaches in great detail the steps you must take to reprogram your mind to make this happen.

The chances are the things you are doing today, every day, will not get you the amount of money you need.

Alternative Burning Desires to Money

Healthy Lifestyle

Not everyone wants to have more money. Perhaps you already are living a comfortable life and doing the things accumulating wealth. Feel the burn instead! What you really want maybe one of the following:

  1. Change your lifestyle to a more healthy one
  2. Loose weight
  3. Learn a new skill like dancing
  4. Develop more effective parenting skills
  5. Start your own business

No matter what this may be, if you want to succeed, you must have a burning desire to do so. Therefore, the same process Napoleon Hill teaches accumulating wealth will also apply to any of these and many more you can think of.

In Chapter II you will learn 6 steps you need to take in order to reprogram your mind to help you change your daily habits to achieve your goals.

You have to read that part over and over again. It is called, “Six Ways To Turn Desire Into Gold,”

He goes on to give several examples of how some people, including himself, had huge challenges in life they had to overcome. And overcome it they did. All because of the power of having that burning desire and reprogramming their minds in the way shown in Think and Grow Rich.

Getting back to the objective of attracting money to you, how would you do that? There is always to trial and error method. Follow one shiny object after another. May I make a recommendation?

Chapter II Book Study Blog Series

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I wish you much success in life whatever you do.


What Is A Burning Desire


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2 thoughts on “What Is A Burning Desire – 6 Steps To Make It Reality”

  1. Thank you for a really interesting post, Edwin. 

    All famous entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor or Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley quote from Napoleon Hill. His book is a treasure full of incredible wisdom. One only needs to apply it, and follow the steps to the point of success. 

     As you say in your post, it is crucial to have clear goals, be extremely specific about what you want, otherwise you won’t align with the vibration of your dreams, whatever form it may be. 

    ‘father of motivation’ Wayne Dyer said that abundance is not something that we acquire, but something we tune into! I think that summarizes that pretty well… 

    Thanks again for your great, motivation post!

    1. HI Lucie,

      Thank you for a wonderful response. You got this. After writing this series of Blogs on Wealthy Affiliate, I wanted to bring this to the attention of people who are not members yet. Hence, I am duplicating these posts on my website with a twist. 

      Not only am I sharing the wisdom of Napoleon Hill in his iconic book Think and Grow Rich, but also providing the reader the education and tools to earn the money they need to achieve the abundance they want. Of course they will have to make a decision to take that step and join Wealthy Affiliate

      All the best to you.


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